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 Tiverton Town Records Collection

 Records, 1681-1922

 Size: 0.25 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 219

 Processed by: Rick Stattler, July 1997

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The first European settlement within the bounds of modern Tiverton, Rhode Island, was called Pocasset, which was founded by a group of proprietors in 1681. The town of Tiverton was incorporated by the colony of Massachusetts in 1694. In 1746, the boundary between Rhode Island and Massachusetts colonies was adjusted, and Tiverton became part of Newport County in Rhode Island.

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Processing note:

            This collection was gathered together from the Society's miscellaneous manuscript holdings in 1997. Detailed provenance notes are available in the collection file at the repository.

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Folder 1. Tax books, 1784 and 1788

Folder 2. Tax books, 1822 and 1823

Folder 3. Highway tax lists (one district), 1841, 1843, 1844, 1846, 1848, 1862, 1871

Folder 4. Undated partial tax list, circa 1855. The date on the property tax list was determined through comparison to the R.I. Cemetery Project database. The list mentions “Heirs of Cornelius Seabury”, who died in 1854; and gives Esek Carr as living, who died in 1858.

Folder 5. List of voters, 1866


Folder 6. Boundaries of lots in Pocasset, April 1681, with names of proprietors. 1715 copy.             With 20th century manuscript notes.

Folder 7. Register of ear marks for cattle, 1699-1866

Folder 8. Minutes of Pocasset Proprietors meeting, January 1715/6

Folder 9. Resolution of a Meeting of the Freemen, opposing the state manumission act, 1784

Folder 10. 5 documents relating to the construction of the Tiverton town meeting house, 1824, including sketches.

Folder 11. Town meeting docket and treasurer's report, 1922

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Ear marks - Rhode Island - Tiverton

Pocasset, R.I.

Slavery - Rhode Island - Tiverton

Tiverton, R.I. - Taxes

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