The Atlas of the Rhode Island Book Trade in the Eighteenth Century
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The following sources were consulted in establishing the information in the Atlas, and they are cited there by their short names. A short selection of general sources are listed at the end.

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General Sources

An online map that visually demonstrates the spread of printing in fifteenth-century Europe:

For a fascinating and beautifully-produced overview of the history of attempts to depict time:

A recent collection of essays that takes as its starting point the geographical elements in Lucien Febvre and Heri-Jean Martin's L'Appartion du Livre:

On the potential uses of GIS and mapping for book history:

The mapping of the book trade has a long and productive history in Great Britain, especially with regard to the London trade, and particularly in the work of scholars like Peter Blayney and James Raven. For a convenient collection of articles by scholars working on the London bookscape, including Blayney and Raven :

Also by Raven:

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