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 Moss Manufacturing Company

 Westerly, R.I. and Stonington, Conn.

 Business records, 1873-1890

 Size: 1.5 ft.

 Catalog number: MSS 6 sg 22

 Processed by: Harold E. Kemble, Jr., August 1977

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The death in April 1873 of Rowse Babcock III dissolved the Westerly partnership of Babcock & Moss, known locally as builders of mills and hotels. One of their properties was a small steam mill estate located just across the Pawcatuck River in Stonington, Connecticut. The surviving partner, Jesse Lathrop Moss, and the Babcock estate, sold their respective interests in the estate to the Moss Manufacturing Company. This company had been incorporated in Connecticut by Nathan F. Moss, Jesse L. Moss, Jr. and John L. Dudley. The purchase was in part financed by the firm of W. F. & F. C. Sayles; William Francis Sayles was named to the board of directors and shares was issued to him and to his brother Frederic Clark Sayles. The mill's woolen machinery was sold and replaced by machines for the manufacture of cotton goods; production began in July 1874. Moss Manufacturing Company was reorganized in February 1874, and again in September when the Mosses resigned their offices and John Dudley retired altogether. New officers were elected: J. H. DeWolf became the president; Jesse Moss Jr. was made agent, and the office of treasurer went to William Maxwell Greene who was to enjoy a long career as a Sayles executive. To finance further expansion and improvement the company took a series of loans from W. F. & F. C. Sayles, giving as security mortgages on the estate to be paid off in cash and with stock shares. By 1878 a controlling majority of shares in Moss Manufacturing were held by W. F. & F. C. Sayles. The takeover was formally recognized in September 1888 when the state of Connecticut approved the company's request for the change of the corporate name to the "Crefeld Mills Corporation," which was owned and controlled entirely by W. F. & F. C. Sayles.


Hoag, Wade & Co., History of Rhode Island. . ., 1878.

Rhode Island Historical Society. Manuscript Collections, Inventories of MSS 6, Sayles Finishing Plants, sub-groups 9 and 18.

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Scope and content:

            Collection includes: company record book, 1873-1888; stock transactions, 1874-1888; journals, 1873-1890; ledgers, 1873-1893; deeds, 1876-1882. Some of the records opened by Moss Manufacturing Company were simply continued after the change of name and ownership to Crefeld Mills Corp. All such records have been retained with the Moss company records.

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            Gift of Sayles Finishing Plants, 25 December 1971.

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Processing note:

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Company Record

Item 1.            By-laws                                                          Apr 1873

                        Minutes of stockholders and of                      May 1873 - Aug 1888


                        Certificate of organization                              May 1873

                        Application for Corporate Change                 Sep 1888

                                    of Name

                        Inventory                                                        Sep 1874

                        (Filed as sub-group 9, item #1)


Item 1.            Register (sales)                                               Jul 1874 - Aug 1878

Item 2.            Ledger (transfers)                                           Nov 1875 - Oct 1888

Journals (Journal entries are posted from Providence to 6 Jun 1879; from Westerly to 28 Feb 1880; from Saylesville thereafter.)

Item 3.            Journal A                                                        Jun 1873 - Mar 1878

Item 4.            Journal B                                                        Apr 1878 - Nov 1882

Item 5.            Journal C                                                        Dec 1882 - Sep 1886

Item 6.            Journal D                                                        Oct 1886 - Mar 1893


Item 7.            Ledger A                                                        Jun 1873 - Mar 1883

Item 8.            Ledger B                                                         Apr 1888 - Jun 1893


Item 9.            Mortgage                                                        24 Mar 1876

                        Mortgage                                                        28 Aug 1876

                        Discharge                                                       1 Nov 1882

                        Mortgage                                                        1 Nov 1882


Item 9.            Agreement                                                      19 Mar 1879

Item 9.            Receipts, Misc.                                               Jul 1873 - Jan 1890

Item 9.            Mortgage Bond                                               1 Nov 1882

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Babcock & Moss.

Babcock, Rowse, 1803-1872.

Business records - Connecticut - Stonington.

Business records - Rhode Island - Westerly.

Business records - Rhode Island - Saylesville.

Cotton manufacture.

Crefeld Mills Corporation. Stonington Office.

De Wolf, J. H.

Dudley, John L.

Greene, William Maxwell.

Moss, Jesse Lathrop, 1805-1884.

Moss, Nathan F., 1838-1879.

Sayles Finishing Plants.

Sayles, Frederick Clark, 1835-1903.

Sayles William Francis, 1824-1894.

Textile industry - Connecticut - Stonington.

Textile industry - Rhode Island - Westerly.

Wool industry - Connecticut - Stonington.

Wool industry - Rhode Island - Westerly.

Woolen and worsted manufacture - Connecticut - Stonington.

Woolen and worsted manufacture - Rhode Island - Westerly.

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