The Arcade, Providence, R.I. Detail.

In partnership with local historian David Harrington, the Rhode Island Historical Society is leading a collaborative effort, with the help of partners, to assemble a comprehensive database of digitized plans, drawings, and other documentation detailing the life and work of esteemed local architect Russell Warren.  Working in Rhode Island in the early 19th century, Russell Warren made pivotal contributions to Rhode Island and Massachusetts architecture.  His work spans decades and includes such iconic buildings as the Nathan Durfee House, the Double Bank Building and the Arcade.

The mission of the Russell Warren Project is to make available in a single location the plans created by Russell Warren and the historical documents relating to his life that are currently spread across the region.  By digitizing these records, we will encourage broader access to these collections and protect the original materials from repeated physical use.   RIHS hopes to close the gap between these varied collections by hosting their digitized versions and home organizations on one streamlined online catalog.  Over the course of this project, RIHS also hopes that our efforts will encourage other members of the community to identify their pieces of Russell Warren history, helping to draft a complete picture of the prolific RI architect.


From the Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University:

Captain John Fletcher House, Bristol, R.I.

Captain Josiah Talbot House, Bristol, R.I.

From the Linden Place Museum, Bristol, R.I.:

James DeWolf House, (drawn plan), Bristol, R.I.

From the Providence Athenaeum:

The Providence Athenaeum, Providence, R.I.

From the Rhode Island Historical Society:

The Arcade, Providence, R.I.

Dr. Joseph Fearing House, Providence, R.I.

City Hall, Providence, R.I.

City Hotel, Providence, R.I.

The pilot project was funded by the Archive, Document, Display, and Disseminate Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation.