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 Zachariah Allen Papers

 Textile manufacturer, Providence, R.I.

 Papers, 1767-1946

 Size: 7.75 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 254

 Processed by: Cindy Bendroth, 1989

Most recently revised, December 1996


©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Zachariah Allen, the son of Zachariah and Anne Allen, was born in Providence on September 15, 1795. He was educated at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and graduated from Brown University in 1813. By 1815, Allen was practicing law in Rhode Island, and in 1817 he married Eliza Harriet Arnold.

            Law was an unsatisfying career choice for Allen, and in 1822 he invested in a woolen factory and became interested in the textile industry. He established the Allendale Mills and the Georgiaville Mills, later to become the Bernon Manufacturing Company. Allen was a manufacturer, but he was also interested in the technology of the textile industry and refined power looms and cloth finishing machines, invented high speed shafting with loose belts and also developed a cutoff valve for steam engines. He worked on fire-proof constructions for his factories and in 1835 he founded Manufacturers' Mutual, a factory insurance company which helped other factory owners develop methods to prevent fires and other disasters in their factories.

            Allen was also actively involved in the social and political concerns of Providence. He was a member of the Town Council in Providence, he helped introduce fire engines to Providence and organized a committee to establish a free library and natural history museum. He was also active in the development of Roger Williams Park.

            Allen went bankrupt in 1857, but continued working in manufacturing by managing the Georgia Mills that his brother bought and by helping his son-in-law, William Ely with the Allendale Mills, which Ely had purchased.

            Allen died in 1882.


The Biographical Cyclopedia of Rhode Island, L.E. Rogers (ed.) Providence: National Biographical Publishing Company, 1881, p. 259-261.

Greenwood, Richard E. "Zachariah Allen and the Architecture of Industrial Paternalism," Rhode Island History 46 (November 1988): 117-135.

Some of Allen's published works:

            Addresses to the Rhode Island Historical Society, 1879, 1868

            The Practical Tourist, 1832

            Philosophy of Mechanics of Nature and the Source and Modes of Action of Natural Motive Power, 1852

            Solar Light and Heat, 1879

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Scope and content:

       The Zachariah Allen collection is made up of correspondence, journals and diaries, manuscripts, notes, lectures and some published materials. The papers primarily relate to Allen's manufacturing. The material concern Allen's inventions, and manuscripts on topics he was concerned with: from steam valves to the history of Indians. There are some family related papers containing correspondence, a journal, deeds and wills from his wife, father, brother and uncles. The papers date from 1767 to 1946, with the bulk of the material dating from 1856 to 1880. Many of his notes and addresses are not dated.

            Major topics include: the Corliss cutoff valve, mechanical philosophy, textile manufacturing, Rhode Island history (Dorr War, Native Americans, Puritans, etc.), Georgiaville and Allendale.


Some items are microfilmed including:

            Memoranda of the Estimates and Calculations made by ZA... Georgia Mill, 1853

            Diary and Miscellaneous Papers, n.d.

            History of the Steam Engine, Lecture on the Steam Engine, 1832

            Transmission of Power, 1871 (lecture to New England Cotton M'facturers Assoc.)

            Diary, 182l-1824  (Call no.: CS 71 .A43 1970)

            Memoranda, Europe 1825

            Historical, Theoretical, and Practical Account of Textile Fabrics, n.d.

            Memoranda of the Estimates and Calculations made by Zachariah Allen in Relation to his Purchase and Improvement of the Georgia Mill in the Village of Nightingale, May l, 1853

Some of the family members appearing in this collection are:

            Philip Allen (1738-1794)-Uncle (master, Sloop Providence)

            Lydia Crawford (?)-Philip Allen's (Uncle) Wife

            Philip Allen (1785-1865)-Brother

               Married Phoebe Aborn, ll children, Governor (185l-1853), U.S. Senate (1853-1859)

            Crawford Allen (1798-1872)-Brother

            William Ely-Son in Law

            Andrew Robeson, Jr.-Son-in-Law

            Aza Arnold-Wife's Cousin

            Amos Throop-Uncle by marriage

            Joseph Crawford-Grandfather

            Thomas Wilson Dorr-Nephew

            Zachariah Allen (1740-180l)-Father

            Eliza H. [Arnold] Allen-Wife

            Ann [Crawford] Allen (1759-1808)-Mother

            Candace Allen-Sister

Series description:

Series I: Correspondence, 1805-1882 (.5 lin. ft.)

            This series contains letters to and from Zachariah Allen to business associates, friends and family. There is a calendar of the correspondence. Arranged chronologically.

Series II: Subjects, 1815-1946, n.d. (l.0 lin ft.)

            This series includes notes, news clippings, memorandum and essays Zachariah Allen wrote on various subjects such as Indians, steam engines, the Dorr Rebellion and textiles. Some manuscript material is in this series. Most folders are not dated. Arranged alphabetically.

Series III: Address and Lectures, 1832-1880 (.5 lin. ft.)

            Speeches and lectures given at business and social organizations are included in this series. Arranged alphabetically.

Series IV: Production and Manufacturing, 181l-1878, n.d. (.5 lin. ft.)

            Notes, calculations and memos concerning Zachariah Allen's manufacturing ventures including the Georgia Mills and Bernon Mills. The material is calendared. Arranged chronologically.

Series V: Manuscripts, 1873-1880, n.d. (3 lin. ft.)

            Manuscripts of articles and books that Zachariah Allen published or could have published. Often the manuscripts correspond to items in the subject series. Arranged alphabetically, however, four loosely bound manuscript books are at the end of the series.

Series VI: Journals and Diaries, 1817-1882 (l.5 lin. ft.)

            Contains journals and diaries Zachariah Allen kept while in Europe and also for business and personal thoughts. Arranged chronologically.

Series VII: Family Papers, 1767-1845 (.5 lin. ft.)

            Family papers include correspondence, journals, account books, wills, deeds and memos to Zachariah Allen's wife, Eliza Harriet Allen, Zachariah Allen's Uncles, Philip Allen and Amos Throop, Zachariah Allen's father Zachariah Allen (1739-180l), and Zachariah Allen's sister Candace Allen. Arranged alphabetically.

Series VIII: Publications and Miscellaneous, 183l-1880 (.75 lin. ft.)

            Publication Zachariah Allen or William Ely collected about George Corliss or manufacturing and bank accounts. Also an account book, scrapbook and "Cove Reports" pertaining to the Providence cove. Arranged alphabetically with oversize books at the end of the series.

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            A large part of this collection was donated by the heirs of Zachariah Allen in 1901. Another major portion was given to the Society by Allen's son-in-law William D. Ely in 1922. This portion was closed to the public until 1958. There are also many single items that arrived in separate accessions; the following are only those that have been identified:

1884.11 Address to the Volunteer Fire Association, donated by A.D. Nickerson

1904.27 Account book of the Lydia, donated by Amasa M. Eaton

1908.20 Eliza Allen journal, donated by William D. Ely

1910.10.6 Eliza Allen account book, from the estate of Albert W. Brown

1942.45 Zachariah Allen Sr. plat volume, gift of Mrs. Edmund Bardsley

1959.58 Division of the estate of Zachariah Allen Sr., 1809, gift of William Slater Allen

1970.89.11 Letter from Phillip Allen, 1855, purchased from Paul C. Richards

1996.41.1-3 3 items relating to Allendale Mill, 1837-1839, purchased.

1996.141.2.1-2 Two letters from Richard J. Arnold, 1835, 1836, gift of Ms. Eliot Chesebrough

2001.5.4 Royal Taft letter, 1882, gift of Richard Bowen

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Processing note:

            As the accession records indicate, Allen's papers were gathered into one collection from the RIHSL miscellaneous holdings. There are catalog cards referring to individual items, and it is possible that the Tristam Burges letters were pulled out of Rhode Island Historical Society Manuscripts (RIHSM). However, the papers were made into a collection, put into acid-free folders and boxes, most, but not all pins were removed and papers were flattened. A guide was written and catalog cards already existing were updated and new ones were added.

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Series I: Correspondence

Calendar in Correspondence Series


Folder l: 1805-1819


November l6-From Robert Tiare? of Hoboken to ZA?; Chinese sculls


November 8-from John K. Pitman at Providence to Thomas Coles; statement of Cotton manufacturing in RI; 3p (copy)


September 26-"An Account of the Labor Bestowed in Erecting Fortifications;" list of areas fortified and number of volunteers; lp S (torn)

October 2l-to John Howland, William Larned and Ebenezer Dexter from ZA, Secretary to the Committee for Defence; requests further volunteers to erect fortifications; 2p ALS


September 24-Account of the Great Gale; 6p AS

December-Collections made by John Waterman?; 6p


November 20-Receipt from James Aborn; lp ALS


March l3-to Candace Allen from ZA; account due; lp ALS

June 20-to Samuel G. Arnold in Providence from ZA concerning visit to John Corliss, describing life in Kentucky and Ohio. (original in oversized box)

November 30-to Williams Thayer from B. Callender, Orleans France; directions for cotton manufacture; 4p (copy)


November 25-from Daniel Mowry to Samuel Nightingale at Providence; "curious letter from Superintendent of Georgia Mill;" lp ALS

Folder 2: 1820-1829


October 9-from D. Mowry at Smithfield, to Samuel Nightingale; memorandum regarding a deed from Benjamin Farnum; lp ALS



October l0-Certificate of Award from RI Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry; for blue broadcloth; lp

October l0- Ditto; for Cashmere; lp

November 5-from C.C. Wolcott at Torrington to ZA; prices and costs of cotton manufacturing, l p ALS

December l4-from Nehemiah Knight at Washington to ZA; response to petition for duty on woolen imports; lp ALS


January-From RJ Arnold


December 5-from Tristam Burges (TB) in Washington to ZA in Providence; discussing duty on imported woolens

December ll-from TB in Washington to ZA in Providence; requests ZA to come to Washington to represent manufacturers side in woolen import duty conflict


May l2-from Nicholas Brown at Providence to ZA; expects ZA is building past his property and onto Brown's; lp ALS

July 19-Copy of Vote of thanks from RI Historical Society for Manuscript of Roger Williams Key to Indian Language, donated by ZA; lp


January 23-to (TB) in Washington D.C. from ZA in Providence; statement of manufacturing, including fixed and circulating capital; 3p ALS

January 24-to TB from ZA in Providence; cover letter for above, business and personal news; 2p ALS

February 7-From TB in Washington DC to ZA; on tariff question and requests advice on how to vote upon bill; 2p ALS

February ll-to TB from ZA; tariff advice and family news, with postscript by Eliza H. Allen; 4p ALS

February l3-to TB from ZA; Tariff discussion, with postscript by Eliza H. Allen; 4p ALS

February 2l-to TB from ZA; tariff, family business discussion including possible purchase of George Gladding's store, 2p ALS

February 25-unsigned, unaddressed letter discussing cotton and manufacturing, from Providence (copy to J. Whipple); 2p AL

March 26 from John Whipple at Washington, unaddressed; tariff discussion, hope bill will be amended

April 26-from TB at Washington to ZA at Providence; tariff discussion and news of Congress; 3p ALS

? -from John Whipple at Washington, unaddressed; discussion of tariff bill and various supporters and opponents; 4p ALS


January 7-to TB at Washington, from ZA in Providence; discussion of woolen bill and water power in RI, including local political news; 3p ALS

Folder 3:1830-1839


February 4-to TB in Washington, from ZA in Providence; tariff discussion, family business matters, leases of property, etc.; 3p ALS

May l3-to TB from ZA in Providence; family business and report of fraud in the NY Custom House; 2p ALS

November 25-from TB in NY to ZA; power of attorney to deal with Blackstone Canal Company


February 2l-to TB from ZA at Providence; business discussion re: Canal Bank; lp ALS

October 3l-from EH Robbins at New York to ZA; cover letter requesting information for report on manufacture of wool; lp (printed)

November 2l-from TB at Providence to ZA in Providence; business discussion re: sale of stocks in Boston and Taunton Railroad, rents and leases; 2p ALS


February l4-from John H. Ormsbee to ZA; re: original experiment with a steamboat in Providence in 1796

February 26-from TB at Washington to ZA in Providence; comments on the death of Mr. Searle, long commentary on Mr. Calhoun, Mr. Clay, Pres. Jackson, Van Buren and tensions among states, also tariffs; 8p ALS

May 7-to TB at Washington from ZA in Providence; tariff discussion; 3p ALS

June l2-from John Junes from Leeds, England to ZA in Providence; telling of system of extension rollers, for which he holds English patent; 3p ALS

November 26-from TB in Providence, to ZA in Providence; requests ZA to attend to collections of accounts and settle bills for him, especially regarding gravesite vault; 4p ALS


            April 2l-from Tristam Burgess at Washington to ZA; travel plans for Burgess' son Tristam; lp ALS

December l-from TB at Providence to ZA in Providence; requests AZ to collect rents, bills and sale profits for him and detail requests for ZA's supervision of young Tristam, a college student; 3p ALS

December l-from TB to ZA; power of attorney; lp ALS


            January 7 - Letter from brother-in-law Richard J. Arnold. Banking news, etc.


            February 14 - Letter from brother-in-law Richard J. Arnold. Discusses negotiations for gift of Brown family land to the Providence Athaneum.

Folder 4: 1840-1849


            December 30-from TB to ZA at Providence; note regarding rents of Reed and Gladding; lp ALS


      May 3-from TB at "the farm" to ZA at Providence; request ZA come to discuss matter of "pressing importance;" lp ALS

December 20-from ER Blackwell in Buffalo to ZA; responds to ZA's request for admeasurements of Niagara River, but inclosing same (enclosure not included); 2p ALS


April 19-Nehemiah R. Knight at Providence to ZA; short cover note for delivery of letters; lp ALS

June l5-to Richard K. Randolph at Newport from ZA in Providence; discussing possibility of poll tax


September l5-to Benjamin Silliman from ZA at Providence; for Silliman's Journal on subject of Niagara Falls; 8p ALS


June 26-to James Fenner at Newport from ZA in Providence; requests release of his nephew, Thomas Wilson Dorr, based on his belief in Dorr's basic insanity


January l3-from TB to ZA; discussing legalities of filling in the cove in Providence

September 26-subscription list for monument to Great Swamp Fight, dated "Kingston"

October 8-Edward Harris' recommendation of Patent Spooling Machine


April 3-from TB to ZA; asks possibility of leasing out property

April l0-from Thomas P. Shepard at Providence to Dr. Charles Page, Washington; note of introduction for ZA

Folder 5: 1850-1859


            April 30-letter from Tristam Burges re mental disorder of Elizabeth McCan.

October 8-settlement of estate of Anne Crawford Smith; ZA and Candace Allen, executors


May l6-Certificate of ZA's appointment as inspector of State prison, by Gov. Philip Allen; lp (printed) S

May 24-from Samuel Lewis at Kenawha VA to ZA in Providence; use of gas wells vs coal to power salt refinery

            July 24-Letter from Tristam Burges


August 19-to Baron Von Humbolt in Berlin from ZA, Berlin; copy of social note; lp ALS

December l5-from Thomas P. Shepard in Providence to ZA in Providence; inability to attend meeting; lp ALS


March 2l-from JG Anthony


January 17-Acknowledgment of gift from ZA to RI Historical Society; by Albert Greene, Acting President; lp (printed) S

March-Memorial to City Council relative to the establishment of a new fire dept.; written by ZA and Philip Allen; lp (printed)

December l0-Memo: "Ponto died this morning-age about l4 years. A good and faithful friend and servant." lp ALS


            January 15-Commission as postal inspector.

January 3l-to Watson and Renwick, Patent Agents in Washington from ZA in Providence; engaging them to patent tubular shafts; lp ALS

March l2-from P. Watson, Washington; acknowledges receipt of tubular shaft specifications, drawing and order for $30


            April 12-receipt for "tuition in dancing one quarter" paid by Miss Chafee to Mrs. G. Nias


January l6-Account of Estate of Abigail Crawford Smith, by ZA for Candace Allen; 2p ALS

January 27-Certificate to be Inspector of State Prison

June 2-Certificate to be Inspector of State Prison


August 26-Agreement for partition of lands from estate of Abby C. Smith between ZA and Candace; 3p AL (unsigned)

August 3l-valuation and division of plats of estate of AC Smith

September 30-Estate of Abigail Crawford Smith as settled by ZA


June 6-Certificate to be inspector of State Prison

Folder 6: 1860-1869


February l-Announcement of reading of ZA's paper on Lafayette, at Historical Society

February 5-from Sidney Rider in Providence to ZA; note of thanks on behalf of RIHS; lp ALS

June 4-Certificate to be inspector of State Prison

July 7-from Amos Perry to ZA; meeting of Board of City Managers time change; 2p ALS

July l0-from James Y Smith; encloses plans and estimate for monument; lp ALS

July 20-to Mr. Corliss & Mr. Nightingale from ZA at Providence; asks costs of Moving steam engine from Smithfield and setting it up at Georgia Mill; lp ALS (on same sheet, dated July 20, 1860)

July 23-to Corliss and Nightingale from ZA at Providence; requests repair of boilers and construction of new request terms; lp ALS (on same sheet, dated July 25, 1860 reply from E. Nightingale: lp ALS)


April 22-from Samuel Powell, esq. at Newport to ZA; sends a tin box, containing papers and accounts for deposit in a secure place-notation by ZA "Sent... by Mr. Powell during panic of Bank in Philadelphia before battle of Gettysburgh."; lp ALS

April 23-from Samuel Powell at Philadelphia, to ZA; sends a bundle of title papers, for safe deposit; lp ALS

April 24-from Samuel Powell at Philadelphia, to ZA; sends a sealed bag of gold and bank drafts

April 28-from Samuel Powell at Philadelphia to ZA; asks about receipt of title deeds, encloses copies of three letters from Allen (April 23,24,27) discusses city tension

June l4-from S. Green at Bernon to ZA; replies to questions about looms, refers ZA to another letter; lp ALS

July l0-from Isaac Hazard at Peacedale; tells of Thomas R. Williams as first constructor of power looms in country in Newport; 3p ALS

July l0-from Aza Arnold at Washington; reply to questions about first power loom and remarks on differential speeder; 2p ALS

July 22-from Bisco and Dewey; wire teeth in a card machine

November 28-from Samuel Green at Woonsocket; discussing first process of manufacture at Slater Mill, Pawtucket and machines used; 3p ALS

December l2-from Welcome Farnum at Blackstone; states he applied water power and built the first shuttle cap; lp ALS

December 20-from George H. Kuhn at Boston; refers ZA to Thomas Barrows of Dedham for information; lp ALS Includes copy of letter to Thomas Barnes inquiring about the invention of condenser carding and memo that Barnes called to see ZA thereafter

December 20-from Asa Arnold at Washington; tells of the prevention of his patent application for differential speeders; 2p ALS


March 25-from Aza Arnold at Washington; relating his invention of differential cones for roping machines in cotton manufacturing; 3p ALS

April l6-from William A Crocker at Taunton; refers ZA to Capt. Hopkins for information; lp ALS

April 26-from Silas Shepard at Taunton; give history of Taunton Speeder; 2p L

May 2l-to Aza Arnold at Washington; additional information on the invention of the differential speeder

July l-from Andrew Robeson at Fall River; relates knowledge of calico printing


April l5 from Thomas Webb, at Boston, secretary of Mass. Institute of Technology informs ZA of his election as corresponding member

September 9-from James B. Robb at Boston; requests information about Goulding's improvements in wooling machinery; 2p ALS


October 5-to Bishop Clarke; copy of letter, re: Society for the Propagation


March 3-George W. Bridge's statement of automatic process of dyeing in calico printing; lp ALS


June l4-to John H. Thompson from H. Burrow at Lowell MA; endeavoring to make an appointment with ZA

June 23 -to ZA from Henry Burrows at Lowell, MA; arrangements for printing a testimonial; 2p ALS

June 28-to ZA from Henry Burrows at Lowell; requests information; 2p ALS

June 28-to Henry Burrows at Lowell form ZA; mention automatic process of dyeing calico and of royalties in process

August 6-to ZA from Henry Burrows at Lowell; requests the Hamilton Agents statement re: "advantages of new system of [?] dyeing; lp ALS

October 6-from Henry Sisson at Little Compton to ZA; cover letter for copy of statement about Battle of Bull Run; lp ALS (includes copy dated May 3, 1863 of letter from H. Sisson to James Aborn at Providence: relates performance of lst and RI Regiments at Battle of Bull Run; l0p ALS (copy))

Folder 7: 1870


February 3-to George H. Corliss at Providence; open letter denouncing his claim to cut-off valve invention; 5p ALS (with Corliss' medal brochure)

February 3-to George H. Corliss; same as above; 3p (printed)

February 5-to Senator Henry B. Anthony; an explanation of the steam engine cut-off valve conflict, formally requesting Anthony's presentation of Allen's Memorial to the Senate; 3p (copy) ALS (also 4p ALS copy and 4p ALS original draft)

February 8-from Henry Gardner at Providence, Treasurer of Providence Steam Engine Co; requests copy of Allen's open letter to George Corliss

February l0-from Henry Gardner at New York; received a letter for publication; lp ALS

February ll-from Senator Henry B. Anthony at Washington; receive Memorial; 2p ALS

February 18-from Francis C. Lowell at Boston; has seen and requests copies of Allen's letter to Corliss, Re: Rumford Medal; 2p ALS

February 22-to Francis C. Lowell at Boston from ZA; encloses copies of Providence Journal containing letters on Steam Engine conflict, discussion on "Philosophy of Mechanics of Nature;" 4p ALS

March l-from Asa Grey, President of Academy of Arts and Science at Boston to Francis C. Lowell; letter of apology for speech made at Rumford Medal Award-forwarded to ZA at Grey's request; 2p ALS

March l-to Francis Lowell at Boston from ZA, Providence; abstract about Corliss's legitations for 2l years; 2p AL

March 2-to John Hollgate at Allston; discussing price of Albumen; 4p ALS

March 3-from Francis C. Lowell at Boston; expresses support of ZA in conflict with George Corliss

March 8-to Thomas Pray from FW Bacon at New York; insists Corliss not responsible for automatic cut off valve; lp (copy)

March 8-to Henry W. Gardner from Frederick E. Sickels at Chicago; claims Corliss not inventor of Cut-off Valve; 3p ALS (forward to ZA by Gardner)

March 9-to John M. Hodgate from ZA at Providence; on price of blood albumen; 4p ALS

March l4-to ZA at Providence from Asa Grey at Boston; discusses "Mechanics of Nature" and Rumford Award to Corliss; 3p ALS

March 2l-from F. Lowell at Boston to ZA; received letter and will send information

March 24-from F. Lowell at Boston to ZA; endeavors to find copy of Report of Rumford Committee for ZA; 3p ALS

March 28-to James Francis from ZA at Providence; requests copy of Report of Rumford Committee; lp ALS

March 29-to ZA from James Francis at Lowell; replies there is no written Report of Rumford Committee; lp ALS

March 3l-to Professor Joseph Winlock from ZA at Providence; requests information on facts behind Rumford Medal presentation speech

April 2-to Henry Gardner from E. Nightingale at Providence; History of Corliss Steam Engine Co. 1837-1870; lp (copy)

April 4-from Joseph Winlock at Boston to ZA; reply to letter of March 3l on Rumford Award Committee; 2p (copy)

April 4-same as above; 3p (copy)

April 6-to Ann (Allen) Ely from William Ely at ?; reports discovery of early cut off valves in books at Astor Library; 2p ALS-forwarded to ZA

April l4-Resolution from Francis C. Lowell to American Academy of Arts and Sciences: requesting Report of the Rumford Committee for ZA and detailing ZA arguments; 3p

April l4-from Francis Lowell to Academy of Arts and Sciences; requests a report be sent to ZA; lp

April l4-Address by Francis Lowell to Academy of Arts and Science; requests a report be sent to ZA; lp

April 18-Letter draft to Francis Lowell from ZA at Providence; argues against committees reactions to conflict with Corliss

April 26-to Andrew Robeson from Henry Harris [on?] at Paris; reports on his patent investigations

April 29-to Mr. Lowell from [ZA?]; regarding Corliss's ligitations; 2p AL (copy)

April 30-to William Ely at Providence from Woodruff and Beach (Iron Works) at Hartford; states number of engines with "Wright's Cut-off;" lp L

May 8-to William (Ely?) from Andrew Robeson at Paris; reports on research into French steam engines

May 30-from William Wright at New York to William Ely; short statement re: engines at Washington Print Works; lp ALS

July ll-from S. Higley, Secretary, Mechanics Association at Providence, to ZA; Association appoints ZA to committee to consider uniting with Franklin Society; 2p ALS

July 25-to Hon. M. Welker from Joseph P. Manton; states conflict of interest between Hon. Thomas Jenckes and George Corliss; lp (printed)

October l5-from John Knowles at Providence to ZA; cover letter for newspaper article on Dorr Rebellion; lp ALS

December 26-from S. Hingley to ZA at Providence; report of committee upon union with Franklin Society and appointment of ZA to Public Library Committee

Folder 8: 187l-1879


January l3-from Henry Burrows at Lowell to ZA; sends $290 for ZA's share in patent dyeing

March 27-from Ambrose Eastman at Boston to ZA; invitation to address New England Cotton Manufacturers Association on shafting and belting at Georgia Mill; 2p ALS

April ll-from S. Hingley at Providence to ZA; official thanks of Providence Association of Mechanics and Manufacturers; lp ALS

April ll-from S. Hingley at Providence to ZA; notifies Allen of election as president of Providence Association of Mechanics and Manufacturers; lp ALS

April 20-from Ambrose Eastman at Boston to ZA in Providence; request of New England Cotton Manufacturers Association for copy of speech before Association, lp ALS

April 24-from Ambrose Eastman at Boston to ZA; submits Report of speech for revision

April 26-from Ambrose Eastman at Boston to ZA; requests written modifications to Report of Speech; lp ALS

May 4-to Ambrose Eastman at Boston from ZA; cover letter for enclosure of modifications of a speech (enclosure not included); lp ALS (copy)

May 6-from Ambrose Eastman at Boston to ZA; requests return of manuscripts

May l2-from Samuel Webber at Manchester NH to ZA; requests information on introduction of self-acting mule; lp ALS

June 5-from HG Fenner at Georgia Mill to ZA; statistics of belting at mill; 2p ALS

June 7-from HG Fenner at Georgiaville to ZA; on method of replacing belts at Georgia Mills; 2p ALS

June 8-from Ambrose Eastman at Boston to ZA; requests connection of proof

June 23-List of members of free library committee from Mechanics Association; lp AL (by ZA)

June 24-from Ambrose Eastman at Boston to ZA; needs clarification of request for copies of speech; lp ALS

July l2-from Ambrose Eastman at Boston to ZA; forwards copies of Report

November-from WB Anthony in providence to ZA; requests history of water in Providence; 2p ALS


February 6-from H. Burrows at Boston to ZA; plans to be in Providence

February l4-from H. Burrows at Boston; cover letter for statement of account (account included); 3p ALS

December l0-from EE Manton, President, Boston Manufacturers Mutual Fire Insurance Company to ZA; upon request, supplies information of management of insurance company; 2p ALS

December 26-from H. Burrows at Lowell to ZA; annual financial statement in account with joint patent interest (for dyeing); 2p ALS (includes addition-answer of ZA December 30; lp ALS)

December 27-from Professor JH Pepper at NYC to ZA; requests permission to use excerpts of Allen's "mechanics of Nature" and personal news; 2p ALS

December 30-3l-to Professor JH Pepper at New York from ZA; permission to use and long synopsis of "Mechanics of Nature;" l2 p ALS (copy)

December 3l-from H. Burrows at Lowell, to ZA; will communicate in person as no gain to correspondence; 2p ALS


April 30-from RH Thurston to ZA; propeller


April l3-from S. Hingley in Providence to ZA; vote of Providence Association of Mechanics and Manufacturers to committee for fund for free library; 2p ALS

n.d.-from Walter S. Burgess to ZA at Providence; has read Dorr Rebellion manuscript but is partial to side of "Algerines;" lp ALS


April 8-from John Addeman, Secretary of State at Providence to ZA; cover letter for certificate of appointment to Geological Survey Commission; lp ALS

April 8-Certificate of Appointment to Geological Survey Commission to ZA; 2p LS (printed) signed by Gov. Charles C. Van Zandt, Secretary of State J. Andeman and JP Christopher Rhodes

May l-from Percy M. Blake at Taunton to George Wilson at Providence; application for job survey; lp ALS

May 5-from James Tillinghast; social note; lp ALS


January 17-from Dr. William Channing at Providence to ZA; Geological Commission business

January 27-from Samuel Powell, RI senator to ZA; Commission business; 3p ALS

January 27-from Dr. William Channing at Providence to ZA; Commission business

February 8-to William Miller from ZA; on boiler condensers; 4p ALS

April l-by ZA-"Z. Allen's answers to interrogations, April 3, 1876, Mrs. JC Brown vs. Estate C. Allen; 3p AL

June l-from Thomas J. Hill at Providence to ZA; history of self acting mules; 2p ALS

June 2-from James Brown at Pawtucket to ZA; history of self acting mules; 3p ALS


January 3l-from H. Burrows at Lowell; cover letter and statement of account of shared patent right; 2p ALS

May-from Mr. Gilkison, at Ontario, Canada-Indian Agent acknowledges receipt of ZA's "Treatment of Indians;" lp L

May 5-from Supt., Indian Affairs at Ottawa; receipt of ZA's book; 2p ALS

May 9-from William Russell Bartlett at Toronto; disposition of copies of Allen's work on Indians; 2p ALS

May 9-from William Plummer, at Toronto, supt. of Indian Affairs; acknowledges receipt of Allen's "Treatment of Indians;" lp ALS

May 24-from Djibways and Pottawatamies at Lake Huron; letter of thanks; l3 signatures and totems; 2p ALS (original and copy)

May 3l-from Saugeen Band, Djibway Nation; letter of thanks; 24 signatures and totems; 3p ALS (original and copy)

June 19-from William Bartlett at Lake Huron; enclosing letter from Indians; 3p L (copy)

June 19-from William Bartlett at Lake Huron; enclosing letter from Indians; 3p ALS

June 26- to William Bartlett at Toronto for ZA; discussion of treatment of Indians; 5p ALS (copy)

July-from Hon. John H. Bartlett to ZA; letter detailing duties of William Bartlett, Canadian Indian Agent; 2p unsigned

July 3-to WF Sayles; concerning a free library and museum of natural history

October 18-from William Bartlett at Toronto; social and business letter; 3p ALS


January-address to General Assembly; request for funds for RI Historical Society: committee of ZA, John Howland, George Paine; 2p (printed)

January 9-to ZA at Providence from William Smith at Chicago, special agent for Western Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Co.; requests figures; lp ALS

March l5-from Frederick Holden at Washington DC to ZA; relating history of the "first Martin to come from England;" 2p ALS

September 4-from Samuel Maxwell at Warren to ZA; requests contribution for Massasoit Monument; lp ALS

September 7-to Samuel Maxwell from ZA; re: Massasoit monument; 2p ALS (copy)

Folder 9: 1880-1882


June 25-from William E. Smith at Rock Island, IL; discussion of insurance business (Mississippi Valley Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company)

December 3l-from Amos C. Barstow in Providence; in defense of comments made re: Roger Williams


            March 19-from Edwin M. Stone at Providence to ZA; historical query; 2p ALS

            March 29-from Edwin M. Stone at Providence to ZA; historical inquiries; 2p ALS

            June l4-for Esther B. Carpenter at Wakefield to ZA; re: Bernon family history; 2p ALS (small card)

            July ll-from CJH Woodbury at Boston MA; encloses a clipping about Hollow Steel Shafting; lp ALS

            July 22-from Gov. William Greene; discussing artifacts from Kent County jail and some politics; lp ALS

            August 27-from William Hayward, mayor of Providence; responding to ZA's inquiries about intimidation of workers at RI Locomotive Works; 2p ALS

            August 29-from Anne Allen Ives at Warwick to ZA-social note

            August 29-memo; ruins of Samuel Gorton House in Warwick, by ZA; lp AS

            September 5-from Anne Allen Ives at Warwick; social note

            September l3-from Col. J. Albert Monroe; thank you note; lp ALS


            January l0-from Mary C. Peckham at Providence; "as to Puritan tolerance and Roger Williams' separation;" 2p ALS

            January 17-from George W. Sigourney at Oxford; social note; lp ALS

            January 24-from Mrs. William E. Pease at Oxford; re: Bernon genealogy and social news; 4p ALS

            February l5-from GW Sigourney at Oxford; plans to visit; lp ALS (small card)

            February 24 - from Royal Taft re early history of woolen industry; 2p. ALS

            March ll-from Henry D. [Cozens?], secretary at Providence to ZA; invitation to membership in Engineers Association of RI; lp ALS

            March l6-from Henry Cozens ?

Folder l0: undated correspondence

l. Plan of House [not found May, 2002] *Architectural drawings of this house are framed and on display at the Brown  Univerisity Faculty Club, 1 McGee Street, Providence, R.I. 02906 as of

            September 2005.

2. Large paper with Arabic text, date unknown - (in triple oversize folder)

3. series of social notes from HB Anthony:

            January 3l; lp ALS

            February l; lp ALS

            February l5; at Washington; 2p ALS

            April 17; at Providence; lp ALS

            August 7; lp ALS

4. scrap note: "Ann Allen b. Jan. l, 1784-Candace Allen b. Dec. 1788" 

5. from Tristam Burgess to ZA; business letter regarding a lease; lp ALS



Series II: Subjects

BOX l (Cont'd)

            "The Age of Stone of New England Indians," n.d.

            Appendix-King Philip's War, 1876?

            "Astronomy: the Light in the Sky," n.d.

            "Atrocious Wrongs inflicted by the New England Puritans on RI Colonists," n.d.

            Bernon Genealogy and Bibliography of Gabriel, n.d.

            "The Banishment of Roger Williams," n.d.

            Biology, n.d.

            Brown University-Agricultural College Lands, 1870

            Causes of Failure of Lightning Rods, n.d.

            Cause of Banishment of Roger Williams (copy 2?), 1877-1878

            Colors: Source of Solar Light and Heat, n.d.

            Copied Corliss Steam Engine Papers, 1870?

            Copied and discarded sheets, 1859? [re: valves?]

            "Corne the Painter," 1876 [newspaper article]

            "Dedication of the Spring on Zachariah Allen's Pioneer Silviculture Plot, 1946"

            Dignity of Labor (?), n.d.

            Discarded copied manuscript from Mr. Ely [re: steam engine], n.d.

            Dorr Rebellion, n.d.

            The Earthquake in New England in the Year l638, n.d.

            Extracts from the "Life of James Watts," January 185l

            Financial difficulties of Boulton and Watt, n.d.

            Financial Perils of the Arts of Peace as Affected by the Civil War in America, n.d.

            Free Public Library, Art Gallery and Museum, 187l-1873

            Freight of Cotton, 1854-1859

            French and English Inventions and Printed Volumes of the Invention of Automatic Cut-offs, n.d.

            Generating of Power, n.d.

            [Historical sketch of the Original inventions that brought about the abolition of the throttle, n.d.] [copied sheets]

            Geological Survey and Municipal Debt, 1828-1879

            "History of the Steam Engine--Discarded Notes," n.d.

            History of the Woolen Manufacture in the United States, n.d.

            History of the Steam Engine in France, n.d.

            History of the Woolen Manufacture in the United States, n.d.

            Importance of Mechanical Science, n.d.

            Indians, 1881

            Insurance, 1878-1966

            Inventions of Mill equipment and machinery, n.d.

            Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, n.d.

            Manufacture of Blood Albumen for Calico Printing, 1869 [translated by ZA]

            "Memoranda of Calculations and Rules of Practical Mechanics, Cotton M’facture, 1856"

            Memoranda-Cotton Manufacture, coal, etc.


             Miscellaneous notes of Z. Allen's address on Huguenot Settlements, June 1881

            [Miscellaneous pages on gravitation and theory of mechanical philosophy], n.d.

            Miscellaneous subjects, n.d.

            New City at Hadley Falls, MA, n.d.

            Miscellaneous photocopies of newspaper articles, 1843-1880

            Newspapers [originals], 1816-1877 (2f)

            Niagara River Water Power, n.d.

            Notes for new work on practical mechanics, 1855

            Notes on the early introduction of the cotton manufacture of New England, n.d.

            Patents-Steam Engines--dispute with George Corliss, n.d.

            Pilgrims and Puritans of New England, n.d.

            Practical utility and the importance of science, n.d.

            President Monroe's Message, 1815

            Professor Diman's address-Roger Williams Monument, 1877

            Providence City Hall, n.d.

            Providence, RI Muncipal elections, November 1879

            Providence Waterworks-Cornish Engine, c. 1877

            "Respectability of Labor," n.d.

            Revision: "Puritans and Rhode Island Colonists," n.d.

            "Respectability of Labor," n.d.

            Revision "Puritans and Rhode Island colonists," n.d.

            Roger Williams monument, 1860-1866

            Rubber Belting, 1859

            Settlement of New England, 1842?

            Soul Liberty, n.d.

            Steam Engine-Corliss Papers transcribed sheets, n.d.

            Steam Locomotion, n.d.

            Steam Navigation, n.d.

            Stevens Battery, n.d.

            "Sundry notes-Cotton," n.d.

            Supply of Coal and Iron-Free Trade, n.d.

            To the Alumni of Brown University, n.d.

            Textiles, n.d.

            Transmission of power from motors to machines, 187l

            Travel Diary discussing steam engines, n.d.

            "Trenton Falls," n.d.

            "Wonderful Discovery of Gold in California," 1850

            Work on the Mechanics of Nature, n.d.

Series III: Addresses and Lectures


BOX 2 (cont'd)

            Address "at the Bristol Bicentennial Festival," September 1880

            Address to Z. Allen to the Association of Mechanics and Manufacturers, October ll, 1869

            Address "for Establishing a Public Library," Centerdale, North Providence, July 1869

            Address on a Field Excursion to Diamond Hill and Iron Quarry, Cumberland Hill, June 17, 1876

            Address on Constructing a Memorial on What Cheer Rook, RI Historical Society, January 1879

            Address on Reviving and Renovating the Franklin Society, 1869?

            Address to the Alumni Dinner (Brown University), 1870

            Address to the Association of Engineers of Rhode Island, February 25, 1881

            Address to Veteran Fireman's Association, April 26, 1881 (accn. 1884.11)

            Astronomy-Lecture at Allendale, December 28, 187l (with an abstract)

            "The Five Senses," lecture to the Franklin Society, n.d.

            Free Library-Notes of an Address to the Committees of 6 Different Societies in Providence, 1870

            Historical Lecture on Stereopticon Views [celebrated buildings in England], March, April 1873

            "Historical Sketch of the Capture of General Prescott," Address, July l0, 1878

            Introduction of Professor Pepper to the Franklin Society, December 7, 1872

            "Lafayette," RI Historical Society, February 4, 186l

            Lecture "for the purpose of originating a system of Public Lectures for the young...," Mechanics Society, n.d.

            Lecture on the Salt and Gas Springs of Virginia, 1847

            Lecture on the Philosophy of the Mechanics of Nature, Franklin Society, 1847

            "Memorial of Roger Williams," Read before the Rhode Island Historical Society, March 18, 1860

            Miscellaneous Addresses, Lectures and Short Essays [Switzerland, Coal, "the Natural Run," etc.], n.d.

            "National intervention in National Rebellions," a Paper read before the RI Historical Society, September l, 1862

            On the Rhode Island Historical Societies Semi-Centennial, July 1872

            Oxford-Huguenot Settlers," lecture, n.d.

            Response to Professor Gammell's Address to the Franklin Society, n.d.

            The Steam Engine, Franklin Society Lecture, February 17, 1832

            The Steam Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering of the Providence Waterworks, October 20, 1877

            "Use of Stereopticon Views", delivered February 17, 1873 at the Academy of Music

            Views of Niagara Falls and Admeasurement of Water, lecture, Franklin Society, 1873

            "Vitality: Sources and Modes of Transportation of Animal Motive Tower," Franklin Society Lecture, December 27, 1869

            "What is Fire, Heat and Light?" Address to Providence Veteran Fireman, n.d.

Series IV: Production and Manufacturing

Calendar of papers

BOX 2 (cont'd)

Folder l: 181l-1825


            October 3l-Cotton Spindles in RI; lp

            October 3l-List of Cotton Mills in RI; lp

            ?-List of cotton mills in RI; lp


            ?-Ticket prices of cotton yarn from 1795; lp


            May 6-Receipt, Samuel Blydensburgh "First Power Loom"; lp


            ?-Funds collected to pay James Burrell for expenses; a list of manufactories contributing; lp

            ?-Calculation of expenses of making cloth in the Providence Woolen factory; lp

            ?-Prices once paid for hand loom weaving

            October 2-Report of Philadelphia meeting of American Manufacturers, on tariff; 8p printed brochure

            November 9-Note from WR Danforth re: manufacturing Companies in RI; lp

            ?-List of cotton mills in RI (in 1815)


            June l-Price of weaving at Litchfield (Torrington Factory); lp

            June-Process making broad cloth; 2p AL


            ?-"Process of Woolen Manufactures in 1825"; l5p AL

            January 5-Calculation of Hand weaving average wages; lp

            May-Process of Manufacture of wool in Yorkshire England; 24p AL

            June-List of manufacturers in France; 4p

Folder 2: 1826-183l

1826    November-account of stock of wool purchased, 1822-1826; lp


            ?-total of cotton 1827; lp

            April 7-Table of spinning, warping and slaieing woolen yarn made by Z. Allen; lp

            August-prices of goods in Manchester; lp


            ?-Plan of addition by S. Nightingale

            January-Spindles within 30 miles of Providence; l0p

            February-Loss in Washing wool from 1828-1829; lp

            February 19-Estimate of cost of cotton mill in 1828; lp

            July 8-Copy of statement sent to Committee on Manufactures in Washington; lp (incomplete)

            October-l-Shrink of wool from January 1829;lp

            ?-Labor, making cloth; lp


            ?-Account of the Cotton Manufactures of RI; lp

            ?-Statistics of Manufacturers, RI; 2p

            ?-Schedule of number of woolen mills in RI; 4p

Folder 3: 1832-1839


            January-Statement of Cotton and other articles used in RI; lp

            April-S. Nightingale's answers to S. Slater's inquiries; 3p

            December-Estimate of wool used in the county of Providence


            ?-Account of stock wool purchased from November 1826; 3p

            ?-cotton weavers work and wages for one week; lp (scrap)


            April-Account of Stock wool purchased from April 1833



            ?-Labor and materials in broad cloth-Allendale (183l-1835); 2p (torn)

            ?-Broad cloth, Allendale, yards per day and cost per yard, 1833-1835; lp

            ?-Cost of the process of manufacture from 1833-1836


            ?-Hours of work on the Blackstone


            Petition from male mill operatives dated 7/12/1837:

"The opinion of most of the hands seems to be that, taking into consideration the time they have been out of employ, one sixth as a deduction on the whole amount of their wages would be sufficient..." Accession #1996.41.1

            ?-"Female Boarding House - Allendale Mill - Inventory of Furniture" Accn. #1996.41.2


            ?-Costs of broad cloth, prices and profits, 1837 & 1838; 2p

            ?-"Ross' Historical Discourse in 1838-Valuable & Ancient Statistics of Cotton Manufacturer in Rhode Island; 3p


            May 2-Catalog of Machinery to be sold; Allendale; lp printed

            May 2-Auctioneers catalog machinery, Woolen Mill; l2p

            ?-Inventory of furniture at Female Boarding House, Allendale Mill. Accn. #1996.41.3

Folder 4: 1840-1853


            July-Weight of Allendale shirtings; lp (scrap)


            ?-Actual cost of goods at Phoenix Mills; lp



            ?-Draft of addition to old mill; lp

            ?-Beams and shafting of old mill addition; lp

            March 7-Higgins best plan for cotton mills; lp

            April-Rules for calculating the cost of cotton cloth, Allendale; 4p


            February-List of work people employed in the Georgia Mill; 8p

            November-Experiments with magnetic needle; lp



            March-Estimate of coal for steam power; lp



            January-Rent Roll-statement of help at Georgia Mill, wages and rents; 2p



            ?-Work hours; lp

            July 23-Quantity of Stones from Hopkins Ledge for Georgia Mills; lp

            ?-Plan of first floor of mill porch, Georgia mill; lp

            November-Cords of stone in New Georgia Mill; lp

Folder 4: 1854-1857


            ?-Memorandum of stoppages for want of water, 185l-1854; 3p

            May-Parker's table of the Power of velocity of mill gearing; 2p

            November-Flow of waste from Georgia Mill Pond; 2p

            November-Account of first filling of Georgia Mill Pond; 2p



            January-Water calculation, Georgia Pond; lp

            October 3l- Stoppage for want of water; lp



            March-Weekly products made at Allendale and Georgia Mills; lp

            October-Rule for calculating the Costs of cotton clothes; 2p

            October-Comparative cost and sales l0/4 sheeting and Print cloths; lp

            December-Horse power to operate Georgia machinery; lp

            ?-Products of cotton cloth from Georgia and Allendale mills, 1854-1856; 2p

            ?-Table of prices of spinning and weaving in England in 1856; 2p



            ?-Coal for steam, Salem Mill; lp

            January-Comparative costs of various styles of cloth

            April-Comparative prices for cotton mill labor, England and U.S.; lp

            May-Comparative prices of labor in England and America; lp

Folder 5: 1858-1860

1858    ?-Weekly returns of the Allendale and Georgia Mills, 1857 & 1858; lp



            March-Wages paid in various mills; 3p

            April-Prices paid at Georgia Mill; lp

            April-Prices of labor in cotton mills; lp

            April-Prices for wages, Blackstone Mill

            November-Loss of operation of Georgia and Allendale Mills for want of water; lp

            ?-Prices paid in various mills


            June 17-Samuel Greene's History of Power Loom in RI; 5p ALS

            July 2l-Proposed plan of engine house at Georgia Mill

            July 23-Plan of engine house, Georgia Mill

            July 23-Circulation of vent of chimney, Georgia Mill

            August-Steam Power, Georgia Mill

Folder 6: 186l-1869


            ?-Henry B. Lyman's statement; re: history of cotton manufacturing; lp [ZA's handwriting]

            April 8-Edward Walcott statement-re History of Cotton Manufacturing; lp (incomplete)

            July l0-John Waterman's statement-introduction of power loom; lp

            ?-Samuel Greene's statement-early cotton manufacturing; 3p


            January-Philip Allen's statement-History of Cotton Manufacturing; lp- ZA's handwriting

            October 22-Steam power at Georgia Mill

            October-Operations of steam engine, Georgia mill

1863    April-Samuel Bachelder's statement-history of cotton manufacturing; 2p [memorandum]


            August-Georgia Mill steam power; lp

            August-Georgia mill steam engine; lp 

            September 8-steam power, Georgia mill; lp


            ?-Steam power, Georgia mill; lp

            May 22-Estimate of Georgia cotton Mill Estate



            ?-Comparative prices of living and labor

            November-Comparative prices in gold and currency; lp

            November 18-Reduction of wages at Georgia Mills; 2p


            January-Prices of labor at Woonsocket and Bernon Mills; 2p

            October 8-Calculation of cotton cloth

            November 24-Fabrication and costs, pique cloth

            ?-Manufacturing "ticket," Bernon Mills (NEGATIVE)


            ?-Report of Mill House Committee on bleaching; l0p

            ?-Estimates of English cotton manufactures

            ?-Machinery-Georgia Mill

            ?-Drawing of pinion wheel to power printing machine

            ?-Shaft drawing

            ?-Labor for producing serum (figures)

            ?-Scrap-"Progress of cotton manufacture"

            ?-scrap-figures for RI mills

            January l-Costs of improvements, Bernon mill estate; 2p

            March 3l-Prices of wages, Woonsocket; 3p

            April 3-Cost per lb. (?) for labor, print cloths

            May l-Comparative costs of manufacturing, Georgia and Woonsocket Mills; lp

            May-Prices of manufacturing, 1869

            May-Labor at Georgia Mill

            June 18-Henry Burrows' agreement to pay Z. Allen for patent; lp ALS

            September-Calculations of the power of Leffels Turbine

            ?-1869-1870-Cost of Operating Engine-Bernon Mill

Folder 7: 1870-1878


            January 8-Pay list, Georgia Mill; 8p

            March l-Estimate of cost of blood albumen

            March 19-Manufacturing Products, Georgia Mill, from purchase 1859; l2p

            March 28-Cost of Pique cloth; lp

            September l5-Calculations, spindles and looms at Georgia Mill; lp

            November l-Bernon Mill, stock account


            January l-Number of Looms in Bernon Mill; lp

            January 3-Credit stock, Bernon mill

            March-Machinery, Georgia Mill

            June l- Fenner's account of operation of high speed belting at Georgia Mill



            April 5-Commissions paid to Crawford Allen by Georgia Mill and Bernon  Manufacturing, 1859-187l

            November 4-Deposition of Z. Allen in the case of Allen Print Works vs. Silver Spring Bleacher; 26p


            November 28-Icelander's mode of fulling woolen cloths; lp (scrap)


Folder 8: n.d.

            Plan of the First Floor of Mill Porch, Georgia Mills; lp

            List of Capital and Expenses of Rhode Island Mills

            Rights of Flowage at Mill Privileges; lp

            Machinery of Bernon Mills (scrap)

            Old Time Table- Georgia Mills

            Materials and Labour for Erecting Buildings for l000 Spindles; lp

            Slaieing Yarns (scrap)

            Georgiaville Mill-Rules of Operation

Series V: Manuscripts


            Autobiography, n.d.

            Calico Printing, Mordants, Blocking and Engraving for the Boston Commercial Bulletin, n.d.

            Cotton Manufacture in America [pp. 4-45 l/2 complete], n.d.

            "Ecclesiastical Power and Soul Liberty," n.d.

            "Gyroscope: Appendix for Second Edition," [Solar Power]

            "Historical Account of the Building of the Providence City Hall," n.d.

            Historical, Theoretical and Practical Account of Textile Fabrics, [pp. 35-ll3 complete], n.d.

            "History of the First Settlement and First Settlers of New England," n.d.

            "History of the Steam Engine," 1878?

            "History of the Steam Engine Since 1800," 1873?

            "History of the Establishment of Religious Liberty or Soul Liberty," n.d.

            Huguenots in America, n.d.

            "Increase of City Debt," 1880?

            "...Introduction of Railroads in Providence," n.d.

            Manuscript revised by Mr. Ely, n.d.

            "North American Textile Fabrics," pp. l-8 complete, n.d.

            Reminiscences of Old Providence People, June 25, 1880

            "Review of Dexter's Book," n.d.

            "The Rhode Island Rebellion," [Dorr Rebellion] pp. l-75, n.d.

            "The Rhode Island Rebellion," [Dorr Rebellion] pp. 76-l50, n.d.

            "The Rhode Island Rebellion, " pp. l5l-, n.d.

            "Rise and Progress of [Textile] Manufacturers, revised 1879"

            Rural Scenery in England, [Manuscript-published in Providence], n.d.

            "Solar Light and Heat," n.d. (first draft) (2f)

BOX 4  

            "Solar Light and Heat," n.d. (first draft)

            "Solar Light and Heat," [Manuscript] [no order], n.d. (4f)

            "Solar Light and Heat, Appendix for 2nd Edition," n.d.

            "Solar Light and Heat; the Source and the Supply..." n.d.

            Source of Steam Power-Introduction and finished for Publication, 1873?

            "To the Taxpayers of the City of Providence, Providence Morning Star October 1877


            Philosophy of Mechanics pp. l-280 (revised manuscript),

                         (2 "books" of manuscript material), n.d.


            Philosophy of Mechanics pp. 281-500 (revised manuscript), n.d.

            Unprinted-Manuscript for Revision, n.d.

Series VI: Journals and Diaries


            Journal, 1811-1816

            Journal (miscellaneous diary entries), February 1813-September 1816

            Journal-Trip to Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, N.Y., New Jersey, May-June 1815

            Journal and Accounts (transcript) April-July 1817 [Wedding Tour]

            Journal and Accounts [fragile-use transcript], June-July 1817

            Diary and memoranda, January 1821-November 1824

            Journal (expenses), Europe, February-October 1825

Journal (photocopy), European trip, February - July 1825 (4 vols.) The originals of these journals are owned by the Factory Mutual Engineering Corporation of Norwood, MA. They were the basis for Allen's The Practical Tourist, published in 1832.

            Journal (memoranda), European trip, April-August 1825

            Journal, August 1826

            Journal, Tour to Niagara, July 1841

            Journal and Expenses, Steamboat to Mississippi Headwaters, June-July, 1847

            Journal and Expenses, Trip to Richmond, 1850?

            Diary (vol. 1-7), May 1853-March 1882 (7 vols.)

Series VII: Family Papers


Folder l: Wills, Deeds, Account of Estate

            Throop, Mary (Crawford) (1744-1814)-Receipts of Settlement

            Allen, Lydia (Crawford) (175l-1817)-will

            Smith, Henry-wills, 1814 & 1812

            Allen, Ann (1759-1808)-copy of will, 1808

            Allen, Ann-Will, 1808

            Allen, Ann-Eulogy, by N.B. Crocker, September 3, 1808 [in printed collection at RIHS]

            Crawford, Susannah (Bernon) (17l6-1802)-Will, 1800

            Smith, Abby C. (Allen)-plats of land, n.d.

            Smith, Abby C. (Allen)- copy of will, 1855

            Arnold, James-Synopsis of Will, n.d.

            Dyer, Elisha (181l-1890?)-Estate Account, July 1874

            Arnold, Welcome (1745-1798)-Estate inventory, n.d.

            Allen, Ann (1759-1808)-Division of Estate, 1810

Folder 2: Allen, Candace (1788-1860)

Folder 3: Allen, Eliza Harriet (1796-1873)

            1812?, July l0-from Washington (Tristam Burges' wife?)

            1827, March 7-from brother Tristam Burges (TB) in Washington to Eliza in N.Y.

            1827, December ll-from TB in Washington to Eliza in New York

            1833, March 8-from TB in Washington

            1834, January 17?- from TB in Washington

            1844, April 30-from TB at Watchemocket Farm

            1844, May l-from TB at Watchemocket Farm

            1844, May 3-from TB

            1845, December 25- from TB at Watchemocket Farm

            1851, May 27-from TB

             n.d., August 6- from TB

            n.d.-from TB

Folder 4: Account Book of Eliza Allen 1817-1823 (accn 1910.10.6)

Folder 5: Journal of Eliza Allen [trip to Savannah March 5-June 5, 1837 and at home, June 29-July 3l 184l] (accn. 1908.20)

Folder 6: Philip Allen (1739-1794)

            Receipt from Thomas Burges, owner of sloop Providence, December ll, 1815

            Court agreement for settlement of bills between owners of the Sloop Providence and Allen, 1769

            Power of Attorney to Amos Throop, May 9, 1791

            Receipt, October l3, 1769

Folder 7: Philip Allen (1785-1865) (includes accn 1970.89.11)

Folder 8: Zachariah Allen (1739-180l)

            Bill for sugar, June 23, 1797

            Petition for repayment of debts against the estate of David Burr, Jr.; 4p ALS, December 1767

            Receipt for tax payment, October 3, 1800

            Will, May 4, 180l

            Plat of lots in the Plains, 180l

            Estimate of Division of Real Estate, 1803

Folder 9: Zachariah Allen (1739-180l)

            Division of Estate, 1809 (accn. 1959.58)

            Lease to Susannah Crawford, 1793

            Plat of land in Glocester from Hopkins, n.d.

            Receipt for payment to ZA, 1792

            Deed to Philip Allen, March 25, 1778

            Deed to Philip Allen, March 25, 1778

            Ephriam(?) Sterry- debt to deceased ZA, 1803

            Letter from Solomon Allen (brother), October 9, 1795(?)

            Letter from Solomon Allen, October 9, 1795

            Letter from Solomon Allen, January 18, 1791

            Copy of letter to Solomon Allen, May 20, 1894

            Copy of letter to Solomon Allen, February 20, 1795

            Certificate of payment for duty on chaise, September 30, 180l

Folder 9: Deed to Joshua Salisbury, October 1796

Folder 10: Zachariah Allen-Account book for Brig Lydia, 1797-1798 (accn 1904.27)

Folder l1: Platbook for Division of Land, 1803 (accn. 1942.45)

Folder l2: Amos Throop (1738-1814), 1803-1814

Series VIII: Publications and Miscellaneous

BOX l0

            Bank Accounts, 1852

            Circuit court of the U.S. in Equity: George H. Corliss vs. Wheeler and Wilson Manufacturing Co., 1860  

            Corliss Steam-Engine Contracts-Speech of Honorable George E. Spencer of Alabama in the Senate of the U.S., July 7, 1870

            Corliss vs. Dexter, 1858

            First Medal at the American Institute, 1869 William A. Harris, Builder of the Harris-Corliss Engines, Providence, RI

            George H. Corliss Relative to the Extension of his Patent for Improvements in Steam Engines, 1870 (2 copies)

            George H. Corliss vs. Wheeler and Wilson Mfg. Co.- Brief of Points, 1860

            In the Circuit Court of the U.S. for the Southern District of NY: William B. Sickels and Others vs. David L. Youngs and Stephen Cutter, 1855

            In the Circuit Court..., William B. Sickels and Others vs. the Gloucester Mfg. Co., 1856

            In the Matter of the Petition of George H. Corliss for an Extension of his Letters Patent, for Improvements in Steam Engines, 1870

            Navy Department-Annual Report of the Bureau of Steam Engineering, 1874

            Real Situation of Affairs in Relation to the Claim of George H. Corliss Against the Navy Department, 1870

            Remonstrance of Frederick E. Sickels against the further Extension of the Patent of George H. Corliss, 1870 

            Report of Experiments made with the Allen Engine to Determine its Economy and Effective Power, 187l

            Report of Samuel B. Cussing, Esq. Master in Chancery in the case Samuel Harris vs. Woonsocket co. et als. ..., 1844

            The True Situation of Affairs in Relation to the Claim of George H. Corliss against the Navy Department, 1872

            William A. Harris, Builder of the Corliss Steam Engine, Providence, RI, 1870

BOX ll

            Account book of Allen Co.(?), 1860-1870

            Cove Reports, 1846-1880

            Scrapbook [mostly Newspaper articles], 183l-1880

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Allen, Candace

Allen, Eliza Harriet (d. 1873)

Allen, Philip

Allen, Philip (1785-1865)

Allen, Zachariah (1740-1801)

Allendale Mills

Arnold, Richard J. (1796-1873)

Bernon Mills

Burges, Tristam

Corliss, George H.

Diaries, 1811-1815

Diaries, 1815

Diaries, 1825

Diaries, 1837, 1841 (Elizabeth Allen)

Diaries, 1853-1882

Dorr, Thomas W.

Georgia - Travel and description

Georgia Mills

Hazard, Issac P.

Hurricanes - Rhode Island - 1815


Lydia (brig)

Merchants - Rhode Island - Providence

Ormsbee, John H.

Providence Athenaeum

Steam engines

Steamboats - Rhode Island

Textile factories - Rhode Island - Smithfield

Textile factories - Rhode Island - North Providence

Throop, Amos

United States - History - War of 1812

Washington, D.C. - Travel and description

Williams, Roger (1604-1683)

Women - Employment - Rhode Island

The following are old subject headings that have been retained at the depository. The cards have been marked "see inventory":

Account book

"Allen, Zachariah" subheadings:

            Commercial Papers


            Mss Account book

            Historical, Theoretical and Practical Account...

            Journal, European

            Journal-trip to DC

            Memorial to Roger Williams

            Philosophy of Mechanics

            Records of Water level in Reservoirs (?)


            Mss & papers



European travel and description

Fortifications (re War of 1812 document in series 1)

Historical, theoretical and practical account...

Mechanics, Philosophy of

Memorial of Roger Williams

Merchant marine - Providence (for Zachariah Allen Sr.)

Philosophy of Mechanics

Textile industry and fabrics

            Historical, theoretical....


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