50 Years of Art in Rhode Island Exhibit

From left: Byzantium II by Peter Dipenbrock; Dutch Self Portrait by Ruth Dealy; Falling Man, Nevada by Salvatore Mancini; Distilled Life I by Lisa Goddard

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Hosts Show 

What: “50 Years of Art in Rhode Island” Exhibition

When: November 7, 2016-January 6, 2017

Where: URI Feinstein Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program, 80 Washington St.


Presented by the Rhode Island Historical Society and Providence Inner City Arts, “50 Years of Art in Rhode Island: 1950-2000” honors Rhode Island artists who lived and worked in the community during the second half of the 20th century. A new exhibit will celebrate the initiative, and will take place at the University of Rhode Island’s Feinstein Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program’s first- and second-floor galleries, showcasing the painters, photographers, and sculptors who helped make Rhode Island an inspiring and vibrant state. It also marks a milestone for the Rhode Island Historical Society in its effort to document and share the stories of these artists as part of an ongoing project of the RIHS collections.

“It might seem odd to people that the Rhode Island Historical Society has embarked on what looks like an ‘art’ project. There are so many wonderful arts organizations in the state, so why would we be interested? But, in fact, we’re interested in the artists, and the ways in which, from 1950 to 2000, artists shaped and were shaped by this state,” RIHS Executive Director C. Morgan Grefe said. “Sometimes, that is visible in their artwork, but often those stories of how a place and a time affect creative people is lost. The 50 Years of Art project is a way for us to hear directly from the artists, and their friends and family, about what makes for a vibrant art community – it’s one of the many lessons from Rhode Island’s past that can help us plan for a brilliant, colorful future.”

The exhibit will include work from the following Rhode Island artists:

Rufus Abdullah, Grace Albee, Ben Anderson, Johan Bjurman, Sandor Bodo, Jonathan Bonner, Stephan Brigidi, Alexandra Broches, Gabe Capuano, Antonio Cirino, Dennis Congdon, Umberto Crenca, Anthonio Dattorro, Ruth Dealy, Bob Dilworth, Gretchen Dow Simpson, Bill Drew, Mabel Ducasse, Steve Easton, Ron Ehrlich, Isabel Famiglietti, Herb Fink, Richard Fishman, Bonita Flanders, Gil Franklin, John Frazier, Mark Freedman, Lisa Goddard, Dan Gosch, Michael Guy, Robert Hamilton, Bunny Harvey, Tony Janello, Robert Lamb, Edna Lawrence, Irene Lawrence, Eugene Lee, Florence Leif, Salvatore Mancini, Angelo Marinosci Jr., Paula Martiesian, Michael Mazur, Alan Metnick, Gary Metz, Denny Moers, Munir Mohammed, Karnig Nalbandian, Abe Nathanson, Morris Nathanson, Howard Newman, Barbara Pagh, Gordon Peers, Erminio Pinque, Arnold Prince, John Riedel, Anthony Russo, Mahler Ryder, Italo Scanga, Ida Schmulowitz, Tom Sgouros, Aaron Siskind, Kenneth Speiser, Kristen Street, Lawrence Sykes, Mark Taber, Bob Thayer, Anthony Tomaselli, Eugene Tonoff, John Udvardy, and Carmel Vitullo.

“To see this exhibition is to understand the vital role artists play in Rhode Island. While this is but a small sampling of those who have lived and worked in our state between 1950 and 2000, the show reveals the power of art to transform the lives of others through creative vision and output, teaching and mentoring, building connections in the community and contributing greatly to the ‘sense of place’ that is Rhode Island,” Goddard said. “It takes courage to be an artist; to lay paint on a pristine canvas or cut marks into a smooth plank of wood. It takes confidence and vision to create. It takes practice and dedication to hone specific skills. And most of all, it takes a willingness to learn, to be open to new ways of seeing and analyzing the world. These qualities are important in our daily lives and are necessary to the health of our communities and our nation.”

50 Years of Art in Rhode Island is made possible in part by Amica Insurance and Bank of America. Thank you!



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