October 2021

Our plan is to go out to bid early this winter, trying to buy some time and hopefully let supply chain challenges even out. As it stands, even with delaying a few months, we are still looking at a 15% increase in pricing from our original estimates. The good news is that we are 90% of the way to our new goal! We are confident that our work can begin in April and will be completed for our anniversary celebrations on the lawn in early June, just in time for our 25th season of Concerts Under the Elms. Please help us cross the finish line by donating today!

September 2021

Randy Collins, our lead landscape architect and Vice President at the BETA Group, brought the updated landscaping plans to the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission for final approval. The plans received unanimous support, allowing us to move forward and receive final updated estimates for the project.

March 2023

We are pleased to report that the work to revitalize the Great Lawn of the John Brown House Museum began in November of 2022 and progress has been steady thanks to this mild winter. Currently, the construction crew is laying the foundation for the ADA-accessible pathways, with the foundation for the paved parking lot largely completed. Don’t worry, all paths close to the elm tree roots are being hand dug to protect our historic trees. While the lawn looks like a construction zone right now (because it is one), it is becoming easier to envision what it will look like when the project is complete. And, it’s always on our mind that this work is being completed because of your support.  Thank you, again!

Initial Infrastructure Work

Prior to embarking on the landscape portion of the project, we made a commitment to improving the infrastructure of the site. Over the past two years, we have invested over $100,000 in repairing the retaining wall in front of the property, as well as the beautiful 100-year-old fence that surrounds the property.

In addition, in Summer 2021 we were able to have the window trim of the John Brown House painted and we will be moving on with repairs to the balustrade in the next year.

Work in Progress Photos