Violet E. Kettelle Papers

Rhode Island

Genealogical Manuscripts, 1960-2001

Size: 10 lin. ft.

Catalog number: MSS 1210

Processed by: Julia Wilczynski, Robin Flynn

April 2002

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division

Historical note:

Violet Kettelle was born in East Greenwich, Rhode Island in 1905, the daughter of Louis Greene Kettelle (1874-1951) and Ella A. (Kettle) Kettelle (1886-1968). Violet was the oldest of three daughters; her sisters were Grace, born in 1907, and Daisy, born in 1915. There were two other siblings who died in infancy. Violet's mother and maternal grandparents were members of the church at the village of Rice City, joining some time around 1912.

Violet became interested in genealogy from hearing her grandparents and aunts discuss their family history, and also after the death of her great-great-aunt, Esther Amanda (Spencer) Briggs, who died in 1929, leaving genealogical notes. Many of these notes are referred to or copied in Violet's notes, and are designated as being "E.A.B." or "Aunt Mandie's" notes.

Violet's ancestry can be traced back to some of the founding families of Rhode Island, including the Greenes of Warwick and Thomas Olney of Providence. Other families in her genealogy include: Spencer, Vaughn, Tarbox, Sweet, Straight, Aylesworth, Stone, Wilson, Johnson, Barton, Manchester, Rice, Holden, Knowles, Brown, Whipple, and Almy.

Violet entered Pembroke College at Brown University in 1924 and graduated in 1928. After graduation, she taught at the East Greenwich Academy. In 1944, she began teaching at North Bennington High School in Vermont; in 1946, she switched to Montpelier High School, where she remained until 1969. However, Violet never moved permanently to Vermont; she returned to Rhode Island each summer when school was out of session.

She never married, and still lives in the house in which she was born.

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Scope and content:

The collection is comprised of the genealogical research notes of Violet Kettelle and other genealogists on Rhode Island families, including extracts from town and cemetery records; inquiry letters from researchers; correspondence; annotations to published records such as those of Austin and Arnold; photocopies from genealogies and miscellaneous sources; and occasionally, newspaper clippings. The material was compiled at least as early as the mid-1960s until as late as 2001. For some families, the notes also contain research for places outside Rhode Island or southern New England; for example, Rhode Island families that relocated to New York and Pennsylvania.

Some of the genealogists whose work and correspondence appear fairly regularly in the collection are:

The donation also includes printed genealogical sources such as family histories and newsletters, which have been removed from the manuscript portion of the collection and catalogued and shelved separately. Included in the printed sources is a history of Rice City (John W. Place, 1947) and a typescript membership list (1824-1897) for the Church of Christ at that location. Other references to Rice City appear sporadically throughout Miss Kettelle's notebooks.

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The collection was donated by Violet E. Kettelle in October, 2001.

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Processing note:

Most of the notebooks are arranged by surname (Series 1). However, each notebook also contains data on families allied to the primary surname. In most cases, it was not possible to capture the names of all allied families, but those that were captured during processing are listed in the folder inventory below. If a researcher suspects that a particular family is allied to a primary surname listed in the inventory, but does not see the allied name specifically mentioned, the notebooks should be checked anyway.

Alternately, the collection includes some notebooks that contain family records extracted from town records and/or cemeteries. These notebooks also contain multiple family names, but due to the number of names, have been labeled with the name of the town from which the records were copied instead of the surnames contained within (see Series 2).

In some cases, notebooks are labeled according to a particular surname, but when examined, the notes appear to be about other families. In most of these cases, the notebooks have been filed within the surname originally labeled by Miss Kettelle, with the assumption that they are families allied to that surname. The only exceptions are when Miss Kettelle's indexes specifically state the contents of the notes, or when the notes are clearly extractions from town or cemetery records; then they are labeled accordingly.

Many of Miss Kettelle's genealogical notes arrived at the Society in three-ring binders. For the sake of preservation, the notes were removed from the binders and put into archival folders.

Printed sources such as family histories and newsletters, and a genealogical chart of Miss Kettelle's ancestry, were separated from the manuscript notes and catalogued and shelved separately. Additionally, some items including Rhode Island maps and property plats; photographs; cartes-de-visite; business cards; Rhode Island postal covers and personal papers were transferred to the Graphics and Manuscripts divisions.

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VEK = Violet E. Kettelle

EAB = Esther Amanda Briggs

HLS = Helen Louise Sweet

RI Towns:

EG = East Greenwich

WG = West Greenwich

NK = North Kingstown

SK = South Kingstown

Other states:

CT = Connecticut

NY = New York

MA = Massachusetts

Series 1. Surname research

Box 1, folder 1. Andrew. Also Barton, Dawley, Briggs.

Box 1, folders 2-5. Andrews.

Box 1, folder 6. Babcock.

Box 1, folder 7. Bailey.

Box 1, folder 8. Barber.

Box 1, folder 9. Barton.

Box 1, folder 10. Bates.

Box 1, folder 11. Bentley. Also Gifford, Capron.

Box 1, folders 12-14. Bly.

Box 1, folder 15. Briggs: "Sons of John Briggs of Taunton, MA; Briggs of Voluntown, CT; Noah Briggs, etc.; Perez Briggs."

Box 1, folder 16. Briggs. Also Burlingame.

Box 1, folder 17. Briggs. Also Potter.

Box 1, folder 18. Briggs. Also Reynolds, Capron.

Box 1, folders 19-21. Briggs.

Box 1, folder 22. Brown. Also Barton, Dawley.

Box 1, folders 23-25. Brown.

Box 1, folder 26. Case: "Cases of W. Greenwich."

Box 1, folder 27. Case.

Box 1, folder 28. Chace.

Box 1, folder 29. Clark.

Box 1, folder 30. Colvin. Also Gereardy, Briggs, Tripp, Greene, Hill, Spencer, Gardner.

Box 1, folders 31. Congdon.

Box 1, folder 32. Dawley.

Box 2, folder 1. Fry. Also Place, Healy.

Box 2, folder 2. Fones. Also Field, King, and bibliography of Rhode Island local histories.

Box 2, folders 3, 4. Fones.

Box 2, folder 5. Gates.

Box 2, folder 6. Godfrey. Also Cobb, Maxfield, Pearce/Peirce.

Box 2, folder 7. Godfrey. Also Kettelle.

Box 2, folder 8. Godfrey. Also Indian place names.

Box 2, folders 9-11. Godfrey.

Box 2, folder 12. Greene. Includes "John Greene of London England and Maple Root, RI" (Louise Prosser Bates).

Box 2, folder 13. Greene. Includes "Deeds left in Tarbox and Tibbetts houses"; Greenes of Quidnessett.

Box 2, folder 14. Greene (HLS research). Also Reynolds.

Box 2, folder 15. Greene: "3 John Greenes in RI": of Warwick, Quidnessett, and London.

Box 2, folders 16, 17. Greene.

Box 2, folder 18. Grinnell/Grindle.

Box 2, folder 19. Hall.

Box 2, folder 20. Hopkins: "WG, Book 1."

Box 2, folder 21. Hopkins: "WG, Book 2."

Box 2, folder 22. Johnson. Also Briggs.

Box 2, folder 23. Johnson (CT).

Box 2, folder 24. Johnson. Also Millard.

Box 2, folder 25. Johnson. Also Place.

Box 2, folders 26, 27. Johnson.

Box 2, folder 28. Jones: Place and Tillinghast relatives.

Box 2, folder 29. Jones.

Box 3, folder 1. Joslin. Also Morse, Sheffield, Austin.

Box 3, folder 2. Joslin.

Box 3, folder 3. Kenyon.

Note: Kettelle family may include various spellings, e.g. Kettle, Kittle, etc., but folders are labeled "Kettelle." In addition to folders below, there is also a genealogical chart showing VEK's ancestry shelved separately. Please see the card catalog (Kettelle Family) or ask the Reference staff for assistance.

Box 3, folder 4. Kettelle. Includes VEK's ancestry; also Sunderland, Luther, Spencer.

Box 3, folder 5. Kettelle. Also Matteson, Andrews, Clark, Capwell, Green, Colvin, Read, Waite, Whipple, Burlingame, Brayton, Johnson, Greene/Wardwell, Fish, Slocum and possibly others.

Box 3, folder 6. Kettelle. Also Tibbetts, Carpenter, Colvin, Ladd, Remington, Cobb, Pratt.

Box 3, folder 7. Kettelle. Also many other families.

Box 3, folder 8. Kettelle: William S. Kettle letter transcriptions, 1860s.

Box 3, folders 9-14. Kettelle.

Box 3, folder 15. Matteson: "Book 1."

Box 3, folder 16. Matteson: "Book 2."

Box 3, folder 17. Matteson: "Book 3." Includes Brown, Austin.

Box 3, folder 18. Matteson. Also Rouse.

Box 3, folder 19. Matteson. Also Wood, Potter.

Box 3, folders 20-26. Matteson.

Box 3, folder 27. Myers.

Box 4, folder 1. Nichols, Book 1?

Box 4, folder 2. Nichols, "Book 2."

Box 4, folder 3. Nichols. Also Matteson.

Box 4, folder 4. Nichols. Also Pierce/Pearce, Hayward/Howard; WG records (illegitimate births).

See also Nichols: Series 2, box x, folder x: WG families.

Box 4, folder 5. Perkins. Also Bates.

Box 4, folder 6. Perkins. Also Prosser, Bates.

Box 4, folder 7. Perkins.

Box 4, folder 8. Phillips.

Box 4, folder 9. Place, "Book 1."

Box 4, folder 10. Place, "Book 2."

Box 4, folder 11. Place. Also Field.

Box 4, folder 12. Place (HLS research). Also Northup, Allen, Holden, Rice, Willet, Carpenter.

Box 4, folder 13. Place (HLS notes) along with many other families.

Box 4, folders 14-16. Place: Barbara L. Eaton (Danvers, MA) files.

Box 4, folders 17-19. Place: John Folsom (Orlando, FL) files.

Box 4, folder 20. Place. Also Greene (CT), Tillinghast, Hopkins, Northup, Tefft, Scott, and other miscellaneous families.

Box 4, folder 21. Place and other families.

Box 4, folders 22, 23. Place.

Box 4, folder 23a. Potter, Carr.

Box 4, folder 24. Pratt: "Descendants of Jedediah of Scituate and Foster", Vol. 1. Also Tourgee, Perkins, Wilcox.

Box 4, folder 25. Pratt: "Descendants of Jedediah...",Vol. 2.

Box 4, folder 26. Pratt.

Box 4, folder 27. Rathbun. Also Gay, Mawney.

Box 4, folder 28. Remington.

Box 5, folders 1, 2. Shippee.

Box 5, folder 3. Slocum. Also Manchester, Blanchard, Spencer.

Box 5, folder 4. Spencer. Also Briggs, Place.

Box 5, folder 5. Spencer. Also Harrington, Howland.

Box 5, folder 6. Spencer (Michael): "Book 1", "Book 2."

Box 5, folder 7. Spencer: Captain Robert. Also Sweet, Briggs, Greene, Reynolds, Eldred, Wilcox, Jacques.

Box 5, folder 8. Spencer. Also Olin.

Box 5, folder 9. Spencer. Also Shearman.

Box 5, folder 10. Spencer. Also Shippee, Johnson, Hopkins, Vaughn, Tarbox, Briggs, Harrington.

Box 5, folder 11. Spencer. Also Stafford.

Box 5, folder 12. Spencer: "In-Laws" (Kettelle).

Box 5, folder 13. Spencer: Kent County land evidences.

Box 5, folders 14-20. Spencer.

Box 5, folder 21. Stafford. Also Capwell.

Box 6, folder 1. Straight family. Also New York research. See also Series 2.

Note re: Sweet folders: much of the research is by Helen Louise Sweet (HLS) of Butte, Montana. The presumption has been made that VEK filed the research under "Sweet" because it is about families allied to the Sweets, not because it is HLS's research. In some cases there is very little on the Sweet surname within the folders. Many of the surnames researched within the notes or notebooks have been listed below, but not all, due to the sheer number of families researched.

Box 6, folder 2. Sweet: "Trella Hall Book 1."

Box 6, folder 3. Sweet: "2nd Book - Letters from Trella Hall."

Box 6, folder 4. Sweet: "Mother's Sweets; Remington Bible."

Box 6, folder 5. Sweet. Also Spencer, Harrington.

Box 6, folder 6. Sweet: Also "My Sweet Line & Thos. Greene; WG Harringtons; Other Harringtons (Harrington Part II & III)."

Box 6, folder 7. Sweet: "A Sweet Family in WG."

Box 6, folder 8. Sweet: "Aunt Mandie's [EAB's] notes; Sweets in Gleaner and Austin's Genealogical Dictionary; EAB's scrapbooks."

Box 6, folder 9. Sweet: "Book 2."

Box 6, folder 10. Sweet family. Also Rice, Haynes. (HLS research)

Box 6, folder 11. Sweet: HLS research. Includes Scott, Briggs, Carpenter, Grinnell, Ellis, Havens, Jenkins, Johnson, Andrew and many others.

Box 6, folder 12. Sweet (includes HLS research): "James Sweets; Early Warwick, EG, Exeter Original Records; Also NK"; "Nathaniel Sweet and wife Giffe Kettle; Jeremiah Sweet etc."

Box 6, folder 13. Sweet: HLS research. Includes "John Sweet, Henry, Daniel, Richard, etc."

Box 6, folder 14. Sweet: HLS research: "Philip Sweets/Sweet William Bennett."

Box 6, folder 15. Sweet: HLS research and letters/inquiries from various genealogists.

Box 6, folders 16-21. Sweet: HLS research.

Box 7, folders 1, 2. Sweet: HLS research

Box 7, folders 3-8. Sweet.

Box 7, folder 9. Tarbox. Also Slocum, Bailey, Briggs, Vaughn, Giles, Hudson; Boone Co., NY; and other information.

Box 7, folders 10, 11. Tarbox. See also Series 2.

Box 7, folder 12. Tefft.

Box 7, folder 13. Thomas.

Box 7, folder 14. Tiffany.

Box 7, folder 15. Tillinghast ("compiled by Jones"). See also Series 2.

Box 7, folder 16. Tourgee family. Also Huling.

Box 7, folder 17. Tourgee/Tourge family.

Box 7, folder 18. Vaughn. Also Reynolds, Bennett, Hopkins, Blanchard, Allen.

Box 7, folder 19. Vaughn. See also Series 2.

Box 7, folder 20. Wait.

Box 7, folder 21. Wells. Also Aylesworth, EG cemeteries.

Box 7, folder 22. Wells.

Box 7, folder 23. Weaver.

Box 7, folder 24. Whipple. Also Langford, Roberts, Abiah Carpenter, Hill, Tillinghast. (Very little Whipple data in this folder, but VEK had filed it under Whipple. Possibly allied families?)

Box 7, folder 25. Whitford: "Book 1."

Box 7, folder 26. Whitford: another "Book 1."

Box 7, folder 27. Whitford: "Bk. 2."

Box 8, folder 1. Whitford: "Book 3."

Box 8, folders 2-9. Whitford.

Box 8, folder 10. Wilcox: "Notebook 2."

Box 8, folder 11. Wilcox. Also Sweet (HLS), Knowles.

Box 8, folders 12-17. Wilcox.

Box 8, folder 18. Wood. Also Gallup and other families.

Series 2. Miscellaneous family notes

Note: Some descriptions of folder/notebook contents are partial due to amount of miscellaneous material. In some cases, there are so many families listed within one book that the contents have been listed by places in which the families were located, rather than by surname. In the cases where VEK listed the contents, her lists were used for content descriptions.

Box 8, folder 19. Lawton, Luther, Fiske, Sheldon, Tillinghast; Tyler; Roger Williams

Box 8, folder 20. Including but not limited to Walton; Brown; New London Turnpike stops; index to Warwick wills (Book 1, 1703-1745; Book 2, 1745-1761); Hill family (WG); WG records; Coventry records and families; Wood family; Reynolds; Briggs.

Box 8, folder 21. Extracts from other genealogists' notes, including but not limited to Card; Vaughn; Cady; Waite; Huling; Sweet; Wilcox; Harrington.

Box 8, folder 22. Including but not limited to Spencer; Andrews; Sweet; Aylesworth; Card; Howland; Potter; Brown; Capwell; Tibbetts; Greene.

Box 8, folder 23. Briggs, Clarke, Tillinghast; also Smithfield deaths from probate.

Box 8, folder 24. Dyre, Babcock, Fiske.

Box 8, folder 25. Miscellaneous (VEK's list):

Land evidence: Jenkins, Hill, Pierce

Peirce, William (Coventry)

Vaughn and Sweet research

Briggs, Charles T. "Reminiscences"

Pitcher family (EG and Cranston)

Greene, Abram

Kent Co. probate and land evidence (HLS)

Box 8, folder 26. Miscellaneous families: Lyon, Austin, Greene, Smith, Dawley, Whitford, Vaughn, Brown, Wall, Walton, Boone, Eldred, Wall, Card, Lamphere and others.

Also NK land records, Book 1, 1686-1718.

Box 8, folder 27. "Letters from Gladys Palmer and others": Miscellaneous families: James, Fry, Tanner, Ellis, Money/Morey, Cory/Corey, Wilcox, Phillips, Palmer, Barber, Dye/Dyer, Casey, Kenyon, Pettys/Pettis, Rathbun, Lewis, and many other families.

Box 8, folder 28. Stafford, Bennett, Palmeter/Palmiter, Rogers, Wells, Wightman, and other families. Also Frank Jenne genealogy, and Stephentown, NY cemeteries.

Box 8, folder 29. Miscellaneous families, including but not limited to Gould, Green (NK), Gibbs, Battey, Arnold, Tingley, Tanner, Austin, Bates, Bentley, Briggs (Warwick), Brown, Browning, Card, Gordon, Gorton, Cook.

Box 8, folder 30. Vaughn, Johnson. Also Middletown, RI wills and probate (photocopy of NEHGR, April, 1968).

Box 8, folder 31. Includes Straight, Brayton, Fish, Miller/Millard, Weeden; cemetery records, NK; Waite, Jenkins, Sherman, Hazleton; NK Revolutionary War pensions and probate; deed research; WG/Exeter mills?; Whitford, Kettelle.

Box 9, folder 1. Cemeteries: Warwick, EG, Cranston, Coventry, Exeter, WG, Scituate, SK, Foster; Langford; Sweet land evidences; Greene (Warwick); Gardner/Gardiner; Woods; Tarbox letters; Capwells, Dawley, Gorton; Stockton, CA cemetery (Rhode Islanders); Tennant; Bristol Co., MA probate; "Scott Hollow"?; Niles.

Box 9, folder 2. Babcock; Bailey lines; Hill records; Carpenter; Waites (by different compilers); Dawley; Tefft; Case; Walker; Wightman; Tillinghast-Hazard-Moury; miscellaneous Quaker notes.

Box 9, folder 3. Jeffrey Watson diary; Daniel Steadman diary; Westerly cemetery; Bible records: Adams, Tefft, Battey, Champlin.

Box 9, folder 4. Greene, Hudson and many other families.

Folders 5 through 8 include re-located families (NY, etc.):

Box 9, folder 5. Miscellaneous families: Scituate, WG, Exeter, EG, NK and SK, Coventry, and Foster, RI; Oneco, Connecticut; Otsego and Albany counties, NY.

Box 9, folder 6. Miscellaneous families: Rhode Island families removed to PA, NY; Exeter, WG, NK, EG, Coventry, Foster, North Scituate, Warwick, Glocester, RI; Taunton, MA; Groton, CT; Swansea, MA; Vermont (cemeteries); Rehoboth, MA.

Box 9, folder 7. Families to Collins, Concord, and Sardinia, NY; Warwick town council, probate; Fuller's History of Warwick; Tillinghast: Sardinia, NY and elsewhere.

Box 9, folder 8. RI settlers in NY; Central NY Genealogical Society: ancestor tables; miscellaneous families; Vaughn, Gifford-Tibbets, Bailey, Cahoone, Dolouer, Mitchell, Hackstone, Kenyon.

Box 9, folder 9. Miscellaneous family notes: EG, WG, Block Island, Foster.

Box 9, folder 10. Miscellaneous (VEK's list):

Benefit Street arsenal

Connecticut Genealogical Society/Connecticut State Library


Hammond, Elizabeth

Perry families

Battery D, First RI Light Artillery (photo, June 1891)

Rathbun, Jerome B.

Briggs, John (of Sandwich)

Briggs, William Churchill

Warwick, RI - old deeds

Salisbury, John and Abigail: births and their children

South Kingstown births in town clerks' records

Bly Purchase, map

Bristol Co., MA probate records

Queries, RIGR

Phillips, William

Lockwood family pedigree charts

North Kingstown land evidence

Box 9, folder 11. Miscellaneous (VEK's list):

Arnold family

Arrival dates of various families

Gile family

Stephentown, NY taxes, 1789-1791

Chapman family

Connecticut Spencers

Fay family

Andrew and Sweet


North Kingstown births, marriages

Potter, Robert and descendants

Box 9, folder 12. Miscellaneous (VEK's list):

"The Lilacs" (East Greenwich) deed research

Browning, William: will

Letson family

Hammond, John: will

Kenyon family

East Greenwich in 1812

Spencer, Ezra: land

Vaughn, Frank: murderer

Locations of West Greenwich cemeteries

West Greenwich: copies of original vital records

South Kingstown: names in cemeteries

Berry family

Billington, John

Brayton family: NY

Austin family

Spencer family

Warwick: marriages

Tyler, John

RI Colonial Records - Farnham


NY - VT land dispute

East Greenwich: E. Vaughn's general store

Eldred family

Adams, MA: First Records

Box 9, folder 13. Miscellaneous (VEK's index):

Society of Friends records, East Hoosick (Adams), MA

Rathbun, Robert: births of wife and children

Langford research (HLS)


Seven Mens' Land, Seven and Ten Line

Nichols, Reuben: Revolutionary War service


Greene, Peleg

Bates, Francis

St. Paul's Church

Henry, Harris

Wightman error


Lee, Henry: 1849, CA



Kenyon family

WG probate

Tefft, John and others (HLS ancestors)

Dutchess Co. regiment of Minute Men

Rathbun, Oscar Jenckes

Box 9, folder 14. HLS notes, miscellaneous families.

Box 9, folder 15. "Scattered notes" (VEK) - miscellaneous genealogy notes.

Series 3. Town records

Box 9, folder 16. EG: will and probate abstracts, mostly 18th c.

Box 9, folder 17. EG: deed and will abstracts, ca. 1720-1830.

Box 9, folder 18. EG: land evidences, ca. 1720-1835.

Box 9, folder 19. EG: land evidence and deeds, 1786-1791; 1792; ca. 1807-1862; 1767-1773.

Mortgages, ca. 1728-1744.

Box 9, folder 20. EG: Deed research, including "The Lilacs" (also includes some bordering towns: WG, Exeter, Warwick, NK).

Box 9, folder 21. EG: deed research, specific farms, including Bowen-Spencer, Shippee, Fry, Tillinghast and others.

Box 9, folder 22. EG: annotations to Arnold's vital records by EAB.

Box 9, folder 23. EG: Union Church (Six Principle Baptist, Shippeetown), 1853-1868. Also "Bits and Pieces of West Greenwich" (Roberta Baker).

Box 9, folder 24. EG: "Early East Greenwich" (manuscript copy), Dr. James H. Eldredge, 1890.

Box 9, folder 25. EG: "Reminiscences of Early East Greenwich", Turner (1891).

Box 9, folder 26. Exeter: vital records (after 1850). Also miscellaneous notes: Thurston Capwell; Richmond probate and land evidence; Greenes (Warwick); EAB annotations to Arnold vol. 7; extracts from Updike's History of the Narragansett Church; Warwick town council.

Box 9, folder 27. Jamestown (New Shoreham, Middletown, Newport): EAB genealogies; Providence County genealogies; "4 Gorton Arnolds, Warwick."

Box 10, folder 1. Kent County vital records (Arnold): EAB annotations.

Box 10, folder 2. NK: Deeds, 1686-1738.

Box 10, folder 3. NK: Probate and town council, 1700-1800; also 1801-1814 (from Peirce Records at RIHS)

Richmond probate and town council, ca. 1760-1795

Some NK vital records, ca. 1710-1815

Exeter town council and probate, ca. 1740-1830

Box 10, folder 4. NK: EAB annotations to Arnold's vital records.

Box 10, folder 5. SK: EAB annotations to Arnold's vital records. Also includes towns in Washington and Newport counties.

Box 10, folder 6. SK: Torrey's marriages. Also Greenes (Providence) by EAB.

Box 10, folder 7. Warwick: HLS notes: land evidences (includes Rice family).

Box 10, folder 8. Warwick: HLS notes: town council, land evidence, probate.

Box 10, folder 9. Warwick: EAB annotations to Arnold's vital records.

Box 10, folder 10. WG: town council and town meeting, including:

Town council, ca. 1790-1904; 1741-1761; 1766-1820; 1780-1787; 1742-1790; 1761- 1766; 1861-1866

Town meeting, ca. 1742-1811, 1839-1848; 1830-1838

List of freemen?, ca. 1877-1889

Also: Carpenter deeds in WG; Providence-New London Turnpike stops; Case family in town council records, 1780-1818; Wood and Nichols families

Box 10, folder 11. WG: Deeds, Book 1 (1741-1761)

Mortgage and quitclaims, Book 1 (1742-1772)

"Old Book 4" (1759-1766)

Book 5 (1766-1773)

Book 6 (1769-1774)

Book 7 (1775)

Also: Deeds, Sweet Whitford and Case; WG Carrs, Joneses, Cahoones.

WG: Also see Series 1, Box 4, folder 4 (Nichols, Peirce, Hayward) WG: illegitimate births.

Box 10, folder 12: WG: probate, ca. 1743-1920.

Box 10, folder 13. WG/Exeter records and cemeteries. Also Rice City.

Series 4. Cemetery records

Box 10, folder 14: Cemeteries: NY: Stephenstown

Box 10, folder 15: Cemeteries: NY: Renssalaer, Washington, and Otsego counties; also genealogical notes, various RI families.

Box 10, folder 16: Cemeteries: RI, CT, and VT

Box 10, folder 17: Cemeteries: RI; also extracts from John H. Weeden diary (NK)

Box 10, folder 18: Cemeteries: RI; also: Briggs and other families; Connecticut Nutmegger notes; Vaughn cemetery records; other notes

Box 10, folder 19: Cemeteries: RI, VT; and ancestry charts

Box 10, folder 20: General information on RI cemeteries in Exeter, WG, EG, NK.

Box 10, folder 21: Cemeteries: RI, CT; also Quakers, East Hoosick, MA; Exeter tax records, 1883; WG tax, 1879; EG tax, 1882; Burlingame family.

Box 10, folder 22: Cemeteries: VT: Shaftsbury

Series 5. Miscellaneous

Box 10, folder 23. Stephen Allen house (WG): history and deed research.

Box 10, folder 24. "Personal War Sketches Presented to McGregor Post No. Henry L. Greene", 1894.

Box 10, folder 25. Extracts from "Smith Diary" (Arnold Collection, Elmwood Library); random genealogy notes; John Spencer's account book; EG stories told by Johnnie Briggs; Kent Co. courthouse; Rice City.

Box 10, folder 26. History of Yates County, NY.

Box 10, folder 27. Six Principle Baptist research (RI and elsewhere).

Box 10, folder 28. Connecticut Nutmegger queries; notes from various genealogists.

Box 10, folder 29. American wills and administration in Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1610-1857; queries in Connecticut Nutmegger, June 1991.

Box 10, folder 30. Palmer, Gladys E. (1905-1981) obituary.

Box 11 (oversize). Miscellaneous scrapbooks: newspaper clippings and obituaries (7 scrapbooks).

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