The Atlas of the Rhode Island Book Trade in the Eighteenth Century
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Name:   James Green: bookseller

Location:   Providence: at the sign of the angel, opposite John Angell's
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Dates:   29 November 1766 — November 1770
Latitude:   41.827482
Longitude:   -71.409777
Town:   Providence
Notes:   Merchant and bookseller.

Listed in NYPL as one of two "James Green"s. It is uncertain if the James Green advertising books for sale in 1786-7 is the same, but there is no reason to believe otherwise.

A James Green is listed at this location as early as 1759. According to the Providence Gazette (17 November 1770) Tillinghast and Holroyd took over the shop, already displaying the "sign of the elephant," from Green. The 4 June 1774 Providence Gazette includes an advertisement for Hill's Ready Money Variety Store at "The Sign of the ELEPHANT, formerly occupied by Mr. James Green, next Door to Mr. Nathan Angell's, in King-Street."

By 1774 (when Hill's Ready Money Store is still advertising as the location formerly occupied by Green) Green was advertising at a store (specified in later advertisements as his "little shop") located next north of Nathan Angell and, in the 24 February 1781 Providence Gazette, "next door to Mr. Nathan Angell's, and nearly opposite to Mr. Rice's Tavern". He continues to advertise throughout the period up to the 1786 advertisements, so it seems reasonable to assume that the references are to a single person.

Sources:   NYPL, p. 74
Chace--Owners (1770), plate III, B3
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