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 Henry Whitman Greene Papers

 Farmer, Warwick, Rhode Island

 Papers, 1660-1891

 Size: 0.25 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 461

 Processed by: Rick Stattler and Lori Salotto, January 2001

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Henry Whitman Greene (1814-1897) was the son of Warner J. Greene and Roby (Knight) Greene of Warwick. He married Emeline Dexter (1815-1898) in 1842 and they had no children. He was a farmer in Warwick, known in his neighborhood as "Farmer Greene of Buttonwoods." He was an active supporter of the Whig Party, and later the Republican Party, and was recalled as "doubtless one of the best informed men on matters of historical and antiquarian interest in the town of Warwick."


The Greenes of Rhode Island, 621.

History of Washington and Kent Counties, 1035-1037. Includes portrait.

Rhode Island Cemetery Database

1900 U.S. Census, Rhode Island E.D. 57, page 3 (Chafee family)

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Scope and content:

            This collection, ranging from 1654 to 1891, contains many references to James Greene and his estate, as there were many disagreements over land between family members. There are also several deeds for land between Indians and settlers in the area known as Narragansett country (Warwick). Also included in this collection are commissions, power of attorneys, testimonies, indentures, wills and a several page genealogical sketch of the descendants of John Greene. Occasionally there are two copies of the same item within the scrapbook.

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            This collection was donated on December 4, 1913. The accession book lists the donor as Harriet B. Chaffee. She was presumably Harriet Whitman (Budlong) Chafee, who was Greene's niece and closest surviving heir, who died without children on May 13, 1913. Presumably, the collection arrived as a gift from her estate, a gift from her husband Albert E. Chafee, or as a formal bequest.

            Numerous sources from 1877 to 1880 list Henry W. Greene as the owner of an important manuscript volume of Elder John Gorton's marriages from 1754 to 1792. These sources include Oliver P. Fuller's History of Warwick, a series in the Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner in the summer and fall of 1879, and James N. Arnold's Vital Records of Rhode Island, 7:375. This volume is now part of the John Gorton Papers, but it does not bear the same catalog markings as the rest of that collection, and it was likely part of these Henry Whitman Greene Papers in 1913.

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Processing note:

            The collection was bound in a scrapbook, either by the original owners, or by the R.I.H.S. shortly after the gift. It was probably disbound and housed in acid-free folders circa 1975. Several items were transferred to the Graphics division: pencil drawings of President Harrison, a log cabin, and a United Stated ship, 1841; a pencil drawing of the Old Baptist meeting house and a illustration of the same, undated ; portrait of Henry W. Greene, undated.

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Folder 1. Brief letter from John W. Davis to Henry W. Greene, July 13, 1891, along with a copy of a speech honoring Henry W. Green and the presentation of a walking staff.

Page 1. Agreement granting land to Samuel Brayton, December 1681

Page 2. Thomas Greene's testimony regarding Jacob Greene's will, 1698

Agreement for land between Robert Potter and James Greene, 1695

Inquest notice concerning a riot, undated

Page 3. Undated order from John Fones

               Commission granted to Capt. Richard Smith and Capt. John Fones, 1686

Page 4. Power of attorney given to James Greene by his son James Greene, Jr., 1686

Page 5. Power of attorney given to James Greene and Samuel Fones by John Fones, 1709

Page 6. Complaint filed by Peter Greene, Jabez Greene, and David Greene concerning their father, James', will, 1698.

               Appointment of Arthur Aylworth and Benjamin Greene as supervisors or superintendents of highways in Kingstown, 1700

Page 7. Power of attorney given to James Greene, Jr by his father James Greene, 1682

               Complaint of James Greene against Thomas Green for trespass, 1698

Receipt received of Fones Greene, administrator of Rebecca Tibbit's will, 1754

Page 8. Warrant allowing Samuel Greene to collect fines against those negligent in their military duties, 1700

               Receipt received of Fones Greene, administrator of Rebecca Tibbit's will, 1753.

Page 9. Warrant allowing Samuel Wickam to collect fines against those negligent in their military duties, 1700

                Testimony pertaining to James Greene's will, 1699

Page 10. An Act for the Regulation of Cattle, 1688

Page 11. Deed for land given to James Greene, Jr. by his father James Greene, 1698

Page 12. Complaint concerning land disbursement in the will of John Greene, 1682

Page 13. Articles of Agreement between James Greene and John Knowles, 1687

Receipt of payment by James Greene, Jr. to James Greene

Page 14. Land partnership: Samuel Gorton, Benjamin Barton, C. Greene, John Potter, Benjamin Gorton, John Knowles, Moses Lippit, John Carder, James Carder, 1681

Page 15. Testimony of Elizabeth Wilson pertaining to land of her first husband, John Sweet, 1684

                Complaint by Peter Pomshat [Indian] against John Pasquis [Indian] for his violence, 1703

Page 16. Warrant allowing Samuel Wickam to collect fines against those negligent in their military duties, 1700 (2nd copy)

                Statement about an order of purchases pertaining to Nathaniel Waterman and Richard Garder, 1710

Page 17. Religious entreaty from M. and Elizabeth Tucker and John and Sarah Mos, 1732

Order for Maj. William Hopkins and Capt. James Green to ask Thomas Burlingham if he would command forces against her Majesty's Enemys the Indians, undated

Page 18. Testimony of John Heath declaring that a will written by him for James Greene was meant to include all his sons in the disbursement of lands, 1698

                Second statement by John Heath in reference to James Greene' will, 1698

Page 19. Indenture between William Burton and Capt. John Fones, 1701

Page 20. Agreement for land between Mary Greene and her son, Fones Greene, 1719

Note to Fones Greene pertaining to items that are being sent to him, undated

Page 21. Agreement between William Burton and James Greene, 1689

Page 22. Agreement for land between Toccommenan and Randall Howlden and Ezekiell Holliman, 1654

Page 23. James Greene's appointment as Captain, 1702

Page 24. Validation of Fones Greene's last will and testament, 1758

               Testimony of James Renald's son declaring that he has not taken any of his father's estate, undated

Page 25. Indenture between David Sheppey and Samuel Gorton, Benjamin Gorton, John Warner, Moses Lippit, John Knowles, John Green Jr., James Green Jr., and Thomas Greene Jr., 1682

               Testimony on land given to James Greene Jr. by his father James Greene 1698

Page 26. Land agreement between Thomas Greene and Samuel Gorton, John Knowles, and William Barton, 1687/8

Page 27. Court judgement against John Rodgers and Andrew Davis, 1725

Page 28. Additions to Thomas Greene Jr.'s land patent, 1687/8

               Testimony of Samuel Wickham, re. land dispute between Thomas Greene Jr. and James Greene Jr, 1696/7

Page 29. Testimony of Benjamin Sarle pertaining to Samuel Gorton and James Greene, 1699

               Claim by Abigail Courtious that Benjamin Stafford is her child's father, 1702/3

Page 30. Lands of Nausaukut partnership, 1681/2

               John Wicks order to give notice to Francis Mathason to leave town, 1704

Page 31. Copy of Her Majesties Letter to his Excelency Milford Crow, Esq. Governor of Barbados

               Complaint by James Greene Jr. over his father, James Greene's will, 1698

Page 32. Joseph Lippit, Thomas Rice, James Arnold, William Potter, Stephen Arnold, and Amos Lockwood bind the infant son, Joshua Davis, of the deceased Samuel Davis as an apprentice to James Greene to learn the farming business, as well as to read, write, and cipher, 1770

Page 33. Statement pertaining to dispute over land given to James Greene Jr by his father's estate, 1698

               Deed of land to Stephen Arnold, 1681

Page 34. Request of money of James Greene from Samuel Wickham, 1708

               Committee chosen to decide on laws in Warwick, 1699

Page 35. Warrant allowing Samuel Wickam to collect fines against those negligent in their military duties, 1700

               Notice requesting that Charles Paines and Elknah Jonson depart Warwick, 1704

Page 36. Undated order from Samuel Cranston, 1703/4

Page 37. Statement concerning inhabitants of Warwick and Kingstown and land in the

                        Narragansett country, 1678/9

Page 38. Warrant allowing Samuel Greene to collect fines against those negligent in their military

                        duties, 1700

                List of ingredients to make into remedies for the ill, undated

Page 39. Complaint of James Renalds Jr., 1684

                Statement by the General Assembly pertaining to Potowomut Neck land, 1682

Page 40. Power of attorney given to Capt. James Greene from Samuel Potter

Page 41. General assembly statement concerning Narragansett land, 1678

                Order to bring Thomas Greene before the Inferior Court of Common Pleas for a complaint of trespass by James Greene, Jr., 1689

Page 42. Fones Greene's financial obligation to the General Treasurer of Rhode Island, 1718

                List of various items bought, undated

Page 43. London broadside announcing the defeat of the Ottoman Army by the Imperial Army, 1697

                Granting of timber rights to John M., 1696

Page 44. Testimony of Edward Hops recanting his claim that John Fones was sleeping with the wife of Jeremiah Willy, 1703

                Bill of lading for the sloop Tryall, 1704

Page 45. Recipe for making something brandied, undated

Page 46. Statement by the purchasers of the land in Warwick 1684/5

                Town meeting statement about land in Warwick 1684/5

Page 47. Articles of Agreement between James Greene, John Knowles, John Wickes, and John Warner, 1687/8

Page 48. Testimony of Benjamin Smith concerning James Greene's will, 1699

Page 49. Complaint by James Greene, Jr. that his cousin, Thomas Greene, has a piece of land that belongs to him, 1695

                Statement pertaining to James Greene, Jr.'s complaint, 1695

Page 50. Obligation of Resolved Rhodes to Fones Greene, 1724

Page 51. Statement by the committee appointed by the proprietors of Jamestown, 1710

Page 52. Granting of land in Portsmouth, 1687

Page 53. Testimony of Edward Hops recanting his claim that John Fones was sleeping with the wife of Jeremiah Willy, 1703 (2nd copy)

                Grievances before the Governor of Rhode Island by unknown author, 1699

Page 54. Letter to Capt. Coddington from James Greene, Jr., 1697

Page 55. Statement concerning land in Moshantakut, 1686

                 Letter to John Townson from James Greene, 1779

Page 56. Obligation between Jeremiah Osband and James Greene, undated

Page 57. Agreement between Samuel Westcot and John Gariady, 1702

Page 58. Blank

Page 59. Portrait of Henry W. Greene, undated

Page 60. Blank

Page 61. Last will and testament of James Greene, 1837

Page 62. Blank

Page 63. Last will and testament of James Greene, 1697

Page 64. Last will and testament of James Greene Sr., undated

Page 65. Continuation of James Greene, Sr.'s will in page 64

Page 66. Blank

Page 67. Appointment of James Greene as Captain, 1700

Page 68. Blank

Page 69. Inventory of Rebekah Tibbits' estate, 1752

Page 70. Blank

Page 71. Birth, death, and marriage dates, 1757-1847

Page 72. Blank

Page 73. Plan for the division of "Wood-lot" east of Hills Grove between Roby Budlong and Henry W. Greene, 1879

Page 74. Blank

Page 75. Last will and testament of Rebekah Tibbits, undated

Page 76. Blank

Page 77. Blank

Page 78. Blank

Page 79. Pencil drawings of President Harrison, a log cabin, and a United Stated ship, 1841

Page 80. Blank

Page 81. Pencil drawing of the Old Baptist meeting house and a illustration of the same,

Page 82. Blank

Page 83. Background on Job Greene, undated

                 Address, undated

                 Letter to Henry W. Greene from his cousin, George S. Greene, 1890

Page 84. Blank

Page 85. Birth dates, 1727-1748 and mention of an earthquake, 1755

                 Illustration of the Benedict Arnold Tavern, Old Warwick, undated

Page 86. Blank

Page 87. Last will and testament of Fones Greene, 1758

Page 88. Blank

Page 89. Genealogical record of the family and descendants of John Greene, who came from Salesbury county Wettshire in Old England (1596-1846), undated

Page 90. Blank

Page 91. Deed for "Narragansett" land between Suckquansh, Nenegrat, Scuttup, and Wequakanuit, and Maj. Humphrey Atherton and associates, 1660

Page 92. Blank

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Arnold, James

Arnold, Stephen

Atherton, Humphrey Maj.

Aylworth, Arthur

Barton, Benjamin

Barton, William

Brayton, Samuel

Budlong, Roby

Burlingham, Thomas

Burton, William

Carder, James

Carder, John

Cattle - Rhode Island

Courtious, Abigail

Cranston, Samuel

Crow, Milford

Davis, Andrew

Davis, John W.

Davis, Joshua

Davis, Samuel

Fones, John Capt.

Fones, Samuel

Garder, Richard

Gariady, John

Gorton, Benjamin

Gorton, Samuel

Greene, Benjamin

Greene, David

Greene, Fones

Greene, George S.

Greene, Henry W.

Greene, James

Greene, James, Jr.

Greene, Jacob

Greene, Job

Greene, John

Greene, John, Jr.

Greene, Mary

Greene, Peter

Greene, Samuel

Greene, Thomas

Greene, Thomas Jr.

Hops, Edward

Holliman, Ezekiell

Howlden, Randall

Heath, John

Hopkins, William Maj.

Indians of North America - Rhode Island

Jonson, Elknah

Knowles, John

Lippit, John

Lippit, Joseph

Lippit, Moses

Lockwood, Amos

Merchants - Rhode Island

Mos, John

Mos, Sarah


Paines, Charles

Pasquis, John

Pomshat, Peter

Portsmouth - Rhode Island

Potter, John

Potter, Robert

Potter, Samuel

Potter, William

Renalds, James

Rhodes, Resolved

Rice, Thomas

Rogers, John

Sarle, Benjamin


Sheppey, David

Smith, Benjamin

Smith, Richard Capt.

Stafford, Benjamin


Sweet, John

Tibbits, Rebecca


Townson, John

Tryall (sloop)

Tucker, Elizabeth

Turkey - History - Ottoman Empire, 1288-1918

Warner, John

Waterman, Nathaniel


Westcot, Samuel

Willey, Jeremiah

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wickam, Samuel

Wickes, John

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