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 United States Collector of Revenue Records


 Records, 1791-1803

 Size: 1 linear foot

 Catalog number: MSS 232 sg5

 Processed by: Rick Stattler, July 1997

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division



            These records all arrived as a gift from the Providence City Archives in 1981, and were all given a preliminary description by Harold Kemble in 1981. They were donated with five volumes of property valuations from the 1798 federal direct tax of Warwick, and one volume of blank forms relating to the same tax. These volumes are now filed with similar records from other towns, under subgroup 4, the Direct Tax Records. Subgroup 3 also contains important related records, the Distillery Excise Tax Records.

            Some of the records cover the entire district of Rhode Island, but the large majority seem to have been generated by the collector based in Providence.

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Box 1:

Folder 1.         Names of owners of carriages, 9/1798 (alphabetical)

Folder 2.         Entries of carriages, 9/1798 - 9/1799. Gives carriage model and number of horses.

Folder 3.         Entries of carriages, 9/1800 - 4/1801. Gives carriage model and number of horses.

Folder 3a.       Entries of carriages, 1-12/1817. Collector of Revenue for the 1st District. Gives carriage model and number of horses.

Folder 4.         Account of debtors for stamps, 7/1798 - 2/1801

                        Also, account of cash received for parchment, 1798 - 1803 (on page 3)

Folder 5.         Register of stamps received from General Stamp Office, 1800-1802

                        "Account of monies expended...under an act to repeal the internal taxes", 1802

                        and account of stamps exchanged, 4/1801

Folder 6.         Account of sales and delivery of stamps, 1798

Folder 7.         Register of stamps sold, 1801

Folder 8.         Register of stamps sold, 1801-1802

Folder 9.         Retailer's applications for licences, 1798-1799 (wine and distilled spirits)

Folder 10.       Waste book, 1792-1795 (cash paid out for wages, bank deposits, expenses, etc.)

Folder 11.       Account of sugar refined by Zachariah Allen, 1794-1795

Folder 12.       Account of spirits distilled by Zachariah Allen, 1798-1799

Folder 13.       Account of sugar refined by John Mumford, 1796-1797

Box 2 (oversized):

Volume 1.       New duties, #1, 1794-1795. Abstracts of duties on individuals on carriages; liquor retailers; sales at auction; sugar refined; and snuff manufactures.

Volume 2.       New duties, #2, 1795-1796.

Volume 3.       New duties, #3, 1796-1797.

Volume 4.       New duties, #4, 1797-1798.

Volume 5.       New duties, #5, 1798.

Volume 6.       Journal of receipts for certificates, 1791-1802 (for export of spirits?)

Volume 7.       Ledger of certificates issued, 1791-1800

Volume 8.       Collector of Revenue for RI Third District

"Duties arising from licenses granted for one year to retailers of wine, spiritous liquors and foreign merchandise by James Helme, 1814"

                                    "Licenses granted to Manufacturers, April 1815"

Folder 1.         Oversized blank forms. These were all bound together with the contents of folders 17 through 20, and disbound circa 1981.

Box 3 (forms and circulars):

Folder 14. "Letter from the Secretary of Treasury...", 1796. U.S. revenue statements.

Folder 15. "Letter from the Secretary of Treasury...", 1800. U.S. revenue statements.

Folder 16. Blank notices re licencing carriages and liquor sales

Folder 17. Instructions, including unsigned manuscript appointment as collector dated 1791.

Folder 18. Blank manuscript forms.

Folders 19 and 20. Blank printed forms and examples.

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Allen, Zachariah Sr. (1740-1801)

Carriages and carts - Rhode Island

Mumford, John

Providence, R.I. - Commerce

Rum industry - Rhode Island - Taxation

Sugar - Manufacture and refining - Rhode Island

Taxation - United States - Rhode Island

United States. Department of the Treasury.

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