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 Rhode Island Poultry Association Records

 Records, 1876-1942

 Size: 1.5 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 669

 Processed by: Kristina Piecyk, March 1996

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

     The Rhode Island Poultry Association was formed to maintain standards of poultry breeding, egg and meat producing. It was established in 1886, as the successor of the Rhode Island Poultry and Columbarian Society. The association began to receive state aid in 1890, and was influential in legislative work. It helped to pass appropriation bills for the Rhode Island State College Poultry Plant. The association was also active in stock shows and exhibits, and educated members on current practices. It also ran a cooperative marketing venture for auctioning poultry and selling eggs. They were most active between 1900 and 1940. They seem to have disbanded after 1940; their last entry in the Providence City Directory was 1941.

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Scope and content:

     This collection consists mainly of minutes from meetings, newspaper clippings from shows, by-laws, listing of members and other administrative materials. In this collection there are also some papers from other poultry societies, including by-laws, and exhibition records.

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            This collection seems to have arrived between 1940 and 1987; no accession records have been found.

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Box 1.

1. Minutes, 1874-1911

2. 1911-1920

3. 1920-1928

4. 1928-1942

5. Minutes, Executive Committee 1918-1923

6.                  1924

7.     1925-1931, 1932-1936

8. History 1886-1933; Annual Report of the Treasurer 1927-34

9. Treasurer's Book 1905-1926

10. Membership list 1936

11. R.I.P.A dues book 1876-1878

12. Stock Ledger 1911-1924

13. Misc. papers: by-laws, reports, minutes and correspondence, 1915-1940

14. Members, newspaper clippings 1939

15. Memorandum 47th annual show, 48th annual exhibit, 1934

16. Minutes, annual report of the treasury, correspondence 1911-1917

17. Executive committee book, articles, minutes, 1932-1936

18. Newspaper clippings 1928-1942

19. Misc. papers, voting issues, certification card 1928-1942

20. Inventory of goods 1874-1911

21. Annual report of treasury, advertisements, 1920-1928

22. Sales book, 1932-1935

23. American Poultry Assoc. R.I. branch

24. Pictures of different breeds 1928

25. R.I. State Branch R.I. Red Club of America, minutes, 1923-1926

26. By-laws of other organizations:

            State Council of Poultry Associations of Rhode Island

            Rhode Island Poultry Breeders Association 

27. Seventh World's Poultry Congress Exposition 1939

Box 2. Index cards of members 1889-1927 (in small box)

Oversized volume 1. Transactions book 1926-1932

Oversized volume 2. Prices, winners of shows 1927

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Poultry - Cooperative marketing - Rhode Island

Rhode Island Red Club of America

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