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 Thomas K. Winsor Family Papers

 Farmer and fruit grower, Greenville, R.I.

 Family papers, 1886-1996

 Size: 0.25 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 1022

 Processed by: Rick Stattler, September 1998

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Thomas King Winsor (1871-1949) was a farmer and fruit grower in the village of Greenville, in Smithfield, R.I. He lived on a family farm passed down through many generations of the Winsor family, and inherited from his parents James Winsor (1824-1903) and H. Maria (King) Winsor (1831-1916). Thomas married Fannie Ella Sebille and had three children, including Louise King Winsor (1913-1992).

            Louise King Winsor attended grammar school in Smithfield, and then graduated from Hope High School in 1930. She was a conservatory-trained pianist and organist who taught and played professionally throughout her life. In 1947, she married librarian and genealogist Kay Karlin Moore.


Bibliography: See Andrew and Lydia Winsor of Smithfield, Rhode Island... by Carolyne Davis Flagg Smith, 1980, pages 84-95 and 175-178.

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Scope and content:

            This collection consists mostly of letters written by Thomas K. Winsor. There are 18 letters Winsor wrote home to his mother while spending a year at Barrington High School. Though he was forced to drop out in 1889 to help on the family farm, he reflected in the last letter of this series that "I have received great benefit from being here. I know that there is another place in the world beside Greenville."

            Another series of letters is addressed by Thomas K. Winsor to his daughter Louise, from his winter home in Florida, in 1935. These discuss mostly family matters, but the March 21 letter reflects that "The new methods of government are not working very well, and with Europe ready for a grand explosion, American affairs will not improve. Perhaps you better wait until Hitler does his stuff before you go to Eng. You know what he has done to two of his lady subjects. Justice is harsh and swift with him."

            There are also several folders of Louise (Winsor) Moore's papers, including letters from friends and family, a short diary of a trip to England, letters of appreciation for her church organ playing, and many condolence letters to her husband after her death. Finally, there are two volumes relating to the annual Winsor family reunions held from 1900 to 1919.

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            These papers were the gift of the estate of Kay Karlin Moore in 1996, with the exception of the 1926 estate codicil, which was donated in 1963 as part of the Charles R. Easton Papers. Mr. Moore's genealogical notes were placed under the care of the Printed Collection.

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Processing note:

            The 1935 Thomas Winsor letters are oddly paginated and arrived here in a jumbled state. After collating as carefully as possible, each letter was attached with archival stainless steel staples to avoid further confusion.

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Folder 1.        Winsor family reunions: minute book, 1900-1920; sign-in book, 1906-1919; correspondence, 1951-1952.


Folder 2.        18 letters, from Thomas K. Winsor as high school student in Barrington to mother H. Maria (King) Winsor at "The Maples" in Greenville, dated July 1888 through June 1889.


Folder 3.        7 letters, from Thomas K. Winsor in Fort Myers, Florida, to daughter Louise King Winsor, dated February through April 1935.


Folder 4.        Thomas K. Winsor, miscellaneous, as follows:

                        Undated.       Postcard from Aunt Huldah to T.K.W.

                        Undated.       List titled "Mother's sayings", apparently in hand of T.K.W.

1886/01/17.Letter, Alice __ to sister Maria [Winsor].

                        1887/09/07   Letter, George A. King to sister [Maria Winsor]

                        1888/03/10   Postcard from Calista [Winsor] to aunt Maria [Winsor]

                        1889/03/17   Letter, Jane K. Williams of Taunton to sister [Maria Winsor].

                        1889/05/15   Letter, Maria Winsor to son T.K.W. at school in Barrington.

                        1890/09/27   Barrington High School graduation program, with attached note by T.K.W. reading "This was one of the greatest musical and literary events of the 19th century," presumably with some sarcasm. T.K.W. did not graduate, but did read an oration.

                        1904/07/08   Letter, T.K.W. in Greenville to mother Maria in Providence.

                        1907/02/28   Letter, U.S. Rep. Adin B. Capron to T.K.W., re French spoliation claims, with enclosed congressional document re ship Young Eagle.

                        1909/09         Letter, Eugene P. King of Providence to aunt [Maria Winsor?].

                        1913/10/14   Postcard, E.P.K[ing] to Maria Winsor.

                        1924/12/12   Codicil of will of T.K.W., re land in Fort Myers.

                        1932/03/28   Letter from radio personality Walter Damrosch: thanks for apples.

                        1938/04/08   Letter from Ernest B. Jackson of Jackson Poultry Farm

                        1917-1949      Five letters from cousin Mary King Gaston of Iowa.


Folder 5.       Louise K. (Winsor) Moore - Biographical, 1913:

                                    Birth, baptism, death certificates

                                    Vita, passport, newspaper photograph

Folder 6.        Louise K. (Winsor) Moore - Letter received, 1932-1992

                                    Mostly from family and friends, some re church organ services

Folder 7.        Louise K. (Winsor) Moore - Diary of trip to England, 6/30 - 7/29/1992

                                    With itinerary of trip.

Folder 8.       Kay K. Moore - Letters of condolence upon Louise's death, 1992-1993

Folder 9.        Kay K. Moore - Miscellaneous:

                                    undated 40th birthday card from Mr. and Mrs. David Laurent

                                    1949    Notes on gardening by Kay and Louise Moore

                                    1983    Copy of letter, Kay Moore to Avis --- re Winsor Memorial Fund

                                    1991    Card to Kay Moore re Roger Williams family book

                                    1996    Condolence letter to Lucy Moore, Kay's sister, 1996

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Barrington High School

Capron, Adin B. (1841-1911)

Diaries - 1992

Education - Rhode Island - 19th century

First Congregational Church (Providence, R.I.)

Florida - Description and travel

French spoliation claims

x King, Huldah Maria         See H. Maria (King) Winsor.

Moore, Kay K.

Moore, Louise K. (Winsor) (1913-1992)

Music - Rhode Island

Smithfield, R.I. - Social life and customs

Winsor, H. Maria (King) (1831-1916).

x Winsor, Louise K.                         See Louise K. (Winsor) Moore

Winsor Family

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