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 Records of the International Jewelry Workers' Union, Local 18

 Trade union, Rhode Island

 Records, 1959-1981

 Size: 10 linear feet

 Catalog number: MSS 996

 Processed by: Rick Stattler, March 1997

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Local 18 of the Amalgamated Jewelry Workers' Union first appears in the Providence city directories in 1950, though it had apparently organized the workers at the Wallace Company by 1934. It operated as a local of the International Jewelry Workers' Union. By 1969, it had the workers from three Providence shops on its membership rolls: the Wallace Company, Fulford Manufacturing Company, and the massive Coro Company. The local merged with Rhode Island Workers Union Local 76 circa 1981, which was affiliated with the Service Employees International Union. This local merged in turn with District 1199 New England Health Care Employees in 1989. Fulford Manufacturing is the only one of the three union jewelry shops still in existence, and remains under contract with District 1199.

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Scope and content:

            This collection does not represent anything near a complete archive of Local 18's records. Other than two boxes of organizing files and some AFL-CIO correspondence dating mostly from the late 1960s, the records all date from 1969 through 1981. The files were arranged by year, with some years apparently missing.

            Despite the gaps in the collection, it is still a valuable resource for anyone interested in the jewelry industry during this period. There are extensive files on the personnel employed at Coro, on the workers who signed cards during failed organizing drives at a variety of shops, on correspondence with the International headquarters and the R.I. AFL-CIO, and a variety of other subjects.

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            District 1199 donated the records to the Library in 1997, after having previously donated the SEIU records in 1993.

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Processing note:

            These manuscript records are still unprocessed, though some preliminary organizing has been done. There may also be a small amount of Local 18 records in the Service Employees International Union Records (MSS 173).

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Box 1: 1959-1968, organizing files

Contracts, 1959-1966:

            Nulco, 1959

            Le Mane Co., 1960

            Standard Emblem, 1961

            Hi-Vac, 1964

            Coro, 1966

Partial list of organizing projects, 1967

Myerson Tooth Company (Cambridge, Mass.) - Contract, etc. with Local 124. 2 folders.

Ray Curran Inc., 1964

Universal Optical Company, 1968

VJ Jewelry, 1965

Vacuum Plating Co., NLRB case, 1966

R&J Jewelry Co., Warren, RI, 1966 and 1968 (2 files)

JJ White, 1965

Merit Molded Plastics, NLRB case, 1966

Modern Casting Company, 1966

NLRB (general info, 1963-1966)

Monocraft Products Co., NLRB case 1966

Nulco Mfg. Co., 1959-1960

Poole Silver



International Insignia

E.I. Dauer & Co.

Coro Company - Threat from District 50 of United Mine Workers, 1968

Rollo Jewelry

Gem-Craft, 1968

Univis Mfg. Co., 1967

Clark & Coombs

B.B. Greenberg, NLRB case 1964

Biltmore Jewelry

Brite Mfg. Co.

United Pearl Co., 1968

Lang Jewelry

Puritan Aerosol, Cumberland, R.I., 1969 (2 folders)

Dieges & Clust

Thames Manufacturing Co. / Quaker Powermatic

Timmy Jewelry

Union Tool


Box 2: "60's 18-J Organizing Files", mostly 1968

Weingeroff & Glick

Welch Mfg. Co.

Merit Plastics

Rolo Jewelry

Doran & Johnson

Webster Company


Antonelli Plating

Star Jewelry

Brier Mfg. Co.

J.J. White


Wells Mfg. co.

Union Tool Co.

Dieges & Clust

Clark & Coombs


Spencer Plating


Providence Metallizing Co.

Hi-Vac Plating Co.

E.A. Adams



Imperial Knife

Robbins Co.

Nomo Products

Bulova Watch

Vacuum Plating Co.

Danal's Jewelry

BB Greenberg (2 folders)


"Current Developments in Labor Law", 1968

Also in box 2: File sheets and lists of card signers as follows

Anson Inc.

Williams & Anderson


Clarke & Coombs


Kestenman Brothers

Armbrust Chain Co.


Colonial Knife

California Artificial Flower Co. (CalArt)

Welsh Mfg. Co.

Ray Curran

Federal Chain

B.A. Ballou


Westminster Jewelry

Union Tool

Royal Plating

Spencer Plating

Emblem & Badge Mfg. Co.

Vacuum Plating

A.T. Cross

Victory Plating Co.

Antonelli Plating Co.

K&F Plating

Frank's Plating Co.


E.A. Adams



Dieges & Clust

Federal Chain

Imperial Pearl

Ronnie Jewely / Providence Metallizing

Regal Plating


Box 3: 1966-1971 records (mostly 1969)

General membership, 1969

Fulford dues, 1969

Fulford correspondence, 1969

Executive board, 1969

AFL-CIO, 1969

Welfare fund corr., 1969

Account statements, 1961-1969

International audit reports, 1968

New hires, 1969

"International per capita" - monthly reports of new hires and unemployed, 1969

International audit reports, 1969

Boston Mutual insurance reports, 1969

Shamrock Jewelry Co. dues , 1969

International corr., 1969

Christmas corr., 1969

Ledger pages, 1968

Stewards, 1969

Taxes, 1969

U.S. Labor Dept., 1969

Wallace Company dues, 1969

Wallace Co., misc., 1969

Coro Co. hours, 1969

Boston Mutual corr., 1969

Correspondence, 1969

Coro Co. corr., 1969

Addresses, 1969

Bills (paid), 1969

Union hall work, 1968

Miscellaneous, includes some minutes 1966-1967

Ledger pages, 1970

Fulford dues, 1971

Fulford corr., 1971

General membership, 1971

Wallace corr., 1971

Wallace dues, 1971

Coro Co. corr., 1971

Correspondence, 1971

Box 4: 1971 and 1972 records

1971 records:

            Coro contract negotiations

            Financial statements


            Boston Mutual


            Executive Board

            International Vice-President corr.

            International corr.

            International financial statements

            U.S. Labor Dept.

1972 records:

            International per capita statements

            Executive board

            Financial statements


            R&J Manufacturing Co. cards


            Derek Pearl case (New York)

            Petty cash slips

            International financial statements

            Insurance reports

            International corr.

            General membership


            Welfare fund corr.


            Coros dues

            International VP corr.


            Boston Mutual

            Blue Cross

            Coro corr.

            Audit reports

            Paid bills


            Fulfords corr.

            Wallace dues

            Fulfords dues

            Wallace corr.

Box 5: 1973 records

Audit reports


Bills Paid

Boston Mutual

Coro corr.


Welfare fund contributions

Blue Cross


Coro hours

Coro make-up pay

Executive board

Financial statement

Fulfords dues

Fulfords corr.

General membership

Insurance report

International corr.

International pension

International financial statement

Petty cash slips

Internaional per capita

International VP corr.




U.S. Dept. of Labor

Wallace corr.

Wallace dues

Welfare fund corr.

Box 6: 1975 records. The files in this box have largely the same headings as for 1973.

Box 7: 1976 records  The files in this box have largely the same headings as for 1973.

                                                Also AFL-CIO files, 1964-1968.

Box 8: 1977 records  The files in this box have largely the same headings as for 1973. They also include a copy of a massive time study, and reports from the International's triennial convention.

Box 9: 1980-1981 records     The files in this box have largely the same headings as for 1973.

Box 10: Personnel reports, apparently from the Coro Company, 1973-1979 (computer printouts)

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Amalgamated Jewelry Workers Union, Local 18

Coro Company

Fulford Manufacturing Company

Jewelry trade - Rhode Island

Trade-unions - Jewelers - Rhode Island

Wallace Company

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