The Museum of Work & Culture and Woonsocket’s Harris Public Library have partnered for a free series of themed programs for homeschool families. Events are offered the last Monday of October, December, February, and April at 10am, with different aspects of history being highlighted each month. Space is limited and registration is required. Families may register by emailing the number of participants and their ages to

February 24th’s program will begin at the Museum at 10:00am, where families will gather on the mill floor to learn the history of child labor and unionization. Children will be introduced to the important vocabulary terms related to work and labor and try first-hand some of the jobs they would have been expected to perform in mills at the turn of the 20th-century. They will then compete in teams in an assembly line activity before moving to the union hall exhibit to learn more about how working conditions were changed.

At 11:30am, the event will continue at the Woonsocket Harris Public Library where AFSCME Local 670 Union President Robin Salome will offer a short presentation further explaining how unionization began and why it is still important today. Children will then have a mock union meeting where they will elect a president, secretary, treasurer, etc. to vote on important topics. But watch out, we’ve heard rumors of a protest! 

Future program dates include:

Monday, April 20: La Survivance & La Sentinelle: The Fight to Preserve Faith, Language & Culture