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 Woman's Baptist Mission Society Records


 Records, 1877-1916

 Size: 0.5 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 153

 Processed by: Cindy Bendroth, 1993

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The Women's Baptist Home Mission Society, Rhode Island Branch began after a parent organization had begun based in Chicago. The intent of the Home Mission Society was to "Christianize the freed women and children, the Indian women and children, and to make Christian homes throughout the land." By 1914 they were reaching out the Italian community in Providence.

            The Baptist Foreign Missionary Society of Rhode Island started in Boston, 1871 to organize a women's foreign missionary society. Several women from Rhode Island were present. By the close of the year, there were ten auxiliary circles formed around the Boston Society. Its object was to "awaken and promote among the Baptist women of the state, by a union of mission circles, an interest in foreign missions which may lead to an increase of contributions for this cause." A Young Woman's Branch was started in 1889. The group started "Baby Bands" which were children that contributed money to the missionary effort.

            In April of 1916, three groups (Home Mission, Foreign Mission and Free Baptist Woman's Missionary Society) joined together to become the Woman's Baptist Mission Society. Their goal was to "act as an auxiliary to the three societies in cultivating and increasing the missionary spirit among the women of the state and in promoting unity and cooperation in missionary effort.

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            Judging by the original catalog card, these records were apparently deposited circa 1916, but no formal record can be found.

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Woman's American Baptist Home Mission Society, Rhode Island Branch

            Board minutes, 1877-1883

            Board minutes, 1884-1892

            Board minutes, 1892-1902

            Minutes, 1906-1914

            Minutes, 1915-1916

Woman's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society of Rhode Island

            Minutes, 1883-l911

            Executive Committee minutes, 1884-1893 (inside is tiny attendance book)

            Executive Committee Minutes, 1894-1904

            Executive Committee Minutes, 1905-1916


Woman's American Home Mission Soc'y, RI Branch - reports, correspondence, etc., 1889-1915

Woman's Baptist Foreign Missionary Society of RI - reports, correspondence, etc., 1893-1912

Woman's Missionary Society of Rhode Island - news clippings, constitution, 1916

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Woman's American Baptist Home Mission Society, Rhode Island Chapter

Woman's Baptist Foreign Mission Society

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