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 Lloyd Eddy Diaries

 Wholesale fruit dealers, East Providence, R.I.

 Papers, 1872-1948

 Size: .25 ft.

 Catalog number: MSS 402

 Processed by: Elizabeth Delmage, May 2007

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Lloyd Clarence Eddy (1853-1926) was born May 8, 1853 in Somerset, Mass. He was the son of Daniel Brayton Eddy, merchant sea captain, and Mary Brayton Bowers, daughter of Enoch Tobey and Tabitha (Guyton) Bowers of Georgia. On January 22, 1882 he married Olive Boss Chace and together they had the following five children: Olive (b. 1883), Lloyd C. (1885-1964), Dorothy (1891-1948), Rachel (b. 1894), and Brayton (1891-1948). In 1883, Lloyd C. Eddy and his brother, Charles Eddy (b. 1858) started a wholesale fruit business in Providence, under the name of "Eddy Bros.; Fruit-dealers," and they carried on the business for forty years. Lloyd C. Eddy died September 20, 1926 in Riverside, R.I.

            Lloyd Champlin Eddy was the oldest son of Lloyd C. Eddy and Olive Chace Eddy. He was born on February 27, 1885 in East Providence, R.I. As a child he assisted his father on their farm and later worked for the family's wholesale fruit business, Eddy Bros.; Fruit Dealers. Eddy went to Brown University and served in World War I (1914-1918) in the Engineer Reserve Corps of the U.S. Army for a few months and then in the United States Naval Reserve Force. Following the war, he showed great interest in the arts. He collaborated with his sister Olive on original music compositions and he wrote three books, a few plays, and several pieces of music. Lloyd C. Eddy, Jr. was an accomplished musician and engineer and he also taught at the Kansas State Manual Training Normal School and Georgia School of Technology. Eddy returned to R.I. in 1927 where he resided in Riverside until his death in 1964.

            Dorothy Eddy was born on October 6, 1981 and was the daughter of Lloyd C. and Olive Chace Eddy. Dorothy was a musician, who composed several pieces of music with her brother Lloyd. She died in Providence in 1948.


East Providence City Directories


Eddy, Ruth Storty Devereaux. The Eddy family in America : A Genealogy, (Boston: Eddy Family Association Inc., 1930) p. 591.

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Scope and content:

            This collection consists of 13 diaries and memorandum books from various members of the Eddy family in East Providence, R.I. There are nine diaries that belonged to Lloyd C. Eddy, in which he wrote a series of brief entries on his business, political, religious and social activities. Lloyd C. Eddy, Jr. contributed 2 diaries from his teenage years which include notes of his daily activities, as well as an account book of his transactions. There is also a memoradum book that belonged to Dorothy Eddy in which she included her notes on articles that appeared in various publications, some of her accounts and a list of what she wore each day.

            For more information on the contents of these diaries, please refer to the Guide to Men's Diaries, available in the reading room of the RIHS library.

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            Harold N. Flint donated these materials in March 1973.

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Processing note:

            This collection was rehoused in May 2007 into an archival box and folders.

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Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy Diary                                      1872

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy Diary                                      1874

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy Diary                                      1877

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy Diary                                      1875

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy Diary                                      1876

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy Diary                                      1878

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy Diary                                      1879

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy Diary                                      1880

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy Diary                                      1881

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy, Jr., Diary                               1899

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy, Jr., Diary                               1902

Box 1                          Lloyd C. Eddy, Jr. Account book                   1938-1941

Box 1                          Dorothy Eddy Memorandum book                 1948

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Diaries, 1872-1873

Diaries, 1875-1881

Diaries, 1899

Diaries, 1902

East Providence (R.I.) - Social life and customs

Eddy Bros., Fruit Dealers

Eddy, Lloyd C., 1853-1926

Eddy, Olive (Chace), 1861-1928

East Providence (R.I.) - Commerce

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