The Atlas of the Rhode Island Book Trade in the Eighteenth Century
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"Gentleman from London": bookseller; merchant; musician

Samuel Aborn: bookseller; paper seller

Robert Adam: binder

Thomas Aldrich: paper seller

American Journal and General Advertiser: newspaper

John Anderson: almanac maker

Zephaniah Andrews: bookseller

James Arnold: bookseller; publisher

Welcome Arnold: bookseller

James Atwood: bookseller

Rouse Babcock: bookseller

Jonathan Badger: bookseller

William Bailey: bookseller; merchant

Joseph Ballou: bookseller

Henry Barber: printer; bookseller

Nathan Beebe: bookseller

Mary Bell: bookseller

Robert Bell: book auctioneer; printer; bookseller

Jonathan Belleau: rag collector

Benjamin and Edward Thurber: booksellers; ink sellers

Martin Benson: bookseller

Bigelow and Parker: booksellers

Nathaniel Bird: bookseller

Alexander Black: bookseller

Black and Stewart: booksellers

John Bours: bookseller; merchant

Samuel Bours: bookseller; merchant

Daniel Bowen: apprentice printer

Jabez Bowen: bookseller

Clarke Brown: bookseller

John Brown: engraver

John Brown: bookseller

Moses Brown: bookseller

Nicholas Brown: bookseller

Brown and Benson: booksellers

Brown George Paper Mill: paper mill

Brown University Library: library

Elisha Brown, Jr.: bookseller

Brown, Rogers and Brown: booksellers

Daniel Cahoon(e): bookseller

Ebeneezer Campbell: printer; bookseller

John Carter: printer; bookseller

John Carter (the younger): printer; bookseller

Carter and Wilkinson: publishers; printers; booksellers

Immanuel Case: bookseller

Samuel Chace: news agent

Christopher Champlin: bookseller

John Channing: bookseller

William Child: bookseller

James Christian: bookseller

Christopher Olney and Co.: papermakers; booksellers; binders

Christopher Olney and Son: papermakers

(?) Claggett: engraver; printer

Nathan Coverley: bookseller

Mary Cowley: bookseller

Benjamin Crow: bookseller; bookbinder; stationer

John Crow: binder

Daniel and Joseph Rogers: publishers

Nathaniel Deane: post rider; bookseller

Jabez Dennison: bookseller

Knight Dexter: bookseller

Thomas Dixon: post rider

Charles Dunbar: bookseller

Oliver Durfee: bookseller

Benjamin Dyer: ink powder maker

Peter Edes: printer; bookseller; publisher

William Ellery: bookseller

Havila Farnsworth: printer; bookseller

Oliver Farnsworth: printer; bookseller

Fenner and White: paper sellers

John Fleming: binder

John Foster: bookseller

Foster, Drown and Co.: booksellers; merchants; circulating library

James Fox: binder

Manning Francis: post rider

Ann Franklin: printer; bookseller

James Franklin: printer; bookseller; binder

James Franklin (the younger): printer; bookseller

Joseph Fry: printer; publisher

James Gardner: paper seller; vendue master

James Gardner: binder

Gardner and Dean: auctioneers; booksellers

Gazette Francoise: newspaper

George Gibbs: bookseller

Sarah Goddard: printer; publisher; bookseller

William Goddard: printer; bookseller

Samuel Goldwait: bookseller

Alice Gould: bookseller

James Green: bookseller

Thomas Green: bookseller

Caleb Greene: bookseller; binder

Rufus Greene: bookseller; stationer

Isaac Greenwood: music seller

John Hadwin: bookseller

Samuel Hall: printer; bookseller

Stephen Hall: printer

William Hammond: rag collector

John Harwood: printer

Samuel Healy: bookseller

James Helme: bookseller; rag collector

Henry C. Southwick and Co.: publishers

Herald of the United States: newspaper

Christopher Hill: bookseller

Hill's Ready Money Variety Store: stationers

Charles Holden: bookseller

William Holroyd: stationer

James Honeyman: bookseller

David Hopkins: bookseller; stationer

Benjamin Hoppin: auctioneer

John Howe: printer; bookseller; publisher

Enoch Hunt: post rider; bookseller

Eldad Hunter: bookseller

Imprimerie Royale de L'Escadre: printers

Webster James: binder

Jonathan Jeffers, Jr.: binder

George Jenckes: bookseller

Daniel Jenckes: bookseller

Jeremiah F. Jenkins: bookseller

Jenkins and Dayton: booksellers

Edward Jones: bookseller; binder

Thomas Jones: bookseller

Robert Jones: bookseller; bookbinder

Jones and Allen: booksellers

Joseph and William Russell: booksellers; stationers

Samuel King: map seller

King and Hagger: booksellers

John Lassell: bookseller

John Lawrence: vendue master

Joseph Lawrence: news agent

Isaac Lawton: bookseller

Thomas Lippitt: bookseller

James Lipscombe: binder

John Douglas MacDougall: printer; bookseller; binder; stationer

Man and Low: booksellers

James Manning: bookseller

Nehemiah Marks: bookseller

Daniel Marsh: seller of ink powder

Gerald Marsh: paper seller

Mary Maylem: bookseller

John Miller: auctioneer; bookseller

Nathaniel Miller: card seller

Ichabod Moshier: bookseller

Gideon Mumford: bookseller

Paul Mumford: bookseller

Nathaniel Phillips and Co.: printers

Ebeneezer Nearegreas: bookseller

Newport Gazette: newspaper

Newport Herald: newspaper

Newport Mercury: newspaper

Nicholas Brown and Co.: booksellers

Agnes Nichols: bookseller

Benjamin Nichols: bookseller

John Nichols: bookseller

Samuel Okey: portrait engraver

(?) Oliphant: news agent; bookseller

Christopher Olney: papermaker

Christopher C. Olney: papermaker; bookseller; stationer

Nathaniel G. Olney: papermaker; bookseller; binder

Reuben Packcom: bookseller

Henry Paget: periodical agent

Phillip Pain: binder; stationer; bookseller

Pain and Patten: binders; booksellers

Nathan Paine: bookseller

Benoni Pearce: bookseller; shopkeeper

Sarah Peckham: bookseller

Thomas Peckham: bookseller

Peckham and Gould: booksellers

Elkana Pembrook: bookseller

Nathaniel Phillips: printer; bookseller; publisher

Isaac Pitman: bookseller

Myer Polock: stationer

Providence Gazette: newspaper

Providence Journal and Town and Country Advertiser: newspaper

Providence Library Company: library

Reak and Okey: booksellers; stationers

Redwood Library and Athenaeum: library

Martin Reed: bookseller

Martin Reid: bookseller

Terence Reilly: bookseller

Rhode Island Gazette: newspaper

Rhode Island Gazette: newspaper

Rhode Island Museum: newspaper

John Rhodes: bookseller

Jacob Richardson: bookseller; postmaster

Joseph Rickard, Jr.: post rider

Rising Sun Paper Mill: paper mill

Robert and Edward Jones: binders; stationers

Noah Robinson: bookseller

Henry Roby: binder

William Rogers: bookseller

Robert Rogers: bookseller

Daniel Rogers: publisher

Joseph Rogers: publisher

"Mrs. Rowson": author; bookseller

Thomas Rumreil: bookseller

Ezekiel Russell: printer; bookseller

Jonathan Russell: paper seller

Joseph Russell: bookseller; stationer

William Russell: bookseller; stationer

Richard Salter: stationer

Darius Sessions: news agent

William Siddall: binder

Gideon Sisson: bookseller

Francis Skinner: binder

N. Smith: bookseller

Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade: booksellers

Solomon Southwick: printer; bookseller

Henry Collins Southwick: printer; bookseller

Southwick and Barber: publishers; printers; booksellers

Southwick and Wheeler: publishers

Southwick and Woodman: printers

State Gazette, and Town and Country Advertiser: newspaper

Archibald Stewart: bookseller

Benjamin Talbot: papermaker

Paul Tew: bookseller

Thomas Green and Son: booksellers

Ebenezer Thompson: periodical agent

Thompson and Arnold: booksellers; ink sellers

Elisha Thornton: almanac maker; publisher

Edward Thurber: bookseller

Martin Thurber: papermaker

Thurber and Cahoon: booksellers

Thurber and Chandler: booksellers

Thurber Paper Mill: paper mill

Edward Thurber, Jr.: papermaker

Samuel Thurber, Jr.: papermaker; paper seller; seller of binders' supplies

Edward Thurston, Jr.: bookseller

Nicholas Tillinghast: stationer

Tillinghast and Holroyd: stationers

Nicholas Tillinghast, Jr.: bookseller

Joseph J. Todd: bookseller; publisher

Daniel Todd: binder

Thomas Townsend: bookseller

Truman and Co.: bookseller

United States Chronicle: newspaper

Daniel E. Updike: rag collector

John Updike: bookseller

"Rev." Usher: bookseller

Samuel Vernon: silversmith; engraver; printer

Samuel Vernon, Jr.: engraver; printer

David Vinton: bookseller; card seller; ink maker; music seller

James Walker: bookseller

Warren Library: library

John Waterman: printer; bookseller; papermaker; engraver

John Olney Waterman: papermaker

Waterman and Mathewson: papermakers

Waterman and Russell: printers

William Waters: post rider; news agent

Thomas S. Webb: bookseller; music seller

J. Weeden: printer

Weekly Companion and Commercial Centinel: newspaper

Benjamin West: almanac maker; bookseller

Joseph West: bookseller

F. Wetherill: bookseller

Abel Wheeler: printer

Bennett Wheeler: printer; bookseller

John Wheeler: printer; editor

Bennett H. Wheeler (the younger): printer; bookseller; editor; postmaster

Stephen Whiting, Jr.: bookseller

Thomas Wickham: bookseller

William R. Wilder: bookseller; circulating library

William Wilkinson: bookseller; postmaster

Oziel Wilkinson: manufacturer of printers screws

Samuel J. Williams: printer; publisher

Jonathan Wilson: papermaker

Olney Winsor: bookseller

Richard Woodman: printer

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