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 Newport Electric Corporation Records

 Electric company, Rhode Island

 Business records, 1889-1958

 Size: .25 feet

 Catalog number: MSS 1121

 Processed by: Karen Eberhart

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The Newport Electric Corporation was created through a series of mergers aimed at consolidating the use of electricity in Newport County, primarily as it was used for street railways.

            The original name of the Newport Electric Corporation was the Newport & Fall River Street Railway Company. The company was created by merging together the first two companies on the following list in 1898 and adding the final two companies in 1900:

1. The Fall River & Stone Bridge Electric Railway Company incorporated in 1893 to create a street railway for passengers and freight in Tiverton operated by electric or other means.

2. The Middletown & Portsmouth Street Railway Company incorporated in 1893 to provide a railway for passengers and freight in Middletown and Portsmouth operated by electric or other power except steam.

3. The Newport Illuminating Company was incorporated in 1895 and its purpose was to generate, sell, lease and use electricity for all purposes needing electricity.

4. The Newport Horse Railroad Company incorporated in 1885 and changed its name to the Newport Street Railway Company in 1889. Its purpose was to lay and operate a public transportation system in Newport.

            When the mergers were completed in 1900 the Newport & Fall River Street Railway Company was authorized to generate and sell electricity and to operate street railways in Tiverton, Middletown, Portsmouth, and Newport. In 1902 they were authorized to extend street railway service into Little Compton. The company changed its name to the Newport Electric Corporation in 1920.

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F.1 Agreement between Newport Street Railway Company and     1889

                        Thomson-Houston Electric Company 


F.2 Newport Electric Light Company - Shares #1-25                      1892


F.3 Newport Electric Light Company - Minutes of meetings         1892-1895


F.4 Newport Illuminating Company, Petitioner vs.                          1896

                        Tax Assessors of Newport 


F.4 Bay State Street Railway Company - Letter                              1919


F.5 Acceptance - State of Rhode Island and                                    1899

                        Newport Street Railway Company 


F.6 Newport Street Railway Company - Special Meeting              1899


F.7 Sale of stock of Newport Electric Light Company to                1899

                        Edison Illuminating Company 


F.8 History of Newport Electric Corporation                                   c.1923, 1942


F.9 Report No. 2133 on Newport Electric Corporation for              1924

                        Reilly, Brock and Company by

                        Day & Zimmerman, Inc. Engineers 


F.10 Newport Electric Corporation - stockholder proxies                 1930-1931, 1933


F.11 Report on electric utilities on Prudence Island                          1958

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Bay State Street Railway Company.

Edison Illuminating Company of Newport.

Electric utilities - Rhode Island.

Fall River and Stone Bridge Electric Railway Company.

Homestead Utility Company.

Middletown and Portsmouth Street Railway Company.

Newport and Fall River Street Railway.

Newport County Electric Company.

Newport Electric Light Company.

Newport Horse Railroad Company.

Newport Illuminating Company.

Newport Street Railway Company.

Old Colony Street Railway Company.

Prudence Island (R.I.)

Street-railroads - Rhode Island.

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