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 Thomas A. Jenckes Family Papers

 Family of Cumberland and Providence, R.I.

 Family papers, 1800-1949. Bulk, 1817-1883.

 Size: 22 feet

 Catalog number: MSS 127

 Processed by: Harold Kemble and Cindy Bendroth (subgroup 1)

 Rick Stattler, December 2000 (subgroups 2 through 8)

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Thomas Bowen Jenckes (1786-1819) was born in Newport, New Hampshire, the son of Jeremiah and Lucy (Whipple) Jenckes. He moved to Providence, R.I. as a young man and operated a store on Canal Street. He became a cotton manufacturer in Manville Village, Cumberland, R.I. circa 1815. In 1817, he married Abigail W. Allen (1794-1863) of Cumberland, and they had one child: Thomas A. Jenckes (1818-1875). Thomas B. Jenckes died on August 19, 1819. Abigail lived as a widow for over forty-four years.

            Thomas Allen Jenckes (1818-1875) graduated from Brown University in 1838 and studied law. In 1840 he was admitted to the bar and became partner with Edward H. Hazard. Mr. Jenckes also enjoyed a successful political career, serving many years in the Rhode Island General Assembly. He served as in the United States House of Representatives from 1863 to 1871. After his service in Congress, he again practiced law in Rhode Island and New York, specializing in patent litigations. In 1842 he married Mary Jane Fuller (1822-1872) of Attleboro, Mass. He died in Cumberland November 4, 1875. Thomas A. and Mary Jane Jenckes had the following children:

1) Mary E. (1844-1921), married William W. Goddard

2) Jeannie R. (1844-1907), m. John R. Bartlett

3) Ida C. (1846-1863)

4) Agnes (1852-1852)

5) Eleanor (1854- ), m. William G. Roelker

6) Florence M. (1849-1930), m. Joseph Bridgham

7) Thomas A. II (1856-1928)

            Thomas A. Jenckes II graduated from Brown University in 1877. He was a partner in the legal firm of Wilson & Jenckes from 1884 to 1907, and then went into practice on his own account. He was active in the state Republican party, and served a term in the General Assembly. In 1890 he married Henrietta Brownell (1861-1917), daughter of Stephen and Henrietta. They had two children: Thomas A. Jenckes III (1891-1949) and Stephen H. Jenckes (1896-1956).

            Thomas A. Jenckes III married Marjorie H. Blanchard (1902-1982) in 1931. They had two children: Marjorie A. (Jenckes) Everett (1934- ) and Thomas A. Jenckes IV (1939- ).


Browne, William B. Genealogy of the Jenks Family, 205, 338, 460-462.

Rhode Island Cemetery Database

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Scope and content:

            The collection is divided into eight subgroups, with each one representing a family member. The papers of the first Thomas A. Jenckes (1818-1875) are by far the most voluminous and important.





Relation to T.A. Jenckes


Thomas A. Jenckes (1818-1875)


22 feet



Thomas B. Jenckes (1786-1819)


0.25 ft.



Abigail W. (Allen) Jenckes (1794-1863)


0.25 ft.



Mary J. (Fuller) Jenckes (1822-1872)


1 fol.



Ida C. Jenckes (1846-1863)


1 vol.



Thomas A. Jenckes II (1856-1928)


0.5 ft.



Henrietta (Brownell) Jenckes (1860-1917)


0.5 ft.



Thomas A. Jenckes III (1892-1949)


3 fol.



Eleanor (Jenckes) Roelker (1854- )


2 fol.



Jeannie (Jenckes) Bartlett (1844-1907)


1 fol.


            Subgroup 1 consists primarily of Jenckes's notes from legal cases and his docket books. There are some files from his service in Congress and personal correspondence. The collection dates from 1817 to 1876, the bulk of the material is from 1846 to 1869. In addition to these papers, a large collection of his legislative files were donated to the library of Congress in 1949 by his grandson Thomas A. Jenckes III.

            The series divisions are:

            Subgroup 1, Series 1: Jenkins and Man

            Subgroup 1, series 2: Legal Files

            Subgroup 1, series 3: Legislative Files

            Subgroup 1, series 4: Personal Papers

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            The bulk of these papers were donated in two gifts: in 1929 from Thomas A. and Stephen H. Jenckes; and in 1941 from Stephen H. Jenckes. Smaller gifts arrived from Mrs. Kirby Fritz in 1972, from Mrs. Thomas A. Jenckes in 1977, and from Marjorie Jenckes Everett in 1986. A letter book from the firm of Jenkins & Man was donated by the Archives of the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends in 1986. Two letter books from the firm of Wilson & Jenckes were purchased from James Tyson in 1968. A single letter dated December 2 1858 was purchased in 1970 from Paul Richards. An 1853 bill of complaint re the First Scotch Presbyterian Church was purchased in 2002 from Ken and Jean Owing.

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Processing note:

            A box of Blackstone Canal Company records that arrived with this collection in 1941 was made a separate collection by 1949. Most of the processing of the remaining Jenckes papers was done circa 1985 by Harold Kemble. The work was continued by Cindy Bendroth in 1993. In 2000, the family papers were brought back into the collection by Rick Stattler, and this finding aid was expanded. The Eleanor Jenckes and Jeannie (Jenckes) Bartlett papers were integrated into the collection in 2001.

            Although subgroups 2 through 10 are fully processed, more work needs to be done on the legal papers in subgroup 1. Most items have been flattened and foldered, but some are still folded. Some work should be done on integrating the so-called personal correspondence with the legislative and legal files. The papers within the docket books were left because of the information it might shed on each case. Five miscellaneous files at the end of the legal files series should be integrated into the collection, as well as one entire box of unsorted material. Subject headings still need to be assigned for subgroup 1; a full indexing of the principals in all legal cases is recommended.

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Subgroup 1, series 1: Jenkins and Man, 1817-1856 (l lin. ft)

            This is part of the Jenckes legal papers, but the connections are uncertain. Jenckes probably represented the Company in a water rights dispute with Joseph Wilkinson and acted as the family and company's lawyer. Joseph Wilkinson was a gentleman farmer in the area and deeded land and water rights to Abner Bartlett in 1802. The land and rights continued to be sold until a group of investors bought the land in 181l and started the Unity Manufacturing Company. In 1814, Aaron Man became an investor, and his son, Samuel, inherited his claim. The whole company was sold in 182l to William Jenkins and Aaron Mann in 182l, and they leased the mill to Harkness and Stead in 1825. Samuel Mann became partners with Jenkins around 1825 and saw to it that the Blackstone Canal ran near his mill, making it easier to ship goods. Jenkins and Man then built mill #2, a brick mill and leased the first mill to James Irving.

            Samuel appeared to have great control over the operation of the mills, and the area of Manville was named after him. The Company was sold to the Valley Falls Company in 1854, and later in 1863, the Valley Falls Company was deeded to the Manville Company.

            The series includes personal correspondence, i.e. Man's involvement with the Manville Total Abstinence Society, land deeds, receipts, agreements, legal papers from Joseph Wilkinson vs. Jenkins and Man, timebooks, letter book, Anna Jenkins will, Samuel Tobey Boyd's will and correspondence to Man concerning the Providence Worcester Railroad and draft of agreement concerning building the railroad.

(Box 1)

Jenkins & Man accounts, Misc. 1824-1845

Jenkins & Man agreements and contracts 1821-1829

            Jenkins & Man, insurance, 1829-1846

            Anna Jenkins Estate (S.B. Tobey, trustee), 1845-1856 (2f)

            Samuel Man's last will and testament, n.d.

Jenkins & Man (William Jenkins & Samuel Man) letters, 1835-1847

Jenkins & Man property records 1817-1854 (2f)

Box 2

Wilkinson vs. Jenkins & Man 1838-1841

             Unsorted materials


            Letter book, 1817-1820

            Letter book, 1820-1823

            Weaver's time book, 1819-182l

            Receipt book, 1815-1821

Subgroup 1, series 2: Legal Files, 1823-1875 (20 lin. ft.)

            These files consist of dockets, notes, depositions, wills, court orders, judge's opinions and other legal forms concerning cases. Some of the court cases include the companies working ledgers, such as H.G. Robinson, Providence Worcester Stage Coach Co., John D. Brown and James F. Simmons. Case subjects range from contested wills, divorce, water rights, patent violations, debt, bankruptcy, and insurance claims. Docket books include the docket and notes from cases tried in the Circuit Courts of Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Court of Common Pleas in Rhode Island and the U.S. and Rhode Island Supreme Court. Supreme Court dockets are mixed, state and federal. Famous cases include: The Blackstone Canal Case (which includes an earlier 1830s case and Moies vs. Lonsdale tried in the 1850s), the Pemberton Mill insurance claims, and Sprague Bankruptcy case. These files are in order alphabetically. Cases with much material are in their own files and smaller case notes or items that could not be matched are in smaller folders listed alphabetically. Writs and "ex Con" writs are kept as a unit (mostly concerning debt).

            The Blackstone Canal Case files consist of letters, mill owners minutes, agreements, some deeds, depositions from Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents, and correspondence. This earlier trial in the 1830s is sometimes mixed with a later trial in the 1850s, Moies vs. Lonsdale. Important people include: Edward Walcott, Samuel Man, and Wilbur Kelly.

            John D. Brown's files include his estate, legal files and volumes from his cotton & textile brokering firm.

Box 2 (cont'd)

"A," 1830-1857-- Mary Agan vs. John Kelley; Cherry Aldrich vs. Payne & Potter (assignees); Allen vs. Vaughn; American Bank vs. James Mumford, collector; Aquidneck Bank (loan to Vose, et. al); Aza Arnold deed; Rachel Arnold to James Chace (lease)

            James A. Aborn vs. Bank of North America, c. 1858 (land)

            James A. Aborn vs. Lewis P. Mead, 1858

            Seth Adams vs. Adams & Hawthorne, 1852

            David G. Aldrich vs. Hannah Aldrich, 1852 (divorce)

            Zachariah Allen / Harris & Lippitt agreement (Phenix Mill)

Anna [Brown] Almy/William Almy deed, 1854 (mills in Warwick of Almy & Brown)

Moses B. Almy / Freelove Harris / Robert Knight - agreement for care of illegitimate child, 184l

Samson Almy & Co.-consignment agreement with Samuel Man, Charles Jackson, Reuben Peckham, 1840

            William H. Almy-bankruptcy, 187l

            Charles L. Anthony vs. Thomas Nesmith, 1858 (printed-debt)

            Mary Hunt vs. Walter R. Danforth (Burrington Anthony Estate), 1855

            Benjamin Arnold, 1867, 187l-agreement with Hooper & Sons (twine)

             Isaac Arnold vs. Cyrus B. Manchester, 1854

            Whipple Arnold vs. Richard Ward Greene, 1842, 1847 (2f)

Box 3

            Atlantic Fire & Marine vs. Wilson Gall & Co., 1857

            Attorney General vs. Providence, Warren & Bristol Railroad Co, 1854

            John W. Atwood vs. RI Agricultural Bank, 1852

            Ely Aylesworth, 1858

"B,"1849-1862--Bates vs. Howe (?); William Bishop (deed); Boston & Providence Railroad Company; Brown, Bourne, Chaffee & Co. agreement with James Bishop; Buckham, Smales & Greene vs. Brown, Bourne & Chafee; John Bucklin & James Bucklin (deed-1749); Silas Bullard vs. Roger Williams Insurance Company; John S. Burgess vs. Henry Dunster (bond);Cook Baker lease

            Horace Babcock vs. Thomas Hammond, 1850 (bank robbery?)

            Bailey Washing and Wringing Machine Co. vs. Young, 1872-patent?

            Simon Baker vs. Amasa Baker, 1857

            John R. Balch vs. Dunnell Mfg Co, 1858

            George C. Ballou vs. Edward Harris et al. (Blackstone Canal), 1849

            Olney Ballou estate, 1849

            Bank Commissioners vs. RI Central Bank c. 1856

            Barnaby & Royce (deposition), n.d.

Bank of the State of North Carolina vs. Commercial Mutual Insurance Company (Bicknall & Skinner), 1855-1858

Box 4

            Asa Bartlett estate, 184l

            Mary E. Battey vs. Josiah W. Battey, 1850

            Bay State Print Works, 1854

            Truman Beckwith estate, 1862

            Belcher vs. American Horse Nail Company, 1854

            Uriah Benedict estate, 1859

            Bennett vs. Union Mutual Life Insurance, 185l

            Bicknall & Skinner vs. Resolved Waterman, n.d.

            John Blair vs. William A. Sylvester, 1856

            Blackstone & Southbridge Railroad Company, 1853

            Blackstone Canal Case

                        Agreements, contracts, 1826-1837

                        Arguments (2f)

                        Commissioners' Reports, 1826-1835 

                        Correspondence, 1826-184l

Box 5

            Blackstone Canal Case (cont'd)

                        Depositions, statements, testimony 1828-1836 (3f)

Ledger-includes proceedings of Mill owners, agreements, letters, Commission reports, notices, petitions and statements, 1825-1850s

                        Mill Owners' Minutes, 1833

                        Miscellaneous, 1826-183l

                        Organization, 1826-1837

                        Property Records, 1825-1830 

Smithfield Cotton & Woolen Company, 1809-1849, [part of the Moies vs. Lonsdale case]

            Bridgeport Woolen Mills (William S. Patten v. BWMC), 1856

            Joseph Bridgham, 1872-pay debts

Box 6

            Daniel Brown vs. James F. Simmons, 1854-55 (land & mill dispute-Johnston)

            John Carter Brown will, 1873

            John D. Brown-trustee, 1847 (letters for asylum, PA, for Mary D. Brown)


            John D. Brown

                        Accounts, 1847-1848

                        Daybook, 1844-1845

                        Daybook, 1846-1847

                        Daybook, 1847-1849 

                        Invoice book, 1844-1849

                        Invoice book, 1847-1850 

                        Letterbook, 1847-1848

Box 6 (cont'd)

            John D. Brown estate, 1849 (2f)

            John D. Brown 1868/Fenner & John D. Brown, 1848

            Sophia Augusta Brown will

            Thomas Budlong vs. Henry Whitman (co-partners, drygoods), 1849

            Thomas Budlong estate, 1855

            John D. Burgess vs. Daniel Wilkinson, 1861

            Robert S. Burroughs vs. William Foster, 1858

"C", 1852-1858--Phillip Caswell vs. Thomas Davis; Daniel Chafee complaint; Franklin Chace to Mary A. Clark (deed); Comstock & Co. vs. John A. Wadsworth; Joseph Carpenter vs. Peleg Hall; Michael Coulen? vs. James F. Simmons

Box 7

            Francis Callahan, 1852-deed in Burrillville

            Edward Carrington, 1858-loan and deed?

            Edward Carrington vs. the Bank of the Republic, 1853-1857

            Catholic Baptist Society vs. Fenner Brown, 1859

            Central Mill, Seekonk, 1849

            Oliver Chace estate, 1852

            Christopher E. Champlin, 1857-deed

            Amory Chapin estate, 1845

            Charitable Baptist Society (has pew plan of First Baptist), 1834

            Edward E. Chase & Nehemiah Dodge assignment (to John D. Brown) & other, 1848

            James W. Clarke vs. Franklin Chase; Chase to George W. Butts, 1854

            N.J. Cheney vs. A. Alexander Brothers & Company, 1873

            Joseph P. Childs vs. Elias Ballou, 1857

            Charles W. Clewley vs. Pardon M. Stone, 1860

            Colvin vs. Zephaniah Ramsdell (Grayson land), c. 1846

            Commercial Steam Boat Co. vs. Silas H. Cottrel, 1859

            Cook vs. Smithfield Union Bank

            Lyman Copeland & Co., 1859

            Stephen Corp estate, 186l

            Joseph H. Cotton vs. John K. Stickney, 1853

            Coyle vs. Buffum, 1863

Benjamin Cozzens & Wife vs. David Sisson & Co. (Union Steam Mill, East Greenwich), 185l-1859 (3f) 1859

            John Crain vs. Benjamin Cowell 1853

Town of Cranston 1855

Francis M. Cross et al vs. Del Valle 1862

James N. Cross 1858

Mary Carlin Estate

Joseph Cunliff vs. Zebulan Whipple and John Burgess 1854

Cushing & Walling vs. George M. Briggs 1852

"D", 1849-1859 --Cornelius Day (assignment to Jenckes); George Durfee from Lawrence Fallon (deed to Fallon's Catholic Bookstore); Thomas Davis v. Henry L. Bulkley et al.; A.B. Duke & N.F. Potter vs. William S. Greene

            James S. Daman Estate 1849

Jacob Davis vs. Edward C. Davis 1855

Day vs. Chandler 1873-75

            William B. Dean vs. N. Mason 1860

Derby vs. Derby 1857

James P. Dockvay assignment 1847

Anthony Donevan vs. Providence and Worcester RR Co. 1852

Box 8

Louis J. Doyle vs. Coddington Mill Estate 1856

            Gamaliel L. Dwight Estate, 1854

            James D'Wolfe Estate 1862

Benjamin Dyer Estate 1862

Eddy St. Iron Foundry vs. Fireman's Mutual Fire Ins. 1857

Ely A. Elliott vs. Steamboat Governor 1859

            Duty Evans vs. Commercial Mutueal Insurance 1859

"F," (1846-1857)--letter to Hamilton Fish on navigation from Howland Aspinwall?, Pliny Fuller (deed)


            A.B. Dyer Co.? ledger, 1858-186l 

            Welcome Farnum, "Deeds Given" book, 1825-1848

Welcome Farnum, Record book at property transfers, Blackstone, 1847-1853

            S.J. Foster, Daybook, 1852 

Box 9

             Welcome Farnum, vs. Horatio N. Slater 1859

Betsey Fenner vs. Stephen H. Williams 1858

            Cornelius G. Fenner vs. John D. Brown 1848

Pardon Fenner 1831

            Isaac Field estate, 183l

First Scotch Presbyterian Church vs. Alexander McGaughy, 1853

S.J. Foster, 1852-1854

Nancy S. French 1851

The Friends Yearly Meeting vs. the City of Providence

Christopher Fry Estate 1858

Merrill A. Furbush vs. Willis Cook 1857

"G,"1811-1854--John Gibson deposition (re: Patrick Kiernan & Paine Colwell & Sandford; Richard Ward Greene vs. David Sisson,; Goodyear decision; Grayson to Scituate Manufacturing Co.; Thomas Grayson to Andrew Angell

            Elizabeth B. Gardner vs. Reynolds Greene, 1857

Francis C. Gardner vs. W.W. Updike, 1860

Henry Gardner vs. Francis Gardner

Mary Gibbs Estate 1823

Glendale Manuf. Co., 1853

            Simon Gline (Lease) 1849

            Glendale Vulcanized Rubber Company deeds, 1860s

            Charles Goodyear vs. John Stellman 1859

Charles Gorman vs. Edward Olney 1873

Benjamin Greene vs. J. B. Wood 1860

Caleb C. Greene vs. Charles Williams 1855

            D. Charles Green Company, 1849

            Greene Liquor Case, n.d.

            Simon H. Greene vs. Caleb F. Harris 1862

John F. Greene Bankruptcy, 1854-186l (3f)

William H. Greene assigned vs. William Barstow 1871

Greenly & Squire vs. Ashley A, Royer 1852

"H,"1847-1858--George A. Howard from Richard Waterman (lease); Sylvester Harshorn to David A. Brown; William A. Howard vs. The City of Providence; Haskell vs. Mowry? (S. Gage testimony), Paris Hall vs. John T. Knapp; Temperance Hardy vs. Arnold Taft; Philetus? Harvey testimony in Patten vs. Scott; James Hazard bills

Freelove Harris release to Moses B. Almy, 1841

Samuel Harris vs. the Woonsocket Co., 1850

Ephriam Hawkins, 1854

Hayward Rubber Co. vs. Newell & Daniels 1864

Isaac P. Hazard vs. Union Pacific RR 1848

Box 10

Isaac P. Hazard vs. Thomas C. Durant , 187l

Samuel Hedley vs. George N. & Nathan M. Briggs 1853

John Higgins vs. R.I. Central Bank, 1853

            Hill, Carpenter & Co. (Jenckes & Farnum assignees, 1855

James R. Hodges vs. George A. Howard

Charles Holden assignment to Samuel Clarke 1851

Benjamin Hoppin Will

Thomas F. Hoppin vs. Thomas Jenckes 1867

            Henry Howard, 1855-1856

Howell vs. Mason 1863

Charles Howell / Ira Harvey 1846

Martha Howell / Lippitt & Wilcox, 1846

Howland, vs Howland 1857-1861

Hoyt, Sprague 1872

             Huntington vs. Walcott

             Thomas P. Ives trustee vs. Thomas Harris 1863

"J," 185l-1857--Thomas Jenckes & Farnum to Richards (bond); Jenckes & H. Howard assigness of Kimball, Johnson & Co. vs. Hudson River Fire Ins. Co.; Joseph James (deposition); Robert Joslin

Charles Tillinghast James Est. 1873

Charles T. James vs. Atlantic De Laine Folder 1

James vs. Atlantic Delaine Folder 2

             James vs. Atlantic Delaine Folder 3

             James vs. Atlantic Delaine Folder 4

             James vs. Atlantic Delaine Folder 5

James vs. Atlantic Delaine Folder 6

Jenckes vs. Jenckes 1854

Abigail W. Jenckes 1861


Box 11

            Thomas A. Jenckes & Farnum vs. Nathan Gifford, 1860

Thomas A. Jenckes & Henry Howard vs. Barker & Howard, 1852

            "K", 1839-1854--H.L. Kimball vs. CVS & CE Gibbs; Knowles vs. Potter; George Kendall

Charles J. Kane vs. John D. Burgess/Mt. Vernon Bank, 1856

Winslow B. Kent Estate 1846

Israel Kinsman vs. Welcome Farnum 1857

"L," 1853-186l--John Lonsdale vs. James A. Smith; John Lockwood vs. Traders' Bank; Lewis & Co. vs. James Dean; Lawence vs. Staigg; Livermore vs. Jenckes

Silas H. Ladd vs. Emery H. Peckham 1857

            William Beach Lawrence vs. Richard M. Staigg 1874

            R.G. Lewis (Sherriff)-insurance, 1854 

Livermore & Sexton vs. T.A. Jenckes et al 1857

Caleb Labdell vs. Commercial Steamboat C. 1856

             Lonsdale Co. vs. Miles G. Moies 1863

             Lonsdale , King & Co. (California) 1849

Lord, Warren & Evans vs. Louis J. Doyle, 1856

            Lyman Ventilation vs. William Harrington, 1874

"M," 1848-1862--O.W. McKinney and James S. Sanger (agreement); Silas Moore (Eagle Nursery Estate); Spency Mowry's affidavit; Alexander Murdock, et al. vs. Samuel Harris et al.

            Aaron Man estate, 1862

Mary E. Man guardianship 1857-1860

Manchester Print Works 1855-1857

Henry Marchant Valley Falls Co. 1855-1857

Henry Marchant 1850 (3f)

Henry Mathewson vs. Duty Greene 1865

            Amey W. Mason Estate, n.d.

            Earl P. Mason, 1854-1856

Earl P. Mason vs. William Dickinson 1859

Elisha Mathewson Estate 1851

Henry C. Mathewson 1874


Box 12

            Lewis P. Mead vs. James A. Aborn 1861

Merchants Bank vs. Charles Anthony 1859

Isaac Merritt & Co. vs. Stephen Waterman 1860

            Joseph Metcalf, 1859-1862

Lewis S. Miller vs. Orville S. Balkorn

Launcelot Mitchell Estate 1849

Silas Moore Estate 1848

D. Austin Muir vs. Hazard & Jenckes 1850

Lydia Murray Estate 1853

            "N,"1863--New York & Boston Railroad Company

George C. Nightingale vs. Gideon Nye 1859?

George C. Nightingale vs. Harris Lippitt, 1860

             Gideon Nye vs. Allen & Nightingale

            "O," 1850--Decator Oakes (sloop Moses Eddy-protest)

            William Olney 1850

"P,"1829-1853--James Potter (no place mortgage for estate including 25 negroes); The People vs. Danel H. Stone; John Pearson to Benoni Hawkins;

Pacific Manuf. Co. 1853

Amasa Paine Estate, n.d.

Daniel Paine Estate, n.d.

Richard Palmer Assignment 1855

Box 13

John J. Parker vs. Phetteplace & Seagrave 1854

Margaret A. Pease 1855

Willard Peck & Co. vs. Joseph B. Stone 1856

Pemberton Mill Insurance Case 1860

             Harvey Perry Assignment 1848

             Samuel Pillsbury vs. American Insurance Co. 1853

             General Pitman's Court Martial 1862

             Joseph S. Pitman vs. William Waterman Brown 1837

Charles Potter Estate 1871

            E.V. Price vs. John L. Clark, 1855

Providence and Plainfield RR Co. 1854


            Providence and Worcester Stage Co.-daybook, 1838

Box 14

Providence and Worcester Stage Co. (papers from inside daybook), 1838-39

City of Providence vs. Anson Aldrich 1856

City of Providence vs. Anna R. Babcock 1864

            City of Providence vs. Daniel R. Clapp 1853

City of Providence vs. St. John's Lodge #1 1851

Providence Bank vs. Daniel Wilkinson 1856-1860

Providence Iron Co. 1850

Providence, Warren & Bristol RR 1854

"R," 1850-1873--Ashley Royce; William A. Royce vs. Thomas Cummings (patent-air compression); Richmond & Brothers vs. Ware & Fisher; Samuel G. Reynolds & William Tallman (patent-nail machine)

            Randall vs. Benjamin Brayton (Randall Mill lease), 1852

Pamela M. Read 1859

Renauld & Francois vs. C. R. Diman & Co. 1853

R.I. Central Bank vs. D. Sisson & Co.

State of Rhode Island vs. Town of Cumberland 1860

I. & P. Rhodes vs. Randall & Stead 1851

Robert Rhodes vs. Christopher Rhodes 1856

Riverside Mills / Joseph Chapin 1873

Harvey G. Robinson vs. Thomas A. Jenckes 1852


            H.G. Robinson (appears to be a clothdealer)

                        Cashbook, 6/1848 -11/1850

                        Journal, 6/1848 - 12/1849

                        Ledger, 7/1848 - 4/185l 

                        Journal, 2/1849 - 10/1849

                        Daybook, l0/1849 - 5/1850

                        Daybook, l2/1849 - 1/185l

                        Daybook, 5/1850 - 10/1850


Box 15

Roger Williams Foundry Receivership, 1848-1861

            Roger Williams Foundry Inventory, 1850 (Volume)

Eliza Rogers Estate, n.d.

Joseph Rogers vs. Robert H. Ives

             Robert Rogers Estate 1870

             Rowe & Co. Assignment 1851

"S,"185l-1860 --A.T. Stewart & Co. vs. Horton Brothers; James Sergeant vs. John D. Seagrave; Elisha Scott (warrant); Frederick Schuchardt vs. Henry L. Buckley; Gifford Sherman vs. Waterman; Thomas J. Stead; Smith vs. Reynolds (case notes?); Whipple Sayles and George W. Marsh (agreement); George Stevenson (insurance policy); Jeniah C. Stevens (writ); Darius Skinner; Henry W. Smith (will)

            Sanger, Stewart & Tuesdail? vs. Orang W. McKinney et al. ca.1856

             W.R. Sayles/Moshassuck Bl. vs. Metro. F.& M. Ins. 1854

            John B. Schenk vs. Harvey M. Richards, 1854

Theodore Schroeder 1853

Box 16

Second Universalist Society of Prov. vs. Rev. Theo. D. Cook, 1861

Thomas P. Shepard vs. Robert H. Ives, 1856

Robert Sherman vs. Lewis E. Trescott 1859

Sarah Sherman vs. Stephen Waterman 1854

James F. Simmons vs. Daniel Brown et ux 1859

James F. Simmons vs. Thomas Jenckes 1861


            James F. Simmons (Johnston cotton manufacturer?), timebook, 1844-1848

            James F. Simmons (Johnston cotton manufacturer?), timebook, 1851-1854

Box 16 (cont'd)

Simmons vs. Perry

David Sisson & Co. 1854

Eliza A. Sisson vs. John P. Jayne 1859

             William Smith vs. Nathan Nichols 1869

             William Smith vs. Glendale Elastic Fabrics Co.

             Smithfield Exchange Bank vs. Cyrus Arnold, 1847-48


Box 17

Gideon L. Spencer vs. George W. Jackson 1851

Sprague 1871-1875

John C. Starkweather vs. the Pawtucket Bank

             Francis E. Stead Estate, 1858

             Benjamin Stevens vs. Curtis L. North

             James Stevens vs. Isaac H. Cady 1854

            Alexander T. Stewart vs. Gideon L. Spencer, 1852

             Cornelius Sweetland Jr. vs. Quidneck Co. 1825

Box 18

"T," 185l-1855 --Jacob Frieze to Mrs. C.S. Thompson; Elisha Taylor & Frederick B. Nason; Hiram Tucker & Orlando Wood (petition); John A Taft vs. Roger W. Potter (replevin)

            John A. Taft vs. Franklin Chase 1854

William Tallman 1851-1854

Sally Thompson Estate 1849

Thompson & Cady vs. New York & Boston RR Co.

Hester Thornton vs. Simon E. Thornton 1856

James Tiffany Estate 1848

Samuel B. Tobey vs. American Water-Proof Cloth Co. 1867

             Samuel B. Tobey Estate 1865

             Paul V. Todd vs. Paris Hill 1858

            Hiram A. Tucker vs. James Clarke (receiver), 186l

John Turner vs. John B. Dockray

Walter W. Updike vs. Lewis J. Doyle 1856

            Union Oil Company, 1865

W. W. Updike vs. Louis J. Doyle 1858

Lorenzo Vaughn vs. Charles Tillinghast James 1862

            Pheve A. Verrey vs. Thomas Hayward

John W. Vose Estate 1848

"W,"1843-1855-- Emily Warren? to Mr. Clifford; Henry Waterman vs. Charles Hart (attorney General); Charles Ware & Edward Fisher; Alfred Edwards, William Whiting vs. Thomas R. Phinney

Mary Wade Estate 1854

Eliza Ward Estate 1844

Warwick Bank Commissioners 1858

Warwick Bank Receiver 1859-1861

Elisha Waterman Estate, 1854

Stephen Waterman assignees, 1855

             Lawson L. Watts, vs. Atlantic F & M Insurance Co. 1854

James S. Wheeler assignment 1854

             Whipple & Brown 1851-1852

             Abigail Whipple Estate 1852 W. Bennett

Amasa W. Whipple vs. Robert Shearman 1854

             Cullen Whipple 1854

             Olive Whipple 1857-1858

             Silas Whipple Estate 1852

Thomas Whipple vs. Samuel Arnold

Willaim Whitcomb vs. Hazard & Jenckes 1853?

George H. Wilbur insolvency 1860

Oliver C. Wilbur 1854

            Williams vs. Northrop 1860

Winsor vs. Kendall 1857

Luke Whitcomb Estate, 1850

Robert B. Woodward vs. Payne & Dewey 1860

Woonasquatucket River Co. vs. Samuel G. Arnold, 1859

Woonsocket Union RR 1853

James Wostenholm vs. Commercial Steamboat Co. 1856

John Wright vs. Theodore Schroder

Box 19

            Writs, 1840-1860 (2f)

            Writs-"Ex Con" (mostly debtors), 1839-185l ( 5f)

Mary Wyatt Estate, 1852

            5 unsorted files


            Corlis vs. Thurston Greene & Co.; Corlis vs. Gorham, 185l [U.S. Circuit Court]

            Horace H. Day vs. Isaac Hutchins, 1855?

Pillsbury vs. Atlantic Fire & Marine; Clarke vs. Clarke; Attorney General vs. Henry Waterman; Thomas Young vs. John B. King; Dorrance St. & West Water St., 1855?

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1844

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1848

            Supreme Court, March 1847, Common Pleas, May 1847

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1849

            Supreme Court, March 1850

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1850

Supreme Court Sept. 1851, March 1852

            Supreme court, Sept. 185l

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1852

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1852 [mostly Thomas Whipple vs. Coventry Mfg. Co]

            Supreme Court, December 1852, March 1853

            Supreme Court, March 1853

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1853

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1853 [Elisha Harris vs. Lonsdale Co.]

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1853, March & Sept. 1854

            Supreme Court Sept. 1854

            Supreme Court, March 1854

            Supreme Court, March 1855

Supreme Court, Sept. 1855, March 1856 (Theater billing taken from p. 99 and given to Graphics--concerns the case of William C. Forbes vs. George Howard)

            Supreme Court, March 1856

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1856

            U.S. Supreme Court, Dec. 1856 [Hartshorne vs. Day]

            Supreme Court, Dec. 1856 [Updike vs. Doyle]

            Supreme Court, Kent & Prov. Co., March 1857

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1857

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1857

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1857, March 1858

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1858

            Supreme Court, March 1859

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1859, March 1860, Sept. 1860

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1860

            Supreme Court, Sept. 1860 [Walter Updike vs. Louis Doyle]

            Supreme Court, March 1861

            Supreme Court, Sept. 186l (2 vols)

            Supreme Court, March, Sept. 1862, March 1863

            Supreme Court, March 1863

            Common Pleas, December 1842

            Common Pleas, Dec. 1843

            Common Pleas, Dec. 1847, May 1848

            Common Pleas, December 1851

            Common Pleas, May 1853

            Common Pleas, December 1853

            Common Pleas, June 1854 [belonged to H. Howard?]

            Common Pleas, Dec. 1854 (printed docket)

            Circuit Court (US), Nov. 1843 (also Bankruptcy Court, 1842)

            Circuit Court (US), Nov. 1850

            Circuit Court, March 1852

            Circuit Court (US), June 1852 (2 vols)

             Circuit Court, Nov 1852, June 1853

            Circuit Court, March 1852, [H.H. Day vs. Hartshorne]

            Circuit Court (RI & NY?) Nov. 1853, June 1854, Nov. 1854

            Circuit Court, Nov. 1854

Circuit Court, Nov. 1854 [Day vs. Hartshorne, v. 2; Penfold & Schuyler vs. William Bowen]

            Circuit Court, Feb? 1855 [Day vs. Hartshorne, v.3]

            Circuit Court, June 1855

            Circuit Court, Nov. 1855, June 1856

Circuit Court (PA), 1856 [Ford Rubber vs. Albert Eddy; Charles Goodyear vs. Levick; Sickels vs. Glocester Mfg. Co.]

            Circuit Court (NJ), Sept. 1856 [Sickels vs. Glocester Mfg. Co.]

            Circuit Court (MA), Oct. 1856, May 1857

            U.S. Circuit Court, Nov. 1856

            Circuit Court, June 1857, Nov. 1857

            Circuit court, June, Nov. 1858

            Circuit Court, June, Nov. 1859, June, Nov., 1860

            Circuit Court, June 186l

            US District Court, February 1847

? Court, Sept. 186l [Cooke vs. Second Universalist Soc.; Second Universalist Soc. vs. Cooke]

? Court, Phila., Congress Rubber Co. vs. American Elastic Cloth Co., May 1857

Subgroup 1, series 3: Legislative Files, 1867-1871 (l.5 lin. ft.)

            Consists of notes, letters and legislation from Jenckes term as U.S. Representative. These include his work on Civil Service reform, reconstruction, postal appointments, ventilation of the capitol and citizenship. Also some files concerning Rhode Island's General Assembly including a volume on the proceeding concerning those imprisoned for treason during the Dorr Rebellion. Organized alphabetically by subject. See also the Library of Congress finding aid on the Thomas A. Jenckes papers for more on Jenckes legislative career.

(Box 20)

            Banning, 1867

Bankruptcy 1867-1871

Bankruptcy Laws 1873

Bristol RI Postmaster, 1869

Civil Service 1866-1869

             Civil Service Reform 1868-1871

Civil Service Reform Newsclippings , scrapbook

Congressional Election, 1868

Corrupt Practices 1870

Justice Department, Establishing 1868

Naturalization 1867-1870

Niagara Ship Canal

Patents/Copyright/Trademarks, 1868

Providence-Newport Postal Route 1865


Joint Select Committee on Retrenchment 1866-1870

Revenue Service 1865-1870

Tariff 1870

Tariff 1870 -Coal and Wool

Tariff 1870--Woolens

             U.S. Citizens Rights Abroad, 1868

U.S. Marshalls R.I. 1870

             Valley Falls Postmaster 1870

             Ventilation of the U.S. Capitol 1870


Record of the Proceedings ... of persons indicted and imprisoned for offences against the state, 1843 (Dorr)

Subgroup 1, series IV: Correspondence and Miscellaneous, 1820-1875 (1.5 lin. ft.)

            This series consists of correspondence, accounts, some personal and some business. Items include letters from his wife, Jeannie, letters concerning cases, letters and an agreement with Edward Hazard, his law partner, some of his outgoing letters, Blackstone Mfg. Co. (removal of flashboards), death of his daughter Ida (1863), letters from children, Thomas, Edith, Jeanie, Nellie, letters while in Congress concerning the Bankruptcy law, Civil Service, correspondence with patent brokers, including Horace H. Day of New York, Sprague case, correspondence concerning a divorce case of a Dr. Wheeler from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, as well as other legal issues. Accounts include receipts, leases, mortgages. Miscellaneous materials include resolutions from the Cumberland Whigs and Law and Order party, speeches, school books and other. Arranged alphabetically.

Box 21

            Accounts, 1835-

Accounts 1840-1849

Accounts 1850-1859

             Accounts 1960-1869

Address before the Civil Rights Club, June 1866

            Adjutant Gernal 1846-1855

James C. Bucklin contract to improve a house in Cumberland, 1863

Certificates 1848-1869

            College Hill Tunnel Co., 1872 (General Assembly)

            Correspondence 1835-1839

            Correspondence 1840-1844

Correspondence 1845-1849

Correspondence 1850-1854

Correspondence 1855-1859

Correspondence 1860-1864

            Correspondence 1865-1869

Correspondence 1870-1874

Correspondence 1870-1874


Box 22

            Correspondence 1875

Correspondence 1875-1937

Correspondence n.d.

            Cumberland Whig Resolution, 1845

Estate, 1876 and includes Will

            Insurance, 1848-1858

            Library Inventory, 1871

            Obituary notices, 1875

            School work, 1820-1836

            Specifications to build a dam on Jenckes property, , n.d.

Speech, n.d.

Taxes, 1862-1865


            3 unidentified ledger indexes

            Library inventory

Subgroup 2: Thomas B. Jenckes (1786-1819). Father of Thomas A. Jenckes.

Correspondence includes letters from his wife Abigail, New Hampshire relatives, and several discussing the textile industry. Preserved Arnold of Cumberland writes three times, 1817-1818.

(box 23)

Folder 1. Correspondence, 1807-1819

Folder 2. Paid bills, 1812-1818

Folder 3. Paid bills, 1819-1820

Folder 4. Commonplace and penmanship book, circa 1812-1813

Subgroup 3: Abigail W. (Allen) Jenckes (1794-1863). Mother of Thomas A. Jenckes.

Letters received, mostly from family members. Her brother Anson A. Allen of Albany was a frequent correspondent through 1819. Letters from Thomas B. Jenckes begin in 1817, before their marriage. Paid bills are interspersed through the files after her husband's death in 1819. Regular letters from her son Thomas A. describing Brown University life begin in 1834. From the 1840s onward, many of the letters are from Whipple relatives in Tolland, Conn. A long September 19 1852 letter from nephew Stephen B. Whipple describes his experiences as a gold mine worker in California. A letter from cousin Deborah Bennett dated May 16 1858 describes a textile strike in Olneyville:

"I come here yesterday and the overseer said I couldn't have my pay unless I worked two weeks, so you see I shall stay here two weeks longer. Thay have not got any help and I don't think thay will be able to run much longer. Those that turned out can't have any more work here. Thay fight every one that takes their places. Thay have turned out to Dyerville and are all stopped..."

(box 23)

Folder 1. Correspondence, 1805-1809

Folder 2. Correspondence, 1810-1819

Folder 3. Correspondence, 1820-1829

Folder 4. Correspondence, 1830-1839

Folder 5. Correspondence, 1840-1849

Folder 6. Correspondence, 1850-1859

Folder 7. Correspondence, 1860-1864

Folder 8. Correspondence, undated

Subgroup 4: Mary J. "Jennie" (Fuller) Jenckes (1822-1872). Wife of Thomas A. Jenckes.

Includes letters from Thomas A. Jenckes before and after their marriage; letters from her young children; and two inventories of household goods.

(box 24)

Folder 1. Correspondence and inventories, 1840-1864.

Subgroup 5: Ida C. Jenckes (1846-1863). Sister of Thomas A. Jenckes.

(Box 24)

Folder 1. School composition book, 1858-1860.

Subgroup 6: Thomas A. Jenckes II (1856-1928). Son of Thomas A. Jenckes.

Includes letters from sister Jeannie R. Bartlett, 1872-1889; and papers concerning suit against tenant Isaiah C. Stevens of Cumberland, 1879.

(box 24)

Folder 1. Correspondence, 1872-1879

Folder 2. Correspondence, 1882-1917, and papers re biographical sketch, 1937

Folder 3. Account books of personal expenses, 1877-1878

Folder 4. Commonplace book, 1876-1877; inventory, undated.

Folder 5. Paid bills 1875-1879

Folder 6. Paid bills, 1880-1884

Folder 7. Wilson & Jenckes letter book, 1891-1892

Folder 8. Wilson & Jenckes letter book, 1901-1902

Subgroup 7: Henrietta (Brownell) Jenckes (1860-1917). Dau.-in-law of Thomas A. Jenckes.

Correspondence is mostly social. Includes four social letters from Adelaide M. Knight (1874, 1881 and undated); undated letter from Julia A. Herreshoff re tableaux to benefit the Children's Home, at "my uncle's boat shop."

(box 24)

Folder 1. Correspondence, 1874-1914

Folder 2. Diary, January 1 - January 13, 1883. Also other notes, 1883-1885.

Folder 3. English literature notes, 1877; book of quotations, 1887

Folder 4. German notes, 1877; French notes, 1885

Folder 5. Guest book, 1890-1909

Folder 6. History and natural history notes, 1876

Folder 7. Palm-reading notes and riddles, undated

Subgroup 8: Thomas A. Jenckes III (1892-1949). Grandson of Thomas A. Jenckes.

These papers mostly relate to research for two talks Jenckes gave on Rhode Island inventors and patents. They include dozens of letters to and from various Rhode Island manufacturing plants. These include substantial information on Hezekiah Conant of J.P. Coats & Co.; C.B. Cottrell & Sons; and Joseph Banigan and the American Wringer Co. Among the personal correspondents are Theodore F. Green and Gov. Norman Case, both of whom sent substantial condolence letters upon the death of his father in 1928.

(box 24)

Folder 1. Personal correspondence, 1917-1948

Folder 2. Research correspondence re Rhode Island inventors, 1946

Folder 3. Essays and speeches:

                        "Famous Rhode Island Inventors," November 20 1946

                        "Modern Rhode Island Inventors," April 3 1949

                        Talk on Louis Downes of the D & W Fuse Company, 1946

                        "Simon Willard Wardwell, 1849-1921," by Arthur A. Armington

Subgroup 9: Eleanor (Jenckes) Roelker (1854- ). Daughter of Thomas A. Jenckes.

The correspondence is mostly family-related, from her parents and siblings. All of the papers date from the period before her marriage to William G. Roelker in 1880.

(box 24)

Folder 1. Correspondence, 1865-1878; lists of books, 1875-1880; will, 1878

Folder 2. School books, 1869 and undated

Subgroup 10: Jeannie (Jenckes) Bartlett (1844-1907). Daughter of Thomas A. Jenckes.

The only item in this subgroup is a diary written for Jeannie Jenckes by a friend from Cambridge, Mass. named Anne Jacobs.

(box 24)

Folder 1. Diary of Anne Jacobs of Boston, 12/1864 - 2/1865

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No headings have yet been done for subgroup 1.

x Allen, Abigail W. (1794-1863)

Allen, Anson A.

Arnold, Preserved

Banigan, Joseph

Bartlett, Jeannie R. (Jenckes) (1844-1907)

x Bennett, Deborah (1820-1907)

Brown University (Providence, R.I.)

x Brownell, Henrietta (1860-1917)

Case, Norman S.

Conant, Hezekiah

Cottrell, C.B. & Co.

Diaries - 1864-1865

Diaries - 1883

Downes, Louis W.

"Famous Rhode Island Inventors"

x Fuller, Mary Jane (1822-1872)

Gold miners - California

Green, Theodore F. (1867-1966)

Herreshoff, Julia A. (1864-1942)

Inventors - Rhode Island

Jacobs, Anne

Jenckes, Abigail W. (Allen) (1794-1863)

x Jenckes, Eleanor (1854- )

Jenckes, Henrietta (Brownell) (1860-1917)

Jenckes, Ida C. (1846-1863)

x Jenckes, Jeannie R. (1844-1907)

Jenckes, Mary Jane (Fuller) (1822-1872)

Jenckes, Thomas A. (1818-1875)

Jenckes, Thomas A. II (1856-1928)

Jenckes, Thomas A. III (1892-1949)

Jenckes, Thomas B. (1786-1819)

Knight, Adelaide M.

"Modern Rhode Island Inventors"

Roelker, Eleanor (Jenckes) (1854- )

Stevens, Isaiah C.

Strikes and lockouts - Textile Industry - Rhode Island

Textile industry - Rhode Island - Cumberland

Tompkins, Deborah (Bennett) (Joslin) (1820-1907)

Wardwell, Simon Willard (1849-1921)

Whipple, Stephen B.

Wilson & Jenckes

Women textile workers - Rhode Island

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