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 Moshassuck Valley Rail Road

Saylesville, R.I.

 Business records, 1876-1931

 Size: 1 ft.

 Catalog number: MSS 6 sg 21

 Processed by: Harold E. Kemble, Jr., August 1977

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The charter for the Moshassuck Valley Rail Road was issued on 11 June 1874, by the Rhode Island legislature. The original shareholders were William F. and Frederick C. Sayles with 244 shares each; their father Clark Sayles held 10 shares; Charles O. Read, and Willliam G.R. Mowry each owned a single share. The Sayles brothers were, respectively, president and treasurer. Both were directors as were Clark Sayles and Mowry. S. O. Read, who three years earlier had been named superintendent of the Moshassuck Bleachery, was "Clerk" of the company. George H. Colby was the first agent. The line went into service in 1876 on a 2.5 mile track running between Sayles Bleacheries to the Woodlawn station of the Providence and Worcester Rail Road in Pawtucket. It was originally intended that the line should carry only freight - goods from Sayles Bleacheries to be rushed to market, and raw materials coming in. Within a few months service was expanded to meet an increasing demand for passenger service, which continued until 31 May 1921. The line itself was sold in December 1967 to Standard Transportation Company and continues in operation to date.

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Scope and content:

            Employment records comprise the bulk of the collection. Especially interesting are the letters of L. S. Minot, a Boston civil engineer who supervised construction of the line.

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            Gift of Sayles Finishing Plants, 25 December 1971.

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Item 1.            Pay Rolls                                                        Dec 1876 - Dec 1877, Apr-Dec 1903, Jan-Sep 1904, Apr-Jul 1909,

                                                                                                Jan 1911 - Dec 1912

Item 2.            Labor Account for the week ending...            18 May 1895

Item 3.            Settlement Book                                             Oct 1903 - Oct 1907

Item 4.            Settlement Book                                             Nov 1907 - Mar 1910

Item 5.            Time Book                                                      Jan 1926 - Aug 1931

Item 6.            Miscellaneous Pay Records                            1924 - 1930

                                    Schedule of distribution

Item 7.            Miscellaneous Pay Records                            1918 - 1931

                                    Lists of employees, pay rates, etc.

Item 8.            Petty Cash Book                                             Jan 1883 - Aug 1894

Item 9.            Bills, Letter, etc. Book 1                               Jun 1876 - Dec 1877

Item 10.          Switching Records                                         Jan - Nov 1911

Item 11.          Freight Reports                                               Feb - Apr 1877

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Colby, George H.

Minot, L. S.

Mowry, William G. R.

Railroads - Rhode Island - Building.

Railroad companies - Rhode Island - Saylesville.

Read, Charles Otis, 1846-1926.

Sayles, Clark, 1797-1885.

Sayles, Frederic Clark, 1835-1903.

Sayles, William Francis, 1824-1894.

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