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 American Red Cross, Rhode Island

 Chapter Records

 Volunteer Organization in Providence and Newport

 Records, 1918-1984; bulk 1918-1970

 Size: 2.5 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 937

 Processed by: Karen Eberhart, August 2002

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Scope and content:

            The Rhode Island Chapter of the American Red Cross participated in all the aspects of Red Cross work over the years. These records cover the period 1918-1984 with the bulk of the records falling between 1918-1970. The majority of the material is scrapbooks of newspaper clippings taken from newspapers all over the state but primarily from the Providence and Newport papers. The clippings cover the full range of work done by the Red Cross with a focus on Rhode Island but also include events around the world. Major topics also include both world wars, immigration into Providence during the 1920s and the training and work of Nurses Aids and Gray Ladies for work at Rhode Island Hospital and the Veterans Administration Hospital.

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These materials were donated by the Providence Branch of the American Red Cross in 1999.

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B.1 F.1      Annual Report - Providence Chapter                               1918, 1941, 1943, 1952

B.1 F.2      Arts and Skills Corps - volunteer list and accounts          1944-1950

B.1 F.3      By-Laws - Correspondence                                              1945-1975

B.1 F.4      Facts About Elementary Swimming, Wilbur E. Bostard  1928

B.1 F.5      Fundraiser - U.S. Army Band Concert                             1949

B.1 F.6      Fundraiser for second Red Cross war fund -                    1918

                                    play bill for "Out There"

B.1 F.7      Gray Ladies                                                                      1945-1957, n.d.

B.1 F.8      Gray Ladies - publicity                                                     1943-1948

B.1 F.9      Gray Ladies - service handbook                                       1948

B.1 F.10    Gray Ladies - 30th Anniversary at RI Hospital                1964

B.1 F.11    Handbook on Uniforms, Insignia and Awards                 1966-1969

B.1 F.12    Immigration Bureau                                                         1920

B.1 F.13    Motor Service                                                                   1943, 1948

B.1 F.14    Motor Service - Handbook                                               1956, 1961

B.1 F.15    Newsletter - Contact: For your public information          1949


B.1 F.16    Newsletter - Disaster Bulletin                                          1952

B.1 F.17    Newsletter - Pulse: Connecticut Regional Blood Program1951-1952

B.1 F.18    Newsletter - Tri-Service                                                   1949-1951

B.1 F.19    Newsletter - The Wade and Aid for First Aid and           1955-1981

                                    Water Safety Instructors

B.1 F.20    Nurses enrolled and assigned                                           1942-1945

B.1 F.21    Publicity                                                                           1929, 1943-1946

B.1 F.22    Rhode Island Hospital - Handbook for Volunteers          c.1942

B.1 F.23    Rhode Island Red Cross Branches - Officer lists             1945-1951

B.1 F.24    Service branch descriptions                                              1944, n.d.

B.1 F.25    Staff Assistants Corps                                                      1940-1943

B.1 F.26    Volunteer Recognition Evening                                       1957-1962

B.1 F.27    Volunteer Recognition Evening                                       1963-1969

B.1 F.28    Volunteer Services - Directives, Uniforms,                      1943-1951

                                    Conferences, VA Hospitals

B.1 F.29    Warwick Chapter history                                                 1946-1984

B.1 F.30    World War II certificates - alphabetical section               1946

B.1 F.31    World War II certificates - by service                              1946


B.2 V.1     Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                     1919-1939

B.1 F.32    Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                     1926

B.2 V.2     Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                     1930-1934

B.2 V.3     Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                     1935-1940

B.2 V.4     Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                     1937-1940

B.2 V.5     Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                     1940-1949

V.12          Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                    1940-1943

B.2 V.6     Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                     1944-1945

B.2 V.7     Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                     1950-1960

B.2 V.8     Scrapbook - newspaper clippings                                     1942, 1960-1970

B.2 V.9     Scrapbook - Newport Chapter                                          1925-1929

V.10          Scrapbook - Newport Chapter                                          1942-1943

V.11          Scrapbook - Newport Chapter                                          1943-1944

B.1 F.33    Scrapbook - Providence Red Cross branches                   Jan - Mar 15, 1944

B.1 F.34    Scrapbook - Providence Red Cross branches                   Mar 16 - May, 1944

B.1 F.35    Scrapbook - Providence Red Cross branches                   Mar - Aug, 1945

B.1 F.36    Scrapbook - National, international, miscellaneous         1944-1945

B.1 F.37    Scrapbook - Surgical dressing volunteers                        1943-1944

B.1 F.38    Scrapbook - Veterans Administration Hospital                1949-1950

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Aquatic sports - safety measures

Emigration and immigration - Rhode Island - Providence

First aid in illness and injury

Greene family


Nursing - study and teaching

Rescue work

Rhode Island Hospital

Swimming - Training

Surgical dressings

Veterans Administration Hospital

Volunteers - Rhode Island

Warwick, RI - History

World War, 1939-1945 - War work - Red Cross

World War, 1939-1945 - Women

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