Mills Along the Blackstone: Locally Made, Internationally Known, a new exhibit under development at the Museum of Work & Culture, features the latest in multi-touch and multi-user technology.

Visitors can discover the significance of Woonsocket’s mills and how they shaped the fabric of the community. This new exhibition, allows visitors to learn how the power of the Blackstone River influenced the development of the city and witness Woonsocket’s physical transformation.

The exhibit includes three main components:

Why Woonsocket?

The entry point to the exhibit introduces visitors to the power of the Blackstone River and includes video screens of Woonsocket Falls, providing striking visual and audio elements to underscore the content of panels detailing how it served as the driving force behind America’s Industrial Revolution.

The Work at Hand

At the heart of the exhibit space is an interactive touch table that allows visitors to travel through time as they trace the evolution of the textile industry from its humble beginnings of the Social Mill to the city where “Cotton Mania” reached epidemic proportions before the  decline of manufacturing in the late 20th century. In each period the visitor will be given the opportunity to “visit” highlighted mill sites, learning the details of their production and workforce through both distilled histories as well as photographs. The table also has the advantage of being expandable, with information about additional mills being able to be added in the future, as well as information about local businesses, houses of worship, schools, and other establishments.


Remember Us

The Mill Memory Bank,  preserves the legacy of the those who made our state’s proud manufacturing history possible. As a digital registry of profiles of former mill workers, the Memory Bank allows families and friends to permanently honor their loved ones’ contributions, with each profile including photographs, details of work history (such as occupation, location, and years worked), ethnic background, and biographical anecdotes.

Register your loved ones today! All donations are tax deductible and will go toward the development of the newest, and most technologically advanced exhibit ever undertaken by the Historical Society.

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