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Title Composer Genre Arranger Page  Number Notes
untitled N/A N/A N/A none none looks like a large sheet split in half and stuck in the front
Sounds From Home Waltzes Yungle, Jos Waltz Marshall 1 11  
Sophie Waltzes N/A Waltz N/A 2 12  
Fra Diavolo Auber, D.F.E. Overture Downing, D.L. 4 28  
Prima Donna Waltz, The Jullien Waltz Downing, D.L. 6 29  
Tenor for the Violin Penks, Captain N/A N/A 7 none  
Pas De Fleues Matsck, Max N/A N/A 9 5  
Grand Wedding March N/A March N/A 10 6  
Sophie Waltzes Strauss, J. Waltz Marshall 11 12  
Romanza from La Favorite ("Spirit of Light") Donizetti Romanza Marshall, W. 12 13  
Quartetto from Don Pasquale N/A Quartetto Downing, D.L. 12 14  
Casta Diva, Virgin Goddess Bellini N/A Downing, D.L. 14 17  
Ah! Were My Love Requited N/A N/A N/A 15 none  
Jessamine Waltzes Lolitsky Waltz N/A 16 18  
Cavatina from Lucresia Borgia Donizetti N/A N/A 17 23  
Finale from Lucia di Lamermoor Donizetti N/A N/A 18 24  
untitled N/A N/A N/A 19 38  
Praise the Lord N/A Anthem N/A 20 none  
untitled N/A N/A N/A 21 39