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 George Spencer Merrill Papers

 Engineer, Peace Dale, R.I.

 Papers, 1898-1926

 Size: 1 linear foot

 Catalog number: MSS 483 sg 50

 Processed by: Steve Dalpe and Rick Stattler, June 1996

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            No good biographical sources could be found on engineer and inventor George Spencer Merrill, but the following facts can be ascertained. He was the son of Sereno T. Merrill, probably of Wisconsin; was born circa 1857; and held a commission as a colonel (perhaps from the Spanish-American War). He invented a process for working steel that was patented in several countries, and incorporated as the Merrill Process Steel Company in St. Louis, Missouri in 1898. By 1907, he was living in Peace Dale, R.I. and working as an assistant to his brother-in-law Rowland G. Hazard II (1855-1918). In Peace Dale, he filed several patents for explosive charges and fuel refining, in conjunction with fellow Hazard employee Edmond Jandrier (d.1926), a French chemist. Merrill died after 1930.

            In 1882, he married Eliza S. Bushnell (b.1857), daughter of the Rev. George and Mary E. (Blake) Bushnell, then of Beloit, Wisconsin. They had three children: Robert T. Merrill (b.1888), George B. Merrill (b.1890) and Dotha B. Merrill (b.1893). Eliza S. (Bushnell) Merrill's sister Mary was the wife of Rowland G. Hazard II.


Bushnell, George E. Bushnell Family Genealogy... (Nashville, Tenn.: Published by author, 1945), 436-437.

South Kingstown directories, 1910-1930.

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Scope and content:

            This collection includes patent letters, subject files and financial records. A single account book relating to Merrill's sister Mary I. "Minnie" Merrill is also included.

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            These papers were donated by the Hazard family as part of the Hazard Family Papers in 1985. They had been deposited in 1975.

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Processing note:

            This collection is part of the Hazard Family Papers, which were processed with support from the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities, the Beinecke Foundation, and the extended Hazard Family.

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Series 1: Patents

Box 1, folder 1. Argentina 1899

Box 1, folder 2. Austria 1902

Box 1, folder 3. Australia, South 1899

Box 1, folder 4. Australia, West 1899

Box 1, folder 5. Brazil 1902

Box 1, folder 6. Canada 1900, 1906

Box 1, folder 7. China 1899

Box 1, folder 8. France 1899

Box 1, folder 9. Germany 1899

Box 1, folder 10. Great Britain 1899

Box 1, folder 11. Hungary 1899

Box 1, folder 12. India 1899

Box 1, folder 13. Italy 1899, 1901

Box 1, folder 14. Japan 1900

Box 1, folder 15. Mexico 1891

Box 1, folder 16. Queensland 1899

Box 1, folder 17. Russia 1902

Box 1, folder 18. South Wales 1899

Box 1, folder 19. Sweden 1899

Box 1, folder 20. United States 1899

Series 2: Subject files

Box 1, folder 21. Coal conversion and submarine lights

Box 1, folder 22. Improvements to coke oven

Box 1, folder 23. “Watergas” and explosive charges

Series 3: Financial records

Box 1, folder 24. Bank books, 1911, 1915-1917

Box 1, folder 25. Financial memos and receipts, 1898-1921

Box 1, folder 26. Investment book, 1910-1920

Box 1, folder 27. Memorandum books, 1902-1903; 1903-1905

Box 1, folder 28. Mary I. "Minnie" Merrill accounts with R.G. Hazard, 1900-1926

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Hazard, Rowland G. II (1855-1918)

Jandrier, Edmond (1866-1928)

Merrill, Mary I. (1854-1933)

Merrill Process Steel Company

Patents - Rhode Island

Solvay Process Company

Steelwork - Patents

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