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 Tockwotton Home Records

 Institution, Providence, R.I.

 Records, 1861-1991. Bulk, 1920-1965 and 1986-1991.

 Size: 0.25 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 759

 Processed by: Kelly Byrne, August 1997

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The Tockwotton Home of Providence was formerly known as the Home for Aged Women. It was established in 1857, and is still in existence today. A home was in great need for the "poor, aged, and respectable women of this city, who find themselves homeless and comfortless in the decline of life".

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Scope and content:

            The majority of this collection contains cemetery deeds, articles of agreement, and pay receipts. Some letters from the cemetery can also be found.

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            This collection was donated by the Tockwotton Home in 1991 and 1993 (via Elizabeth Munger).

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Processing note:

            The papers were unfolded, sorted by name, and placed in alphabetical order into an acid-free box and folders.

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Folder #1: Agreements and paid bills re gravestones, 1937-1946

            Ackerman, Emma B.

            Adams, Ann Maria

            Aldrich, Hattie K.

            Bacon, Carrie L.

            Beard, Emily

            Blake, Linnie

            Bradford, Abbie Anna

            Carpenter, Ellen

            Chester, Elizabeth C.

            Crump, Eva D.

            Davis, Emma Etta

            Delmage, Ella F.

            Dennis, Sarah C.

            Dorman, J. Etta

            Foster, Clara

            Jewett, Sarah Arvilla

            Leathe, Elizabeth R.

            Paris, Ida F.

            Perkins, Clara A.

            Pitman, Josephine

            Potter, Ella F.

            Randall, Martha M.

            Rhodes, Estella

            Sanford, Ida J.

            Smith, Clara

            Smith, Mrs. Clark

            Snow, Ida Miller

            Souther, Mary H.

            Steere, Hannah F.

            Stone, Annie

            Swan, Nancy E.

            Thompson, Mary E.

            Thornton, Emma

            Whitney, Ruth F.

            Wilson, Amelia

Folder #2: Alden, ___                         1861

Folder #3: Austin, Ethel                     1907

Folder #4: Bergquist, Emma A.          1909

Folder #5: Boyes, Ann E.                   1916-1944

Folder #6: Brown, Edith                     1950

Folder #7: Burlingame, Bertha           1959

Folder #8: Chase, Eva M.                   1943-1962

Folder #9: Douglas, Florence M.        1937

Folder #10: Gardiner, Antoinette A. 1939

Folder #11: Gay, Adelbert E. & Ethel V. 1943

Folder #12: Harris, Maude                 1919, 1958

Folder #13: Hill, George                    1902-1903

Folder #14: Kohlhagen, E.M.             1927

Folder #15: Lowe, Betsy Abby          1926

Folder #16: McCaffrey, Jennie           1866, 1943

Folder #17: Miller, James Sheldon. Family bible, 1804-1921.

Folder #18: Payne, Abby A.               1945

Folder #19: Rhodes, Jennie F.            1946

Folder #20: Stephenson, Hattie Blanche 1941, 1951

Folder #21: Stetson, Elizabeth E.       1864, 1923-1926

Folder #22: Strong, Mary E.               1925

Folder #23: Swan, Nancy E.               1930-1939

Folder #24: Sweet, Helen F.   1890, 1949

Folder #25: Ulrich, Ethel C.   1967

Folder #26: Vaughan, Grace M. (Coole):

            Marriage certificate to Walter A. Vaughn, 1897

            Coole family bible, 1869-1909

            Freemason certificate of Walter Vaughn, 1909

            Letter from Flossie Kelly, undated

Folder #27. Resident Council minutes, 1986-1991

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Cemetery records - Rhode Island

Coole family

Miller, James Sheldon

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