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Ciné Québec 2017 (1)

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Final Salute to Spring Mailer 2017 (page 1)


Each Saturday in March, the Museum will be screening a full-length French language film produced in Québec in celebration of Francophonie, a month dedicated to honoring French language & culture.

March 4, 1:30pm — Chasse-Galerie : La légende

In 1863, a group of snow-bound travelers invokes the devil, who gives them a flying canoe for them to go home. When one of them finds his wife about to die in labor, he makes a pact with the devil to save her and his newborn daughter Liza. He then cheats the devil of his prize by sacrificing himself. 25 years later, Liza wants to marry her beloved Jos, who has to go away to a remote logging camp to earn money to save his farm, but the devil is determined to ruin her happiness.

March 11, 1:30pm — Corbo

A teenage Québecer in the 1960s evolves from pro-independence activist to radical terrorist, in this gripping chronicle of the origins of the FLQ in the decade preceding the 1970 October Crisis.

March 18, 1:30pm — La passion d’Augstine

In a small convent school in rural Quebec, Mother Augustine provides a musical education to young women no matter their socio-economic background. However, with the looming changes brought by Vatican II and Quebec’s Quiet Revolution, the school’s future is at peril.

March 25, 1:30pm — Henri Henri

Raised in an orphanage run by nuns, Henri continued to live there after reaching adulthood, becoming responsible for the lighting around the property. Forced to leave his longtime home when the convent is sold to real estate developers, Henri is thrown into the world without a compass. He follows the advice of the sisters and “follows the signs of destiny” to a job as a lamplighter. Through encounters with a bitter old businessman who earned and lost a fortune making pickles and a dreamy cashier, Henri changes people’s lives.



Beacon 2017 (1)

The 6th Annual Beacon Charter School Student Artist Exhibit

February 18 – March 15

The Museum of Work & Culture is proud to present more than 70 works in graphite, watercolor, acrylic, and ceramics by the student artists at Beacon Charter School.