A Morning of Family Fun at the John Brown House Museum!

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What: Learning Quill and Ink Writing at the John Brown House Museum!

When: Saturday, July 8th, 9:00-10:00am

Mornings at the Museum will be held on the second Saturday of every month from April to August (April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, and August 12)

Where: John Brown House Museum, 52 Power St., Providence

Admission: To register for this FREE event, please click HERE.

This program is recommended for families with children ages 5-12. Questions? Contact  jbh@rihs.org or call 401-331-8575 x362.

Looking for a fun, hands-on activity for you and your family?  

The most important documents in our nation’s history were written by hand using quill and ink. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted, adopted, and published in beautiful handwritten script, likely using homemade quills. Thomas Jefferson even raised special geese to keep him supplied with writing quills!

At this month’s Morning at the Museum, we will learn what it takes to make your own quill and ink, and the challenges that go into using them to write a document. You will learn some of the same writing lessons that children of the Founding Fathers had to learn, and you will be able to take home your very own quill pen and practice papers!

Afterward, explore the museum with free admission on the day of the event. Come see what life was like in the newly founded United States, and get a glimpse into the world of John Brown, patriot, merchant, politician, and slave trader.

This FREE event is recommended for families with kids ages 5-12.

Want to join us for more events like this? On the second Saturday of every month, the John Brown House Museum will host a Morning at the Museum with FREE interactive, family-friendly activities. We’ll play historic games, cook old-fashioned desserts, and more! Sign up for our e-newsletter for updates.

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