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 Jean and Francis Madeira Papers

 Opera singer and orchestra conductor, of Rhode Island and Maine

 Papers, 1927-2001

 Size: 23 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 122

 Processed by: Kate Dunnigan, 1977

Additions through 2001

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

See 1977 inventory for biography of Jean Madeira.

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Scope and content:

            After a long and distinguished career as founder, director and conductor of the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, Francis Madeira retired to Maine in 1978. The papers in boxes 8 and 9 were for the most part generated in Maine between 1978 and 1990. They include some correspondence relating to the R.I.P.O., Brown University alumni activities, and various Rhode Island acquaintances. A larger portion involve activities in Maine: the Maine Arts Commission, the Appalachian Mountain Club, the Cathedral Church of St. Luke in Portland, and spiritual healing. As the bulk of Mr. Madeira's papers have already been donated, these papers have been retained at the R.I.H.S.L., despite their non-Rhode Island content. This collection has not yet been fully processed or integrated with the other Madeira papers already on file. The inventory of Francis Madeira's papers is a provisional listing, using Mr. Madeira's folder titles.

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            These papers were donated by Francis Madeira in a series of gifts between 1973 and 2001. They bear the accession numbers #1973.241.1-, #1976.146.1-, #1978.89.1-, #1980.149.1-, #1981.119.1-, #1996.5.1.1-, #1996.38.1.1-, #1999.166.1- and #2001.24.1-.

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Processing note:

            The collection was fully processed by Kate Dunnigan in 1977. Most of these processed papers related to Jean Madeira, with two boxes relating to Francis Madeira. Several new accessions have been added since that date, and none of these additions has been fully integrated. Almost all of these unprocessed additional papers relate to Francis Madeira.

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Subgroup 1. Jean Madeira Papers

See the original 1977 inventory for full folder list.

Series 1: Correspondence

Series 1, subseries 1: Professional correspondence. See 1977 index to correspondents.

Box 1. 1939-1949

Box 2. 1950-1959, A-E

Box 3. 1950-1959, F-M

Box 4. 1950-1959, –Z

Box 5. 1960-1972, A-F

Box 6. 1960-1972, G-N

Box 7. 1960-1972, O-Z

Series 1, subseries 2: Personal correspondence

Box 8. 1944-1972 and undated

Series 1, subseries 3: Fan mail

Box 11. 1946-1959

Box 12. 1960-1972 and undated

Series 2: Contracts, itineraries and professional financial papers

Box 9. Subject files, A-M

Box 10. Subject files, –V

Series 3: Miscellaneous (in off-site storage as of 2001)

Box 13. Certificates, awards and diplomas

Box 14. Invitations and cards

Box 15. Date books and address books.

Box 16. Memorabilia

Series 4: Published material (in off-site storage as of 2001)

Box 17. Publicity material

Box 18. Programs

Box 23. Magazines

Box 24. Magazines

Series 5: Clippings and scrapbooks

Boxes 19-22. Clippings (in off-site storage as of 2001)

Volumes 1-34. Scrapbooks, 1927-1969

Subgroup 2: Francis Madeira

Only partially processed.

Box 1, folders 1-3. Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra

Box 1, folders 4-9. Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra - Personnel

Box 1, folder 10. 10th Annual R.I. Arts Festival, March 1968

Box 1, folder 11. Citizens United for a Fair Housing Law, 1964-1968

Box 1, folder 12. Dallas Symphony Orchestra benefit, February 1964

Box 1, folder 13. Bregenzer Festspiele, 1960-1961

Box 1, folder 14. Brown University Coffee Hours, 1947, 1949

Box 1, folder 15. Christmas Concert, Providence, 1944

Box 1, folder 16. Brown University Music Department - Correspondence, 1948-1972

Box 1, folder 17. R.I. Committee for the National Cultural Center, 1962-1963

Box 2, folders 18-20. R.I. Concert-Dance Association, 1960-1962

Box 2, folder 21. R.I. Governor's School for the Gifted in Arts, 1968-1969

Box 2, folder 22. Brown University Music Department pupils and recitals

Box 2, folder 23. Providence College honorary Ph.D., June 1966

Box 2, folder 24. Pierre Monteux Memorial Foundation concert, August 1967

Box 2, folder 25. Austria, 1956

Box 2, folder 26. "Music in the Public Schools," editorial, 1952

Box 2, folder 27. Contracts from R.I. Philharmonic and other civic appearances

Box 2, folder 28. Portland Symphony Orchestra (Maine), 1965

Box 2, folder 29. National Youth Orchestra, Wolf Trap American University Academy for the Performing Arts, 1971

Box 2, folder 30. Five letters from Madame Olga Samaroff, 1943-1946

Box 2, folder 31. Toledo Orchestra concert, January 1961

Box 2, loose. Three issues of Brown Alumni Monthly

Box 3. 1981 accession. Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra files, 1949-1963

Box 4. Unknown accession.

            Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra files, 1949-1963

            Jean and Francis Madeira collaborations, 1946-1952

            Miscellaneous files, 1944-1970s

            Avon Old Farms School files, 1972-1977

            Jean Madeira photographs and clippings

Box 5. 1980 accession. Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra files, 1959-1973. Half full.

Box 6. Unknown accession.

            Contents completely unprocessed and very miscellaneous.

            Includes plaques, sheet music, clippings, programs, Jean Madeira files

Box 7. Published material

Box 8: #1996.5 accession

Rhode Island - related material:

            Personal miscellany

Correspondence, 1979; invitation for wedding of Francis and Jean Madeira, 1947; newspaper clipping re Percy Madeira Jr.; eulogy on Albert Soessel, 1943; musical programs

            Juilliard Concert, May 1978 (conducted by Madeira)

            Music to RIPO (gifts of scores to orchestra, 1978-1979)

            Newport recital, 21 Oct. 1984 (as pianist at Trinity Church)

            Miscellany (mostly correspondence, 1976-1980)

            Letters from Brown students, 1963-1980

            Retirement material, 1978

            Wheeling Symphony Orchestra exchange, 9 Mar. 1978

            Avon Old Farms School - 1977 (Avon, Connecticut; Madeira a trustee)

            Avon Old Farms School - 1979-1980

            Episcopal Chaplain Endowment (Brown U., 1980)

            Corr. on Bach, Well-Tempered Clavier (performed at Brown, 1973)

            R.I.P.O. Speeches

            R.I.P.O. conductor search

            R.I.P.O. correspondence with conductors, 1978-1979

            Concert with R.I.P.O. Youth Orchestra, 3 June 1984

            R.I.P.O. Annual Meeting, June 1979

            R.I.P.O. office correspondence, 1978-1979

Maine-related material:

            Lake Arrowhead - Res. (Corresp. with L. Nelson)

            Sale of Lake Arrowhead property, 1985

            Appalachian Mountain Club (Maine Chapter, Exec. Committee 1987-90)

            Appalachian Mountain Club - old material

            Mountain climbing, 1979

            St. Croix trip, 1981

            Allagash trip, 1980

            Martin art (drawings, apparently by a young child)

            Newspaper coverage, 1981-1982

            Bach Recital, Portland Museum, 9 Dec. 1984

            Hebron academy recital, 19 Oct. 1984 and 21 Apr. 1986

            Piano performances, 1983-1985

            Maine Arts Commission, 1987-1988 (grant proposals)

            Maine Arts Commission, 1989-1990 (grant proposals) (2 fol.)

            Correspondence, 1978-1980

            Correspondence, 1984

            Correspondence, 1985

            Correspondence, summer 1985

            Newspaper material, 1984-1985

            Correspondence on inventions and sinfonias, 1983

            Cathedral Church of St. Luke Advisory Committee (1989)

            Cathedral Church of St. Luke, 1990

            Psalm courses, 1989-1990

            Healing - 1982 article in Outlook and correspondence

            Bibl. - documents and commentary

            Healing oneself - speech

Box 9: #1996.38 accession

            Spiritual healing correspondence, 1979-1982

            Healing - Misc. thoughts and notes

            Certificates and honorary degrees

            Correspondence, 1975-1993

            Jean Madeira estate

            "Misc. for R.I. Historical Society"

            Activities, 1989-1990

            Channing Gray article, 1991

            Jean Madeira Memorial Fund

            Trip to the Alps, 1982

            Dolomites hike, 1983

            Opera News photo layout, 1963

    R.I. Philharmonic concert, 1985

    Avon Old Farms, 1982-1986

    Catholic Church of St. Luke, 1986-1989


    Portland Museum of Art

    Lake Legislation

    Saco River Festival Association

    Passports and certificates, 1947-1955

Box 10: 1999 accession

(Folder titles by Francis Madeira)

    Veterans Memorial Auditorium Assn., 1985-1990

    Cathedral Church of St. Luke - 1991

    Cathedral Church of St. Luke - 1992-1993

    Cathedral Church of St. Luke - 1994-1995

    Correspondence - 1994

    Correspondence - 1995

    Correspondence - 1996

Can be considered for disposition (offer to donor if not wanted):

    Activities - 1995

    Correspondence - ca. 1994-1996

    Cathedral Church of St. Luke

Box 10: 2001 accession

Correspondence in this accession has not been weeded. Printed material was separated out and can be considered in future for either transfer to the printed collection or disposition. As with previous donations much of the material is Maine-related.

    Senior college 1999

    Portland Symphony Orchestra 1996-1998

    Correspondence 1997

    Correspondence 1998

    Avon Old Farms School 1996

    Avon Old Farms 1997-1998

    Cathedral of St. Luke 1996-1997

    RI Philharmonic Orchestra 1999

    RI printed material

    Non-RI printed material and duplicates

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