Let My Love Open the Door: Part One

Get revved up for a romantic Valentine’s Day by reading the exploits of a young man looking for love at the turn of the 20th Century…


“Jeanette looked lovely in her new bicycle suit and we sat very close together on beach before a big rock. I ‘eased’ her back by putting my hand there, kept her right hand warm. Kissed her several times. Hot times. Both of us had on my coat. Posed as Gibson’s ‘Last Day of Summer.’” [4/02/1897]
“At 11.30 went with Jeanette to walk to bank overlooking the Seekonk and ice pond in East Providence, sat on my coat this time. Held her left hand, my right was around her waist. Kissed her very charming face several times. Great time.” [4/10/1897]
“…had long walk with Ethel Parks. She is all right. I am wearing her school pin & she is wearing mine.” 3/23/1897]
“Ethel there. Walked home with her. She looked beautiful & wore a new purple hat. She says she is going away to school in 2 weeks!! (tears)” [4/05/1898]
“I have never felt happier and lighter, and want to sing all the time. Sent Bessie 1 ½ doz roses and a note to try to make her feel better about last night. I wonder if I love that girl? She says she doesn’t love me!” [7/07/1902]
“She looked lovely and was very nice to me. Said goodbye for 2 weeks, as she goes to Jackson Saturday. Don’t know when we have got along so well together. If she would only care for me I think I might renounce my bachelor’s vows.” [9/07/1904]
“Called on Louise, after meeting her at the Athenaeum. Heard all about her trip to Brookline. We did not get on well, and she got mad at my ‘talking’, as I asked once or twice once or twice if there was ‘any hope for me’. She was very positive in saying there was not. This made me feel pretty glum and gave me a poor appetite for supper.” [1/14/1905]

Who will Edward end up with? Check back next week as things heat up and there’s a wedding!
MSS 473 Edward Tudor Gross Diaries. Edward, the youngest son of John Mason Gross and Elizabeth Judson Gross, was born September 16, 1878. At the age of eleven, his father started paying him to keep a diary which became a lifelong habit. The RIHS holds 63 of his diaries dating from Jan 1, 1890 through April 18, 1948.

 -Jennifer Galpern Special Collections Research Associate

One thought on “Let My Love Open the Door: Part One

  1. What a fun idea for Valentine’s Day! E. Tudor Gross is my great-grandfather, so I know how this story ends–but I won’t spoil it!

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