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MoWC Visitor Information

Permanent exhibits

Introduction to the Museum — Quebec Farm House — Museum Store

Begin your journey through the past by stepping inside the Québec Farmhouse (circa 1875) and eavesdrop on a conversation between siblings as they consider the benefits of trading life on the farm for work in the mills.

Mill Floor and Treasury of Life Exhibit

Explore the Mill Floor and try to beat the clock as you load spindles and sort bobbins. Listen to workers recount their experiences of working in the mills as you view the machinery they worked with. Be sure to stop at the Treasury of Life to view the memorabilia of local families. Click here for more information about how to secure your personal mementos in the Treasury of Life.

Monument Square — Triple Decker — Baseball Exhibit — Going to Work Exhibit

Upstairs learn about local legend Nap Lajoie and the baseball leagues started by the mill owners. Then, stop by the triple decker, where you can sit on the porch and play a game of checkers or head inside to relax in the parlor and listen to the radio.

1929 Classroom Exhibit

Sit up straight and listen closely to Sister St. Emilie who will tell you about the Sentinelle Affair and the clash over teaching French & English in parochial schools. Also, be sure to take a peek inside the desks to see what students may be hiding. Browse the Eugene A. Peloquin Catholic Schools Archive, which recounts the story of Catholic Schools worldwide and houses a collection of local yearbooks. Click here for more information about the Archive’s records.

Independent Textile Union (ITU) Hall

Take a seat in the ITU Hall and watch a brief film about the history of the Independent Textile Union and its impact on mill workers and their families.

RI Merci Box Car Exhibit

Step inside the Merci Boxcar that once carried 40 men or 8 horses across France during WWII. The Boxcar was a gift to Rhode Island following the War and came packed with presents as a thank-you for America’s help during the conflict. One of the original gifts, a silk wedding dress, is on display, along with other military memorabilia.