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 Almy & Evans Records

 Merchant of Providence, RI

 Account books, 1840-1851

 Size: 1.5 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 25

 Processed by: Harold Kemble, September 1980

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Humphrey Almy appears in the 1840 Rhode Island census as a resident of Tiverton. The 1841 Providence City Directory notes that he has there become a "grocer," located at 26 Weybossett Street. He sold general merchadise and alcoholic beverages. This business was begun in October, 1840. The records indicate that he originated the business, as opposed to buying out a going concern. In the same 1841 city directory, Bailey W. Evans is listed as a clerk at 6 Washington St. and at 81 Westminster. The records show that in July, 1842, he was taken into partnership by Humphrey Almy. In the 1844 city directory they are listed as grocers, located at 26 Weybosset St. and at 90 Pine Street.

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Scope and content:

            The records of the Providence, RI firm of Almy & Evans, 1840 (1842-1851) include general accounts as well as purchase records. A few volumes are actually records of Humphrey Almy' s business; they have been retained with this collection as the successor firm was developed from his original business.

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Formerly shelved with records of the firm of Almy & Brown.

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Humphrey Almy Accounts

Vol. 1              Day Book                   Oct 1840-Feb 1848

Vol. 2              Ledger                        Oct 1840-Jul 1842

Vol. 7              Cash Book                  Oct 1840-Jul 1842

Vol. 15            Purchase Record         Oct 1840-Jan 1842

Almy & Evans Accounts

Vol. 3              Day Book                   Jul 1842-Mar 1847

Vol. 4              Journal                        Jun 1843-Apr 1844

Vol. 5              Journal                        Apr 1844-Feb 1845

Vol. 6              Journal                        Feb 1845-Nov 1845

Vol. 8              Cash Book                  Jul 1842-Sep 1843

Vol. 9              Cash Book                  Dec 1844-Mar 1845

Vol 10             Cash Book                  Nov 1845-Aug 1846

Vol. 11            Cash Book                  Jul 1847-May 1848

Vol. 12            Ledger                        Jul 1842-Sep 1845

Vol. 13            Ledger                        May 1844-Mar 1847

Vol. 14            Ledger                        Mar 1845-Aug 1851

Vol. 15            Purchase Record         Jul 1842-Feb 1844

(stock purchased of Humphrey Almy by the firm of Almy & Evans)

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Account books, 1840-1851

Alcoholic beverages

Almy, Humphrey

Evans, Bailey W.

Grocers - Rhode Island - Providence

Merchants - Rhode Island - Providence

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