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 Armington Family Papers

 Family of Providence, RI and Seekonk, MA

 Family papers, 1768-1990, bulk 1812-1939

 Size: .75 ft.

 Catalog number: MSS 1128

 Processed by: Karen Eberhart, November 2003

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Francis Armington (1820-1895) spent the majority of his life working as a farmer in East Providence, RI. He married Caroline A. Medbery, the daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth (Viall) Medbery. They had three children: Arthur Herbert (1853-1940 ); Carolyn F. (1849-1934); Edith Amelia (1861-1937).

            Arthur Herbert Armington (1853-1940) served the City of Providence for nearly 51 years during 1871-1922. He started at the office of the office of the City Engineer and was later transferred to the Tax Assessor's office. He married Alice Evelyn Stone (1856-1920) and they had four children: Herbert Hamlin (1878-1959); Francis (1881-1881); Earl Stone (1883-1952) married Marion F. Ferris; and Edith Caroline (1887-1952) married Dr. Frank Mears Adams of New Haven, CT (1881-1952).

            Herbert H. Armington became a doctor and married Theodora Greene Bowen (1877-1967). They lived in East Providence and Providence and had two sons: Francis Bowen (1908-1998); Richard Wickes (1912-1982) married Isabelle Frances O'Rourke. Francis Bowen graduated from Brown University in 1928. 

            Theodora Greene (Bowen) Armington was the daughter of Jeanette Greene and Baptist minister Rev. William H. Bowen. The family lived briefly in Lewiston, Maine during 1882-1883 before moving back to Providence.

            Jeanette (Mowry) Tiffany was the daughter of Joseph Mowry, the son of Hannah (Greene) Mowry who was the sister of Jeanette (Greene) Bowen. Jeanette married Ebenezer Tiffany and is related to Theodora Greene (Bowen) Armington as a first cousin, once removed. Jeanette and Ebenezer did not have any children. Ebenezer started as an ice vendor in Barrington, RI and then became the Town Treasurer from c1907-1937.

            Hamlin Johnson (1825-1917) was born in Brooklyn, CT but moved to Providence as a young man. He was the proprietor of a store selling seeds and farm implements in Seekonk for many years. He married Mary S. Wickes and they did not have any children of their own. They raised their niece Alice Evelyn Stone, the daughter of Jason P. and Sarah E. (Wickes) Stone, even hoping to adopt her at one point.

            For additional information about the history of the family see: Documents B.2 F.2a Armington, Albert A. "Bert", 2004 - history of Armington family.

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Scope and content:

            This collection consists of the correspondence, diaries and other documents relating to the Armington family and related families. The diaries have full diary guide inventories prepared in the Guide to Women's Diaries and the Guide to Men's Diaries. Of note is a letter written Sept. 5, 1893 by Herbert Armington to his mother Alice describing his trip to and first impressions of the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Also of note is a List of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores received by Brig. Gen. Dewitt C. Remington from Francis Armington, Commanding Co. K 20th Regiment Rhode Island Militia, May 21, 1864.

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            These papers were donated by Albert A. Armington in 2003.

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Processing note:

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B.1 F.1 Armington, Arthur H. - to his family while traveling, 1923-1926, 1938

B.1 F.2 Armington, Arthur H. - from Caroline A. (Medbery) Armington, 1876

B.1 F.3 Armington, Arthur H. - letter copy book, personal and professional, 1897-1914

B.1 F.4 Armington, Edith A., 1907, n.d.

B.1 F.5 Armington, Francis - to and from Caroline A. (Medbery) Armington, 1856

B.1 F.6 Armington, Francis Bowen, 1908, 1914-1942

B.1 F.7 Armington, Herbert Hamlin to Alice (Stone) Armington, 1893

B.1 F.8 Bowen, Jeanette (Greene), 1854-1855, 1882, 1897, 1910

B.1 F.9 Bowen, William H., 1907

B.1 F.10 Greene Family

                        Thomas Greene to brother Rowland Greene, 1788

                        Richard W. Greene to wife Betsy (Anthony) Greene, 1818

                        Receipt of goods shipped by James Russell & Co. for Richard W. Greene in care

                                    of Charles Low from Canton, China, 1821.

                        Receipt for silver teapot from estate of Sally B. Anthony to heirs of the estate of

                                    Richard W. Greene, 1874.

B.1 F.11 Johnson, Hamlin, 1850-1852


B.1 F.12 Armington, Arthur H., 1923

B.1 F.13 Armington, Edith Amelia, 1911-1915, 1921-1929

B.1 F.14 Armington, Theodora Greene (Bowen), 1886-1900

B.2 F.1 Johnson, Hamlin - Diary and account/memorandum book, 1849-1852

B.2 F.2 Tiffany, Jeanette (Mowry), 1907


B.2 F.2a Armington, Albert A. "Bert", 2004 - history of Armington family

B.2 F.3 Armington, Alice Evelyn (Stone), 1873

B.2 F.4 Armington, Arthur H., 1869-1937

B.2 F.5 Armington, Asa W. (c1789-1867) - memoirs on family history, n.d.

B.2 F.6 Armington, Francis, 1861-1874, 1974

B.2 F.7 Armington, Francis Bowen, 1924-1926

B.2 F.8 Autograph Book "The Floral Album" published by J.C. Riker - Caroline A. (Medbery)

                        Armington, 1841-1854

B.2 F.9 Marriage certificates

                        Richard Wickes Greene and Betsy Wells Anthony, 1817

                        William H. Bowen and Jeannette Greene, 1860

B.2 F.10 Penmanship practice book - Charles Greene, 1812-1819

B.2 F.11 Poetry and music, 1911-1932, n.d.

B.2 F.12 Property documents, 1817-1990

B.2 F.13 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings about family members and local news, 1892-1935

B.2 F.14 Stone family cemetery, 1974-1975

B.2 F.15 Viall, Samuel, 1768, n.d.

B.2 F.16 Wills - Sarah Greene, 1820 

                        William H. Bowen, 1914 

B.2 F.17 Miscellaneous

                        Receipt for silver utensils bought by Mrs. Edward Anthony, 1826

                        Receipt to Ambrose Armington from Town of Seekonk, 1843

                        Membership certificate, Nestell Lodge, Free Masons for Howard A. Pearce, 1891

                        Grocers Book belonging to E. Tiffany in account with W.S. Wilmarth, 1899-1900.

Marriage announcement- Isabelle F. O'Rourke and Richard W. Armington, 1938

                        Marriage announcement- Jeanette Bowen and George P. White, 1939                     Description of sea voyages in 1814 with Capt. William Smith and Capt. Samuel

                                    Low, n.d.

                        Distance measurements from India Point bridge to J.T. Ingraham's store to John

                                    Martin's to Armington School House to Dr. Gardiner's to Dexter Lane

                                    measured by Joseph Brown, n.d.

                        Memorandum regarding ownership of pewter platter, n.d.

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Armington, Arthur Herbert, 1853-1940.

Armington, Caroline A. (Medbery), 1821-1904.

Armington, Francis, 1820-1895.

Armington, Francis Bowen, 1908-1998.

Bowen family.

Crown Point Expedition, 1755.


Greene family.

Johnson, Hamlin, 1825-1917.

Mowry & Goff's English and Classical High School.

Stone family.

Tax Assessor - Rhode Island - Providence.

Teachers - Rhode Island.

What Cheer Lodge.

Women - Education - Rhode Island.

World's Columbian Exposition (1893 : Chicago, Ill.)

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