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 Marcus Morton IV Scrapbook

 Papers, 1663-1891.

 Size: 1 linear foot

 Catalog number: MSS 1017

 Processed by: Robin Flynn

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

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Scope and content:

            This hand-lettered and illustrated volume contains manuscript items from members of the Lee, Rawson, Hoppin, and Bradford families, who were of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. The documents date between 1663 and 1891and are mostly very brief notes, deeds, membership certificates to various organizations, and the like.

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            This volume was the gift of the compiler, Marcus Morton IV, in 1972. It was originally stored in the R.I.H.S.L. reading room as a genealogical manuscript, and was transferred to the Manuscripts Division in 1998.

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Processing note:

            The manuscript contents of the book were listed by item.

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            Inventory of manuscript material that is interspersed among volume pages.

Page 32. Note to William Lee (Providence?) from his father Samuel, January 1, 177(4)?

Page 33. Notice regarding funeral of Abigail (Bradford) Lee, November 16, 1804

Page 34. Copy of Providence Gazette obituary of Abigail (Bradford) Lee; obituary dated November 17, 1804

Page 39. Deed from Thomas Angell of Providence to Charles Lee, July 29, 1788

Copies of letters from Samuel Lee to his children (of Swansea), July 25, 1716 and May 14, 1716

Page 40. Deed from Daniel Jackson to Charles Lee (Providence), September 22, 1792

               Deed from William Hoyle to Charles Lee (Providence), April 8, 1773

Page 41. Extract from Updike's History of the Narragansett Church

               Paper currency, $1, $2, $3, and $4, July, 1780

Page 45. Metcalf Bowler's membership certificate for Providence Marine Society, June 8, 1801

Page 56. Petition for pardon, John Perley, signed by Edward Rawson, Secretary Massachusetts             Colony, June 12, 1663

               Judgment against Henry Greenland, signed by Secretary Edward Rawson, May 16, 1672

Page 89. Genealogical/biographical note regarding Levi Hoppin of Cumberland, copied from a             note addressed to William W. Hoppin (of New York), January 14, 1891

Page 99. Fragment of letter written by Benjamin Hoppin to his son Levi, May 22, 1802

Page 93a (this page follows page 99). Letter to _____ Hoppin from Sidney Corbett concerning death   of Maria (Hoppin) Knight, December 1, 1889

Page 110a. Lloyd B. Hoppin's membership to Y.M.C.A. of Philadelphia, September 26th, 1854

Page 111a. Lloyd B. Hoppin's membership in Historical Society of Pennsylvania, February 20,             1866

                  Commission as auctioneer (Pennsylvania), Lloyd B. Hoppin, December 13, 1861

                  Letter copy, addressee illegible, from Furness, Brinley & Co., April 18, 1846

                  Membership to Free Masons (Pennsylvania), April 13, 1871

Page 112a. Certificate of thanks to Lloyd B. Hoppin for donation of model, from South Kensington Museum, July 10, 1873

            Notification of election to lifetime membership in Historical Society of Pennsylvania,

                        Lloyd B. Hoppin, November 25, 1879

Page 113a. Thank you note to Lloyd Hoppin from Archibald Campbell, Archbishop of Canterbury, July 20, 1882

            Duplicate, return of duties from sales at public auction, March 1 to May 31, 1846

Page 114a. Letter to Lloyd Hoppin from G. A. Lichfield, July 3, 1873

Page 115a. Receipt, Lloyd B. Hoppin, from Charles (?) Joline, ca. 1877

            License to practice auctioneering in New York, Lloyd Hoppin, September, 1877

Page 117a. Notice to Lloyd Hoppin from Lambeth Palace, London, 1882

Page 118a. Appointment to Major Richard Waldron and others as associates for "Dober" and

            Portsmouth (New Hampshire), signed by Edward Rawson, May 28, 1679

Page 125a. Deposition, Henry H. Orne, concerning a deed, June 1, 1836

            Deed, Samuel Mooers to Jonathan Bagley (New Hampshire), April 11, 1769

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