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 Frederic M. Sackett Papers

 Lieutenant, Battery C, First R.I. Light Artillery

 papers, 1861-1862.

 Size: 0.25 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 695

 Processed by: Rick Stattler, November 1996.

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Frederic M. Sackett was a senior at Brown University in April of 1861, when the Civil War broke out. He volunteered as a private for the three-month First Regiment, Rhode Island Detached Militia, and served under Burnside at the first Battle of Bull Run. After that regiment was mustered out in August, he volunteered for Battery C of the First R.I. Light Artillery. He was mustered in as second lieutenant on October 5, 1861. He served with Battery C in battles at Yorktown on April 5, 1862; Mechanicsville in June of 1862; Bull Run in August of 1862; in reserve at Antietam on September 12, 1862; Fredericksburg in December of 1862; and Chancellorville in May of 1863. At Chancellorville, Sackett was wounded, and after a five-month recuperation, he resigned from further service on October 6, 1863.

            Sackett was the son of Adnah Sackett (1796-1860) and his second wife Eliza H. Adams (d. 1847). Adnah Sackett owned a jewelry factory and ran for both mayor of Providence and governor of R.I.; he was married four times and had eleven children, only four of whom survived through 1860.

            After the war, Frederic M. Sackett married Emma L. Paine (1843-1922) and had four children. He owned a woolen mill and a paper mill in Providence, and was for many years the Adjutant General of Rhode Island.


Weygant, Charles H. The Sacketts of America and Their Ancestors and Descendants , 1630-1907. Newburgh, N.Y., 1907. Pages 229-230, 330-331.

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Scope and content:

            This collection consists mostly of letters written by Frederic M. Sackett to his stepmother Nancy Blake Parks Sackett (1811-1899) while serving in the Civil War. There are a few other family letters in the collection, including letters to Frederick's brother Charles (b.1843), and also from Frederic's brother-in-law Henry P. Brastow, who served as a lieutenant in the First Light Battery of R.I. Volunteers. One letter appears to be from Sackett to his future wife. There are also a few letters received by Sackett, including three from his stepmother and one from Edwin M. Stone, father of one of his soldiers.

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            This collection could not be found in the accession books, but a letter in the accession file indicates that it arrived in 1960 as a gift from a Miss Hazard and M. Azevedo Smith of 177 George Street. Genealogical research indicates that Frederic's daughter Elizabeth P. Sackett (1870-1960) married Lauriston H. Hazard in 1907. They had at least two daughters; the eldest, Elizabeth, does not seem to have married. It appears that soon after the death of Mrs. Elizabeth P. (Sackett) Hazard in April of 1960, her daughter Elizabeth donated the collection. The donor would thus be the granddaughter of Frederic Sackett.

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Folders contain letters from Lt. Sackett to his stepmother and additional material as noted.

Folder 1.         Undated note from Frederic to Charlie, written in service.

                        Undated fragment of letter.

                        1858 receipt for coal hod for Adnah Sackett.

                        1860, July 22 Helen (Sackett) Brastow to mother Mrs. Sackett

Folder 2.         1861, April to May. Includes 3 letters from mother.

Folder 3.         1861, June to July.

Folder 4.         1861, October to December. Includes letter to Charlie.

Folder 5.         1862, January to February. Includes letter to sister; letter from E.M. Stone; letter from "Addie" of New York to Mrs. Sackett.

Folder 6.         1862, March to April. Includes letter to Emma; letter from Henry Brastow to Mrs. Sackett; Confederate officer ballot from 12th Reg't, Georgia Vols.

Folder 7.         1862, May to June. Includes letter from niece Lizzie Hall in Paris.

Folder 8.         1862, September. Includes letter to sister.

Folder 9.         1862, October

Folder 10.       1862, November to December

Folder 11.       1863, January to May. Includes letter from Henry Brastow; also letter from Sackett's captain, informing Sackett's mother of injury.

Folder 12.       Envelopes.

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Brastow, Henry P.

First Regiment, Rhode Island Detached Militia

First Regiment, Rhode Island Light Artillery

Stone, Edwin M. (1803-1885)

United States - History - Civil War, 1861-1865

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