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 Antoinette Downing Papers

 Historic preservationist, Providence, R.I.

 Papers, 1910-1993

 Size: 21 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 98

 Processed by: Cindy Bendroth, May 1992

Additions processed by Rick Stattler, Robin Flynn, and Lori Salotto 1995-2000

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Antoinette (Forrester) Downing has helped shape, change, and yet keep the same the architectural landscape of Rhode Island. Her work in architectural history and, foremost, historic preservation in Rhode Island, has set a precedent and standard nationally and especially for Rhode Island.

            Antoinette Forrester was born in Paxton, Ill. on July 14 1904, the daughter of Jay and Myrtle E. (Hartley) Forrester. She was raised in Springer, New Mexico. In 1925 she graduated from the University of Chicago. In 1929 she married George E. Downing, who later became the chairman of the art department at Brown University. They had two children: Jay E. Downing and Grace A. "Jan" Downing.

            Mrs. Downing came to Rhode Island in 1932 after her husband accepted a position with Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design to conduct a Carnegie-funded Community Arts Project. Her project research on surveying Rhode Island architecture was published in Early Homes of Rhode Island (1937). In the late forties, as the Preservation Society of Newport was forming, she was hired to survey Newport and published The Architectural Heritage of Newport Rhode Island in 1952. This book outlined historic Newport, and mentioned who lived where and in what neighborhood.

            In the 1950s and 60s, urban renewal, the destruction of city centers, and suburbanization crept into Providence and surrounding areas. Feeling the strain from a growing student population, Brown University eyed Benefit St. for expansion. After the destruction of several College Hill structures, John Nicholas Brown and other concerned citizens formed the Providence Preservation Society (PPS). Under a grant through the Urban Renewal Administration, Housing and Home Finance Agency, and with the cooperation of the City, PPS published College Hill: A Demonstration Study of Historic Area Renewal (1959), revised in 1967. This report was received nationally and had crucial impact on preservation policy in the United States up to that time. It helped spur on the national preservation act in 1966 and formation of state historic preservation boards.

            Mrs. Downing was appointed chair of the newly formed Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission in 1968, a position she still holds in 1992. The Commission was formed to carry out the National Preservation Act of 1966 which helps identify significant structures, assists owners with federal grants or low interest loans for caring for a historic structure and protects national Register buildings from destruction. In her post, she has helped plan and review many of the town and village surveys done for the Commission.

            She also has been on the board for SWAP (Stop Wasting Abandoned Property), an organization that began in 1975 through a National Trust and National Endowment for the Arts Conference on Neighborhoods. It concerns such issues as revitalization without displacing the population, and how to save buildings that the city has condemned due to neglect, abandonment, and unpaid taxes. SWAP formed to match owners with abandoned property, providing advice on restoration methods and federal financial incentives.

            Mrs. Downing has won national recognition for her work, receiving awards from the American Institute of Architects and the National Trust for Historic Preservation; honorary degrees from Roger Williams College, Brown University and the University of Rhode Island; and numerous other citations and awards.

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Scope and content:

            This collection consists of Ms. Downing's working files. The series contain correspondence, notes, reports, news clippings and plans. Some contain drawings of architectural details and research notes on houses. Most of her work was done in Providence and Newport, and with the Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission. Filing arrangements often duplicated themselves (such as Providence). One set of files was retired and a new set started. The series attempted to reflect her filing system, however, where possible, her working files were put together. The collection was originally processed in 1992. Four additional accessions have arrived since that date, and have been processed separately rather than re-boxing the entire collection each time. These recent accessions are filed as Series VIII at the end of the collection.

            Series include:

            Series I: Early Notebooks

            Series II: Providence

            Series III: Early Providence

            Series IV: Gowdey House Notes

            Series V: Newport

            Series VI: Rhode Island

            Series VII: Correspondence and Miscellaneous

            Series VIII: Later accessions

Series descriptions


Series I: Notebooks, 1930s and 1960s (0.75 linear feet)

This series includes notes (on very brittle paper) of architecture styles, especially those in Newport. Some notes could be from Norman Isham's class or notes she took early in her career. Arranged in notebook order.

Series II: Providence, 1970s and 1980s (2.75 linear feet)

This series consists of news clippings, correspondence, reports and drawings of either streets, buildings or areas in Providence. Photographs and reports were separated. Most files were created through Mrs. Downing's work as Chairwoman of the Historical Commission. Arranged alphabetically.

Series III: Early Providence, 1930s and 1940s (1 linear feet)

News clippings, some reports and correspondence concerning buildings in Providence, usually street by street. Many of the photographs (probably from the HABS Survey) were transferred to Graphics. Arranged alphabetically.

Series IV: Gowdey Notebooks on Providence, 1960s and 1970s (2 linear feet)

Deed research and other information on individual East Side properties for the Providence Preservation Society. Arranged alphabetically by street name, with miscellaneous files at the end.

Series V: Newport, 1960s and 1980s (2.5 linear feet)

Working files concerning Newport with news clippings, some reports and correspondence. Arranged alphabetically.


Series VI: Rhode Island, 1970s and 1980s (3 linear feet)

Clippings, correspondence and research concerning town buildings. Arranged alphabetically by town and sometimes county.

Series VII: Correspondence and Miscellaneous, 1970s and 1980s (1.5 linear feet)

Consists of correspondence requesting help, concerning building restoration, notes and reports. Arranged alphabetically. Other states preservation activities are filed at the end of the series.

Series VIII: Later accessions (5 linear feet)

Material received from 1995 to 2000, covering all phases of Downing's career. Ultimately, these accessions should be interfiled with the other seven series.

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            The Antoinette Downing Papers were given to the Historical Society in several gifts between 1980 and 2001 by Mrs. Downing and her children. Mrs. Downing's 1989 gift was the largest. The #1997.57.1.1- accession arrived via the Providence Preservation Society, and the #2000.43.1.1- accession was received from Mrs. Downing via the Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission. The #2002.42 accession was donated from an unknown source, presumably connected to the family.

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Processing note:

            This collection still needs preservation work. More than half of the collection has been refoldered into buffered, acid-free folders and the rest of the files need to be refoldered. Series I and other series have very brittle paper that should be photocopied. Newspaper can be photocopied. Not all staples and paperclips have been removed.

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Series I: Notebooks

Box 1

            Church Public

            17th Century (2f)

            Churches and Meeting Houses

            Bristol, Warren, Barrington (2f)

            John Brown House - Description

            John Brown House - Lenders to the Exhibit, 1965

            Fine Arts-Notes, 1926 (2f)

            Providence II, 1942-1950 (3f)

            Fine Arts Award Committee, 1967-1968 (6f)

            Providence - Notes on houses, n.d.

Box 2

            Providence - Notes on houses, n.d. (7f)

Series II: Providence

Box 2 (continued)

            Allen, Samuel House (Wickenden St.)

            Angell St.



            Ballou, Nichols, Johnson Warehouse (Dorrance St.), 1977

            Beneficent Church (Weybosset St.)

            Bell Manor

            Benefit St. (2f)

            150 Benefit St.

            Biltmore (Dorrance St.)

            Blackstone Blvd.


            Broadway, Armory District

            Brown, John House

                        Ownership history

                        Docent lecture

                        Antiques article

                        John Brown (2f)

            Brown, Joseph

            Brown University

Box 3

            Burr's Lane, 1973

            Carr House (107 Angell St.)

            Carrington House (Williams St.) (2f)

            Cathedral Square, St. Peter and Paul

            CIC Building (The Foundry, 1986)

            City Hall, 1975-76

            City Place, 1980s? 

            College Hill-Lists

            Congdon St. Baptist Church

            Covell St. School

            Cranston St. Armory, 1984

            Custom House, 1970-1985

            Davol Square

            Dorr House



                        Historic District

                        Preservation Taskforce

                        India Point

                        Nomination for the National Register

Box 3a

            Downtown traffic

            Elizabeth Building (100 N. Main St.), 1970s?

            Elmwood, 1980

            Federal Building, n.d.

            Fox Point

            Freight Station (Canal St.)

            Gladdings (Bunch of Grapes), 1978

            Grace Church

            Hay Building, 1978

            Hope Block

            Hope Club (Benevolent St.)

            Hopkins, Esek House (Admiral St.), 1978

            Hoppins Homestead, 1978-79

            Imperial Knife Co., 1986

            InBank (Fleet Bank), 1979

            India Point

            Interface, 1978

            Ives House

            Journal Building, 1980-86

            Kennedy Plaza ARZ, 1981

            Lippitt, Robert House and Gov. Lippitt Mansion (Hope St.)

            Moses Brown School, 1979

            Nightingale, Joseph House

Box 4

            North Main St. 

            Ocean State Performing Arts Center (2f), 1977

            Old Stone Bank (S. Main) (3f)

            Orchard Ave.

            Outlet Building, 1985

            Phenix Bank Building Site, 1979

            Promenade Center

            Prospect St. - Christian Science Church

Box 4a


            Providence Art Club (Thomas St.)

            Providence County

            Providence County Court House, 1979

            Providence Police Station

            Providence survey forms

            Rhodes St.

            Robinson St.

            Russell House (118 N. Main St.)

            Smith St. Building 

            State House

            State House restoration

            Steeple St.

            Stimson Ave.

            Turks Head Building

            Union Station

            Unitarian Church

            University Heights

            Veterans Memorial

            Wanscuck Park

            141 Waterman St.

            Wesleyan Ave.

            Westminster St.

Box 4b

            Wilcox Building, 1975-1978

            Roger Williams National Park (2f)

            Roger Williams Park (4f)

            Wood - Gerry House (62 Prospect St.)

Series III: Early Providence

Box 5

            Air views

            Beacon, Angell, Point St., Orchard

            Benefit St. South 

            Bowen, Blackstone Canal and Benevolent St.

            Broad St.

            Brown St.

            Brown University

            Charles St., Cemeteries, Bryant College, Chapel St.

            Charlesfield St. and Chestnut St.

            Churches, 1940s

            Providence Homes-General Lists

            Providence Homes-General lists

            Providence Home lots

            Beacon, Angell, Point St., Orchard St.

            Bridge, Branch St.

            North Main St.

            Charles St., Cemeteries, Bryant College, Chapel St.

            College St.

            Congdon St.


            Dexter Asylum

            Dorrance St.

            Downtown plans

            East St.

            Exchange Place

            Fountain St. - Field's Point

            George St.

            Hope St.

            Hopkin St. - Gov. Hopkins House




Box 6


            Market Square

            Meeting Street


            Mosshasuck Square - American Screw Co.

            North Main St.

            North Main St. - Colony House

            North Main St. - First Baptist Meeting House

            Power St.

            Prospect and Prospect Terrace

            Providence College

            Providence homes - General lists

            Providence home lots

            Providence - Washington St. - First Universalist Church and Trinity Square

            Waterman, Westminster and Weybosset

Series IV: Gowdey notes

Box 7

            Abbott St. Dyer

            Angell St.

            Arnold St., Ann St.

            Benefit St. (East Side)

            Benefit St. (West Side)

            Benefit St. - Maps

            Benevolent St.

            Bowen St.

            Burr's Lane

            Brook St.

            Brown St.

            Cady, Branch

            Chace, Barnes

            Charlesfield, Hidden

            College St.

            Congdon St.

Box 8

            Cooke, Canal St.

            Crockett, Doyle and Defoe Place

            Cushing, Cypress, Dove

            Eames St.

            Fremont, East, Cole Farm Court, James

            George St.

            Halsey St.

            Hope St.

            James, Jenckes and Halsey

            Jenkins, Olney

            John St.

            Keene, Lloyd & Creighton

            MaGee, Manning, Meeting and North Court St.

            North Main

            Planet St.




Box 9

            Rochambeau, Star


            South Court

            South Main St.

            South Water St.

            Thayer St.

            Thomas, Gano, Steeple, Stimson

            Transit St. Abstracts


            Wayland, Governor St.

            Westminster and Wickenden


            Williams St. (2f)

            George Downing's notes

            Fire records - Providence Mutual Insurance Co. (2f) 


Box 10


            Maps, tax information, fire policy records

            Miscellaneous - Maps, articles, notes on where to find information

            Notes for HABS by EB Husband - draughtsman on Isham's team

            Old Providence - Quaker Meeting House, Mechanics Festival, Tax of 18l4 

Outside area and West Side: 57 Bernon St., 40 Governor, 129 Chace, 28 Eames, 72 Orchard, 12 Cole Ct.

            People - A. Downing, Jummel, Black Patti, Caty Greene

            Places (ie. Mount Vernon, Newport)

            Tax ledgers, East Side

            Warren, Mrs. George Henry, interview, July l6, 1970

Series V: Newport

Box 10 (cont'd)

            Adler, Marty

            Armory and area

            Belcourt Castle

            Bell, Isaac House (Bellevue Ave.), 1970-71

            Bellevue Ave. District


            Bethune, Ade, 1974

            Brenton Point (2f)

            Brick Market, Thames St., 1970

            Casino (Bellevue Ave), n.d., 1985 (2f)

Box 11


            Channing Memorial Church, 1988

            Chase, David - Survey and book

            Church Community Corp.

            Clarke Charity Farm - Van Liew

            Clarke St. House (Newport Restoration Foundation)

            Clarke St. Meeting House

            Cliff Walk

            Coastal Resource Management

            Colony House (Washington Square) (3f)

            Condominium for Dan Porter

            Community Development Block Grant Program and other, 1975-1976

Covell House, Jewish Community, Joseph Rogers Stevens House, Newport Steam, Industrial National Bank

            Covell House, 1980

Box 12

            Development - Ocean Drive McDonald's, 1981-1986

            41 Division St.

            44 Everett St.

            Fairlawn St.

            Fort Adams, 1972-1977 (2f)

            Gale, Levi - Touro St.

            Goat Island

            Guide - Newport

            Hammersmith Farm

            Historic Hill, 1971-1973

            Historic Hill Urban Renewal Project

House Nominations - Lucas Johnson, Common Burial Ground, Coasters Harbor island, Clarke St. Meeting House

            Washington St. Hunter House


            Long Wharf (2f)


Box l3

            Malbone House

            Marble house Tea House (Bellevue Ave)

            Mawdsley, Bull, Shiloh Church, United Congregational Church, Ft. Adams, Eisenhower

            Miantonomi Park

            Miramar-Bellevue Ave.

            Molitor, Paul, 1982

            Mount Zion Church

            Navy Housing-National Register

            Newport, n.d. 1971-1988 (10f)

            Newport Restoration Foundation (2f)

            Ocean Drive

            Opera House

Box l4

            Preservation Society of Newport County (2f)

            Quaker Meeting House (Marlborough St.)

            Queen Anne Square

            Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation News, 1987

            Sabbatarian Meeting House

            St. Mary's Convent

            Salve Regina

            Sayer Building

            Seaview Terrace

            Southworth House (Washington St.)

            Stiles, Ezra Parsonage, Perry Mill

            Stone Mill

            Survey - Newport

            Touro Synagogue

            Thames St.

            Tilton House (Sunnyside Place)

            Travers Block (Bellevue Ave)

            Trinity Church/Mill St., 1986-1988

            Trinty Church

            United Church of Christ (Spring St.)

            Vernon House (Clarke St)

            Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House (Broadway)


Box 15

            Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House

            Watts Sherman House (Shepard Ave)

            Whitehall - Newport

            Wyndham House

            Yachting Museum and YMCA

            Zoning - Newport, 1970-7l


Series VI: Rhode Island

Box 15 (cont'd)


            Blackstone Canal

            Block Island, n.d. 1944- (3f)

            Bristol County



                        Historic District Zoning

                        Landscape Design

                        Colt State Park

                        Reynolds House

                        Church House

                        Ferncliffe, 1988

                        Benjamin Church House, 1971


Box 16

            Bristol (2f) 


            Central Falls



                        Shannock, 1984


                        King Tom Farm

                        Indian Village

                        Carolina Mills - Broomfield

                        Bills - Charlestown lesser, 1971


                        Chepachet, 1971

                        Stone Mill, 1970


                        Coventry - Rice City

                        Nathaniel Greene Homestead, 1971



                        Howard Complex


                        Proposal for Funding

                        Sprague Mansion - Cranston Historical Society

                        Joy Homestead

                        Thomas Fenner House



                        Berkeley Mill Village

                        Cumberland Mills

            East Greenwich

                        Tax Assessment, 1987-88

                        Kentish Guards, 1972

                        East Greenwich

Box 17

            East Greenwich

                        Mathewson Mill 

                        East Greenwich

                        Steam Museum - Frenchtown Baptist Church

                        Col. Whitmarsh House

                        East Greenwich Reports

                        Kent County Courthouse

                        East Greenwich

            East Providence

                        East Providence (2f)

                        Carousel (2f)

                        Philip Walker House, 1982

                        Bold Point Park

                        Crescent Park

                        Bridgham Farm





                        Nelson Plante

Box 18


                        Benefit Co. Store

            Greenville (2f)



                        Hope Valley, Escoheag

                        Indian Cave

                        Tomaguag Rock Shelter

            Jamestown, 1969-77 (2f)


                        Dame Farm (2f)

                        Bicentennial Iron

                        Manton Ave. House

                        Historic District

                        Morgan Ave. House

                        Wilder Farm


            Kent County

                        Early Homes of Rhode Island

                        Kent County



                        Blackstone Valley Historical Society, 1985

                        Milk can and Modern Diner

                        Milk can, Moffitt Mill


                        Great Road Traffic, 1976

                        Israel Arnold House, 1971

                        Blackstone Canal


                        Limerock Grange

            Little Compton, 1951-1985 (3f)

            Little Compton/Tiverton, 1970-1974

Box 19


                        Whitehall, 1947-1988 (3f)

                        Middletown, 1934-1956



                        George Harris House, 1986


                        Gilbert Stuart

            North Kingston

                        North Kingston


                        Cocumscussoc, Wickford


                        Rome Point

                        Queen's Fort

            North Providence (3f)

            North Scituate

            North Smithfield



                        Slater Mill, n.d. 1987

                        Arts Auto


                        City Hall

                        Lorraine Mills

                        St. Mary's

                        Slack Mansion

                        Trinity Church

            Pawtuxet Village


                        Pawtuxet, Warwick 

Box 20

            Peace Dale


                        Portsmouth, n.d. 1935-56 (2f)

                        Mott Farm


                        Richmond/Exeter - Arcadia State Park & House



                        Scituate (2f)

                        Hope Furnace, 1974



                        Appleby House

                        Waterman Tavern (Greenville)

                        Historic District

                        Mutual Health Association

            South Kingstown

                        South Kingstown

                        Matunuck, 1941, n.d.

                        Treaty Rock, 1986

                        Hannah's Rock


            Tiverton (3f)



                        Perry House



                        St. Mark's 1960

                        Methodist Church, 1972-1974


                        Warren (2f)

Box 21


                        Warwick, n.d. 1987-88 (3f)

                        Archeological Site

                        Greene-Bowen House


                        Spring Green

                        Pawtuxet Baptist Church

            Watch Hill

            West Greenwich (2f)

            West Warwick (2f)

            Washington County

                        South County Museum

                        Names, Maps, etc.


                        Westerly (3f)

                        Watch Hill

                        Military Guns, Town Hall

                        Immaculate Conception

                        White Rock



                        Chateau Claire

                        Cato Hill Revitalization



Series VII: Correspondence and Miscellaneous


Box 22

            Clippings and posters 

            Columbia University School of Architecture, 1968 


            Contemporary Classicism, 1985 (New York Times article)

            Correspondence, 1969-1983 (10f)

            Louise Damon's Notebook for Colonial Dame's Survey

            Dover Publication, 1970-1975

Box 23

            Downing, Antoinette Forester (oral history), May 12, 1981

            Early Homes of Rhode Island - Republication, 1983

            "Early Rhode Island Trade," by Clarkson Collins, n.d.

            File notes (miscellaneous)

            Heritage Foundation correspondence, 1960-64

            Historic Sites and Liaison Committee, 1956

            "History of Historical Preservation," by Clarkson Collins, n.d.

            "History of the Newport Historical Society," by Gladys Bolhouse, 1972

            History of Preservation in Rhode Island and notes, 1975?

            History of Preservation, Specific Cases, 1965-1973

            Information for Preservation Plan, 1956, 1970, n.d.

            List of Historic Rhode Island State?, 1956 (2f)

            Maps of College Hill area

            "The New Destiny of Historic Preservation in the U.S." by Larry Tise (movie review)

            News clippings

            Notes to check

            Octagonal houses (analysis of 241 Ives St.)

            Providence Redevelopment Agency, home improvements, 1950-1962

            Requests for help, 1970-77

Box 24

            Rhode Island architecture, bibliography by Nancy Chudacoff, 1973-1974

             RIHPC Preservation Plan, n.d.

            Rhode Island House Sites (state owned and RIHS)

            "The Troubled State of Modern Architecture"

            URI - Textile

            Buffalo, NY, 1976-1977

            Brooklyn, NY, 1969-1970

            Connecticut and Massachusetts

            Ithaca, Cornell, and Newburgh, NY, 1972-1974 

            New Jersey, 1976

            New Mexico, 1972-1973


            New York (2f)

            North Carolina, 1978-1979

            Seattle, Washington

            South Carolina

            Williamsburg Antique Conference

Box 25 (1995 accession) Awards and other honors.

            American Institute of Architects conference, 1964

            Interview by Charles B. Hosmer, 1974

            Honorary degrees, 1975: correspondence, etc.

            Correspondence re Downing Day, 1983

            Personal letters received, 1986-1990

            Crowinshield award, 1987. Speech, etc.

            Clippings, mostly re awards, 1951-1987

            Miscellaneous, award-related.

Box 26 (1995 and 2002 accessions) Oversized.

            Scrapbook, Downing Day, 1983 (disbound)

            Honorary degrees, 1975-1985 (6)

            Miscellaneous certificates and awards

            State and town awards, 1975-1982

            Two double-oversized certificates.

Box 27 (1980 accession)

Donated by Downing in 1980 as part of the Historic American Building Survey Records.

This box consists of Downing's personal notes, apparently unrelated to the Survey but included with that gift. Transferred to Downing Papers on 6/25/1996.

Card file of historic homes and bibliographic data (boxed)

Newspaper clipping files

            Bristol County

            Kent County

            Newport County




                        Tiverton/Little Compton

            Providence County

                        Providence - Aerial views

                                           - Downtown

                                           - East Side

                                           - Point Street

                                           - Miscellaneous

                        Pawtucket/North Providence




                        East Providence

            Washington County

                        Westerly/West Greenwich/Coventry

                        North Kingstown/South Kingstown/Narragansett

            Personal clippings


Notebook/scrapbook on Providence architecture, undated

Misc. notes in Downing's hand

Box 28 (1999 accession) Newport

            Eisenhower House

            Peter Harrison

            Historical buildings

            Marble House Tea Pavilion

            Newport articles, ca. 1937-1991

            Newport Casino - National Trust Award

            Newport County miscellaneous

            Newport Historical Society - correspondence and newsletters, 1989, 1990

            Newport lecture notes

            Newport notes

            Quaker Meeting House

Box 29 (1999 accession) Newport cont'd. and Providence

            Redwood family

            Reviews, Architectural Heritage of Newport, Rhode Island

            Vernon House

            Victorian Society Summer School, Salve Regina, lectures ca. 1989-1993


            First Unitarian Church

            "From Skyscraper to Tomorrow"

            Providence Historic District Commission (2f)

Box 30 (1999, 2000, 2001 accessions) General

              Antoinette Downing Day (April 28, 1983)

              Architectural notes and drawings - Newport and Providence

              Correspondence, 1945-1995 and n.d.

              Correspondence, 1981-1989

              Facsimile of John Stevens account book, 1705

              Lincoln School report card of daughter Jan Downing, 1950

              Michael Everett

              Miscellaneous personal

              Miscellaneous professional

              National Trust for Historic Preservation

              Notes re: donations from Antoinette Downing to RIHS, Newport HS, Brown U., 1993

              Paper by Michael Holleran, M.I.T., 1990

              Resumes and Who's Who application, 1983-1989

              Talk on preservation in Providence, untitled [1986]

              "The Child: Outline." Description of Antoinette Forrester circa 1910 by Miss Camp.

Box 31 (2000.43.1.1- accession)

National Trust For Historic Preservation

            Board of Trustees, undated

            Grand Central Terminal, 1978

            Landmarks Commission, 1973-1976

            National Heritage Policy Act, 1975


            Census, 1840

            Audley Clarke, undated

            Bellevue Avenue, undated

            "The Breakers," undated

            Brenton's Neck, undated

            Broadway, undated

            Chestnut Street, 1951 and undated

            Clarke Society, undated

            Colonial List, undated

            Colony House, undated

            Construction notes, 1947

            Farwell Street, undated

            Greek Revival and after, undated

            Historic American Building Survey, 1936-1939

            Historical notes on old houses, undated

            House notes and miscellaneous information, undated

            Hunter House, 1948-1953 and undated

            Jahleel Brenton House (1720), undated

            Lecture, undated

            Marlborough Street, undated

            Material for book, undated

            Mill Street

            Miscellaneous notes, undated

            Moving houses, undated

            Richard Mundy, 1952

            Newport in the Revolutionary War: notes, undated

            Newspaper clippings, 1940-1954

            North Baptist Street (8), undated

            Notes on colonial floor plans, undated

            Notes on exterior wall colors, undated

            Old Stone Tower, 1936-1949 and undated

            Pitts Head Tavern, 1947 and undated

            Photographs (paperwork): locations and numbers, undated

            Sherman Street, undated

            Sabbatarian Meeting House notes, undated

            Spring Street, undated

            Thames Street, undated

            Touro Synagogue, undated

            Trinity Church, undated

            Visitor attractions, 1949

            Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House, 1938-1939

            Washington Street, undated

            Whitehorse Tavern, undated

Newport County

            Jamestown, undated

            Tiverton and Little Compton, 1936-1957

Providence Preservation Society - General

            Arnold Street playground and house, undated

            Board of Trustees: Executive Committee, 1976-1977

            Capitol Improvement Committee, 1976

            East Side proposal, 1966-1968

            Hall Realty, 1971 and undated

            Houses to look at and Consultant Bureau Information, 1973-1975

            Incorporation, undated

            John Street group for East Side Proposal Project, undated


Box 32 (2000.43.1.1- accession)

Providence Preservation Society - General, continued

            Lecture series, 1975

            Marker committee, 1976-1977

            Notes, 1963-1976 and undated

            Revolving fund, undated

            State House painting, 1973

            State owned buildings to move, 1974

            Tours, 1970-1974

Providence Preservation Society - College Hill Survey, 1957-1958

            Ann Street

            Armstrong Street

            Angell Street

            Arnold Street

            Benefit Street

            Barnes Street

            Benevolence Street

            Bowen Street

            Brook Street

            Brown Street

            Burr Street

            Cabot Street

            Cady Street

            Charles Field Street

            Church Street

            College Street

            Congdon Street

            Cooke Street

            Creighton Street

            Cushing Street

            DeFoe Place

            Euclid Street

            George Street

            Halsey Street

            Hidden Street

            Hope Street

            Stephen Hopkins House

            Howland's Alley

            James Street

            Jenkes Street

            John Street

            Keene Street

            Lloyd Street

            Magee Street

            Mannings Street

            Market Square Building

            Meeting Street

            North Court Street

            North Main Street

            Olive Street

            Olney Street

            Planet Street

            Power Street

            Priority Lists

            Prospect Street

            Pratt Street

            Sheldon Street

            South Court Street

            South Main Street (2 folders)

            South Water Street

            Steeple Street

Box 33 (2000.43.1.1- accession)

Providence Preservation Society - College Hill Survey, 1957-1958, continued

            Thayer Street

            Thomas Street

            Thompson Street

            Transit Street

            Traverse Street

            Tockwotton House

            Waterman Street

            Well Street

            Wickenden Street

            Williams Street

Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission - business

            Committee members, 1980

            Correspondence, 1933-1990 (5 folders)

            Grants, 1972-1978

            Legislation, 1967-1980

            Legislation, 1979

            Legislation: proposed, 1974

            Legislation: Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Financing Corp., 1979

            Meeting notes, 1989-1990

            Providence schools, 1989

Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission - county and town projects

Kent County

            Coventry, 1975 and undated

            Warwick, 1989

Newport County

            Terrace wall and staircase relocation, 1982

            Sakonnet Lighthouse restoration, 1990


            Armory District, undated

            Arnold Palmer House, 1967

            Beneficent Congregational Church, 1955, 1960, and undated

            Benefit House, 1989

            357 Benefit Street

            Benefit Street Park, 1987

            Brown University, 1988

            Carrington House, 1937-1938

            Carrington House, 1961-1963

            Carrington House, undated

            Historic American Buildings Survey, 1934, 1937 (4 folders)

Box 34 (2000.43.1.1- accession)

Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission - county and town projects, continued

Providence, continued

            249 Hope Street, 1989

            Newspaper Clippings, 1933-1964 (2 folders)

            Public Street, 1950

            Roger Williams Park, 1989

            Schools, 1930-1949 and undated

            Westminster Street, 1920-1951

            Weybosset Street, 1934-1951

Providence County

            Berkeley Mill Village, 1969

            Blackstone Canal, 1979-1971

            Burrillville, 1954 and undated

            Centerdale: Allendale Mill, 1968

            Central Falls, 1952

            Cranston, 1948-1973 and undated

            Cumberland, 1950 and undated

            East Providence, 1952, 1957, and undated

            East Providence: Brigham Farm, 1987

            Foster, undated

            Gloucester, 1968, 1971, and undated

            Greenville, undated

            Johnston, 1956 and undated

            Johnston: Thomas Clemence House, 1935-1947 and undated

            Johnston Historical Farm: annual report, 1988

            Lincoln, 1956 and undated

            Lincoln: Hearthside, 1973

            Lincoln: Limerock Historic District, undated

            Lincoln: Moffit Hill, 1989

            Mapleville, 1970

            North Providence, undated

            North Situate, undated

            North Smithfield, undated

            Olneyville, 1947

            Pawtucket, 1953-1957 and undated

            Situate, undated

            Smithfield, undated

            Smith-Appleby House, undated

            South Providence: newspaper clippings, 1934

            Woonsocket, 1971 and undated

            Woonsocket: Historic Riverfront Area, 1988

Washington County

            Babcock House, 1973

            Block Island, 1977 and undated

            Carolina Historic District: Richmond/Charlestown border, undated

            Charlestown, 1972-1981

            Cocumcussoc: Smith's Castle, 1961 and undated

            General, 1908, 1952, and undated

            Gilbert Stuart House, 1954-1956 and undated

            Hopkinton, undated

            Kingston: Watson House, 1963-1966

            Kingston Village: 1963, 1974, and undated

            Narragansett Historical Society: proposal to utilize towers, 1988

            Narragansett Towers, 1968-1969

            North Kingston, undated

            Richmond, undated

            South Kingston, undated

            Westerly, 1969-1972 and undated

            Wickford, 1967 and undated

Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission - General

            Address by Richard Longstreet at annual meeting of SHPOs, undated

            Archeology regulations, 1970-1975

            Architecture articles in the NY Times by Ada Huxtable, 1968-1971

            Cast iron, 1970

            Codes: building, house, and fire, 1974-1976

            Courthouses, 1965

            Filch symposium, 1984

            Gardens, 1956 and undated

            Governor's Conference on Natural Beauty, 1965

            Greyhound bus terminal (Washington, D.C.), 1987

            Heritage Conservation and Recreation Services, 1980

Box 35 (2000.43.1.1- accession)

            "History You Can See": partial manuscript draft, 1984

            "Information for Ginger": miscellaneous items, undated

            Lighthouses, 1970

            Linden Place, 1990-1991

            List of Rhode Island historical organizations, undated

            National Register of Historical Places in the U.S.: Rhode Island, 1971

            Newspaper Clippings, 1976-1986

            Notes, 1953 and undated

            Parks, 1966

            Pawtucket Preservation Society papers, 1987-1990

            Pamphlets, 1991 and undated

            Preservation Services Fund, 1987

            Providence cabinet makers, undated

            Providence Redevelopment Agency, 1974

            Reference material, 1959-1971

            Research and Design Institute, 1967 and undated

            Rhode Island School of Design: newspaper clippings, 1940-1941, 1952

            Seekonk River: newspaper clippings, 1947-1949

            Ships, undated

            Statewide planning information, 1970-1973

            United States Lighthouse Society, 1989

            Weathervane, 1974

            Yankee Magazine summer intern program, 1987

Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission - Recommendations, requests, updates, advisements, opinions, etc.

            David H. Atwater Jr., 1978

            Anne Baker, 1979

            Richard D. Butterfield, 1982

            Richard M. Candee, 1987

            Richard Chafee, 1978

            Ronald Flemming, 1979

            Bernard Foerster, 1984-1985

            Robert P. Freeman, 1982

            Francine Gerace, 1984

            Bill Gerold, undated

            James A. Glass, 1986

            Gregory Green, undated

            Constance Greiff Study, 1975

            Cornelius W. Heine, 1975

            Bernard Heinz, 1981

            Karen Jessup, 1987

            William H. Jordy, 1984

            Dolly Joyce, 1985

            Leadership Rhode Island, 1988

            Charles Lieb (University of VT), 1978

            Jim Massey, 1981

            Robina Maxiner, 1984

            Robert J. McKenna, 1981

            Charles E. Millard Jr., 1983

            John F. Miller, 1978

            Bernard Mendillo, 1983

            Keith Morgan, 1980

            National Trust Award Nomination, 1982

            John Noonan, 1980

            Ken Orenstein, 1987

            David Plante, 1980

            Jack Quinan, 1976

            Robert Rettig, undated

            Joan Rich, 1988

            Willard B. Robinson, 1986

            Tom Slade, 1978, 1985

            Timothy Troy, 1985

            William D. Warner, 1983

            Katherine Warren, 1976

            Wendy W. Weems, 1984

            Kenneth Weinstein, 1983

Rhode Island Historic Preservation Commission - other states' information

            Alabama, 1970

            Arizona, 1969

            Maryland, 1974-1976

            Massachusetts, 1973

            Massachusetts: Cambridge Historical Commission, 1964

            Massachusetts: Chestnut Hill Church: Melville, undated

            Massachusetts Conservation Commission Handbook, 1969

            Massachusetts: National Park Service: Lowell, 1977

            Massachusetts: Old Sturbridge Village, 1965-1975

            Massachusetts: Springfield Armory: Springfield, 1975-1976

            Massachusetts: Waterfront Historic Area League: New Bedford, 1976-1986 and undated

            Texas, 1978

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