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 George P. Wetmore Papers

 Politician, Newport, R.I.

 Papers, 1846-1956. Bulk, 1880-1921

 Size: 8 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 798

 Processed by: Nathaniel N. Shipton, ca. 1970

 Finding aid by Rick Stattler, September 1996

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            George Peabody Wetmore (1846-1921) served as governor of Rhode Island, 1885-1887, and as U.S. Senator, 1894-1912. He was a resident of Newport, and was active in Republican Party politics throughout his adult life.

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Scope and content:

            The bulk of this collection consists of correspondence dated 1880 to 1921; there are also scrapbooks and other papers. A complete list of correspondents before 1900, arranged chronologically, can be found in the inventory. Correspondence after 1900 has not yet been listed. There is very little official correspondence in this collection. Most relates to political campaigning, genealogy, charitable activities, and other personal matters. A phenomenal 21 letters from a Stephen S. Vars of Newport, dated 1883 to 1887, ask for loans and promise to repay soon. A run of correspondence from 1894 to 1899 relates to a hospital being built in Newport.

Prominent correspondents include:

Aldrich, Nelson W. (1841-1915), U.S. Senator of R.I.                      1 letter, 1885

Brown, John N. (1861-1900), of Providence, R.I.                              2 letters, 1887 and 1894

Depew, Chauncey M. (1834-1928), U.S. Senator of N.Y.                 1 letter, 1894

Dwight, Timothy (1828-1916), Yale President.                                 1 letter, 1894

Hazard, Rowland (1829-1898), industrialist.                                     3 letters, 1880.

Hoppin, William W. (1807-1890), former R.I. governor.                2 letters, 1885

Little, Sophia, philanthropist                                                              1 letter, 1884

Marsh, Othniel C. (1831-1899), Yale paleontologist, cousin.            6 letters, 1884-1894.

Mason, George C. (1820-1894), Newport architect and historian.     15 letters, 1884-1886.

Olmstead, Frederick L. (1822-1903), landscape architect.                 1 letter, 1882.

Pirce, William A. (1824-1891), U.S. Rep., R.I.                                 1 letter, 1885

Sheffield, William Paine (d.1907), U.S. Senator, R.I.                        27 letters, 1881-1886

Welles, Gideon (1802-1878), naval secretary                                    1 letter rec'd, 1846

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            The bulk of this collection was purchased in 1969 from dealer Nino Scotti. One item was purchased from Paul Hoag in 1971, and six were donated by the Newport Preservation Society in 1975. Two boxes of mostly genealogical material were donated by Paul L. Veeder II in 1985 and all but a few folders were transferred to MSS 1078 Wetmore-Sherman Family Papers. Two letters dated 3/8/1903 and 10/23/1905 were donated by Richard Bowen in 2001.

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All items are letters to George P. Wetmore unless noted.

Drafts of letters from Wetmore are listed as replies.

Numbers in parentheses are multiple letters.

GPW:  George Peabody Wetmore

EKW: Edith K. Wetmore, his wife.

Box 1.

Miscellaneous loose papers:

            Description of Wetmore Papers at Yale University, 1969.

            2 envelopes of invitations and calling cards

            "A Day With Senator George Peabody Wetmore at Newport", special photographic                         supplement to the Providence Journal, 8/5/1906.

            Printed inventory of silver, 6/1909

            Prox as republican elector, 1884

Family papers:

            Essay on Benjamin Pickman (1763-1843)

            Pickman Bible records

            Wetmore genealogical records, 1700-1876 (12 fol.)

                        Includes essays on each of Wetmore's direct line (various Seth, Thomas, William                         Wetmores)

            Charles H. Orne will, 1816 (copy)

Undated correspondence:

            N. Waters to Mr. Christy

            H. Waters to GPW

            Henry Sands to GPW

            J.P. Morgan (1837-1913) to GPW? Identification uncertain.

            A. Gallie to EKW

            Delancy Forbes to GPW (2)

            George R. Fearing to GPW

            William Watts Sherman (2)

            unidentified (2)

Box 2: 1846-1883

1846                Prosper M. Wetmore to Gideon Wells

1856                GPW to father William S. Wetmore

1859                School translations

1860                GPW to father William S. Wetmore

                        Annie D.R. Wetmore

1862                Redwood Library letter

1866-1869      George Peabody (6)

1868                Commission as notary

1869                Commission as notary (2)

1870                Passport

1870-1871      Birth and baptismal certificate of EKW (2)

1873                Birth certificate of Maud Wetmore

1873                Correspondence etc. with St. Pancras Iron Works, London (7 items)

1873                Prison record of Patrick F. Dennehy, by Nelson Viall

1874                Newport Artillery Company letter

1875                William S.K. Wetmore baptismal cert.

1878-1879      Funeral announcements for Comte de Moltke-Hoitfeldt and Anne H. Hutton

1880                William W. Everts

                        Board of canvassers (2)

                        To Joshua M. Addeman

                        W.E. Williams

                        To William Goddard

                        Rowland Hazard

                        To William Sayles, Attorney General of R.I.             (in scrapbook 1)

                        William Goddard (2) (with 3 replies)             (in scrapbook 1)

                        Rowland Hazard (2) (with 5 replies)              (in scrapbook 1)

                        Harry E. Wellman (2) (with 2 replies)                        (in scrapbook 1)

                        Joshua M. Addeman (with reply)                               (in scrapbook 1)

                        To Peter Gladding                                                      (in scrapbook 1)

                        Charles A. Waldron (with reply)                                (in scrapbook 1)

1881                Proclamation re French vessels

                        Comte de Dion to EKW (3)

                        William P. Sheffield (5, and 4 responses)

                        Proclamation and announcement re Garfield Memorial

                        Joshua M. Addeman, Secretary of State (with response)

                        David King Jr. (with response)

                        Marshall Jewell (2, with response)

                        Henry B. Metcalf

                        E. Stacey Charliet

                        David M. King to Eugene Hartman

1882                Birth of Rogers P.D.K. Wetmore (3 items) 

                        William J. Hoppin

1883                Annie D.R. (Wetmore) Sherman (2)

                        Frederick Law Olmstead - report on Easton's Beach. Typescript copy, sent by                                     Richard C. Derby in 1914.

                        Jennie C. McCormick

                        T.C. Watkins to Sherlock & Son

                        Redwood Library

                        Gentleman's Riding Club

                        Stephen S. Vars

Box 3: January to July 1884

                        H.O. Havermeyer

                        Lary[?] Wetmore Hunter[?]

                        John Jay Dubois (3)

                        William P. Sheffield (3) (with 2 replies)

                        Peter Smith (2) (with reply)

                        William C. Whitney

                        To F. Gebhart

                        J. Frederick Flynn Jr.

                        P. Marie

                        George C. Mason (4)

                        Robert Christie

                        John Hall

                        Thomas Schuyler

                        H.C. Potter

                        Henry A. Sherlock

                        A. Palmer

                        Gordon & Co. (3)

                        J. Macbouth???

                        M.L. White

                        W.I. Langdon to R. Hutton

                        W. King to R. Hutton

                        To Nathan F. Dixon

                        Gardiner B. Reynolds (2)

                        Stephen S. Vars

                        Thekla DeSoto (2)

                        George H. Norman to William P. Sheffield

                        A.M. Wheeler (2)

                        John A. Judson (3)

                        W.I. Langdon (with reply)

                        William G. Heckscher

                        To W. King

                        Robert S. Franklin (with reply)

                        George D. Miller (2)

                        Marie Septier (with reply)

                        To EKW

                        Esther G. Wheeler

                        J. Kernochan

                        Samuel Lepoids

                        Prof. O.C. Marsh of Yale

                        C.W. Ketcham

                        N.W. Shaffer (2)

                        To Frank G. Harris

                        H.H. Hollister (3)

                        J.W. Tilton

                        William O. Platt (2)

Box 4: August to December, 1884

                        Francis Grand D'Hautvlle (3)

                        Endicott Peabody

                        Porter, Whipple & Derby

                        S.C. Wetmore

                        John A. Judson

                        William Goddard

                        Sophia L. Little

                        A. Palmer (2)

                        Adrian ___ of New Rochelle, N.Y.

                        W.R. Huntington

                        O.C. Marsh (2)

                        Louise H. Leclere (3) (with reply)

                        John M. Taylor

                        A.G. Laurence (4)

                        L.W. Jerome

                        Amos Perry for the R.I.H.S., re invitation to read paper (2) (with reply)

                        William H. Vanderbilt

                        James T. Hyde

                        Stephen S. Vars (2)

                        Ward McAllister (3) (with 2 replies)

                        Samuel Glover

                        Russell Forsyth

                        William F. Wharton

                        William A. Stedman (2)

                        John M. Taylor

                        Job T. Langley

                        National Bank of R.I.

                        William Wright (with 2 replies)

                        Henry W. Fay

                        Board of Canvassers

                        Howard Smith (with reply)

                        Appointment as elector

                        Anstiss Derby Wetmore (3) (with 2 replies)

                        A.P. Wormeley (2)

                        Peter Maire (with reply)

                        A.J. Favre

                        William Jay (2)

                        David King

                        Frank G. Harris (2) (with reply)

                        Helen L. Oakley

                        O.H. Havermeyer

                        To William P. Sheffield

                        Francis R. Rivers

Box 5: January to April 1885

                        William P. Sheffield (4)

                        School book list

                        William A. Stedman

                        Francis Gilliat (2) (with reply)

                        John R. Stone

                        James K. Hyde

                        Gardner M. Lane (2)

                        Stephen S. Vars (3)

                        David King

                        George C. Mason (7)

                        Amos Perry

                        H.G. Hayward

                        Anstiss Derby Wetmore (3)

                        W.H. Lee

                        Nicholas Priest

                        Claude H. Wetmore

                        Allen W. Evarts

                        Thomas Gibbs (2)

                        George S. Pine (2)

                        William C. Little (2)

                        A.G. Laurence

                        Frank G. Harris

                        To William W. Hoppin

                        Gordon & Co. (with reply)

                        L.P. Morton

                        Charles Seymour

                        J. Macbouth??? U.S. Representative.

                        William B. Franklin (2) (with reply)

                        Nathan F. Dixon (with reply)

                        William W. Hoppin (2)

                        Henry B. Metcalf (with reply)

                        A. Palmer

                        Edson F. Spring (with reply)

                        John J. Taylor

                        W.B. Wetmore

                        Augustus O. Bourn (with reply)

                        Aurion Chevers (2) (with reply)

                        John R. Stone

                        Elisha Rockwell (with reply)

                        David J. Burrill

                        Charles F.D. Fayerwether (with reply)

                        Mahlon VanHorn

                        Royal C. Taft (with reply)

                        Robert Keach

                        W.M. Laffan (2)

                        N.J. Dublois

                        John P. Sanborn

                        To Isaac N. Bell


Box 6: April to May 1885

                        Folder of congratulatory letters

                                    O.C. Marsh

                                    Continental Steamboat Co.

                                    John Meredith Read

                                    W.W. Hoppin

                                    Elisha Dyer Jr.

                                    W. Wetmore Clyde?

                                    F.W. Tilton

                                    Horatio Seymour Jr.

                                    E. VanSchoonhoren

                                    Henry H. Fay

                                    Jabez C. Knight

                        Isaac N. Bell (3) (with reply)

                        Aurion Chevers

                        To W.M. Laffan

                        John P. Sanborn (with 3 replies)

                        To EKW

                        Jabez C. Knight (with reply)

                        Henry J. Spooner (with reply)

                        John P. Taylor

                        Maude A.K. Wetmore

                        James C. Wetmore (with reply)

                        William A. Pirce (with reply)

                        Samuel P. Colt (with reply)

                        Gordon & Co.

                        Elizabeth Wetmore Hunter 

                        Fanny Wetmore Hunter

                        Mrs. E. Hope G. Slater (with reply)

                        J.W. Gilpin (with reply)

                        David King

                        William R. Stewart

                        To N.J. Dublois

                        Thomas Coggeshall

                        Joseph H. Dennis

                        Emily Havermeyer (with reply)

                        John J. Peckham (with 2 replies)

                        Christopher Rhodes

                        Edith M.K. Wetmore

                        To William W. Hoppin

                        M.C. Gilmer

                        Robert S. Franklin (with reply)

                        To Charles H. Lawton

                        James P. Wright (with reply)

                        Dwight R. Adams (with reply)

                        To Mary Gilpin?

                        Lary Wetmore Hunter [?]

                        Benjamin H. Brewster

                        To R. Thomas & son

                        Esther G. Wheeler (with reply)

                        A. Hamilton of Irvington, N.Y. (2)

                        Horatio R. Storer (2)

                        To Augustus O. Bourn (2)

                        To Melville Bull

                        Charles Seymour (with reply)

                        Emily C. Potter to EKW (with reply)

                        E.F. Child

                        O.H. Havermeyer (2) (with reply)

                        Henry G. Russell (2)

                        J. Chace

                        Providence Art Club

                        O.J. Rathbun

                        A.G. Laurence

                        M.M. Williams to EKW

Box 7: June to December 1885

                        Mrs. William H. Mathewson (3) (with 2 replies)

                        Francis Gilliat

                        Charles Wingate

                        Writ from Newport Sheriff's Office re Dennis Shea

                        Stephen S. Vars (2)

                        Charles Seymour

                        W.C. Whitney

                        F.H. Paine (with reply)

                        R.C. Derby

                        Nelson W. Aldrich. Letter of introduction for George A. Rice.

                        William O. Platt (7) (with reply)

                        Noah Porter (2) (with 2 replies)

                        D.D. Williams

                        W.A. Fisher

                        Catherine White

                        Proclamation on U.S. Grant

                        Horatio R. Storer

                        William P. Sheffield (4)

                        E.G. Hartshorn (with reply)

                        James Lees

                        J. Edgar Finley

                        J. Frederic Kernochan

                        Sarah E. Gorham

                        Grover Cleveland to David Weisbein (copy)

                        Henry H. Parker

                        New York Cab Company

                        Frederick W. Adee

                        Henry S. Wetmore (2)

                        To Henry G. Russell

                        W.P. Scrymser

                        Mrs. G.A. Muenchinger (with reply)

                        C.T. Pratt (5) (with reply)

                        Joseph Gibson

                        H.A. Babbitt

                        John K. Greene (2) (with 2 replies)

                        Francis S. Grand d'Hautville

                        Horatio Seymour Jr.

                        H.B. Hertz & Sons (2) (with reply)

                        William O. McDowell

                        Ward McAllister (also a copy to Mr. Whitney)

                        Orville Fisher

                        George Washington of Newport.

                        Mary S. Burdick

Box 8: January to March, 1886

                        William P. Sheffield (10) (with 4 replies)

                        C.T. Pratt (4) (with 2 replies)

                        John K. Greene

                        Orville Fisher

                        William O. McDowell (2)

                        H.B.Herts & Sons (with reply)

                        Claude H. Wetmore

                        Morton, Rose & Co.

                        T.P. Peckham

                        G.W. Ritchie

                        Salome S. Wetmore (3) (with reply)

                        Stephen S. Vars (2)

                        George C. Mason (2)

                        To Phillip L. Moen (2)

                        Horatio Rogers (2)

                        William J. Lynch (with reply)

                        William O. Platt (6) (with reply)

                        Charles G. Gilliat (2)

                        National Bank of R.I.

                        A.P. Man

                        Edward M. Neal

                        J.G.K. Laurence (with 2 replies)

                        William Man (7) (with 4 replies)

                        A.S. Sherman (4) (with 3 replies)

                        Legal case: Wetmore vs. Bruce

                        Porter, Whipple & Derby (with reply)

                        Benjamin Richards

                        Women's Christian Temperance Union

Box 9: April 1886 to February 1894

1886                Walter Mason 

                        C.A. Hopkins

                        George C. Mason (2)

                        W.B. Wetmore

                        Salome S. Wetmore

                        Stephen S. Vars (6)

                        William P. Sheffield (with 2 replies)

                        Women's Christian Temperance Union (2) (with reply)

                        Robert Goelet

                        John Whipple

                        Porter, Whipple & Derby

                        Elisha Dyer Jr.

                        To J.C. Williams

                        A.H. Man, New York & Sea Beach Railway Company, Steamboat Department

                        William Stone (with reply)

                        Mark H. Wood

                        Thomas Carr of "the Clerck Club"

                        To E. Stanton

                        W.H. Edwards

                        Purdy & Nicholas

                        Anstiss P. Quimby

                        William S. Gardiner (with reply)

                        To Racquet Court Club

                        Edward G. Wetmore

1887                John Benjamin

                        Stephen S. Vars (4)

                        J.W. Miller

                        To E.F. Child

                        T.R. Delancey???                                                       (in scrapbook 4)

                        A.P. Dodge (with reply)                                             (in scrapbook 4)

                        Nancy A. Dye                                                 (in scrapbook 4)

                        George Edward Allen (with reply)                             (in scrapbook 4)

                        William Wetmore, son                                               (in scrapbook 4)

                        Melville Bull                                                              (in scrapbook 4)

                        Aulick Palmer                                                (in scrapbook 4)

                        To EKW from "your loving son"                               (in scrapbook 4)

                        Elisha Dyer Jr.                                                            (in scrapbook 4)

                        Joseph H. Johnson                                                      (in scrapbook 4)

                        Col. C.L. Finke                                                           (in scrapbook 4)

                        Henry Clews                                                               (in scrapbook 4)

                        Aurion V. Chevers                                                     (in scrapbook 4)

                        T.A. Randall                                                               (in scrapbook 4)

                        John E. Kendrick (3) (with reply)                              (in scrapbook 4)

                        H.D. MacIntyre of the Brooklyn Jockey Club            (in scrapbook 4)

                        George Pierce (with reply)                                         (in scrapbook 4)

                        To Elizabeth H. Colt                                      (in scrapbook 4)

                        R.A. Guild                                                                  (in scrapbook 4)

                        W.S. Martin                                                                (in scrapbook 4)

                        Republican State Convention (with reply)                 (in scrapbook 4)

                        Rathbone Gardner (2)                                                 (in scrapbook 4)

                        To William Gammell et al                                          (in scrapbook 4)

                        A.D. Greene                                                               (in scrapbook 4)

                        D.D. Withers (with reply)                                          (in scrapbook 4)

                        Albert G. Sprague                                                       (in scrapbook 4)

                        John Nicholas Brown, declines public office (in scrapbook 4)

                        Maj. A.B. Gardiner                                                     (in scrapbook 4)

                        E.G. Reid                                                                    (in scrapbook 4)

                        Henry W. Gardner                                                      (in scrapbook 4)

                        Stephen Smith                                                            (in scrapbook 4)

                        Charles A. Lee (with reply)                                        (in scrapbook 4)

                        O.W. Scott for the Hope Valley Church                     (in scrapbook 4)

                        Amelia Palmer                                                            (in scrapbook 4)

                        To Royal C. Taft                                                        (in scrapbook 4)

                        Fannie C. Bliss                                                           (in scrapbook 4)

                        Albert Harkness                                                          (in scrapbook 4)

                        F.G. Harris?                                                                (in scrapbook 4)

                        To Gov. Hoppin                                                         (in scrapbook 4)

                        To Col. Landers                                                          (in scrapbook 4)

1888                Passport to France

                        Whitelaw Reid to William Henry Smith and Charles A. Dana (2)

1890                Newport and Wickford Railroad and Steamboat Company

[1891-1894 mostly regarding hospitals in Newport and Waltham except as noted]

1891                To L.C. Ledyard (2)

                        J. Truman Burdick

1892                S. Vanderbilt

                        Frederick W. Vanderbilt (with 2 replies)

1893                J. Truman Burdick

                        To L.C. Ledyard

1894                Thomas G. Brown (2) (with 2 replies)

                        Lewis C. Ledyard

                        Reports on Newport and Waltham Hospitals

                        William Atkinson to J. Truman Burdick

                        J. Truman Burdick

                        Nomination of GPW for U.S. Senate seat by Republican Party

Box 10: April 1894 to 1899

1894                To Republican State Central Committee, accepting nomination

                        John Nicholas Brown, donating $1000 to campaign

                        Jonathan Chace (2)

                        A. Crandall?

                        Roll of R.I. Senate, electing GPW to U.S. Senate, 33-0.

                        Edith Goddard

                        Mary T. Leiter

                        E.D. Buringer???

                        James C. Wetmore

                        Folder of congratulatory messages:

                                    Chauncey M. DePew

                                    ___ Vanderbilt

                                    Delancy M___? (2)

                                    Hunter C. White

                                    Edith Goddard

                                    E. Breilyreader???

                                    Thomas Schulyer

                                    E. Hope G. Slater

                                    L. B. Dahling?

                                    Samuel P. Colt

                                    R. Gammell

                                    Pringle, Forbes, Bradford 

                                    Lyman B. Goff

                                    John Sanford

                                    S. Mannis

                                    Grace Gray

                                    William Ames

                                    V.S. Crosby

                                    Henry E. Tiepke?

                                    William Polk

                                    O.C. Marsh (2)

                                    George S. Tingley

                                    M. Ketellas

                                    Bessie W. Hunter

                                    G.G. King

                                    Lary Wetmore Hunter?

                                    N. James DeBlois

                                    Richard Derby

                                    George R. Carrington

                                    Robbins Little

                                    Francello G. Jillson

                                    Edwin S. Butterfield

                                    Frank B. Porter

                                    ____ at the Trinity Rectory in Newport

                                    T. Mumford Seabury

                                    A.A. Barker (with reply)

                                    S.J. Wetmore

                                    William Seymour Edwards

                                    James Otis

                                    Annette Wetmore

                                    William S.K. Wetmore

                                    Wallace Bruce?? 

                                    Theodore Warren

                                    Henry F. Eldridge

                                    Henry Robinson?

                                    Aaron S. Thomas

                                    Seabury Crosby?

                                    Nancy A. Dye?

                                    Theodora DeWolf Colt

                                    Horatio Seymour

                                    David Jonathan Burrill

                                    John B. Morgan

                                    J.J. Van Alen

                                    Edward Walcott

                                    Johnston L. DePeyster

1895                Martha C. Codman

                        A.F. Endicott

                        J.J. Van Alen

                        J. Truman Burdick (2)

                        American Laundry Machinery

                        Perry Belmont

                        John Howe, Sons of the American Revolution

1896                deBlois & Eldridge to William O. Platt (2)

                        Butler & Son to W.W. Sherman

                        W.W. Sherman to William O. Platt

                        J. Truman Burdick (with 2 replies)

                        EKW to GPW (2)

                        Martha C. Codman

1897                James W. Alexander, re University Club building

                        Frank W. Searle

                        Robert Christie

                        L.O. Howard, Dept. of Agriculture

                        Lee & Epler

                        Maggie Callahan of Crown Hill, West Virginia to Frank Callahan

                        James Sullivan to James P. Callahan

1898                Frank P. Callahan to EKW, requesting help in securing position.

                        Mary F. Wait (2)

                        J. Frederic Kernochan re Yale Alumni Hall

                        Timothy Dwight (1828-1916), President of Yale (with reply)

                        James H. Hayden

                        E.W. Chauncey (2)

                        Thomas W. Bicknell, Order of the Founders and Patriots of America

1899                Sons of the American Revolution

                        N. Wetmore Halsey (2)


Box 11: 1900 to 1903

Box 12: 1904 to May 1906

Box 13: June 1906 to 1908

Box 14: 1909 to 1910

Box 15: 1911 to 1913

Box 16: 1914 to 1915

Box 17: 1916 to June 1917

Box 18: July 1917 to February 1918

Box 19: March 1918 to June 1919

Box 20: July 1919 to February 1920

Box 21: March 1920 to 1956

Box 22: Wine Collection, 1830-1912, n.d.

                Correspondence with and about William W. Cryder, 1901-1921

Scrapbooks 1 and 4 contain original correspondence, all listed in the above calendar.

Scrapbook 1: 1880. Re service as presidential elector.

            Proxes, newspaper clippings, correspondence, etc.

Scrapbook 2: 1885. Newspaper clippings.

Scrapbook 3: 1885. Newspaper clippings.

Scrapbook 4: 1887. Proxes, newspaper clippings, correspondence, etc.

Scrapbook 5: 1902-1903. Newspaper clippings.

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Aldrich, Nelson W. (1841-1915) 

Brown, John N. (1861-1900)

Depew, Chauncey M. (1834-1928)

Dwight, Timothy (1828-1916)

Hazard, Rowland (1829-1898)

Hoppin, William W. (1807-1890)

Little, Sophia

Marsh, Othniel C. (1831-1899)

Mason, George C. (1820-1894)

Newport Hospital

Newport, R.I. - Politics and government

Olmstead, Frederick L. (1822-1903)

Pickman, Benjamin (1763-1843)

Pirce, William A. (1824-1891)

Sheffield, William Paine (d.1907)

Vars, Stephen S.

Welles, Gideon (1802-1878)

Wetmore family

United States - Politics and government - 1865-1933

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