The Museum of Work & Culture


The Museum of Work & Culture is a wonderful place to bring your students to experience hands-on history. Recreate the immigrant experience as you journey from a nineteenth century farmhouse to the floor of a textile mill. Become immersed in early twentieth century culture by listening to the radio in the parlor of a triple-decker, practicing perfect posture in a parochial classroom, or debating in the ITU Hall. Let the Museum of Work & Culture bring history alive for your students!

Please see our booking calendar below for available dates. Groups are limited to 50 students. Teachers, aides & bus drivers are free. We require one free chaperone per 10 students.

For more information or to schedule a tour please contact Sarah Carr, Assistant Director, at (401) 769-9675 x. 2 or


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Museum of Work & Culture Tour Options

Free-for-all Tour*
Docent Guided Tours (1.5 hours)

Students are led through the museum by one of our trained docents, who engages their imaginations with stories & anecdotes while encouraging critical thinking skills by asking leading questions that connect information learned on the tour & in the classroom. Docent guided tours are also available in French.

Year-round Tour Add-ons
Living History Presentations (additional 30 minutes)

A living history interpreter performs a play describing her personal experiences and engages with the students to help them better understand the similarities and differences between modern life & life at the turn of the century. Subject to interpreter availability. $3 per person.

Assembly Line Activity (additional 30 minutes)

Students will get a hands-on understanding of history by participating in an assembly line, learning in real time the importance of balancing speed and accuracy. Students vie as competing companies and work together to deal with layoffs, reorganization, and the success and failure of their competitors. $3 per person.

Suitcase Activity (additional 30 minutes)

Students will take on the role of a historian as they sort through the belongings of immigrant families. Working in teams, students catalog the contents of suitcases and use context clues to draw conclusions about the family’s home, occupations, socioeconomic status, and faith. $3 per person.

Seasonal Tour Add-ons
Outdoor Tours (additional 30 minutes)

Guides bring the classroom outdoors, tracing the path of the Blackstone River, exploring how the force of the falls was harnessed to power textile mills, and discussing the environmental recovery the river has made in recent years. Available April – October. $3 per person.

Blackstone Valley Explorer with Mystic Aquarium (additional 45 minutes)

Scientists from Mystic Aquarium will join students on this boat tour of the Blackstone River. Students will have the opportunity to interact with an underwater remotely-operated vehicle, while learning about watershed ecology, water quality, sustainable practices, and pollution. Guides also offer a narration of historic sites, as well as wildlife and flora. Available September 11 – October 18. $8 per person. 30 person minimum.

Lunch Options
French Canadian Lunch at River Falls Restaurant ($12.95 per person)

A traditional French Canadian lunch served at River Falls Restaurant, located directly next door to the Museum. The menu includes salad, pea soup, meat pie, brown bread, a maple dessert, and bottled water.

Pizza Lunch ($4 per person)

A pizza lunch with soft drinks served on-site in the Museum’s ITU Hall.

Lunch Space ($1 per person)

Students may bring bagged lunches to enjoy in the Museum’s ITU Hall.


*Free-for-all groups are pre-scheduled tours for schools, educational organizations (such as scout troops), all-ability groups, and home school families. The rate for non-student adult & senior groups and non-educational student groups (such as camps) is $6 per person.


The Klyberg Fund for Educational Access

Thanks to a generous bequest from former director, long-time supporter, and friend, Albert T. Klyberg, the Rhode Island Historical Society has created a fund to help defray the cost of transportation for Rhode Island Title I schools. Fund awardees will receive up to $400 to help underwrite the cost of bus transportation to our sites. Applications will be reviewed on a “first-received, first-funded” basis until available funds are depleted. Applications can be downloaded here.


Museum of Work & Culture Booking Calendar

The Museum is open Tuesdays – Fridays: 9am-4pm; Saturdays: 10am-4pm; and Sundays: 1pm-4pm. Dates that say “Group Tour Scheduled” already have a private tour reserved for that date/time.