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 Huile Company

 Mechanicsville, Conn.

 Business records, 1913 - 1918

 Size: .25 ft.

 Catalog number: MSS 6 sg 16

 Processed by: Harold E. Kemble, Jr., August 1977

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The Huile Company, under Superintendent J. J. Kenny, sold "Oil and Greases for Lubricating and Special Purposes." Their customers were mills, foundries, and other manufacturing establishments. Their inventory included such diverse items as alcohol (wood and denatured), automobile motor oil and motorcycle motor oil, crude oil, citronella, chlorophyll, corn oil, fish oil, glycerine, grease, kerosene, lard, linseed oil, pitch, potash, rosin, rosemary, turpentine, and whale oil. The records do not show how, if at all, the company was associated with Sayles Finishing Plants.

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Scope and content:

            The records pertain to sales of lubricants to manufacturing plants and companies in New England.

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Gift of Sayles Finishing Plants, December 24, 1971.

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General Ledger

Item 1.                                                            Jan 1914 - Jan 1916

Cash Journal

Item 2.                                                            Jun 1913 - Aug 1916


Item 3.                                                            to Jan 1915

Item 4.                                                            to Apr 1915

Item 5.                                                            to Jul 1915 

Item 6.                                                            to Aug 1915

Item 7.            Inclusive                                 Oct 1915


Item 8.                                                            Jul - Oct 1915

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Business records - Connecticut - Mechanicsville.

Lubrication and lubricants.

Oil industries - Connecticut - Mechanicsville.

Sayles Finsihing Plants.

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