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 Union Bank Records

 Providence, R.I. bank

 Records, 1815-1917 (bulk 1814-1819, 1868-1890)

 Size: 0.5 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 765

 Processed by: Rick Stattler and Eileen Dyer, November 1997

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            The Union Bank of Providence was founded in 1814, after subscription efforts for two prospective banks failed and they pooled their resources. The bank derived its name from the union of these two prospective banks, and had no connection with trade unions. It was liquidated in 1890 by vote of its shareholders.

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Scope and content:

            This collection only represents scattered records of the Union Bank. An 1815 cash book also provides a list of notes discounted. There are two volumes of accounts with the Bank of the United States (1817-1818), and several charters and amendments from 1814-1819, 1868 and 1879. There is also a brief historical note on the bank by Joseph C. Johnson, the bank's final cashier.

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            The three account books were donated in 1905 by Henry R. Chase. The charters, historical notes and a few other items arrived in a donation by Alice A. Johnson in 1916. She was the daughter of Joseph C. Johnson. The bulk of the loose papers were donated by Louise Chace in 1962.

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Processing note:

            In 1995, the collection was slightly reorganized, rehoused in an acid-free environment, and catalogued. In 1997, the later gift from Louise Chace was found misfiled in the unprocessed personal papers of Henry R. Chace by volunteer Eileen Dyer. These additional records were transferred to the Union Bank Records and integrated.

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Folder 1.        Cash and discount book, 1815

Folder 2.        Accounts with the Bank of the U.S., 1817-1818 (2 vol.)

Folder 3.        Charters and amendments, 1814-1879

Folder 4.        Charters and amendments, 1814-1879 (transcriptions)

Folder 5.        Historical note by Joseph C. Johnson, ca. 1916

                        Letter of gift, 2/16/1917, Alice A. Johnson to R.I.H.S. 

Folder 6.       Correspondence, 1815-1853

Folder 7.       Correspondence, 1869-1879

Folder 8.       Currency destroyed, 1819-1823

                        General statements, 1822-1826

Folder 9.       Power of attorney documents, 1820-1835, 1853

Folder 10.     Bond agreements, 1817-1829

                        Lists of directors of subscribing corporations

                        Agreement to help pay rent for post office, 1849

Folder 11.     Miscellaneous agreements and probate documents, 1815-1888

Folder 12.     Bill paid, 1815-1816

Folder 13.      Miscellaneous accounts, 1815-1816

Folder 14.     Miscellaneous accounts, 1818-1882

Folder 15.     Notices, 1889-1890 (5 items)

                        Notes on balances, 1889-1890 (2 items)

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Banks and banking - Rhode Island - Providence

Johnson, Joseph C. (1837-1916)

Providence, R.I. - Banks and banking

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