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 Hazard Memorial Trust Records

 Hall, Peace Dale, R.I.

 Records, 1927-1970

 Size: 1 linear foot

 Catalog number: MSS 483 sg 26

 Processed by: Rick Stattler and Steve Dalpe, March 1999

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            After the death of Rowland Gibson Hazard I (1801-1888), the Hazard Memorial Hall was constructed in his honor in Peace Dale, Rhode Island. It was to be used for "purposes consistent with the improvement of the community" and for "charitable purposes generally". This hall was deeded by the Peace Dale Manufacturing Company to three appointed trustees in 1891. The successors of these trustees later received funding from two sources. The "Endowment Fund of the Hazard Memorial" was created by Caroline Hazard in 1920; the "John Newbold Hazard Memorial Trust Fund" was created by Edith H. Fobes in 1926.

            "The Weaver", a sculpture erected in memory of Rowland Hazard II and his sons Frederick R. and Rowland G. Hazard II, was dedicated on the grounds of the Hazard Memorial Building in 1920.

            The trustees had only one employee, a part-time janitor. The building was operated on a non-profit basis, and was initially used for a variety of cultural activities. The hall was rented for community groups and theatrical performances, and a gymnasium on the premises collected fees for memberships and baths. The building housed the Peace Dale Library (operated by the Narragansett Library Association). It also housed some classes for the South Kingstown Public School District from 1941 until 1954. In 1970, the Peace Dale Library expanded to use the auditorium and second floor of the building, and became the sole tenant of the building.


Hale, Edward E. "Memorial Address", Narragansett Times, October 16, 1891

"Hazard Memorial Panel Dedicated", Providence Sunday Journal, October 24 1920.

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Scope and content:

            Other than a copy of the original 1891 deed, the earliest records in this collection date back only to 1927, and continue through 1970. The bulk are financial records, including banking and tax records. As the trustees only maintained the building, there is not much material on the daily activities of the school and library located at the hall. The cash book and receipts give insight into the theatrical performances staged there, and the gymnasium. There are detailed insurance descriptions of the architecturally significant building, and extensive paperwork on the part-time janitors hired over the years.

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            These papers were donated by the Hazard family as part of the Hazard Family Papers in 1985. They had been deposited in 1975 and 1983.

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Processing note:

            This collection is part of the Hazard Family Papers, which were processed with support from the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities, the Beinecke Foundation, and the extended Hazard Family.

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Series 1: Administrative


Series 1, subseries 1: Correspondence.

No full correspondence files were found with this collection. Other than the letter book, the letters in this series were removed from other files during processing.

Box 1, folder 1. Building maintenance, 1890, 1904-1917

Box 1, folder 2. Insurance and inspection, 1919-1930

Box 1, folder 3. Insurance, 1941-1962

Box 1, folder 4. Peace Dale Public Library, 1965-1970

Box 1, folder 5. South Kingstown School Committee, 1941-1951

Box 1, folder 6. Miscellaneous, 1940-1959

Box 1, folder 7. Miscellaneous, 1960-1970

Oversized volume 1. Letter book, outgoing, 1927

Series 1, subseries 2: Building records.

Box 1, folder 8. Agreements with South Kingstown School Committee, 1941-1949

Box 1, folder 9. Bookings for hall, 1891

Box 1, folder 10. Bookings for director's room and Hazard Memorial Hall, 1953-1955

Box 1, folder 11. Deed, Hazard Memorial Hall to trustees, 1891

Box 1, folder 12. Fire inspection reports and receipts, 1950-1968

Box 1, folder 13. Hall rental invoices, 1930-1954

Box 1, folder 14. Insurance records, 1941-1968

Box 1, folder 15. Narragansett Times, October 16 1891, with "Memorial Address".

Box 1, folder 16. Rules for gymnasium members, 1895

Series 2: Financial.

Series 2, subseries 1: Banking records.

Box 1, folder 17. Cash book, 1927

Box 1, folder 18. Check books, 1927-1937 and 1938-1940

Box 1, folder 19. Check books, 1950-1958 and 1958-1962

Box 1, folder 20. Check books, 1962-1965, 1965-1967, 1967-1969

Box 1, folder 21. Bank statements, 1955 and 7/1969 - 1970

Box 1, folder 22. Canceled checks, 7/1969 - 1970

Box 1, folder 23. Check authorizations, ca. 1940


Series 2, subseries 2: Petty cash.

Most of the weekly transactions of the Memorial Hall were handled through petty cash, including the janitor's salary and receipts from the gymnasium. The receipts and vouchers are arranged in envelopes by month.

Box 1, folder 24. 1945-1948

Box 1, folder 25. 1948-1950

Box 1, folder 26. 1951-1952

Box 1, folder 27. 1953-1954

Box 1, folder 28. 1955-1956

Box 1, folder 29. 1957-1960

Box 1, folder 30. 1961-1962

Series 2, subseries 3: Miscellaneous financial records

Box 1, folder 31. Endowment fund statements, 1922-1955

Box 1, folder 32. Endowment fund statements, 1966-1970

Box 1, folder 33. Paid bills, 1952-1963

Box 1, folder 34. Paid bills for labor, 1965-1966

Box 1, folder 35. Payroll taxes, 1946-1956

Box 1, folder 36. Payroll taxes, 1957-1969

Box 1, folder 37. South Kingstown School Committee accounts, 1941-1954

Box 1, folder 38. Tax-exempt forms, 1964-1968

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Building-service employees - Rhode Island - South Kingstown

Narragansett Library Association (South Kingstown, R.I.)

Peace Dale Public Library (South Kingstown, R.I.)

South Kingstown, R.I. - Buildings, structures, etc.

Theaters - Rhode Island - South Kingstown

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