So You Want to Publish RI History? A Panel Discussion

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(l-r): William J. Jennings, Marta V. Martinez, Frank Grzyb, Ashleigh Bennet, Robert Geake

Have you considered writing a book of Rhode Island history, but didn’t know what was involved in the publishing process? This panel discussion is ideal for individuals and historically-based organizations that want to publish their accounts of Rhode Island history. A partner program of the Rhode Island Historical Society and the John Russell Bartlett Society, this workshop aims to bring together those who love books and history to prepare for the next step of publishing.

On Saturday, June 6, from 2 to 3:30pm, “So You Want to Publish RI History? A Panel Discussion” will take place at the Rhode Island Historical Society’s Aldrich House at 110 Benevolent St. in Providence. This event is free to the public, but registration is required. Register here, email, or call (401) 331-8575 x136.

“So You Want to Publish RI History?” offers the opportunity to get advice and ask questions. Guest speaker Dani McGrath, Northeast sales rep from The History Press, will give an overview of the process from a publisher’s perspective. A panel of several authors of Rhode Island history will also give insight from their experience. A Q&A session will be followed by networking and refreshments. Authors will sign books available for purchase.

About the panel of authors:

William J. Jennings, Jr. co-authored Aboard the Fabre Line to Providence: Immigration to Rhode Island, a book about the role transatlantic steamships played in early Rhode Island immigration and its role in the state’s cultural and ethoreligious diversity.

Marta V. Martinez is the executive director of Rhode Island Latino Arts, Inc. and is author of Latino History In Rhode Island: Nuestras Raices, a collection oral history from Rhode Island’s growing Latino community. She is also founder of the Rhode Island Latino Archives. She has lectured and presented to many local schools, libraries and museums.

Frank Grzyb, a decorated Vietnam veteran, has authored five books including: Rhode Island’s Civil War Hospital; Hidden History of Rhode Island and the Civil War, and Remarkable Women of Rhode Island, among other titles. He is also a contributing writer for The Online Review of Rhode Island History: Small State/Big History.

Ashleigh Bennet is co-author of Rhode Island Beer: Ocean State History On Tap. With a BA in journalism and cultural anthropology, she is a researcher of qualitative insights. She also freelances as writer and photographer for Cape Cod Life and Cape Cod Magazine, writing historical pieces on craft beer, nautical history and vanished villages.

Robert Geake has written about Rhode Island history for over 30 years, including books such as: A Toll, A Tavern and A Farm; A History of the Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island: Keepers of the Bay; and Historic Farms of Rhode Island, among other titles. He is also an editor and contributor for and his own blog at