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 Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union Records

 Records, 1935-1997

 Size: 9 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 107

 Processed by: Cindy Bendroth, September 1992

 Additions processed by Rick Stattler, February 1998

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Unionism in the textile industry during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century ebbed and flowed with the successes and failure of ever changing goals. Despite the common goal of workers rights, how these rights were defined and achieved and who they extended to, varied with each union established.

            The early textile unions were as diverse as the textile jobs available. Many labor organizations were formed by skilled craftsmen. As early as the 1850s, the National Mule Spinners Union was founded in Fall River. The Knights of Labor came to Rhode Island in the 1880s and for a few years had strong support from the textile workers. Locals were formed in Clyde, Arctic, Warren, Harrisville, Bristol, Olneyville, Lonsdale and Ashton. The Knights' platform included political as well as economic rights for all workers, including women. By the late 1880s, their success waned as the mill owners organized the Slater Club to collectively break the stronghold of the Knights.

             Union activity swelled again in the 1890s as some of the strongest craft unions met in Lowell and organized the International Union of Textile Workers. They exerted some influence in New England, however, many workers lost interest after a lost strike in 1894 at the Lorraine Mills of Pawtucket and in 1895, many suspected socialist control of the union. Many left and joined the American Federation of Textile operatives in 1900. The two unions later joined and became the United Textile Workers of America, AFL.

            The lack of unity was a weakness for the Unions: the ends for each union were similar, however, the means for achieving these ends were often very different. A new industrial union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was very active in the Lawrence strike of 19l2. Although the United Textile Workers were also involved as were other conservative labor groups, they were criticized by the IWW and others for compromising unskilled workers when bargaining with management during the Lawrence strike. Many disgruntled UTW people left, joined the remnants of the IWW and form the Amalgamated Textile Workers in 1919.

            Another case was in Rhode Island during the 1922 strike. Varied unions organized sections of the state: the Amalgamated Textile Workers organized the Pawtuxet Valley; local craft unions organized the Blackstone Valley; and the UTW helped channel the strike. The American Federation of Textile Operatives did not participate and some felt, hindered the strike's success. The 1934 strike also had many participants, which included the Woonsocket local union, the Independent Textile Workers.

            In the late 1930s, the UTW broke away from the AFL and joined with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). Some UTW members stayed with the AFL and a bitter struggle for local loyalty and membership began. In 1937, a large effort to organize textile workers began when the UTW and CIO (now the Textile Workers of America) set up the Textile Workers Organizing Committee. Their success in Rhode Island was short-lived. By 1939, Rhode Island had three main textile unions: The Textile Workers Union of America (TWUA)-CIO, the United Textile Workers of America (UTWA)-AFL and the unaffiliated Independent Trades Union of America (formerly Independent Textile Union) (ITU). When the AFL and CIO joined in 1940s, the Union became the Textile Workers Union of America. New England Branch-RI

            Evidently, the union struggled as many textile companies moved operations south or shut down. Slowly, the union lost members and shrunk its operation size. In 1976, the Amalgamated Clothing Workers joined with the TWUA to form Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU).

            In 1982, the New England Regional office, which was made up of nine state or regional joint boards, was located at 716 Public St., Providence. The Director of the office was Samuel Azzinaro and assisted by Howard Brown. The Rhode Island State Joint Board was also located in the Public St. offices, with Azzinaro as manager. Possibly in 1983 a structure change made the Public St. office the Southern New England Joint Board.  

            In 1996, the ACTWU merged with the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) to form the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees, known by the acronym of "UNITE!".


Buhle, Paul. "The Knights of Labor in RI," Radical History Review, Spring 1978, p.75-98.

Hadcock, Editha. "Labor Problems in Rhode Island Cotton Mills” (PhD. dissertation, Brown University, 1946.

Providence Journal

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Scope and content:

            These are the files of the 716 Public St. office in Providence. They at one time belonged to the Rhode Island Joint Board, the New England Regional Office, and even the RI office of the Southern New England Joint Board. Most files were created by Howard Brown but earlier material was generated by Sam Azzinaro and others. The files consist of national information for the local groups, organizing notes and activities, membership cards for RI locals, graphics, fliers, and materials concerning issues such as health care, drug abuse, and the health of textile-related industries. The bulk of the material dates from 1976-1981, but ranges from 1935 to 1985.

            Series are:

            Series I: Subject Files

            Series II: Company Information

            Series III: Membership Cards

            Series IV: Local 1554-T Records

Series descriptions:

Series I: Subject Files, 1961 -1984, (1.75 lin. ft.)

            This series consists of information for local branch from the national, including posters and graphics, the ACTWU Constitution and merger proceedings, arbitration, steward and grievance information, surveys, health care and some notes and correspondence. Arranged alphabetically by folder title. An addendum of three files concerning the Independent Textile Union of Woonsocket was sent by the ACTWU Research Dept. The report is from a survey done in 1945 by the TWUA to encourage the ITU to change their affiliation to TWUA.

Series II: Company Information, 1958-1985, (3.25 lin. ft.)

            Contains notes, reports, grievances, agreements, election outcomes, fliers and miscellaneous materials concerning the organizing of company employees. Includes NLRB decision with Armour Handicraft Formerly Malina Co., it was bought by Greyhound Corp. in 1974 and in 1977 Greyhound sold it to its subsidiary, Armour-Dial Handicrafts. A new union election ended up at the NLRB Board, the Union accusing the Company of harassing and firing workers for union support. Many companies are from Rhode Island, the rest from the other New England states. Arranged alphabetically by company.

Series III: Membership Cards, 1937-1983, (4.25 lin. ft. (9 boxes))

            These cards are union membership cards for each local and company. Gives name and address of member, company and sometimes plant name they worked at. Arranged alphabetically by Company name. The cards are not all arranged alphabetically by employee.

Series IV: Local 1554-T Records, 1961-1997 (1.5 linear feet)

            Minutes of the local based at Arkwright Inc., a film-coating company based in Coventry, R.I. The company was first organized in 1937 at a nearby subsidiary, the Interlaken Dye House, as Textile Workers Union of America Local 167. The workers at the main Arkwright plant organized as TWUA Local 1554 in 1962; Local 167 ceased to exist in 1973 when the Interlaken facility closed. In 1976, with the national union merger, the surviving local became ACTWU Local 1554-T, and then became Local 1554-T UNITE in 1996. The local's records were donated by Rich Rupp, who served as its secretary-treasurer from 1985 to 1988, and as its president from 1991 to 1996. The records include contracts, correspondence, grievance files and other material.

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            The bulk of these records were donated by Patrick T. Conley in 1985. Three additional folders were donated by Ken Jorgenson in 1992. In 1998, 1.5 feet of records from local 1554-T, based at Arkwright Inc. were donated by Richard A. Rupp. Rupp served as secretary-treasurer of the local from 1985 to 1988, and as president from 1991 to 1996. His gift also included some more recent printed material from the national union that had not previously been accessioned. He also donated a box of Arkwright corporate material, who can be found in the Arkwright Manufacturing Company Records (MSS 264). Rupp has donated additional ACTWU material in 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

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Processing note:

            The arrangement and description of this collection was not very thorough. Further alphabetizing of records in the folders should be done. Most paper clips were taken off, but the staples need to be removed. Newspapers and old photocopies should be photocopied onto acid-free paper. Acid-free dividers were put between the membership cards. The cards should be alphabetized. Most national textile material and AFL-CIO were given away. A list of books not accessioned is in the back.

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Series I: Subject Files

Box 1

            ACTWU & TWUA constitutions, 1974, 1978

            ACTWU directory, 1982

            ACTWU local 2370 (MA)-members, n.d.

            ACTWU organization, n.d. (ca. 1978-1980?)

            ACTWU-politics and structure, , 1980-82

            "Almost Unbelievable"-TWUA history, 196l

            Agreements-generic with Boston Joint Board, 1974-77

            Anti-union articles, 1983

            Arbitration-information, 1970s

            A-V Training materials, 1981

            Business agent-hiring, 1983

            Captive audience speeches, 1973

            Collective bargaining, 1982

            Congressional district committee, 1980s

            Contacts (with company employees), 1980s?

            Contract language, 1981-1983

            Contract settlement, 1983

            Duty of fair representation (MA AFL-CIO Conference), 1983

            Employee names-unidentified companies

            Film-textile unionism, 1981

            Foreign multi-nationals in U.S., 1980

            Foreign-owned textile plants in the U.S., 1980

Box 2

            Graphics, posters and fliers, 1980s

            Health and safety, 1984

            Health Insurance Surveys, 1983

            Health Plan-TWUA and general information, 1982-1984

            Hi-Tech Study, 1983 (Poll of hi-tech workers)

            ILR placement (low power TV-VHF?), 1981

            Incentive systems, 1979

            Independent unions, 1982-1983

            Information gathering for organizers, 1980-1981

            Institute for Labor Studies and Research-Seminar on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, 1984

            Jewish Labor Committee, 1981-82

            Labor law, 1980-85

            Laske, Graci, Motley, Devito (delegates to TWUA convention) vs. TWUA, 1964

            Laundry & Dry Cleaning International Union, (Fall River & New England), 1981

            Leaflet distribution report, 1983-1984

Box 3

            Local Union officers and Administration-information & duties, 1980s

            Maine Joint Board, 1981-82

Merger - Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America & Textile Workers Union of America, 1976

            Miscellaneous articles and memos, 1970-1983

            Mondale-NH primary, 1982

            National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Elections, 1983-1984

            New England textiles, 1983

            New England textile contracts comparison, 1979-1984

            Newspapers-American Federationist (May 1983), Labor Unity (ACTWU) (May 1984)

            Organizing targets, 1980

            Organizing targets in New England, 1980-1983

            Parent, Maurice-Local 1856, Biddeford, ME

            Pension, 1979-80

            Politics, 1979-81

            Quality of work life, 1982

            Right-to-work statistics, 1980

            Shoe industry-Boston Globe October 6, 1981

            Statistical & Tactical Information Report (STIR) from AFL-CIO, 1981-84

            Stetin, Sol (Vice-President)-speeches, 1979-81


Box 4

            Stewards-information for shop stewards, 1980s

            Textile manufacturing information (common complaints, machinery), 1960s-1980s

            Textile industry analysis, 1980-1981

            Textile labor history, 1981-82

            Unemployment conferences, 1984

            Union building resources-pins, brochures, films

            Union democracy (teamsters), 1980-83

            A union response to plant closings and worker displacement, 1982

            Unorganized Target Plants & ACTWU Plants, c. 1981-




                        New Hampshire

                        Rhode Island


            Worker's compensation, 1981-82

Addendum from accession #1992.166:

            Independent Textile Union, 1936-1968

            Industrial Trades Union-TWUA survey, 1945

            Industrial Trades Union, 1950-1968

Addendum from accession #1998.4.1:

            ACTWU constitutions, 1984, 1987, 1990

            ACTWU songbook, ca.1981

            ACTWU joint board by-laws, 1984, 1988

Series II: Company Information

Box 5

            Agreements- (all in one folder)

                        Bacon Felt Co. (w/United Electrical, Radio...)(Taunton, MA), 1980

                        Carleton Woolen Mills, Inc. (Gardiner, ME), 1981-83

                        Biddeford Mill West Point Pepperell (Biddeford, ME), 1978

            Agreements- (all in one folder)

                        Biddeford Textile Company (Biddeford, ME), 1978

                        Edwards Manufacturing (Augusta, ME), 1976

                        Edwards Division of Bates Manufacturing Co. (Augusta, ME), 1969, 1972

            Agreements- (all in one folder)

                        Wyandotte Industries (Waterville, ME), 1980-83

                        Waumbec Dyeing & Finishing (Manchester, NH), 1978

                        W.R. Grace & Co. (Adams, MA), 1980

            Albany International (MA), 1983

            Armour Handicrafts (Pawtucket, Providence), 1979 (2f)

            Armour-Dial (formerly Malina), 1975-1979

            Armour Handicraft-

                        rules and benefits, 1979

                        affidavits, 1979

                        official report before the NLRB, Mar. 14 1979

                        Financial, 1976-1979


Box 6

            Armour (cont'd)


            Atlantic Yarn (Providence), 1972-1974

            Band-Age Co. (Central Falls), 1975

            Band-Age Co. (formerly Paulis Silk Co.), 1968-1975

            Bata Shoe (MD)-Anti-union material, 1958-1978

            Bates Fabrics (Lewiston, ME), 1980-83

            Bay State Mills (Springfield, MA), 1977

            Bay Textile Corp. (Johnston, RI), 197l-78 (2f)

            Belmont Dog Track (Laconia, NH), 1983

            Bemis Company, (Nashua, NH), 1981-84

            Bleyer Industries (Wakefield, MA), 1982

            Brand-Rex Company (Willamantic, CT)-agreements, 1977

            Chelsea Industries, 1980-83

Box 7

            Chelsea Industries (cont'd), 1980-83

            Chemfab Corp. (Manchester, NH), 1979-1983

            Cooley, Inc. (Pawtucket, RI), 1982-1983

            Crest Chemical Co.-Scientific Finishing Division (Woonsocket), 1973-1976

            Derry Shoe Co. (Derry, NH), 1981

            M. Dursin & Sons (Woonsocket), 1978

            Edison Electronics Division & Local l016 (Manchester, NH), 1979

            Elastic Corporation of America (West Warwick, RI)-agreement, 1978

            Emerson Textile-

                        Local 468 (Chelsea MA), 1983

                        Grievance of J. Russo, July 1983


            Facemate Corp. (Chicopee MA), 1984

            Fall River Dyeing & Finishing Co., 1982

            Florence Dye Works & Florence Textile Finishing Co. (Woonsocket), 1978

            Fiber Processing (Manchester, NH), 1982

            Fiber Taxis (Bellingham, MA) 1983

            Foss Mfg. Co, (Hampton, NH), 1981-82

Box 8

            Guild Musical Instruments (Westerly, RI), 1974

            Hale Mfg. Co. (Westerly, RI), 1972-73

            Harodite Co. (Taunton, MA), 1979

            Charles W. House & Sons (Unionville, CT), 1977-78

            Idlewild Farms, (Danielson, CT?), 1977

            International Packing-Local l362 (Bristol, NH) (Granite State Joint Board), 1978-82

            Interstate Uniform Service Corp. (Woburn, MA), 1981

            Kendall Co. (Walpole, MA) (Colgate-Palmolive), 1981

            W.S. Libbey Co. (Lewiston, ME), 1983-84

            Limerick Shoe (Limerick ME)-anti-union material, NLRB report, 1975

            MH Yarns (Woonsocket, RI), 1978

            Malden Mills (Barre, VT), 1982-83

            Masland Rug Co. (Wakefield, RI), 1967

Box 9

            C.H. Masland & Sons (cont'd) (Spinning Division) (Wakefield), 1969-1971

            Moran Mills, Fayetteville, NC, 1983

            Frank Noone Shoe Co., Inc. (Taunton, MA), 1979-1984

            Nu-Way Tobacco Co. (Vernon, CT?), 1980

            Owens-Corning Fiberglass (Ashton, RI)-members, 1969

            Peacedale Processing Co. (Peacedale, RI) (Kenyon)-OSHA violations, 1981 (2f)

            CJ Pearson Co. (Bristol, RI), 1969

            Preferred Plastics (Putnam, CT), 1976

            Providence Pile (part of Quaker Fabrics) (Fall River, MA), 1980-82

            Putnam-Herzl (Putnam, CT)-arbitration, 1980

            Quincy Dye Works, Local 1788 (Woonsocket, RI), 1969-1972 (2f)

            R&J Mfg. Co. (jewelry) (Bristol, RI), 1969

Box 10

            Responsive Packing (Westerly RI), 1972-1973

            Robinson Rayon (Pawtucket, R.I.), 1969-72

            Roosevelt Mills (Vernon, CT), 1977

            Roto-Print Machine Co. (Versaille, CT), 1984

            Saco Defense Systems Division (Saco, ME), 1981

            Screen Print Corporation (Providence, RI), 1965

            Tenneford Weaving (Sanford, ME), 1985

            United Merchant (Fall River, MA), 1985

            Velcro, USA (Manchester, NH), 1979

            Velcro, USA(?)-telephone survey, 1985?

            Wardwell Braiding Machine Co. (Central Falls, RI)-agreement, 1979-1980

Woonsocket Textile (Manville, RI), Woonsocket Dye, & Enterprise Dye (Woonsocket, RI) - fight with International Union of District 50, 1972

            William Wright Co. (W. Warren, MA) 1981-83

            Young Bros. (Providence, RI)-local l000, 196l-1980 (out of business in 1981)

                        Series III: Membership Cards

Box 11

            Abren (?) (Taunton, MA), n.d.

            Arbeka Webbing Co. (Pawtucket, RI)-Local l390, 1955-83

            Arkwright Inc. (Fiskeville, RI)-Local 1554, 1962-82

            Bradford Dye (Bradford, RI)-Local 431, 1975-1981


Box 12

            Bradford Dye (Cont'd)

Coventry Narrow Fabrics (Coventry, RI) & Warwick Braid Co. (W. Warwick, RI)-Local 1657, 1969-82

Box 13

            Chemical Products (East Providence, RI), 1957-64

            Crown Yarn Dye Co. (South Attleboro, MA)-Local l000T, 1959-1982

            Desmon Mills (Woonsocket, RI)-Local 1539, 1965-83

            Douglas Randall, Inc. (Westerly, RI)-Local 2373, 1968-81

            Elastic Corp. (Weaving Corp.) (West Warwick, RI)-Local 1545, 1959-89 (A-L)


Box 14

            Elastic Corp. (Cont'd) (L-Z)

            Florence Dye Works (Woonsocket, RI), 1978

            Forte Cashmere Corp. (Woonsocket, RI)-Local 1825, 1967-1983

            Frank Noone Shoe Co. (Taunton, MA), n.d.

            Guild Music Instruments Co. (Westerly, RI)-Local 194l, 1976-1982 (A-D)


Box 15

            Guild Musical Instruments (Cont'd) (D-Z)

            Highland Textile Printers (Providence, RI)-Local l375, 1955-1982

            Kenyon Piece Dye Works (Kenyon, RI)-Local l321, 1937-1983


Box 16

            Kenyon Piece Dye Works (Cont'd)

            M&H Yarns (Woonsocket, RI), n.d.

            Malina Company (Providence-CIC Building), 1979

            Malina Company (Crary St.), 1979

            Malina Company, (mostly CIC), 1979

            Masland & Sons (Peacedale, RI)-card for how they would vote, n.d.

            Microfibers, Inc. (Pawtucket, RI)-Local 1832, 1970-81 (A-J)


Box 17

            Microfibers (Cont'd), (J-Z)

            Owens-Corning (Ashton, RI), 1969

            Providence Chemical and Coating (Providence, RI)-Local 1248, 1965-1979

            Qualitex, Inc. (Johnston, RI)-Local 902T, 1978-82

            Quincy Dye Works (Woonsocket, RI)-Local 1788, 1969-82

            Responsive Packaging (Westerly, RI), 1972-73

            Scotts Laboratories (W. Warwick, RI)-Local 1877, 1974-81

Box 18

            Scotts Laboratories (Cont'd)

            Slater Dye Works (Pawtucket, RI)-Local 1468, 1958-1982

            Star Carbonizing Co. (Woonsocket, RI)-Local 1789, 1969-82

            Triangle Prints Co. (W. Warwick, RI)-Local 1555, 1965-80

            Union Wadding Co. (Pawtucket, RI)-Local 808, 1978-1981

            United Merchant? (Fall River, MA)

            Victor Electronics (Westerly, RI)-Local 2385, 1982-1983


Box 19

            Victor Electronics (cont'd)

            Wardwell Braiding Machine Co. (Central Falls, RI)-Local 1198, 1962-80

            Warwick Dyeing Crop. (W. Warwick, RI)-Local 1404, 1956-77

            Whitman Products (Johnston, RI)-Local 17l2, 1976-83

            Woonsocket Brush Co. (Woonsocket, RI)-Local 1791, 1969-81

            Woonsocket Weaving Co., (Woonsocket, RI)-Local 1792, 1969-77

            World Narrow Fabrics (W. Warwick?), 1981

Series IV: Local 1554-T Records

(representing employees of Arkwright, Inc.)

Box 20

            Contracts, 1965, 1968 (missing only 1962)

            Contract, 1971

            Contract, 1974

            Contracts, 1976, 1979, 1982, 1985, 1988, 1991

            Contracts of Local 167 (Interlaken Mills Division), 1961, 1965, 1968

            Contracts for technicians, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1996

Contract for Arkwright's Michigan plant , 1980 (Local 7-389 of Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union)

            Contract addendums and wage scales

            Contract negotiations, 1991

            Contract proof, 1991

            Partially processed material (1999, 2001, 2003 gifts):

                        Richard Rupp file, 1979-2002 (I.D. cards, awards, paychecks, timecards)

                        Union contracts, 1961, 1965, 1968 (printed) (Local 167)

                        Union contract, 1971 (Local 167)

                        Grievances and warnings


                        Position descriptions

                        Shop steward nominations and petitions, 1985-1997

                        Membership lists

                        Technician's union - misc., 1982-1992


Correspondence re NAFTA legislation, 1993 (letters from Sen. Claiborne Pell, Sen. John Chafee, Rep. Jack Reed, and Rep. Ron Machtley)

                        Monthly cash reports, July 1994 and March 1995

Box 21

            Minutes, 1981-1983

            Minutes, 1983-1992

            Correspondence, 1965-1974

            Correspondence, 1975-1977

            Correspondence, 1978-1980

            Correspondence, 1981-1983

            Correspondence, 1984-1986

            Correspondence, 1987

            Correspondence, 1988

            Correspondence, 1989

            Correspondence, 1990-1992

            Correspondence, 1993-1996

            Correspondence, undated

            Warnings and grievance, 1969-1985

            Warnings and grievance, 1986

            Warnings and grievance, 1987

            Warnings and grievance, 1988

            Warnings and grievance, 1989

            Warnings and grievance, 1990

            Warnings and grievance, 1991

            Warnings and grievance, 1992-1997

            Arbitration files, 1986-1992

            Seniority lists and other lists of members, 1966-1994

            "The Arkwrighter" (staff publication), 1991-1997 (9 copies)

            Pension plan fliers, 1969-1973

            Soccer team sponsorship, 1996 and undated

            Christmas charitable contributions, 1993-1995

            Meeting notices, ca.1992-1996

            Humor, 1995 and undated

            Miscellaneous clippings and history of the local

            Richard Rupp membership cards, undated

            Oversized on top of box: Cash report book, 1987-1991

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Arbeka Webbing Co. (Pawtucket, RI)

Arkwright Inc. (Fiskeville, RI)

Armour Handicrafts

Azzinaro, Samuel

Bradford Dye (Bradford, RI)

Brown, Howard

Chemical Products (East Providence, RI)

Coventry Narrow Fabrics (Coventry, RI)

Coventry, R.I. - Trade unions

Crown Yarn Dye Co. (South Attleboro, MA)

Desmon Mills (Woonsocket, RI)

Douglas Randall, Inc. (Westerly, RI)

Elastic Corp. (Weaving Corp.) (West Warwick, RI)

Florence Dye Works (Woonsocket, RI),

Forte Cashmere Corp. (Woonsocket, RI)

Guild Music Instruments Co. (Westerly, RI)

Highland Textile Printers (Providence, RI)

Kenyon Piece Dye Works (Kenyon, RI)

M&H Yarns (Woonsocket, RI)

Malina Company (Providence-CIC Building)

Masland & Sons (Peacedale, RI)  

Microfibers, Inc. (Pawtucket, RI))

Owens-Corning (Ashton, RI),

Providence Chemical and Coating (Providence, RI)

Qualitex, Inc. (Johnston, RI)

Quincy Dye Works (Woonsocket, RI)

Responsive Packaging (Westerly, RI),

Rupp, Richard A.

Scotts Laboratories (W. Warwick, RI)

Slater Dye Works (Pawtucket, RI)

Star Carbonizing Co. (Woonsocket, RI)

Textile Workers Union of America

Textile workers - Rhode Island

Textile workers - New England

Trade unions - Rhode Island

Trade unions - New England

Triangle Prints Co. (W. Warwick, RI)

Union Wadding Co. (Pawtucket, RI)

United Merchant? (Fall River, MA)

Victor Electronics (Westerly, RI)

Wardwell Braiding Machine Co. (Central Falls, RI)

Warwick Dyeing Crop. (W. Warwick, RI)

Warwick Braid Co. (W.Warwick, RI)

Whitman Products (Johnston, RI)

Woonsocket Weaving Co., (Woonsocket, RI)

Woonsocket Brush Co. (Woonsocket, RI)

World Narrow Fabrics (W. Warwick?)

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