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 Nightingale Family Papers

(part of the Nightingale-Jenckes Papers)

 Providence, R.I. family.

 Papers, 1776-1926. Bulk, 1873-1913.

 Size: .5 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 588, sg 6

 Processed by: Rick Stattler, August 1996

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Samuel Nightingale II had two unmarried daughters: Abby (1768-1853) and Eliza (1780-1863). Their brother, Samuel Nightingale III (1782-1851), married three times, his widow being Eliza Rogers (1790-1870). Samuel had six children, including Susan E. (1809-1883, unmarried), Harriet F. (1810-1894, unmarried), Rev. Crawford (1816-1892); Edwin J. (1824-1879); Samuel A. of Worcester, and Horatio R. Nightingale (1828-1885).

            Horatio R. Nightingale married Anna E. Pratt (1827-1897), daughter of Peter Pratt and Anna Eliza Barnes. He was for many years a partner in a hardware store in Providence operating under the name of Cornett & Nightingale, later as Nightingale & Kilton, then Warren, Salisbury & Nightingale. They had two children: Anna K. (b.1854) (m. Charles H. Warren of Worcester, Mass.) and Horatio R. Nightingale Jr. (1861-?).

            Horatio R. Nightingale Jr. succeeded his father in the hardware and iron business in Providence. He married Mary S. Rhodes (1864-1893) and had two children: Harriet F. (m. Herbert Larned Dorrance) and Mary R. (m. Willard Gordon). Horatio Jr. later remarried to Harriet E. Thomas.


Chapin, William Waterman. Genealogy of the Nightingale Family (typescript at the R.I.H.S.,             compiled 1912).

Cutter, William Richard, ed. New England Families: Genealogical and Memorial New York:             Lewis Historical Publishing, 1915. Volume 1, p. 492-493.

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Scope and content:

            This subgroup contains records of various close relatives of Samuel Nightingale III. The bulk of it consists of deeds and estate records from the late 19th century; the material will be of interest primarily to family members.

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            The material in this subgroup was donated by Mrs. Norman Baker in 1969.

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Processing note:

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Box 10, folder 1. Anna E. Pratt Nightingale. Deeds, etc., 1873-1889.

                                    Mostly by Edwin J. Nightingale as trustee on her behalf, 1873-1879.

Box 10, folder 2. Anna E. Pratt Nightingale estate, 1891-1913. (H.R.N. II, exec.)

Box 10, folder 3. Edwin J. Nightingale estate, 1879-1885. (H.R.N., exec.)

Box 10, folder 4. Eliza Nightingale. Deeds, 1840 and 1842. Sister of Samuel III.

Box 10, folder 5. Eliza (Rogers) Nightingale. Deeds, 1827. Wife of Samuel III.

Box 10, folder 6. Harriet F. Nightingale estate, 1877-1882. (H.R.N, exec.)

Box 10, folder 7. Horatio R. Nightingale. Deeds and related papers, 1849-1885.

Box 10, folder 8. Horatio R. Nightingale estate, 1883-1895. (A.E.N., exec.)

Box 10, folder 9. Samuel A. Nightingale. Deeds, 1867, 1887.

Box 10, folder 10. Susan E. Nightingale estate, 1884-1885. (H.R.N., exec.)

Box 10, folder 11. Nightingale & Kilton. Balance sheet, 1881.

Box 10, folder 12. Warren, Salisbury & Nightingale. Shares of ships, etc., 1892-1895.

                            Salisbury & Nigtingale. Correspondence re Attleboro land, 1912.

Box 10, folder 13. Anna E. (Barnes) (Pratt) Burgess - mother of Anna E. Nightingale.

                                    Autographed inscription, undated.

                                    Letter from Jonathan Wilson Smith, 1842

                                    Thanks from Edwin M. Stone for gift to church, 1849.

                                    Deed from her estate, 1869.

Box 10, folder 14. Horatio Rogers. Letter to James Tillinghast, 1891

Box 10, folder 15. Fernando King - clipping and program for party held in his honor, 1926.                                     Famed local barber.

Box 10, folder 16. Diary fragment, 1811, 4 pg. Probably kept by Abby or Eliza Nightingale.

Box 10, folder 17. Miscellaneous. No obvious connection to Nightingales. Deeds, unidentified poetry, etc. 1776-1860.

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Burgess, Anna E. (Barnes) (Pratt)

King, Fernando

Nightingale, Horatio R.

Rogers, Horatio

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