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 Bowerman Brothers Records

 Builders, Providence, R.I.

 Records, 1916-1968

 Size: 2 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 1018

 Processed by: Rick Stattler, April 1998

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

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Scope and content:

            Bowerman Bros. has been one of the largest building contractors in Providence for many years. This collection consists largely of files relating to the many construction projects Bowerman did at the Narragansett Brewing Company from 1934 to 1968. The records include estimates, correspondence, sketches and bills. Also included are contracts for a few unrelated projects from 1916 to 1941.

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Processing note:

            This collection has not yet been processed, and is still housed in its original acidic folders.

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Box 1.

Miscellaneous contracts

Folder 1. Cranston Print Works, Cranston, R.I., 1927

Folder 2. Crompton & Knowles Jacquard and Supply Co., Pawtucket, R.I. - Specifications, 1941

Folder 3. Kenney Manufacturing Co., Auburn, R.I., 1925

Folder 4. Merchants Cold Storage & Warehouse Co., Providence, R.I. - Contract, 1937

Folder 5. Piggly-Wiggly, Providence, R.I. - Specifications and permit, 1932

Folder 6 (legal-sized). Second United Presbyterian Church, Providence, R.I. - Contract, undated

Folder 7. Tockwotton Home for Aged Women, Providence, R.I. - Specifications, 1916

Folder 8. Uncas Manfacturing Co., Providence, R.I. 1928

Narragansett Brewing Company files (folder titles):

E.M. Corbett, Architect, office building, 1934

Addition to wash house 1935, E.M. Corbett

Misc. 1934-1937

Misc. 1939

Misc. 1940

Misc. 1941

Misc. 1942

Misc. 1943

Misc. 1945

Misc. 1946

Cafeteria, E.M. Corbett, 1946

Misc. 1947

Misc. 1948 (includes photo of engraving of power house)

Misc. 1949

Misc. 1950

Misc. 1951

Misc. 1952

Misc. 1953

Misc. 1954

Misc. 1955

Misc. 1956

Misc. 1957

Misc. 1958

Misc. 1959

Misc. 1960

Misc. 1961

Misc. 1963

Misc. 1965

Misc. 1965-1966

Box 2

Narragansett Brewing Company, continued (folder titles):

Proposed cafeteria in old engine room, 1966


#162 (new roof on cafeteria, 1969)

#168 (steel stairs, 1971)

#167 (moving statue, 1971)

#158 (order department office, 1969)

Canopies at car barn

#164 (repairs to wall, 1970)

Notes - appraisal

#166 (replacing wall, 1970)

Parapet repair, 1968

Service building, 1964

Cafeteria loading dock estimate, 1966

Estimate, 1969

#153, ramp cover


Estimate, access ramp to cellar #6

Proposed cafeteria

#29 alterations to cellar 1959; #30, conveyor enclosure, 1960

Estimate, guards for columns, bottling plant

Misc. steel and iron

Addition to brew house, 1961

Brew house correspondence, 1962

Pipe bridge

Roofing and sheet metal

#63, hot water heater platform

#55, concrete floor no. 10a cellar

Tile & brick paving


Relocate elec. feeders for boiler #6, excavate & patch coal pocket floor

Foundation for boiler #6

#34, Explosion hatches

Water meter pit

Data for change of contract

Warehouse near bottling plant

Dispensary, 1966

Stairway enclosure

Stairway enclosure, 4th & 5th floors

Cover for grain cars

Siding shed 63

Stock house G

Addition to Stock house G

Brew house offices

Specifications for Bottling Plant Alterations (bound volume)

Bottle shop alterations, 1960-1961

Stock house addition, 1965

Canopy, old bottle shop

New hop jack ins., #1 cellar, 1960

Raymond Concrete Pile Co., Caissons, 1961

Owner correspondence, 1962

Service building, 1961-1964

Alt. grain tower, 1960

Hot wort tank, 1960-1961

Master mechanic's office

Power house

Stock house foundation contract

Tunnel, 1957

Tunnel (contract)

Structural steel Brew house erection

Daily logs, 1957: tunnel and bottle shop construction

Correspondence between owner and contractor, 1960-1962

Subcontractors correspondence, 1961-1962

Brew house subcontractor bids

Roof over boiler #6, 1962

Falstaff, 1968

Enclosure under engineering office, 1966

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Architects - Rhode Island

Brewing industry - Rhode Island - Cranston

Construction industry - Rhode Island

Cranston, R.I. - Buildings, structures, etc.

Cranston Print Works (Cranston, R.I.)

Crompton & Knowles Jacquard and Supply Co. (Pawtucket, R.I.)

Kenney Manufacturing Co. (Cranston, R.I.)

Merchants Cold Storage & Warehouse Co. (Providence, R.I.)

Narragansett Brewing Company (Cranston, R.I.)

Piggly-Wiggly, (Providence, R.I.)

Second United Presbyterian Church (Providence, R.I.)

Tockwotton Home for Aged Women (Providence, R.I.)

Uncas Manfacturing Co. (Providence, R.I.)

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