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 Metropolis Silk Company

 New York, N.Y.

 Business records, 1915-1922

 Size: .5 ft.

 Catalog number: MSS 6 sg 19

 Processed by: Harold E. Kemble, Jr., September 1977

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The Metropolis Silk Company was organized in October 1915, by a group of New York men ". . . to buy, sell, manufacture, work, prepare, treat and in all ways handle and deal in silk, wool and other textile fabrics of all kinds. . ." Despite this broad mandate the company seems to have consisted of an office and showroom and to have confined their commercial activity to acting as a converting company. The information available is ambiguous but it seems that Frank Sayles may have been the true owner of the next 250 shares issues. The principal listed shareholder, David Fultz, secretary of the company, acted as Sayles' proxy at the meeting 12 Jun 1917 at which the capitol stock was increased to 2000 shares. In November of 1918 the directors retroactively hired Andrew Jencks as financial advisor; he was, at the time, treasurer of Sayles Finishing Company. The continuing envelopment of the company by Frank Sayles is interesting but it is sufficient here to not that as of February 1922 the estate of Frank A. Sayles is listed as owning all of the stock issued.


Rhode Island Historical Society, Manuscripts Collections. Inventories of Mss 6, Sayles Finishing Plants collection, sub-group 3.

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Scope and content:

            This collection consists of ledgers (1915-1922), a journal (1915-1918), a trial balance, (1916-1918) and the company records (1915-1922).

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            Gift of Sayles Finishing Plants, 25 December 1971.

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Item 1.            Record - includes certificate of incorp. and minutes              Oct 1915 - Feb 1922

Item 2.            Trial Balance                                                                          Dec 1916 - Nov 1918

Item 3.            Journal                                                                                    Oct 1915 - Nov 1911

Item 4.            Ledger                                                                                    Oct 1915 - Jun 1922

Item 5.            Ledger                                                                                    Oct 1915 - Jul 1921

Item 6.            Ledger                                                                                    Aug 1921 - Jun 1922

Item 7.            Cash - receipts and disbursements                                          Oct 1915 - Jun 1916

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Business records - New York - New York.

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Jencks, Andrew Edmund, 1871-1928.

Sayles Finishing Plants.

Sayles, Frank Arthur, 1866-1920.

Silk industry - New York - New York.

Silk industry - Rhode Island - Pawtucket.

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