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 Richard Brown Baker Family Papers

 Writer and art collector, of Providence, RI and New York, NY

 Family papers, 1866-2002. Bulk 1900-1990.

 Size: 8 ft.

 Catalog number: MSS 1117

 Processed by: Karen Eberhart, June 2003

©Rhode Island Historical Society

Manuscripts Division


Historical note:

            Richard Brown Baker was born in Providence, RI on November 5, 1912 to Harvey Almy Baker and Marion North Brown. His grandfather was Henry Martin Brown, President of the Industrial Trust Co. of Rhode Island (later Fleet National Bank). His older sister was Marion Martin (1909-1962) who married Evert Freeman (1898-1955) in 1940. Their younger sister Anne Harvey died at the age of 6 months (Nov 7, 1923 - May 16, 1924).

            Richard attended the Moses Brown School in Providence, RI before attending Yale University from which he graduated in 1935. He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and studied during 1935-1938 at the Honour School of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University receiving a BA and an MA. After completing his studies Richard's first job in 1939 was as a reporter and editorial assistant for the Providence Journal. His journalism career was short however because he was offered the opportunity to be the private secretary for Ambassador Alexander Weddell and his wife Virginia Weddell in Madrid, Spain. Richard left for Madrid in January 1940 and spent the next 10 months assisting the Ambassador with all his entertainment and diplomatic duties. When he returned to the U.S. he hoped to work in the diplomatic corps but finally landed at the Library of Congress in 1941 as a Social Science Analyst. From there he moved to the Office of Strategic Services and worked in Washington, London and Paris as a Research Analyst. He experienced the bombing of London during 1944 and the liberation of Paris in 1945. His last employer was the Central Intelligence Agency as a Foreign Affairs Officer. He quit in 1948 in order to focus on creating a career as a writer.

            Richard's writing career moved along at a very slow pace but he did publish two works through Exposition Press in 1952. He published one book of poetry entitled Stairways to Another Stage. His other book was based on the diary he kept while in London during 1944 and was called The Year of the Buzz Bomb. The books did not become huge successes and Richard decided to follow another passion, modern art. He moved to New York City in 1952 and began painting. He studied for a brief period with Morris Kantor and Hans Hoffman but turned his energy toward collecting art rather than creating it. He became a prodigious collector owning over 1,600 works of art before he died. He focused on the artists that were new and on the edge deciding in the 1950s to focus on young and unestablished artists. Richard Baker was one of the first to buy works by artists such as Jackson Pollock and Roy Lichtenstein. The collection he gathered was not meant to be for his sole enjoyment, he lent paintings and other works regularly to museums all over the country for special exhibitions. His other great passion was travel which he enjoyed throughout his life. Records of his extensive travels in Europe, Asia and the Soviet Union exists in his diaries and the letters he wrote to his family.

            Richard Baker died on January 22, 2002 in Shelburne, VT. He bequeathed the majority of his art collection along with his original diaries to Yale University and the remainder to the Rhode Island School of Design.



Obituary "Richard B. Baker, 89; philanthropist, famed collector of contemporary art" Providence Journal, January 24, 2002, C-6.

Smith, Roberta. "Richard Brown Baker, Collector and Donor of Contemporary Art, Dies at 89,"             New York Times, January 27, 2002, p.31.

Brown/Baker Family Genealogy:

Henry Martin Brown (1850-1926) married Annie Weed North (1851-1945)

            their children:

            Marion North (1881-1973) married Harvey Almy Baker (1881-1951)

            Helen married Erling C. Ostby

Benjamin Baker (1854-1921) married Lucy Anna Sisson (1850-1934)

            their children:

            Harvey Almy (1881-1951) married Marion North

            Benjamin Charles (1884-1955) married Louisa Higginson (1891- ) no children

            William C.

Harvey Almy Baker (1881-1951) married Marion North Brown (1881-1973)

            their children:

            Marion Martin (1909-1962) married Evert Freeman (1898-1955) no children

            Richard Brown (1912-2002) never married

            Anne Harvey (1923-1924)

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Scope and content:

This collection has been organized into 5 series.

Series 1: RBB Diaries

Series 2: RBB Correspondence received

            Subseries 1: family

            Subseries 2: friends and associates (some of the folders also include letters sent by RBB)

Series 3: RBB Writings

Series 4: RBB Subject Files

Series 5: Family Materials

            Subseries 1: Individuals

            Subseries 2: Subject files

            Series 1: RBB Diaries contains copies of the diaries kept by Richard Brown Baker 1926- 1998. The original diaries were donated to Yale University. The only original diary at the RIHS is the one he kept in 1926. The copies were used to edit the diaries for possible publication. As a result there are frequent editorial corrections and the copies are not a complete set. The folder titled Lorenzo's notes are comments made by one of the people helping Richard edit the diaries and are useful as a quick index to events for the 1960-1971 period.

            The diaries are a very insightful record of personal and world events. Richard travels extensively and his descriptions of the sights and sounds of new places are worth the trip. He also comments often on the political situation of the countries he visits. Of note are his comments on the situation in Germany during the summer of 1934 and his opinions on the possibility of war in Spain during the spring of 1936. The diaries also include information about his frequent trips back to Rhode Island to visit his family and also to participate in the local art scene focusing around his work for the Rhode Island School of Design

            Series 2: RBB Correspondence received consists of all the letters that Richard received from his family, friends and associates. The folders of correspondence from friends and associates also often includes copies of letters written by RBB in reply. Some of the correspondence is written in languages other than English and that has been noted in parentheses next to the name of the correspondent. Of note is the correspondence from Gerd Sommerhof, a German national who was living in England at the beginning of World War II. He, along with many foreign nationals in England, was rounded up by the British government and sent to Canada where he spent at least two years in an internment camp.

            Series 3: RBB Writings has been divided into two sections - one for papers he wrote while a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and the other section for his other literary works. This series includes clippings of short stories RBB wrote as a child and had published in the Providence Journal. It also contains the writing exercises he created during the spring of 1948 when he had first committed to writing as a profession. Drafts of his two published works are also represented in this series.

            Series 4: RBB Subject Files contains materials and some correspondence he collected while studying in Geneva Switzerland in 1932, Yale University, Oxford University and working at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain. This series also contains information about some of the many trips he took throughout his life.

            Series 5: Family Materials focuses on the correspondence and documents which were received and belonged to members of Richard Baker's family. The majority of correspondence in this series was written by RBB to his mother Marion (Brown) Baker. He writes to her frequently and the correspondence complements and fills in gaps left by Richard's diaries.

            Of note is an item Richard included in a letter to his mother from Germany in June, 1934. Richard describes the item as a "Postbill attacking the Jews, which, with hundreds like it, appeared in Köthen, Anhalt, at the end of June, 1934, and was posted thickly in the most frequented streets of the town." The postbill reads: "Vorsicht! Trau' keinem Fuchs auf grüner Heid' Trau keinem Jud' bei seinem Eid!" Richard also included a clipping from the newspaper Stadt Köthen regarding the postbills dated June 29, 1934.

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                        This collection was bequeathed to the RIHS by Richard Brown Baker. The original diaries and other materials were bequeathed to the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, New Haven, CT. The obituary for Richard Baker published on January 27, 2002 in the New York Times mentioned that copies of the diaries were coming to the RIHS.

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Processing note:

Genealogical manuscripts regarding the lineage of the Harvey Almy Baker and Marion North Brown families was transferred to the RIHS Printed Collection.

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Series 1: Richard Brown Baker Diaries

B.1, F.1           1926

B.1, F.2           1929

B.1, F.3           1930

B.1, F.4           1931

B.1, F.5           1932-1933

B.1, F.6           1934

B.1, F.7           1935

B.1, F.8           1936

            See also Series 3 Writings: The Diary of a Brief Journey Through the British Isles in

                                    September of 1936

B.1, F.9           1937

B.1, F.10         1938

B.1, F.11         1939

B.1, F.12         1939 Memorandum Book

B.1, F.13         1940

            See also Series 3 Writings: United States Embassy in Spain during 1940: excerpts from

                                    Richard Brown Baker's Diary

B.1, F.14         1941-1942

B.1, F.15         1943

B.1, F.16         1944

See also Series 3 Writings: Journal of London in the Buzz Bomb Year: Spring to

                                     Christmas 1944

B.1, F.17         1945

B.1, F.18         1946

B.1, F.19         1947, Jan - Aug 30

B.1, F.20         1947, Aug 31 - Dec

B.1, F.21         1948-1949

B.1, F.22         1950, Jan - May

B.1, F.23         1950, June - July, Dec

B.2, F.1           1951

B.2, F.2           1952

B.2, F.3           1953, Jan - July

B.2, F.4           1953, Aug - Dec

B.2, F.5           1954, Jan - June

            See also Series 3 Writings: A Novice Collector and the New Art of

the 1950s: selected from the journals and other writings of Richard Brown Baker covering the years 1954-1959

B.2, F.6           1954, July - Dec

B.2, F.7           1955

B.2, F.8           1956, Jan - May

B.2, F.9           1956, June - Dec

B.2, F.10         1957

B.2, F.11         1958, Jan - June

B.2, F.12         1958, July - Dec

B.2, F.13         1959, March - July

B.2, F.14         1959, Aug - Dec

B.2, F.15         1960

B.2, F.16         1961

B.2, F.17         1962

B.2, F.18         1963

B.2, F.19         1964

B.2, F.20         1966

B.2, F.21         1972, July 30 - Oct 12

                        1973, Oct 21

                        1975, Nov 6

B.2, F.22         1973

B.2, F.23         1975, June - Sep 12

B.3, F.1           1975, Sep 13 - Oct

B.3, F.2           1976

B.3, F.3           1977

B.3, F.4           1979

B.3, F.5           1980

B.3, F.6           1981

B.3, F.7           1983, July - Nov

B.3, F.8           1985

B.3, F.9           1988, Jan - Mar

B.3, F.10         1989

B.3, F.10a       1992

B.3, F.11         1997

B.3, F.12         1998

B.3, F.13         Lorenzo's Notes on diaries for years 1960-1971

Series 2: Richard Brown Baker, Correspondence Received

            Subseries 1: Family

B.3, F.14         Baker, Benjamin Charles        (uncle)                        1938-1955

B.3, F.15         Baker, Harvey Almy              (father)                        1932-1951, n.d.

B.3, F.16         Baker, Henry Martin              (grandfather)               1924

B.3, F.17         Baker, Lou Higginson            (aunt)                          1939-1965, n.d.

B.3, F.18         Baker, Lucy Anna (Sisson)    (grandmother) 1918-1919

B.3, F.19         Baker, Marion (Brown)          (mother)                      1925-1946

B.3, F.20         Baker, Marion (Brown)                                              1947-1955 

B.3, F.21         Baker, Marion (Brown)                                              1956-1973

B.3, F.22         Baker, Marion (Brown)                                              undated 

B.3, F.23         Freeman, Marion (Baker)       (sister)                         1940-1962, n.d.

B.3, F.24         LeValley, Mabel S.                (cousin)                       1917-1919

B.3, F.25         Ostby, Helen and Erling         (aunt and uncle)          1940-1972, n.d.

B.3, F.26         Sullivan, Elizabeth (Baker)    (cousin)                       1951

Series 2: Richard Brown Baker, Correspondence Received

            Subseries 2: Friends and associates

B.3, F.27         A miscellaneous                                                        1928-1983, n.d.

B.3, F.28         Andrade, Jaime and family (Spanish)                                    1965-1995, n.d.

B.3, F.29         Andrade, James                                                          1991-1993

B.3, F.30         Atkins, Stuart                                                             1932-1995

B.3, F.31         B miscellaneous                                                        1936-1995

B.3, F.32         Baum, Warren                                                            1946-1948

B.3, F.33         Beaufort, Duchess of (Caroline Somerset)                 1983-1995, n.d.

B.3, F.34         Bellamy, Richard                                                        1956-1999

B.3, F.35         Bielski, Louis                                                             1944

B.3, F.36         Block, William                                                           1939-1952

B.3, F.37         Böker, Alexander                                                        1938-1997

B.3, F.38         Boone, Harold                                                            1947-1954

B.3, F.39         Booth-Cliborn, Charles                                              1988-1995

B.3, F.40         Brett, Dorothy                                                            1939-1940

B.3, F.41         Brown, Sevellon (Providence Journal)                       1938-1941

B.3, F.42         Brownell, Lincoln and Mary "Jerry" (Gaskill)           1934-1947 

B.3, F.43         Brownell, Lincoln and Mary "Jerry"                          1948-1966

B.3, F.44         Brownell, Lincoln and family                                                1967-1996

                                    see also: Travel to Far East - correspondence1973-1974       

B.3, F.45         Buckley, Harry W.                                                     1932-1939

B.3, F.46         Byard, Margaret Mather                                             1995-1997, n.d.

B.3, F.47         C miscellaneous                                                        1928-1993

B.3, F.48         Cecil, Oswald N.A. (Sir Nigel)                                  1950-1994

B.4, F.1           Century Association                                                   1986-1994

B.4, F.2           Colville, Charles                                                         1938, 1942

B.4, F.3           Cortesi, Mary (Williams)                                           1956-1990

B.4, F.4           Cox, John                                                                   1943-1985

B.4, F.5           Cubitt, Hugh G.                                                          1961-1988

B.4, F.6           D miscellaneous                                                        1942-1995

B.4, F.7           Dane, William J.                                                         1958-1986

B.4, F.8           Dane, William J.                                                         1987-1996

B.4, F.9           deMontfort, Jack                                                        1961-1966, n.d.

B.4, F.10         Dennis, Alfred                                                            1942-1951

B.4, F.11         Devine, James F.                                                        1939-1988

B.4, F.12         Dixon, Arthur                                                             1948

B.4, F.13         E miscellaneous                                                         1940-1995

B.4, F.14         Eberle, Mildred                                                          1975, n.d.

B.4, F.15         Edwardes, Jean-Jaques                                               1944-1948

B.4, F.16         Engel, Jack                                                                 1973-1994

B.4, F.17         European correspondents misc.                                  1932-1953, n.d.

                                    (German, Spanish, Italian, French)

B.4, F.18         F miscellaneous                                                         1924-1995

B.4, F.19         G miscellaneous                                                        1931-1992, n.d.

B.4, F.20         Galbraith, Thomas G.D.                                             1939-1940

B.4, F.21         Gethin, John                                                               1938-1939, n.d.

B.4, F.22         Goodman, Wally                                                        1970-1985

B.4, F.23         Green, James Frederick                                              1938-1992, n.d.

B.4, F.24         Griffin, Dan                                                                1950-1955, n.d.

B.4, F.25         Grolier Club                                                               1972

B.4, F.26         H miscellaneous                                                        1945-1992, n.d.

B.4, F.27         Hamilton, Franklin and Mason Wells                                    1960-1986, n.d.

B.4, F.28         Hamilton, Thomas J.                                                  1940-1949

B.4, F.29         Hammond, Henry C.                                                  1931-1932

B.4, F.30         Helm, Jack                                                                  1946-1950, n.d.

B.4, F.31         Herber, Stanley                                                           1963

B.4, F.32         Hirschberg, John                                                        1955-1995, n.d.

B.4, F.33         Holladay, Wilhelmina and Wallace                            1972-1989, n.d.

B.4, F.34         Holland, Henry                                                           1947-1950

B.4, F.35         Hunt, Philip                                                                1938-1951

B.4, F.36         Hyde, Lloyd                                                               1940-1953

B.4, F.37         I miscellaneous                                                          1983

B.4, F.38         J miscellaneous                                                          1953-1993, n.d.

B.4, F.39         Johnson, Vernon                                                         1949-1959

B.4, F.40         Johnson, Vernon                                                         1960-1995, n.d.

B.4, F.41         Jones, Yoyo                                                                1970-1995, n.d.

B.4, F.42         Jordan, George                                                           1971-1988, n.d.

B.4, F.43         K miscellaneous                                                        1939-1991

B.4, F.44         Kelly, John J.                                                              1933-1952, 1966

B.4, F.45         Kerslake, R. Trevor                                                    1937-1950

B.4, F.46         Kerslake, R. Trevor                                                    1951-1966

B.4, F.47         Kerslake, R. Trevor and family                                  1973-1998

B.4, F.48         Krieger, William (Spanish)                                        1941-1943

B.4, F.49         Kup, Wilfred and Dorothy                                         1937-1951

B.5, F.1           Kup, Wilfred to his mother Dorothy                          1940-1942                  

B.5, F.2           L miscellaneous                                                         1941-1991, n.d.          

B.5, F.3           LaClair, Cameron and Jeanne                                                1951-1996, n.d.

B.5, F.4           Lamagna, Carlo                                                          1983-1991, n.d.

B.5, F.5           Leyssène, Guy (French)                                            1945-1985, n.d.

B.5, F.6           Littlefield, Bancroft and Nancy                                  1942-1995, n.d.

B.5, F.7           M miscellaneous                                                        1928-1994, n.d.

B.5, F.8           MacDonald, John                                                       1935-1985

B.5, F.9           McVickar, Charles                                                     1946-1948

B.5, F.10         Merillat, Herbert C. L. "Chris"                                   1938-1997, n.d.

B.5, F.11         Metzger, Robert                                                          1970-1994, n.d.

B.5, F.12         Millerbernd, Donald                                                   1975-1996, n.d.

B.5, F.13         Moore, Anthony                                                         1946-1950, n.d.

B.5, F.14         Moore, Robert Joseph                                                1940-1951, n.d.

B.5, F.15         Murray, Terry Adams                                                 1955-1989, n.d.

B.5, F.16         Myers, Walter Jr.                                                        1936-1943

B.5, F.17         N miscellaneous                                                         1942-1995, n.d.

B.5, F.18         O miscellaneous                                                        1961-1991, n.d.

B.5, F.19         P miscellaneous                                                         1940-1995, n.d.

B.5, F.20         Page, Henry A. III                                                      1937-1945

B.5, F.21         Pakenham, Frank (Lord Longford)                            1938, 1972

B.5, F.22         Penney, Charles Rand                                                            1963-1995, n.d.

                                    see also: Travel to Far East - correspondence 1973-1974    

B.5, F.23         Pernes, Pedro Pablo Bon de Sousa                             1940-1951

B.5, F.24         Pimento, Paulo                                                           1970-1991, n.d.

B.5, F.25         Pinkney, David                                                           1944-1950

B.5, F.26         Poland, George                                                           1940-1942

B.5, F.27         Prescott, Lucy (Winslow)                                           1939-1941

B.5, F.28         R miscellaneous                                                        1941-1991, n.d.

B.5, F.29         Ramsbotham, Joan                                                     1941-1945, n.d.

B.5, F.30         Ray, Robert                                                                1957-1995

B.5, F.31         Redmayne, Pamela                                                     1948, 1950, n.d.

B.5, F.32         Ricket, Alys Acworth                                                 1942-1997, n.d.

B.5, F.33         Robinson, Dwight Edwards Jr.                                   1938-1939

B.5, F.34         Rubin, Harold                                                             1969-1985, n.d. 

B.5, F.35         S miscellaneous                                                         1952-1997

B.5, F.36         S., Bert (last name unknown)                                    1941, n.d.

B.5, F.37         Schodt, Eddie                                                             1942-1946

B.5, F.38         Selvig, Forrest                                                            1962-1983

B.5, F.39         Smithies, Michael                                                       1956-1996, n.d.

                                    see also: Travel to Far East - correspondence 1973-1974 

B.5, F.40         Sommerhof, Gerd                                                       1939-1953

B.5, F.41         Sparks, George                                                           1946-1953

B.5, F.42         Speer, Virginia Ostby and Erling Dick                       1936-1990, n.d.

B.5, F.43         T miscellaneous                                                         1954-1993, n.d.

B.5, F.44         Thomas, Parke                                                            1985-1987

B.5, F.45         Tilghman, Charles                                                      1953-1991, n.d.

B.5, F.46         Townsend, James Benjamin                                       1943-1948

B.5a, F.1         Townsend, James Benjamin                                       1949-1951

B.5a, F.2         Townsend, James Benjamin                                       1952-1959

B.5a, F.3         Townsend, James Benjamin                                       1960-1993, n.d.

B.5a, F.4         Usui, Kiiche                                                               1958-1996, n.d.

B.5b, F.1         V miscellaneous                                                        1939, 1973, 1985

B.5b, F.2         Virginia Historical Society/Virginia House               1989-1996

B.5b, F.3         W miscellaneous                                                       1943-1998, n.d.

B.5b, F.4         Ward, Renee "Natasha"                                              1972-1983, n.d.

B.5b, F.5         Weddell, Alexander and Virginia                               1940-1948

B.5b, F.6         Welles, Samuel Gardner                                             1938-1950, n.d.

B.5b, F.7         Wells, Mason B. see also Hamilton, Frank               1958-1962

B.5b, F.8         Williams, Murat (U.S. Embassy in Spain)                1939-1985

B.5b, F.9         Witherspoon, Alexander                                             1936-1943

B.5b, F.10       Wylly, Campbell                                                        1960, 1966, n.d.

B.5b, F.11       Wyndham, Michael "Tich" and family                      1953-1973, n.d.

B.5b, F.12       Y-Z miscellaneous                                                    1979-1998

B.5b, F.13       Unidentified                                                               1938, 1961

Series 3: Richard Brown Baker, Writings

            Written at Oxford

B.5b, F.14       Balkan Reactions, 1907-1914                                     c.1936

B.5b, F.15       Britain and the Disarmament Question                      c.1936

B.5b, F.16       Democracy                                                                 c.1936

B.5b, F.17       Development of Responsibility in the                                    c.1936

                                    Central Government of India

B.5b, F.18       Development of the League Covenant                       c.1936

B.5b, F.19       The Economist's Criterion of Welfare                        1937

B.5b, F.20       Free Will and Determinism                                        c.1936

B.5b, F.21       Hume and the Senses                                                 1937

B.5b, F.22       Influence of the Irish Question on English                 c.1936


B.5b, F.23       Labour Conciliation                                                   c.1936

B.5b, F.24       The Law of Sufficient Reason in Leibniz                   1937

B.5b, F.25       Minority Problems                                                     c.1936

B.5b, F.26       On Property                                                                c.1936

B.5b, F.27       The Post-War Attitude of the U.S. Towards              c.1936

                                    Collective International Organization

B.5b, F.28       The Problem of Whether There Can Be                     c.1936

                                    Knowledge of What Makes an Action Right

B.5b, F.29       Reforming the Covenant                                            c.1936

B.5b, F.30       Sanctions                                                                    c.1936

B.5b, F.31       The Scope of Economics                                            c.1936

B.5b, F.32       The State of Morals                                                    c.1936

B.5b, F.33       The Scope of Compulsory Social Insurance              1937

B.5b, F.34       Utilitarianism                                                             c.1936

B.5b, F.35       War Responsibility                                                     c.1936

            General Writings

B.5b, F.36       Art collecting                                                              1962, n.d.

B.5b, F.37       Articles and stories for newspapers                            1926-1954

                                    and magazines 

B.8, F.1           Behind These Eyes                                                     1948

B.5b, F.38       Commencings: A Notebook of Exercises                   March 1 - May 12, 1948

                                    in Writing, pages 1-180

B.6, F.1           Commencings: A Notebook of Exercises                   May 13 - June 30, 1948

                                    in Writing, pages 181-296

B.6, F.2           Correspondence and clippings regarding                   1952

                                    Stairways to Another Stage and

                                    The Year of the Buzz Bomb                            n.d.

B.6, F.3           The Diary of a Brief Journey Through

                                    the British Isles in September of 1936

B.6, F.4           Engagement of Elisabeth Drayton for Office             1944

                                    of Strategic Services

B.6, F.5           Journal of London in the Buzz Bomb Year:               n.d.

                                    Spring to Christmas 1944 

B.6, F.6           Miscellaneous vignettes                                             n.d.

B.9, F.1-6       A Novice Collector and the New Art of                     c.1987

the 1950s: selected from the journals and other

                                    writings of Richard Brown Baker covering

                                    the years 1954-1959

B.9, F.7           A Novice Collector - drafts for the preface                c.1987

B.6, F.7           Pocket Guide to Portugal (for Office of                     1943, Aug

                                    Strategic Services) 

B.6, F.8           Poetry

B.8, F.2           Preludes to Authorship: The Meditations                  1948

                                    of a Beginning Writer

B.6, F.9           Stairways to Another Stage

B.6, F.10         United States Embassy in Spain during                      1994

                                    1940: excerpts from Richard Brown

                                    Baker's Diary

Series 4: Richard Brown Baker, Subject Files

B.6, F.11         Books read                                                                  1920-1930, n.d.

B.6, F.12         Clippings regarding RBB                                           1932-2002

B.6, F.13         Curriculum Vitae                                                        1945, 1962, 1977

B.6, F.14         Miscellaneous                                                                         1941-1994

B.6, F.15         Oxford Rhodes Scholarship Correspondence                         1934-1945, 1983

B.6, F.16         Oxford Rhodes Scholarship Documents                    1935-1946, 1983

B.6, F.17         Students International Union Round                          1932

                                    Table Conference on World Recovery

                                    Geneva, Switzerland

B.6, F.18         Travel to the Far East - correspondence                     1973-1974 

                                    with Lincoln Brownell, Charles Penney,

                                    Michael Smithies

B.8, F.3           Travel itineraries                                                        1952-1983 

B.6, F.19         United States Embassy - Madrid, Spain                     1940

B.6, F.20         Yale University                                                          1935, 1990

Series 5: Family Materials

            Subseries 1: Individuals

B.6, F.21         Baker, Benjamin - correspondence and documents    1880-1950

B.6, F.22         Baker, Benjamin Charles - correspondence               1927, 1943, n.d.

B.6, F.23         Baker, Harvey A.- correspondence                            1906-1950, n.d.

B.6, F.24         Baker, Harvey A.- correspondence from                    1918, 1926, 1935

                                    Freeman, Marion (Baker)

B.6, F.25         Baker, Harvey A. - correspondence from RBB          1931-1937

B.6, F.26         Baker, Harvey A. - correspondence from RBB          1938-1950

B.6, F.27         Baker, Harvey A. - documents                                   1908-1951

B.6, F.28         Baker, Lucy (Sisson) - correspondence                      1921, 1925 

B.6, F.29         Baker, Lucy (Sisson) - correspondence from RBB    1934

B.6, F.30         Baker, Marion (Brown) - Trust documents                1953

B.6, F.31         Baker, Marion (Brown) - correspondence                  1908-1973, n.d.

B.6, F.32         Baker, Marion (Brown) - correspondence from         1916-1927

                                    Baker, Harvey A.

B.6, F.33         Baker, Marion (Brown) - correspondence from         1914-1935, n.d.

                                    Freeman, Marion (Baker)

B.6, F.34         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1917-1925, 1930

B.6, F.35         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1931

B.6, F.36         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1932

B.6, F.37         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1933

B.6, F.38         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1934

B.6, F.39         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1935, Jan - Jun

B.7, F.1           Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1935, Sep - Dec

B.7, F.2           Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1936

B.7, F.3           Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1937

B.7, F.4           Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1938

B.7, F.5           Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1940

B.7, F.6           Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1941

B.7, F.7           Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1942

B.7, F.8           Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1943

B.7, F.9           Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1944

B.7, F.10         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1945

B.7, F.11         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1946

B.7, F.12         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1947

B.7, F.13         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1948

B.7, F.14         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1949

B.7, F.15         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1950

B.7, F.16         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1951

B.7, F.17         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1952

B.7, F.18         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1953

B.7, F.19         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1954

B.7, F.20         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1955

B.7, F.21         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1956

B.7, F.22         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1957

B.7, F.23         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1962

B.7, F.24         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1965

B.7, F.25         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1970

B.7, F.26         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1971

B.7, F.27         Baker, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB                  1972

B.7, F.28         Baker, William C. - correspondence from                  1920-1931

                                    Baker, Harvey A.

B.7, F.29         Brown, Annie (North) - correspondence                    1889-1917

B.7, F.30         Brown, Annie (North) - correspondence from RBB  1931-1938

B.7, F.31         Brown, Henry Martin - corr. and documents              1866-1926, n.d.

B.8, F.4           Brown, Henry Martin -                                               1892-1908

                                    American Ring Traveler Company

                                    National Button Company

B.7, F.32         Freeman, Evert - correspondence and documents      1919-1955                  

B.7, F.33         Freeman, Marion (Brown) - corr. and documents      1924-1962

B.7, F.34         Freeman, Marion (Brown) - corr. from RBB             1927-1959, n.d.

B.7, F.35         Sisson, John R.- correspondence                                1882

B.7, F.36         Sisson, Joseph - correspondence                                1882

Series 5: Family Materials

            Subseries 2: Subject Files

B.7, F.37         Baker family crest                                                      1937

B.7, F.38         Brown Building - 257 West Exchange Street             1951

                                    Providence, RI - history

B.7, F.39         Estate of Harvey A. Baker and sale of                       1951-1953

                                    "Rosemont" property in Ivy, Virginia

B.7, F.41         Hammond Hill property in Saunderstown, RI            n.d.

B.7, F.42         Harvey A. Baker Fellowship, Brown University       1973-1994

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Africa - Description and travel.

American Red Cross.

American Ring Traveler Company .

Art, Modern - Twentieth century - United States.

Art - Collectors and collecting - United States.

Asia - Description and travel.

Baker, Harvey Almy, 1881-1951.

Baker, Marion North (Brown), 1881-1973.

Brown, Henry Martin, 1850-1926.

Cecil, Oswald N.A. (Sir Nigel)

Chafee, John H., 1922-1999.

Chapin, Howard Millar, 1887-1940.

Diaries, 1926-1998.

Europe - Description and travel.

Freeman, Marion (Baker), 1909-1962.

Franco, Francisco, 1892-1975.

Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945.


Mongolia - Description and travel.

National Button Company.

Rhode Island - Hurricanes, 1938.

Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, 1917-.

Spain - History - Civil war, 1936-1939.

United States. Embassy (Spain)

United States. Office of Strategic Services.

Weddell, Alexander Wilbourne, 1876-1948.

Washington (D.C.) - Description and travel.

World War, 1939-1945 - England - Personal narratives.

World War, 1939-1945 - France - Paris - Personal narratives, American.

Yale University.

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