Rhode Island History Journal, Vol. 1, October 1942

In this issue:

Mrs. Vice-President Adams Dines with Mr. John Brown and Lady: Letters of Abigail Adams to Her Sister Mary Cranch by Martha W Appleton Abigail Adams John Brown Sarah Smith Brown Abby Brown Francis Daggett’s Inn Gov. John Collins Maria Jefferson Eppes Providence John Brown house Federalists

The Gilbert Stuart House by Caroline Hazard Gilbert Stuart Narrow River Thomas Moffat Elizabeth Anthony artists art painting historic house preservation Norman Isham

Order of Exercises at the Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Birthday of General Nathanael Greene Nathanael Greene commemorations Historical Society John Brown house Kentish Guards

The Youth of General Greene by Theodore Francis Green Nathanael Greene Potowomut, RI forges mills anchor mills James M. Varnum Kentish Guards Continental Army Samuel Ward

General Nathanael Greene’s Contributions to the War of American Independence by William Green Roelker Nathanael Greene Revolutionary War George Washington Quartermaster‚Äôs Department Revolutionary War in the South miltary

A Rhode Islander Goes West to Indiana (ctd.) by George A White Jr. John Congdon Packard Eliza Packard Samuel Packard John Jenckes Indiana western emigration frontier life

Four Hundred Dollars for a Hat–When Inflation Raged in Rhode Island by M Randolph Flather Peter Taylor monetary policy inflation currency paper money taxes bills of credit banks specie judicial trials

The Sword on the Table, by Winfield Townley Scott review by Christopher LaFarge

The Brown Papers by William Greene Roelker Brown Family Papers John Brown Nicholas Brown Moses Brown Joseph Brown merchants business economic development entrepreneurship

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