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 American Raw Silk Company


 Records, 1915-1920

 Size: 2 ft.

 Catalog number: MSS 6 sg 4

 Processed by: Harold E. Kemble, Jr., 1977

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The American Raw Silk Company was incorporated in the state of New York "succeeding the Raw Silk Department of Anglo-American Cotton Products Corporation which "operated about eight months on $85,000 borrowed money..." The purchase of the Raw Silk Department was accomplished on the same day that the American Raw Silk Company was organized. Payment was made in the form of shares issued by American Raw Silk to the name Frank A. Sayles. In August 1918, the company's name was changed to TARSCO Corporation, an acronym. The American Raw Silk Company was not a manufacturing firm but a converting company, buying the unfinished cloth of the manufacturing mills and sending it to finishing plants to be bleached, dyed, and printed for resale.

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Scope and content:

            These are business records of a silk converting company owned by Frank A. Sayles. The records are of purchases of raw silk and sales of printed and finished silk fabrics. Included is a single volume of records of Anglo-American Cotton Products Corporation. Records of TARSCO Corporation are found under Sub-Group 33.

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            This collection was a gift from the Sayles Finishing Plants on 25 December 1971.

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Processing note:

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Item 1.            Ledger . Raw Silk Department, Anglo-                                  May-Dec 1915

                                    American Cotton Products Corporation

Item 2.            Ledger.                                                                                   Dec 1915 - Jan 1917

Item 3.            General Ledger. Book 1                                                         Dec 1915 - Dec 1916

Item 4.            General Ledger. Book 2                                                         Jan 1917 - Jun 1920

Item 5.            General Ledger. "Superseded"                                               Dec 1915 - Mar 1917

Item 6.            Private Ledger.                                                                       Oct 1916 - Dec 1918

Item 7.            Journal.                                                                                   Dec 1915 - Dec 1916

Item 8.            Journal.                                                                                   Jan 1917 - Dec 1918

Item 9.            Private Journal.                                                                       Oct 1916 - Dec 1918

Item 10.          Notes Receivable Journal.                                                      Nov 1915 - Jun 1916

Item 11.          Cash Book - auxiliary. Accounts receivable and payable      Jan - Dec 1916

Item 12.          Cash Book, General. Receipts & disbursements                    Jan - Dec 1916

Item 13.          Cash Receipts.                                                                        Jan 1916 - Nov 1920

Item 14.          Cash Disbursements.                                                              Jan 1916 - Aug 1920

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Anglo-American Cotton Products Corporation.

Business records - New York - New York.

Jenckes, Andrew Edmund, 1871-1928.

Mowry, William Ide.

Sayles Finishing Plants.

Silk industry - New York - New York.

TARSCO Corporation.

Textile industry - New York - New York.

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