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 Julia Lippitt Mauran Family Papers

 Family, of Cranston, R.I.

 Papers, 1707-1958. Bulk, 1776-1949.

 Size: 2 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 1062

 Processed by: Rick Stattler, November 2000

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Christopher Lippitt (1744-1824) was a Revolutionary War officer who engaged in farming after the war. The family had owned Lippitt Hill in the Hope neighborhood of Cranston since 1715. In 1805, Lippitt built the house still known today as Lippitt Hill Farm, which remained in the family for five generations. Lippitt's brother Charles was a Providence merchant. In 1809, Christopher and Charles organized the Lippitt Manufacturing Company, which operateda cotton mill in Warwick, R.I. The company grew into a major cotton manufacturer during the 19th century, with several succeeding generations becoming involved in its operations and administration, and inheriting the benefits of its financial legacy. The original Lippitt Mill building still stands in Lippitt Village in what is now West Warwick. Christopher married Waity Harris (1755-1836) in 1777, and had the following children:

1. Susanna (1778-1818)

2. son (1779-1779)

3. son (1781-1781)

4. son (1782-1782)

5. Christopher Jr. (1783- )

6. Waity (1784- )

7. daughter (1785-1785)

8. William (1786-1872)

9. Joseph (1790- ), settled in Ohio.

10. son (1793-1793)

11. Mary (1795- )

12. Benjamin (1797-1803)

            William Lippitt (1786-1872) married Rhoby Sheldon (1793-1865), and inherited an active role in Lippitt Mill. He and Rhoby had twelve children, as follows:

1) Levi (1809-1810)

2) Waity H. (1811- 1893) m. Thomas D. Babcock

3) William Jr. (1814-1814)

4) Wellington (1815-1826)

5) Mary (1818-1838)

6) Eliza (1820- )

7) John (1823-1879), m. Elizabeth Angell

8) Christopher (1825- )

9) Clinton (1827-1828)

10) Julia (1829-1907)

11) Sarah W. (1832-1911) m. John T. Mauran (1826-1882)

12) Byron (1835-1836)

            John T. and Sarah W. (Lippitt) Mauran had at least four children, as follows:

1) Julia Lippitt "Tutie" Mauran (1860-1949), never married

2) William L. Mauran (1864-1942) m. Mary L. Lewis (1877-1958).

            [Son William L. Mauran Jr. (1910-1984) m. Grace R. (Ellis) Amundson (1916-1999)]

3) John T. Mauran (1866-1932) m. Harriet Martin (1870-1950)

4) Max Mauran (1868-1928)


Flynn, Robin P. "Guide to the Lippitt Family Papers in the Manuscript Collection of the Rhode Island Historical Society," March 2000.

"Julia Lippitt Mauran: Crusty Old Farmer," Providence Journal-Bulletin, March 26, 1997.

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Scope and content:

            These papers of the Lippitt-Mauran family consist mostly of the personal papers of Julia Lippitt Mauran (1860-1949), who inherited Lippitt Hill Farm and took an active interest in its operation as a working farm through her death. Her primary interests were gardening and travel, and she was very active in the Handicraft Club, the Society for Colonial Dames, and many other organizations. Her papers are of interest mainly for their documentation of her farming activities, including detailed reports on many of her employees. Her correspondence files include letters from friends, family members and contractors. Of particular interest are a letter from Gov. Ambrose Burnside circa 1877; and an 1880 letter from her brother describing the opening of the Providence Grays' baseball season.

            Also included in this collection are papers of Julia's mother Sarah (Lippitt) Mauran; her grandfather William Lippitt; her great-grandfather Christopher Lippitt; and other family members. Christopher Lippitt's papers are undoubtedly of the greatest significance in this collection. They include twelve original documents related to his Revolutionary War service, including a letter from Gov. William Greene ordering him to call up the militia in defense of Newport in 1778. Also of interest are a long series of letters from his son Joseph describing life on the Ohio frontier, 1814-1823.

            Among the miscellaneous family papers are: a folder of correspondence of John Lippitt, who served as a judge in Hawaii in the 1840s; and an unsigned anti-Dorrite poem "wrote by a native of Rhode Island A.D. 1842."

            Related collections at the R.I.H.S. include: John D. Lewis Manufacturing Company Records (Mss 534), re the father-in-law of William L. Mauran Sr.; Harriet S. (Watson) Lewis Diaries (Mss 535), the sister-in-law of William L. Mauran; the Lippitt Family Papers (Mss 538), including papers of Col. Christopher Lippitt and the descendants of his nephew Warren Lippitt. The Providence County Garden Club Records (Mss 639) and the Handicraft Club Records (Mss 477) contain information about Julia Lippitt Mauran.

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            These papers apparently passed from Julia Lippitt Mauran to her nephew William L. Mauran Jr. (1910-1984), who inherited Lippitt Hill Farm from her in 1949. William L. Mauran Jr. was survived by his wife Grace (Ellis) (Amundson) Mauran (1916-1999), who sold the house, farm and its contents to Alma Felix Green in xxxx. Ms. Green placed the papers on deposit at the Rhode Island Historical Society in 2000.

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Processing note:

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Subgroup 1: Christopher Lippitt

Bills paid, 1820-1823


            1766, from Holden Rice in Surinam

            1811, from William Taylor to John Lippitt re Christopher's Ohio account

            1814-1816, from son Joseph in Ohio

            1817-1819, from son Joseph in Ohio

            1820-1823, from Joseph; from George Benson; and to Erastus Otis.

Poems and compositions:

            "Lucky Traveler" (undated, unsigned poem)

            "Mager Andrews" (undated, unsigned poem)

            "The Fine Painted Wall" and "The Rising Sun" (undated, unsigned poems)

            "Sedition" (unsigned poem, 1807)

            Essay on prophesies in scriptures, 1823 (attributed to Lippitt)

Revolutionary War: Cover of "Minnit Book 1775" (empty)

Revolutionary War documents:

            1776/09/15   Account of clothing bills from each company

            1777/05/11   General Assembly order to pay officers of Lippitt's regiment

            [1778]/07/26Letter from Gov. William Greene to Gen. Lippitt, summoning militia

            1780/07/28   R.I. Council of War resolution re pay of delinquent troops

            1780/08/01   R.I. Council of War resolution re pay of delinquent troops (not identical)

            1780/08/10   R.I. Council of War resolution re pay abstracts

            1780/07-08    Pay abstract for Lippitt's brigade, July and August 1780

            1783/12/31   Bill from Lippitt to State of Rhode Island for services in 1776 and 1777

            undated         Estimate of troop strength of each R.I. militia regiment

            undated         List of troops in Capt. Mumford's Company of Light Horse

            undated         Guard's report of prisoners held at Butts Hill, August 27 ---.

            undated         Memoranda re pay of troops, on reverse of broadside dated 9/16/1776


            1779/09/30   Inventory of Lippitt's rateable estate in Cranston

            1793/01/29   Patent for Ohio land

            1802/10/27   Receipt for Lippitt's gift of flag for the Cranston militia

            1808                Inventory of Ohio lands, by Rufus Putnam

            1808/04         Inventory of goods brought to son William's house

            after 1818       Family record of children of Christopher Lippitt, 1777-1818

Typed transcriptions of letters from Joseph Lippitt to Christopher Lippitt

Miscellaneous photostats and transcriptions:

            Apprenticeship indenture of Eliphalet Collins to Christopher Lippitt, 1809 (photostat)

            Will and probate of Christopher Lippitt, 1821-1824 (photostat)

            Several other typescripts of documents appearing above


Subgroup 2: William Lippitt

Correspondence, 1819-1846:

            1819/01/24   From father Christopher Lippitt

            1819/02/06   From father Christopher Lippitt

            1819/03/14   From father Christopher Lippitt

            1820/12/01   From William F. Megee

            1826/04/02   From mother Wait Lippitt

            1838/04/24   From brother ---, re mother's estate and pension claims

            1845/08/18   From cousin Christopher Lippitt Jr.

            1846/10/06   From D.D. Babcock

            undated         From Cornelia ---

Deeds, 1820-1857

Loose accounts, 1809-1819

Loose accounts, 1820-1824

Loose accounts, 1825-1829

Loose accounts, 1830-1834

Loose accounts, 1835-1839

Loose accounts, 1840-1844

Loose accounts, Christopher Lippitt estate, 1824-1839

Loose accounts, William Knight estate, 1838-1840

Miscellaneous, 1786-1866:

            1786/11/21   Birth record

            1809/01/01   Marriage record

            1825/10/19   Certificate in the R.I. Society for Encouragement of Domestic Industry

            1831/09/14   Circular from Anti-Masonic convention

            1834/03/25   Circular to "Freemen of Rhode Island," opposing President Jackson

            circa 1836      Record of children of William Lippitt, 1809-1836

            1842                Memorandum of hay cut

            1842                "Sketch of the Various Complaints I Have Been Doctored For," 1786-1842

            1843/01/17   List of tenants at Lippitt Village, arranged by Dorr and King supporters

            1845/10/07   Bequest to daughter Wait

            1849/05/18   Report from directors of Providence & Worcester Railroad

            1865/08/26   Letter of administration re Roby Lippitt estate

            1866/09/11   Tax receipt for carriage and pianoforte

Miscellaneous photostats and transcriptions:

            Bill of lading from William F. Megee, [1820] (photostat)

            Several other typescripts of documents appearing above

Boxed separately: Payroll ledger of the Lippitt Manufacturing Company, 1826. Lists indivudulas working in each family (presumably children), and family member who collected pay.


Subgroup 3: Sarah W. (Lippitt) Mauran

Letters from daughter Julia Lippitt Mauran, October 1879 - January 1880 

Letters from daughter Julia Lippitt Mauran, February - March 1880 

Letters from daughter Julia Lippitt Mauran, April - May 1880

Letters from daughter Julia Lippitt Mauran, June - August 1880

Writings, 1886-1889; bequest of Lippitt Hill Farm, 1887

Subgroup 4: Julia Lippitt Mauran

Agreement between estate of Henry C. Cranston and W.L. Mauran heirs, 1907

Blackstone Land Company accounts, 1912

Correspondence, 1860-1899. Includes Burnside letter; 5/3/1880 baseball letter.

Correspondence, 1879-1880, from mother

Correspondence, 1900-1909

Correspondence, 1910-1919

Correspondence, 1922-1929

Correspondence, 1930-1939

Correspondence, 1940-1949

Correspondence, 1949 (condolences on death of Mrs. Richardson)

Correspondence, undated

Daily instructions to cook, undated

Deed, 1917

Deposition in suit vs. Carroll Slicer, 1943, and related papers

Diary, March 21 - September 17 1880; account book, 1880; birthday book, 1912-1945

Diploma, Young Ladies Seminary, Stamford, Conn., 1879

Dog registrations, 1936, 1949

Estate inventory, 1949

Farm help record books, 1932-1939 and 1936-1940

Farm ledger, 1908-1915; farm daybook, 1893-1908

Farm - paid bills, 1910-1939

Farm - paid bills, 1940-1949

Farm papers and memoranda, 1914-1940

Flower show and garden club papers, 1922-1949

Flower show judging notebook, 1932

Genealogical notes

Handicraft Club - miscellaneous, 1917-1939

Herd book, 1907-1943

Herd book, 1932-1933

Horticultural sample book and commonplace book, 1877

Insurance papers, 1936-1939

Investment register, 1914-1936

Itinerary for Europe trip, 1929

Medical papers, 1920-1937

Memorial to Jeannie Lippitt Weeden by Caroline Hazard, 1940; related articles, 1929, 1940

Neighborhood Club - programs, cookbook, etc., 1927-1947

Newspaper clippings, circa 1920-1949

Notes from a diary, 1912-1913

"Novelty New York Restaurants," undated list

Open-house tour of Coventry, R.I., 1941

Paid bills, for clubs, 1892-1945

Paid bills, greenhouse, 1936

Paid bills, miscellaneous, 1910-1912

Paid bills, miscellaneous, 1925-1947

Passports, 1912

Poetry, undated

Power of attorney to William L. Mauran, 1912

Presentation of the "Miracle Play of the Nativity," 1926

"Radicle College Creed," theological statement by Julia Lippitt Mauran, undated

Sabbath School class book, 1884

Talk - [Against working women], undated

Talk - "Autobiography of an Old House," undated

Talk - [Autobiography of Lippitt Hill Farm], undated

Talk - [Character-building and Sunday schools]

Talk - [Historical talk], undated

Talk - [To the Colonial Dames], undated

Talk - "What is Manual Training?" (two drafts), undated

Wheeler School Alumni Association - Treasurer's report, 1947-1948

Will of Edith Richardson, 1946; related article, 1941

Workers - Miscellaneous papers, 1914-1940

Subgroup 5: Miscellaneous

Mary Ann Lewis, autograph book, 1840

C. Lippitt lectures on temperance, etc., 1825, 1842 and undated

Eliza C. Lippitt commonplace book, 1836-1840. Daughter of William.

John Lippitt (son of William). At Greenwich Academy, 1840-1845, Hawaii, 1848-1852:

            1840/01/26   Letter from sister Eliza

            1842/01/02   Letter from father William

            1843/10/07   Letter from Charles S. Hazard

            1844/01/20   Letter from Henry Howard (future governor of R.I.?)

            1844/03/21   Letter from S.L. Weld

            1844/05/20   Receipt for tuition from D.G. Allen

            1845/06/27   Letter from brother Christopher

            1845/07/11   Letter from brother Christopher

            1848/02/25   Letter from brother Christopher

            1850/12/21   Letter from W. Goodale

            1852/12/13   Letter by J. Lippitt, in Hawaiian

            1877/05/04   Letter from brother Christopher, criticizing spending habits

            undated         Long essay on the "Sandwich Islands" (Hawaii)

            undated         Essay in support of Henry Clay

            undated         Course notes on natural history

Julia Lippitt (daughter of William), estate memorandum, 1896

Mary Lippitt (daughter of William), cyphering book 1832

Waterman Lippitt family record, 1825

Grace (Ellis) (Amundson) Mauran (wife of W.L. Jr.) - Correspondence, 1954-1955

John T. Mauran, 1869 house construction accounts, and undated childhood essay on 4th of July

Max Mauran, birth certificate; 1926 passport; 1930 investments list

William L. Mauran, letter dated 1907 and will, 1931

William L. Mauran, Jr. correspondence, 1950-1958

Newspaper clippings, misc.

Photostats of early documents:

            Arbitration of Pawtuxet land claims, January 2 1707/8

            Deed, Pawtuxet Proprietors to Peleg Williams as heir of Roger Williams, 1715

            Deed, Ann Phillis Lippitt to son Christopher, 1758 (photostat)


            Anti-Dorrite poem "wrote by a native of Rhode Island A.D. 1842"

            Memorandum of wood purchased, 1840-1852

            Essay on "Human Ignorance" by G.F. Day of Bristol, R.I.

            Essay on "Life in the Country"

            Plat of Coventry land divided between Richard Jackson and George Waterman, 1783

            Ticket from Plymouth Beach lottery, 1813

            Poem, "The Worth of a Woman"

            Power of attorney from Daniel Westrand to Henry Tucker, St. Eustatius, 1763

            Page of music and lyrics titled "Ode to Science"

            Poem, "The Banks of the Dee"

            Recipes for salve and sarsparilla

            Instructions for quadrille dance

            Poem, "The Oyster Man"

            Unsigned, undated letter to "R.H."

            Page of general store ledger account with Jeremiah and Joseph Lippitt, undated

            Packet titled "Wellington's Hair"

            Other memoranda, fragments and curiosities

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Agriculture - Rhode Island - Cranston

Anti-masonic Party

x Amundson, Grace: see Mauran, Grace (Ellis) (Amundson)

Baseball - Rhode Island - Providence

Benson, George

Burnside, Ambrose

Collins, Eliphalet


Coventry, R.I. - Buildings and structures

Cranston, R.I. - Social life and customs

Diaries - 1880

Dorr Rebellion

Europe - Description and travel

Flower shows - Rhode Island

Gardening - Rhode Island - Cranston

Greene, William

Greenwich Academy (East Greenwich, R.I.)

Handicraft Club

Hawaii - Description and travel

Hazard, Caroline

Howard, Henry (1826- )

Lewis, Mary Ann

Lippitt, Christopher (1745-1824)

Lippitt, Christopher (1823- )

Lippitt, Eliza C. (1820- )

Lippitt, John (1823-1879)

Lippitt, Joseph (1790- )

Lippitt, Mary

x Lippitt, Sarah W. (1832-1911)

Lippitt, Waterman

Lippitt, William (1786-1872)

Lippitt Cotton Manufacturing Company

Lippitt Hill Farm

Manual training - Rhode Island

Mauran, Grace (Ellis) (Amundson) (1916-1999)

Mauran, Julia L. (1860-1949)

Mauran, Max

Mauran, Sarah W. (Lippitt) (1832-1911)

Mauran, William L. (1864-1942)

Mauran, William L. Jr.

Megee, William F.

Neighborhood Club

Providence County Garden Club

Providence Grays Base Ball Association

Ohio - Description and travel

Rice, Holden (-1766)

Richardson, Edith

Slicer, Carroll

Surinam - Description and travel

Textile industry - Rhode Island - Cranston

United States - History - Revolution, 1775-1783

Weeden, Jeannie (Lippitt)

Williams, Peleg

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